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Second Years at Hogwarts

Title: Second Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a second year at Hogwarts. Nino has finally lit Sho to a raging teen. Not even Ohno can stop him. What will Jun do to calm Sho?

A/N: that summary is pretty short, ne. well, it sums up to where we are, ne. no point in arguing, just get reading! XD

Chapter 9 - The Dreadful Letter

What started as people simply ignoring Sho has now evolved to people running away from Sho. He has gotten into needless fights with guys for no apparent reason. Many of the time, girls would observe in fright and he'd yell at them and the girls would run away crying.

It pained Jun and the others to see Sho in this state. Ikuta Toma tried to reason with him. Then the next day, Toma had a black eye saying that Sho yelled at him at their common room and punched him. Inoue Mao also tried to help, but Sho didn't even talk to her. Horikita Maki tried to lecture on Sho's behavior. At first, Jun thought her strategy was working after seeing the reaction on Sho's face that he was inferior to Maki. But he snapped out of it and ignored her as well. At least he wouldn't raise his hand on girls.

Another famous incident happened on his way to Herbology. It was a rainy day, and he carried his spare umbrella, but Sho didn't even used it. A boy looked at him funny and mumbled under his breath that Sho has lost his mind. Obviously, Sho heard this and attacked the boy with his umbrella.

Teachers noticed his behavior and many tried to lecture him. Naruse caught Sho beating a Slytherin and resolved to give detention. Even still, Sho continued to fight for himself which resulted in more detentions.

The only ones he'd talk to were Ohno, Aiba, and Jun. But Sho would never talk about his fights even though the others knew about it. The first few weeks, Aiba tried to tell Sho to stop it. But he wouldn't listen.

Even Ohno lectured on Sho's wild behavior, but he didn't get through. Jun didn't know what to say anymore. Sho was being two completely different persons: the Sho who smiles and laughs idiotically and whom Jun loves to be with, and the troubled Sho with a serious look in his eyes that sees no happiness.

But as three months gone by, Sho became more and more aggressive and Jun lost sight of the Sho he once loved.

Nino hasn't talked with Sho in weeks. He'd hang out with Ohno mostly, but he continued to ignore Sho and remained with his Slytherin comrades. Nothing was the same anymore.

'Why won't he talk to us?' Jun thought, sitting on the toilet. 'It's like he doesn't want us to help him?'

He continued to be deep in his thoughts in the boys' bathroom until he heard a distracting noise. Jun believed it was just a leaking faucet until he heard a sucking sound. This startled Jun a little and decided to check this leaky faucet.

He finished his business and opened the cubicle door. Two boys were in close contact with their lips locked together, shocking Jun and the boys.

"I-I'm sorry!" Jun immediately yelled and hid inside the cubicle.

He heard the two boys running away from the scene, and Jun stepped out. His heart beated fast after witnessing a real kiss scene between two boys.

"Huh? Something's off," Jun mumbled to himself. "One of them had a Slytherin crest on his robes...but-"

That's when a flash of Jin's face came back to his memory.

"Oh my gosh!" Jun gasped. "That was Jin and Kame! Jin was kissing Kamenashi!"

Jun started to walk back and forth in the bathroom.

"Calm down, Jun. Calm down," he muttered, breathing fasting. He leaned on the sink and stared at his reflection. "I know I saw Jin. I see him all the time in the common room. So I was surprised to see him...but Kamenashi? A Slytherin?! Are you serious?"

The bell rang for class, and Jun walked towards Potions. His mind was still on the two boys kissing. He could feel his heart racing as a few Slytherins passed by him, and he immediately felt embarrassed for no reason.

"You have that thinking face again," Nino said, his voice so close to Jun's ear that he felt Nino's breath. Jun jumped.

"N-n-nino!!" Jun gasped. "Y-yo! Heading for Potions, right?"

"We have class together, dumb nuts," Nino said, raising his eyebrow.

"Yeah we do!" Jun nodded too much. "Nothing like a good Potions class."

And he power-walked away.

'This is bad!' Jun thought. 'If Nino finds out about those two boys seeing each might give him ideas.'

Throughout the rest of Potions class, Jun tried his best not to make eye contact with Nino. However, that was an impossible task when Nino stared right back at him. Ohno was bullied yet again by his uncle and Gryffindor suffered more points, but Jun didn't join in with their complaints and kept his face foward.

On one occasion, he betrayed himself and side-glanced at Nino, only to wish he didn't and looked forward again.

'Why is he still looking at me?' Jun wondered. 'It's like he doesn't know if he wants to eat me or not!'

"Matsujun, you're sweating," Ohno said. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. It's just the cauldrons," Jun quickly replied, "and stop calling me Matsujun."

"Well, listen. Aiba and I have an idea," Ohno said. "I want Sho and Nino to get back to being friends again. So we came up with a plan...well, mostly Aiba did."

This caught Jun's attention.



Jun only eyed him with uncertainty.

"I don't know..."

"I'm ahead of you guys in that class," Ohno explained. "What you guys are learning are basic things. I know a few spells now that might work. Plus, I feel confident with my singing power. I can make this work."

"How are you gonna do it?" Jun asked.

"We'll invite Sho and Nino somewhere secluded so no one can hear us. But they both don't know the other person was invited. Once they realize that, I'll give them a medicine of my UtaMahou at full blast."

"But what happens when you're singing is over? They'll go back to hating each other."

"No, they won't," Ohno smirked. "I'll use a song of memory. That way, when they come to from the UtaMahou effect, all they'll think about is the good old times when they were friends."

Jun took a deep breath.

"Well, I really want for this to end so..." Jun nodded, "I'm in."

"Great! All you have to do is invite Nino," Ohno smiled.


"What are you screaming for, Matsumoto?" Naruse glared at them. "Scared of touching jellies with your girlie hands? 30 points from Gryffindor."

"So much for chivalrous Gryffindors!" A Slytherin called and they laughed except the Gryffindors.

"No! I can't do that," Jun whispered when the noise calmed down.

"Why not?" Ohno asked, obviously unaware of the situation.

"W-well...o-okay. I'll do it."

"Great," Ohno smiled. "Tell him to meet at the Qudditch field at night. This Saturday."

"Fine," Jun pouted, picking up the jellies with his fingernails. He really does hate jellies.

*          *          *

He really didn't want to approach Nino now, but for the sake of Sho, he will confront Nino and simply ask him to the Qudditch field. Nothing to it!

'For Sho's sake,' Jun repeated. 'For Sho...I'll do this for Sho.'

Jun waited outside the Great Hall and hoped that Nino would come out alone. Jun could see him from outside; Nino was having a good old merry time with his concubines next to him. Jun wasn't sure if Nino was still playing the little competition or if this is something Nino always do naturally.

Finally, Jun saw Nino standing up. A few of the girls pleaded him not to leave, but he acted like a gentlemen and waved goodbye. For a moment, Nino's smile looked soft and gentle. It was certainly different than Sho's smile who had a wide expression and sometimes joyful.

Nino's was...nice.

'Get serious here, Jun!'

"Hmmm?" Nino looked up, spotting him. "Jun?"

"Yo! Nino!" Jun faked smiled. "I thought I-"

Before Jun could even execute the plan, Nino grabbed his hand and dash down the halls. Jun had a hard time keeping up with him as Nino was eager and bursting with energy. Usually, Nino would lead Jun at a steady pace, but this was a rush.

Finally, they found an empty classroom. Nino shoved Jun in and slammed the door closed. Jun saw the look of lust in Nino's eyes. Jun instantly drew his wand in defense.

"Whoa, there stallion," Jun said, his voice being stronger than usual, "I'm not here for your lovey-dovey actions. I'm only here to ask you-"

"No talk. More action," Nino growled and also drew his wand. "I can handle a little duel. If I win, I do whatever I want."

'Uh oh.'

"If you win, you can walk away," Nino smirked.

'He really has become a sadist!' Jun thought.

"Petrificus Totalus!" Nino started.

"Protego!" Jun yelled in defense.

Nino was fast. However, thanks to the Quidditch practices after being selected for Gryffindor's Chaser, Jun became athletically fit for a duel like this. He leaped behind desks and chairs as Nino fired spells that Jun have never seen before.

Clearly, Nino was more intelligent and clever, a typical sly Slytherin. Jun barely knew half the spells Nino chanted.

"Eiectio! Adamas Infans! Stupefy!"

'If he keeps this up, I'll never hit him!' Jun panicked behind the teacher's desk. 'Can't anyone hear us?! Why does he even want to duel me in the first place?!'

Jun dared to peak behind the desk and saw Nino smirked and fired a new set of spells. A puff of smoke expelled from Nino's wand, and Jun could barely see where he was. He heard Nino laughing.

"Ah, this is fun!" Nino laughed.

'What is with him?!'

"It's been awhile since I showed my skills like this. No one ever wants to duel me," Nino continued to rant. "I've beated everyone in our year in Slytherin and it's so boring! Surely you can fill my joy, Maaaatsujuuun."

Jun took one last look behind the desk and saw that Nino faced a different direction. He was also distracted from his own smoke screen spell, and Jun used this to his advantage.

"Silencio!" Jun shouted, and Nino immediately stopped laughing. "Expelliarmus!"

Nino's wand flew from his hand, and Jun caught it with ease. Jun didn't know how to clear the smoke, but he walked up to the defenseless Nino and glared at him.

"I won. Now will you calm down and let me get to say what I wanted to say before you dragged me here?!" Jun said, annoyed. But Nino didn't look bothered and just nodded.

"Sonorus," Jun casted, and Nino's voice came back to normal.

"I just wanted to have fun with you," Nino smirked, but Jun continued to glare at him. "So what 's on your mind?"

Jun wasn't sure if he should ask Nino to the Qudditch field anymore. It would sound like a date, so Jun thought fast on his feet.

"Ohno and I want to practice our Chaser skills more. Ohno wants you to come because he has something to say to you," Jun lied. Nino stared at Jun long and hard.

"You're lying," Nino figured it out. Jun grunted in defeat. "How about if I ask you like this...what is on your mind?"

Jun relaxed as he thought for a moment. Nino clearly thinks this is a game to him, but it only made Jun feel more uncomfortable.

'Is it because I approached him to speak?' Jun thought. 'Is he expecting something from me?'

And Jun found the answer.

"I think of Sho," Jun said, clear as a bell. The smile on Nino's face faded away. "I worry about Sho. I want him to be happy and smile again from the heart like he used too. I want the old Sho back."

Nino's eyes lost its shine of playfulness. He wasn't smiling anymore but scowled. Jun stood his ground and waited for Nino's outburst. But he wasn't scared. After all, he has Nino's wand.

"What are you saying?" Nino said, his voice like acid. Jun didn't flinch, believing in his word.

"Sho treats me right," Jun said. "He treats me like a friend with respect. And what about you? I'm like some toy thing to you! This duel we just had, what was it for? Just to get your fill and have a laugh? Everything is a joke to you, isn't it?! If you really love me, you wouldn't treat me like this."

Nino didn't reply back. He just stared hard at Jun and sucked in his bottom lip.

"I love Sho," Jun continued. "He is nice to me. What do you have to show?"

Nino opened his mouth, but he still didn't reply. Jun noticed that Nino's eyes looked more hurt than angry, but Jun didn't let this bothered him. His heart is dedicated to Sho. He will no longer tolerate with Nino's pranks and mood-swings.

"You're making a mistake, Jun," Nino said, going back to using his first name. "He is troubled now. No one can reach out to him. Not even your love."

"You're giving up on him!" Jun yelled. "Sho needs our help! And if you're really his friend, you'd help him too!"

"I did helped him!" Nino yelled back. "I did the only thing I could and that is to point out his stupidity and weakness. He has too much pride in himself that needs to let loose. Or he'll drown in sorrow one day in his own defeat."

Jun gulped, trying hard to think of a comeback but Nino continued.

"I'm sorry for the way I acted," Nino confessed. "But someone had to bring Sho back to reality. This phase he's going through is normal. We just have to let him cool down on his own so he can realize what he's done."

"It's been three months now," Jun sighed, suddenly feeling tired. "It's almost Christmas break and he still hasn't calm down. We have to help him."

"I'm telling you, you won't get through to him," Nino grunted with annoyance. "Ohno's advice won't get to him. Aiba's friendship won't get to him, and your love won't get to him."

Jun grabbed Nino's robes and practically bared his teeth at him in anger.

"What do you know about love? What is your idea of love? All I see is someone flirting with girls and teasing with guys. And playing around with me!" Jun yelled. "You don't know love when you can't even act like you're in love. It's just lust!"

Nino stared back at Jun coldly.

"I love you, Jun," Nino whispered, his eyes soften.

Jun twitched. Suddenly, Jun remembered Jin and Kamenashi in the bathroom kissing. Both boys, a Gryffindor and a Slytherin. It's the most taboo of taboos. And yet the look in Nino's eyes was serene and soft, almost begging. But Jun quickly snapped out of it and roughly pushed Nino away.

"I'm sorry, Nino," Jun said. "My answer is no. I love Sho, and I will do whatever is takes to get him to be himself again. That is what you do when you love someone."

Jun threw Nino's wand back at him and left the classroom by kicking the door opened. Before he even walked out the door, he could hear Nino snuffling.

*         *         *

Jun was still infuriated with Nino, and he didn't tell Ohno why Nino wasn't coming to the Qudditch field. Ohno was upset with the sudden news, but Jun didn't care. He will find other ways to help Sho...even if it takes years.

"Our only chance we can do is talk to him at our VIP spot at the library," Ohno sighed, stirring his soup. "The only thing I can think of is to hit him head on. Tell him to call it quits."

"As long as he doesn't hit us," Jun mumbled, finishing the last of his curry meal.

Ohno and Jun left the Great Hall and headed up towards the library. Christmas was in the air as it drew closer. Ghosts sang Christmas carols, and streamers of red and green decorated the halls. Magical red, white, and green orbs floated over the students heads and jiggled as they go.

Many of the students were in the Christmas spirit, and a gang of Slytherins acted too rambunctious because of the mood. Ohno and Jun saw a pack of Slytherins playing keep-away from a poor girl and her books. No one even stepped up to help the poor girl, but Ohno bravely did.

"Hey!" Ohno called. "Cut that out!"

"Oh, look. It's the almighty Ohno Satoshi of Gryffindor," a Slytherin taunted. The boys ignored the girl and towered over Ohno and Jun.

"Such a waste to be in Gryffindor, Ohno," another Slytherin laughed. "How does it feel to betray your family tradition?"

"Feels great, actually. I get a real laugh at it," Ohno smirked, not bothered by them at all. Jun smirked as well, amused with Ohno's coolness.

"Tsk. Whatever," they grunted. "Blue-eyed freak!"

"Oooo! He's gonna use his UtaMahou on us. I'm sooo scared."

"Better run or he'll sing us to death. Ha!"

"Maybe you should run," Ohno threated, and Jun saw his eyes glowed blue ever so slightly.

The Slytherins saw this and chickened out immediately. They ran away and screamed like little girls, and Jun and Ohno laughed at them.

"Are you okay?" Jun asked the girl.

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you," she nodded. She was different from the other students. For one, she wasn't wearing the school robes, but a regular witch robe that many of the professors wore. But she must be a student because she looked young but still older than Jun.

"What's your name?" Ohno asked.

"I'm Sakita Shiori. Nice to meet you," she bowed, picking up her books. "I believe your name is Ohno Satoshi. The school talks greatly of you."

Ohno just pouted with pride and bobbed his head. Jun rolled his eyes.

"What house are you in?" Jun asked. "Are you a fifth year? A sixth year?"

Shiori glared at Jun as if he said the wrong things. "How rude! I am a teacher here," she said.

Jun and Ohno were silent for a long time before they laughed at her.

"No way!" Jun and Ohno rejected, waving their hands. Shiori pouted.

"It's true! I am the teacher of Divination. I teach third years and up on the study of fortune-telling," she said. "I started this year, actually, so many students do mistaken me as a student. But I am a teacher, and I will deduct points if you continue to make fun of me!"

And with that, she stomped away with her books. Jun and Ohno were in complete shock before they came back to their senses and headed towards the library.

"Took you long enough," Sho grunted, sporting a new cut on his cheek. Jun noticed that Sho's hair was shorter and exposed more of his forehead, showing his eyebrows in a vicious V form. Sho wanted this look to make him look more intimidating, and Jun thought he looked mean.

"Sorry. We ran into a pint-sized teacher," Ohno said. "She looked cute though."

"That's all you care about, Ohno? Girls?" Sho rolled his eyes, slamming his textbooks on the table.

This was a regularity.

"No. I'm just saying..." Ohno mumbled.

"Hey, Christmas break is coming soon and I was thinking you all come to my place," Aiba brought up. "My family runs a restaurant, so you can have free meals."

"And what? Eat Chinese food everyday?" Sho replied. "It sounds good for the first three days, but I'll get sick of eating the same food."

"But it'll be nice to hang out together for the break, right Aiba-chan?" Jun nodded, trying to lighten the mood.

A girl passed by and made eye contact with Sho for only a split second.

"What are you looking at, Ugly?! Get lost!" Sho yelled at her, and she ran away.

"Sho, that's no way to talk to girls," Aiba lectured. Sho reached into his pocket and pulled out a toothpick.

"Ugh, how annoying," Sho growled, picking his teeth. Jun frowned.

'He's like a delinquent,' Jun thought in annoyance.

"Girls are so annoying," Sho ranted. "They want to know everything that's going on in a guy's life. As if they don't have a life of their own, those dumb bitches. Like this Muggle-born girl, she brought this camera and started taking pictures of me."

"So you have a fan, so what?" Ohno shrugged.

Sho gaped at Ohno like he's stupid. "She continued to take pictures and soon others started copying her. So I took her camera and smashed it."

"That's mean, Sho," Jun said.

"You'd do it too if you had a stalker," Sho replied. "Girls are so annoying...and boys are so dumb."

'Sho, you've really changed,' Jun sighed.

Suddenly, an owl tapped at the window, and they turned their heads. Aiba opened the window to let the owl in, and it landed in front of Sho. The look on his face changed from a tough teen to a worried boy. For a moment, Jun thought he saw the normal Sho again.

Sho pulled the letter off of the owl's leg, and the owl soared away. Sho roughly opened his letter and stayed silent as he read his letter. Jun saw the emblem on the envelope with initals S.S.

Then, Sho crumbled his letter and slammed it on the table. He grabbed his hair in frustration before he stood up and walked out of the library...probably to find a new victim.

"What does it say?" Ohno asked as Aiba read it.

The look on Aiba's face grew more sullen.

"It's not good," Aiba answered, and handed the letter to Ohno. Aiba looked depressed and immediately stood up to follow Sho.

Jun finally read the letter.

I'm coming back to Japan. Mai had another attack.
The Healers informed me that her situation is dire and she might not make it.
This Christmas we'll visit her one last time.
The Healers are suggesting to put her under.
As if she's some kind of animal, those monsters.
I'm calling an expert from Dubai to see her so we won't come to this, but it seems inevitable.
They told me that the only way to calm her core is obtaining an Ice Crystal.
I don't know where I can buy one, but I will hire someone to get one for us on Mauna Loa.

Continue with your studies.
I'll see you during the break.


Jun crumbled the letter as well and felt the tears coming to his eyes. Ohno sat next to Jun and rubbed his back. Jun tried to swallow the lump in his throat before speaking.

"There...must be something we can do," Jun whispered.

Ohno frowned. "I don't know."

Ever since that day, Sho's behavior changed dramatically. Instead of getting into fights and becoming emotional, he's become like a walking zombie. He'd sit in class but take no notes. He'd come to the Great Hall and eat nothing. Sho wasn't doing anything. Everyone noticed this.

"I heard that they have to kill his sister," someone gossiped as Sho passed them.

"I heard she exploded a few Healers."

"Someone told me that Sho caused his sister's tragic."

"You think Sho is going to become a Mahou Nensho?"

The rumors wouldn't stop, and Sho wasn't doing anything about it.

"Sho?" Ohno asked again. "Are you okay?"

Sho didn't reply.

"Sho, we're really worried about you," Jun pleaded. "Please talk to us. We're your friends!"

"Sho," Aiba spoke. "If it helps we can come with you to Nippon Majo Hospital."

Sho glanced at them before staring down at his hands.

"I..." he spoke.

"Yes?" Jun encouraged. Sho stared at Jun with great sorrow on his eyes.

"I want Mai-chan to be normal," Sho simply answered. Jun grasped Sho's hands.

"We all do," Jun nodded. "What can we do to make you feel better?"

Sho didn't shed a tear since the letter came. Jun suspected Sho was going to break down now, but he was wrong. A sudden flare lit up in Sho's eyes that surprised Jun.

"I want an Ice Crystal," Sho exclaimed. "I want to go to Mauna Loa."

Ohno and Aiba gasped, and Jun's eyes widen. Sho looked determined and grasped Jun's hand back.

"Will you help me?" Sho asked.

Jun's mouth hung open in shock. The look in Sho's eyes burned with such a passion and determination, Jun knew that the old Sho was back again. Jun felt his heart swell three times bigger.

"I'm with you, Sho."
Yeah! the adventure begins again! yeeaaaaaaaaaaaah! ^^

sigh, what a day. so, how did you like the appearance of shiori-san? XD the telepathy girl from maou. in real life she's younger than arashi, but in this story she's a teacher, and she would look just like she is as an adult and not a child. but then...if she'e here, as a teacher too, doesn't that mean...there's a possible pairing in sight?!?! O_O XD

i hope you won't hate me. i made jun reject nino! T_T please don't hate me! nino will be back in the action soon as well. XD
how to you like the jinxkame action (akame)? ;) hahaha, i had fun too ><

a little note about mauna loa. according in wikipedia ^^ it's an active shield volcano in hawaii...and that's all i'll saw for now. you can always look it up yourself, but who would do that right?

To Chapter 10 -


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