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Second Years at Hogwarts

Title: Second Years at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a second year at Hogwarts. Sho's received a letter from his father with terrible news. His sister is facing a possibility of dying, and the only way to save her illness is a rare item found on the volcano Mauna Loa. Sho is desperate and asks his friends to assist him. Jun agrees that he will, but he's biting off more than he can chew? How will the boys get to Hawaii without anyone noticing?

A/N:  sorry for the long wait -__- so in return for the long wait, i give you a fun chapter ^^ (this story is finishing a lot faster than i thought...well good right!)
TWO PART CHAPTER! aren't you lucky? ^^

Chapter 10 - Journey to Mauna Loa (Part 1)

"Uh, huh...and how do you plan to get there?" Ohno asked.

Sho still had his eyes on Jun as the long silence dragged on, making the situation more awkward.

"I have no idea," Sho finally blurted out.

Aiba, Ohno and Jun slipped off their chair in shock.

"I know I can be an idiot sometimes, but even I would have thought of something beforehand!" Aiba said. Sho bowed his head.

"I'm sorry!" Sho immediately apologized.

"You're such a dork, Sho," Jun smirked.

"Well? How are you going to get to Hawaii?" Ohno asked again. Sho bit his lip.

"We can't Apparate. We don't have a Portkey. And we don't have any Flow Powder," Aiba counted off. Sho suddenly looked very small.

"You're biting off more than you can chew, Sho," Jun shrugged. "There's just no easy way to get to Hawaii without someone noticing."

Sho rested his head on his bruised hands, thinking in deep thought.

"It's almost Christmas break," Sho mumbled.

"And?" Ohno asked.

"I think the best chance I can get to Mauna Loa is using Flow Powder from my house," Sho said, raising his head. "I'll go back for the holidays, steal some powder from my old man's office, and wisk away to Hawaii."

"Do you have to go to Mauna Loa?" Aiba asked. "Ice Crystals doesn't have to be on any mountain. As long as there's a high altitude where there's ice and snow, you can find an Ice Crystal."

"You're point is...?" Sho said, looking annoyed.

"Maybe you don't have to travel so far to Hawaii," Aiba said. "Why not try Mount Fuji?"

"Mount Fuji?" Sho said, considering the idea. "But I thought Ice Crystal can only be found...I need to research this!" Sho stood up roughly from his chair and disappeared behind the bookshelves.

The next three days, Sho did nothing but study on the Ice Crystal. It amazed Jun that Sho can still keep up with his other school work without dropping a letter grade, but Jun was happy. Seeing Sho behind a book instead of a detention door suited him best.

Ohno, Aiba, and Jun helped Sho with his research as well, but they weren't going anywhere with their intelligence. The only one who was as smart as Sho was Nino. However, they weren't sure if they should tell Nino about their crazy idea, and they were pretty sure that Nino wouldn't want to take part.

But Ohno had other thoughts.

"I think we should tell Nino what's going on," Ohno talked with Aiba and Jun alone. Sho was busy looking for another book on Ice Crystals.

"I don't think Nino cares about Sho," Aiba sighed. "Besides, he seems like he prefers hanging out with his Slytherin friends."

"I know Nino better than you guys," Ohno argued. "If I know anything about Nino, I know he's worried about Sho."

"But Sho's doing great now," Jun said. "He's not fighting anymore. He's focusing his efforts on finding a way to cure his sister."

"I know," Ohno nodded. "And I think Nino would want to help Sho in his search."

"Why?" Aiba said. Ohno slightly smack Aiba in the head.

"Did you forget?! An Ice Crystal can also cure Yamashita's burnings," Ohno said, and Aiba's mouth opened.

"I totally forgot! Nino should help Sho!" Aiba nodded.

Ohno rolled his eyes. "Now he gets it."

"You really think it'll convince him?" Jun asked.

"I have to try," Ohno said. "I'll explain the suggestion to Sho as well. He needs all the help he can get."

Aiba and Jun nodded.

Christmas break had finally come. It was a lot sooner than Jun expected. Many of the students got ready to leave for the holidays while a few remained in the castle for extra studies, mostly the seventh years stayed.

Jun sent a letter to his family that he will spend the holidays with his friends. His family replied back that they were fine with this since they were going on a trip to France for three only. Jun was annoyed by this, but it didn't bothered him entirely. If he was going to be with Sho, he'll be happy.

'I will follow Sho anywhere,' Jun smiled.

Aiba and Ohno also made arrangements to stay with Sho. The plan was to spend the holiday at Sho's mansion, finish any last minute research on Ice Crystal, and then venture off to Mauna Loa using Sho's father's Flow Powder.

As for the situation with Nino, Ohno confronted Nino and told him about the plan, but Nino had one condition.

"He wants to talk to you, Sho," Ohno said. "He's waiting at our VIP spot."

Sho had his expressionless face again, and he ascended up the stairs to the library. Jun wondered how long has it been since Nino and Sho faced each other. Hopefully, they'll be in better terms than they were.

When they got to the library, Nino already sat on the chairs and stared lazily out the window. Snow fell against the window, and a thin layer of ice creeped up the glass. Nino turned his head and saw Sho looking down at him. Jun could have swore the coldness in Nino's eyes matched with the ice on the window.

"Nino," Sho started, his voice very calm. "I can tell you that I'm sorry again, but I'm just gonna get to the point."

Nino raised his eyebrow, amused.

"I'm going to find an Ice Crystal to save my little sister from dying," Sho said. "The same material that can cure your Yamapi's burns."

Nino stood up.

"We made plans to stay at my place so we can use the Flow Powder to get to my Villa in Hawaii. I don't know what might happen," Sho continued. "But I need your help. We're going to travel up to Mauna Loa and find some Ice Crystals."

Nino continued to glare at Sho. They were practically nose to nose.

"I will not run away from my problems anymore. Will you come?" Sho asked.

Aiba nervously bit his nails, and Ohno had his arms crossed. Jun slipped his hands into his pocket and gripped his wand tightly. Ohno saw his tension and lightly grabbed his arm, shaking his head.

It was as if Jun could read Ohno's mind. 'It won't be necessary.'

"You know," Nino finally spoke, "I'm gonna miss the arrogant, babyish, muscle-headed, raging Sho."

This time, Sho raised his eyebrow. Nino placed his hand on Sho's shoulder.

"Because Sakurai Sho has grown up," Nino smirked.

Jun sighed with relief. Sho smiled too, but soon head-locked Nino and ruffled his hair.

"Who are you calling muscle-head?!" Sho yelled, but didn't lose his smile.

The boys took the train back to Platform 9 and 3/4 where Sho's butler awaits them. They were together again with smiles and laughing at each other's jokes again. Jun felt complete again. This was how they should be, together and full with happiness. But in the back of Jun's mind, he felt doubt. He watched Sho smiling and eating the snacks on the train.

'He hasn't said anything to me yet,' Jun thought. 'I should remind him of my feelings...when this is over.'

"So, what have you learned about these Ice Crystals?" Nino finally asked, after they calmed down from Aiba's new Laughing Potion.

"Well, it's water frozen to a point that it takes form into a hexagonal shape," Ohno recited perfectly. But Nino whacked his head.

"I meant its magically properties, not its state of matter," Nino grumbled but still smirked.

"Ice Crystals are a type of healing remedy that is used to cure magical burnings like what Yamashita suffers," Sho started, setting the mood. "It can also stop Mahou Nensho like my sister. What it does is cool the witch's or wizard's magical core from burning. That's why it's called an Ice Crystal."

"So what about what I said before?" Aiba asked. "About finding Ice Crystals on Mount Fuji?"

"That's what I'm not so sure about either," Sho said. "I've tore through so many books, but the records reported that no Ice Crystals were found on Mount Fuji."

"So why Mauna Loa?" Jun asked.

"Geez, was I the only one doing the research?" Sho looked at them, annoyed. "Mauna Loa is an active volcano, but the lava flows from around its base of the volcano. It's been years since the actual top of the volcano burst. It's covered in ice and snow now."

"But it's not as much as Mount Fuji," Aiba pointed out.

"I know. Mount Fuji has more snow cover at its peak compare to Mauna Loa," Sho nodded. "But I've found out that Ice Crystals can be found in either two conditions.

"One, they must be surrounded in water to thrive. The water in Ice Crystal is the purest of all. Thus, the North Pole and the Himalayas is ideal. Or two, the Ice Crystal can form from extreme heat."

"Heat?!" Aiba yelled.

"That's ridiculous," Nino said, staring hard at Sho. "How can Ice Crystals be form by heat and water? It's called Ice Crystals after all."

"Yes, but think of it this way. Something that is so hot can harden to something as hard as ice," Sho explained. "Ice Crystals doesn't necessarily need to be born from cold weather. As long as the temperature is in an extreme environment and there is water, you can find an Ice Crystal."


"I told you! An Ice Crystal got its name because its effect of witches and wizards cooling their magical core from burning. Not because it's found in cold climates."

"So the ones on Mauna Loa is really like a...Hot Crystal," Aiba said, cracking a smile.

"I don't know what we'll find in Mauna Loa, but we have to be careful," Sho said, obviously not taking jokes.

"Why?" Nino asked. "It's an active volcano, sure, but it's not an explosive one. It's a shield volcano. The lava shouldn't be a problem if it flows so slowly."

"The problem is that we might have to find the Crystals near lava," Sho finally confessed.

"What?!" Ohno gasped. "We gotta go near lava?"

"I don't think we'll find water near lava. How can we find an Ice Crystal if you plan to get near the lava?" Jun pointed out.

"It's not regular water, Jun," Sho said. "This is magic water. Remember how we found Water Spirits last year with Ohno? These are magical water materials you can't see with the naked eye. Don't get confused with normal water."

"But we still have to get close to lava?" NIno asked, looking unsure.

"Relax, we're wizards. The worst that can happen is we get burned. Nothing much," Sho shrugged.

"I hope you're right," Jun whispered.

*            *            *

The boys finally arrived at Sho's mansion, and no one was home but Sho's butlers and maidens. The boys sat all day in Sho's mini library and studied more information about Ice Crystals. But Jun slowly suspected that the Ice Crystals they were planning to get wasn't going to be easy to find.

Sho wasn't being much help since they arrived. He tried to read the books, but he would constantly ask his butlers where was his father. Of course, the servers replied that he's at work, which irritated Sho even more.

"Can I visit Nippon Majo Hospital?" Sho asked his butler.

"Master Sakurai Shun will let you visit the hospital when he arrives back," he answered.

"But it's been a day already!" Sho growled, walking around in circles. "What is taking him so long?"

"I believe he has matters to deal with at the Ministry office," the butler informed.

"Fine," Sho barked, and dismissed him.

"Now what?" Ohno asked, sitting on one of the winged chairs with his glasses on—Nino made fun of him all day.

"It's been so long since I've seen you wear glasses," Nino teased, poking Ohno's head.

"I'm far-sighted, dummy," Ohno pouted. "It helps me for reading."

"You guys, I can't wait any longer!" Sho yelled, stomping around the small library.

"But Sho," Jun stood up, "we still don't know where to identify Ice Crystals on Mauna Loa. They can be anywhere. We could be searching for days and freeze our butts off up there, or burn to ashes."

"Fine! Stay here if you're so scared!" Sho shouted. "I can't wait any longer while my sister faces death. I'm going!"

Sho stormed out of the room and the four remaining boys followed him. Sho arrived at his father's private study and kicked the door open. He knew right away where the Flow Powder was and opened the red box on the shelf. The boys stepped into the room and watched Sho threw a handful into the fire. Green flames burst alive and Sho stepped into the man-height fireplace.

"Sho, wait!" Jun yelled, reaching his hand out.

"Sakurai Villa!" Sho roared clearly and disappeared.

The boys fell silent for a brief moment until Aiba dashed forward and grabbed some powder as well.

"What are you doing?!" Ohno said, his eyes wide. "We still don't know anything."

"Sho needs us!" Aiba simply said. "He needs us more than ever. We were there for you, Oh-chan, when you needed us."

Ohno didn't reply.

"Sakurai Villa!" And Aiba disappeared.

"Damn it..." Ohno mumbled and followed them as well. "Come on, we better make sure they're okay."

"But-" Nino muttered.

"Sakurai Villa."

"Do they plan to walk up to the peak? Seriously, those idiots," Nino mumbled, and also grabbed a pinch of Flow Powder.

Jun followed Nino as well, but when he stepped into the fireplace, the office door opened. And Jun had his mouth hanging open when we saw the visitor.

"Sakurai-san, I've got word from Headmaster Johnny that the another talisman was found in-" Naruse Ryo stepped into the room, stopping when he saw Jun at the fireplace.

"S-Sakurai Villa!" Jun stuttered, and vanished into the green flames.

The spinning sensation started again, but Jun's mind was on Naruse Ryo entering the room. The look on his face was both shock and anger, just like when he found the boys at the lake last year.

'What was it he said?' Jun thought, still spinning. 'A talisman?'

Finally Jun landed on his feet and was thankful to find Sho, Aiba, Ohno and Nino there waiting for him. As soon as he got up, he told them.

"Naruse Ryo was at your place," Jun said.

Sho's eyes narrowed. "What? Why is he there?"

"Who knows. But what does matter is that he knows I'm here. Before I could disappear, he saw me," Jun said.

Sho cursed. "He'll soon tell my father. We better hurry."

"To where?" Nino said, staying where he was while the other boys follow Sho instinctively. "You plan to walk up the volcano?"

"Uuuuhhh," Sho mumbled, looking stupid.

"Ugh! I'm surrounded by idiots!" Nino yelled at the empty villa. "Where do you keep your broomsticks? You must have them, right?"

"Uh, yeah. But why do we need them?" Sho tilted his head.

"Idiot! So we can fly up there!" Nino yelled rolling his eyes. "Seriously, how do I come to know you?"

"O-oh! Right! This way," Sho said, leading them to his storage room.

The villa was empty. There were no butlers or maidens to take care of the place for the time being. Obviously because it's winter time, there was no need to care of the beach house until the season came. Thus, the villa looked eerie and quiet. It was also very dark.

"That's strange," Jun mumbled. "I thought it was afternoon when we were in Japan."

"You're an idiot too, Jun," Nino said. "Japan is nineteen hours ahead of Hawaii. It's two o'clock at Japan, but it's probably seven o'clock here the previous day."

"Oh," Jun pouted, feeling stupid.

"Here it is," Sho panted, stopping at a pair of large oak doors. He opened the doors and walked in.

Jun couldn't help himself but whisper long and low as Sho picked up five handsome broomsticks from a whole batch of broomsticks.

"Geez, Sho! You're stacked!" Ohno chuckled. Sho roughly handed a broomstick to Ohno.

"No time for jokes, Ohno. We have an Ice Crystal to get," Sho said, mounting his broom.

"Wait! What if someone sees us while flying?" Aiba asked.

"Relax," Nino nodded to the orange sky. "The sun is setting. It'll be dark soon by the time we get to Mauna Loa. No one will see us."

"I hope you're right," Jun mumbled, and kicking of the ground. Soaring in the air and following Sho's lead.

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