ArashiForYou (arashiforyou) wrote,

Getting Back At Nino (One-shot)

Title: Getting Back At Nino

By: arashiforyou (also in my vox account ArashiLovesYou)

Genre: Horror/ Drama

Pairing: Ohmiya and slight Sakuraiba

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Arashi is fed up with Nino and his pranks and it's time to get back at him. On Halloween night, they plan the ultimate scheme, but is their prank too much for Nino to handle?

Author's Note: From what I heard, they did got back at Nino during when he had the conference for his movie Iwo Jima, and he had to answer the questions in english. And i haven't heard him play a prank since, but this is just for the spirit of halloween. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


Getting Back At Nino

"WAAAHHHH!!" Aiba screamed.

"Aiba!" Sho called, running down the locker room.

Arashi had just finished another day of rehearsing new dance moves for their new song 'Tokei Jikake no Umbrella.' Sho was just changing out of his sweaty clothes when he heard Aiba's scream. He finally arrived at the scene and was horrified at what he saw.

"Wah!" Sho also yelped.

A river of blood poured out of Aiba's locker and splashed all over his clothes. Aiba was drenched in blood. The look on both their faces was pure fright. But then they heard a giggle that grew into a laugh coming from behind Sho.

"Oh! Hahaha, that was good. Good reaction guys." Nino smiling, holding a camera. "Aaannd...cut."

"You were filming us?!" Aiba asked, enraged.

"Yeah, but don't worry. I won't release this to the public. It's just for keep sake." Nino smiled, still giggling.

"That wasn't funny, Nino." Sho said, being serious.

"Chill, ok. It's fake blood. It'll wash right off. Relax." Nino said, and walked away, replaying Aiba's scream.

Sho and Aiba looked at each other thinking the same thing.

'What is with him?'


"What to eat Refridgerator-san?" Matsumoto said, talking to himself on his day off.

The lonely bachelor was about to make himself cold noodles when he heard his phone ring.

"I'll get it." He said, talking to himself again. "Hello?"

"Hey, Matsujun. It's Ohno."

"Oh, hey. What's up?"

"I just got all the guys together and we're heading to your place. You don't mind?" He asked.

"Not at all. Come over."

After an hour, Matsumoto opened the door of his apartment and saw Ohno, Sho and Aiba at his doorstep.

"Hmm? Where's Nino?" He asked, letting them in.

"That's what we're here to talk about." Sho explained. Matsumoto served them cold noodles as they got comfortable in his living room.

"So, what about Nino?" Matsumoto asked.

"To the point...we need to get back at Nino." Sho said. Aiba nodded, almost angry.

"He's getting out of control." Aiba said, "Blood pouring out of my locker has gone far enough."

"Not to mention he tricked me about the timing for our recording. Remember? I was one hour late!" Sho said, also angry.

" that you mention it...he nearly gave me a heart attack when he cut his hand off, but it turned out it was a fake." Matsumoto recalled.

"Ohno-san, can't you do something about him?" Aiba complained. Ohno frowned.

"I try to tell him to quit, but..." Ohno said.

"He never seems to do much pranks on you, Ohno-san." Sho said.

"Hey, I've got an idea." Aiba said, suddening smiling. "We should use Ohno and pull a prank on Nino."

"Use me?! Why me?" Ohno said, looking at everyone.

"Nino's most attached to you." Matsumoto said.

"Ok, ok. Say we do plan a scheme. He's not gonna fall for it. He's a freakin' magician. He'll see right through us." Ohno said.

"Then we need to think up of a good one then. One that'll scary the living daylights out of him." Aiba said, rubbing his hands.

"And how do we do that? What's the big plan?" Sho asked.

"Here's what we do..." Aiba began....


"Can you try to be more twitchy? Try not to think so much on your joints." The director said, "Remember, you're puppets."

Arashi was recording their music video for their new song. The idea was that they were genious engineers creating mimic puppets of themselves. The puppets are the ones singing and dancing, longing for love which will fit the lyrics. The background had a steampunk atmosphere with gadgets and clocks, and the orchestra and accordion was viewed in the back as well.

"Nino, could you put your game away, please?" The director called. Nino was glued to the screen of his DS.

"O....k." He said, obviously not paying attention. Ohno came from behind him.

"Maybe you should put it away." Ohno whispered, warning him.

"It's ok. I'm nearly about to beat this boss."

"But Nino-"

"It's ok, the director wouldn't know."

"No, Nino-"

"NINO!" The director yelled. Nino finally looked up.


"Come here now!" Nino turned his game off and walked away with his director so they could talk in private.

"Yes?" Nino asked, even though he knew he was just in for another lecture.

"Nino, I know I've said this many times before, but there is a time for games and when not to. It's because of you playing with your DS, we have to re-shoot everytime for this video. You're holding back your members." The director said.

"Ok, I'm sorry. I'll stay focus." Nino said, but the director just sighed.

"You know'll regret not paying attention. Work is work. You need to understand that."

"I do! You think I wouldn't still be in this business? I was about to run away from Arashi when we debuted, but I stay. I know when it's work time and when it's play time."

"And this isn't work time?"

"Director-san..." Nino sighed.

"Just get back on stage." He said, and walked away.

The recording finally ended, and Arashi was back in their dressing room. Sho and Aiba were in the shower together, as usual. Matsumoto went out to get them food, and Nino and Ohno stayed inside the room.

"What's with that director anyway? I work. Does he not know that?" Nino ranted. Ohno was painting Nino's toe nails.

"Well, you do play alot." Ohno commented.


"Yeah, you always play pranks on us. And you always carry your DS or your camera around. You play too much, Nino."

"But you know me. I can't help it when I play a trick. I just what to see what reaction you guys make." Nino smiled, but Ohno just raised his eyebrow at him.

"Yeah, but don't you think you do too much?"

Nino and Ohno stare at each other without saying a word. Suddenly, the door opened and Matsumoto's manager stormed in, panting.

"Have you guys seen Jun?" He asked, breathing hard.

"No?" Ohno said.

"He said he went out to get some food." Nino said.

"Yeah, how long ago?" Manager-san asked.

"Hmmm, awhile ago, now you mentioned. It's almost two hours." Ohno said, looking at the clock.

"What?" Manager-san panted and left the room.

"That was weird." Nino said.


Sho and Aiba came back from the shower giggling like girls. They joined Ohno and Nino and just talked random topics when Matsumoto and Sho's manager came in the room.

"You guys, we have bad new." Sho's manager said.

"What's wrong?" Sho asked, standing up.

"It's been four hours, and I can't get in touch with Jun." Matsumoto's manager said.

Immediately, Ohno called Matsumoto on his cellphone. They all waited, but Ohno closed his phone. Sho tried, but he didn't get a respond. Aiba and Nino called as well....but no answer.

"Where did he say he'd go?" Matsumoto's manager asked, looking worried.

"He said he's going to the nearby convenient store to get food." Ohno said.

"You want help looking for him?" Aiba asked.

"Please." Matsumoto's manager said.

Without a minute to spare, they got ready and searched for Matsumoto in pairs. Sho and Aiba went to check the area near the store, and Nino and Ohno went to check the other way from the store. Ohno kept trying to call Matsumoto, but he didn't pick up.

"What a pain." Nino said. "He probably ran off with Mao-chan again."

"Nino, this could be serious." Ohno said, worried. "What if something seriously happened to him?"

"He's Matsujun. He can take care of himself." Nino said, obviously super calm.

"Come on, Nino. Can't you be alittle bit considerate. Anything could happen."

Nino stopped walking and stared at Ohno.

"Like what? He got mugged? He was kidnapped?" Nino smirked. Ohno frowned.

"I don't know...maybe he was kidnapped. Maybe he's hold for ransom. Maybe he's trapped in a place he can't get out. Or worse...." Ohno no longer had his happy, cute face Nino loves so much. Ohno was very serious and very worried. Nino frowned as well.

"Let's keep going."

They walked until they came to warehouses, there was little cars passing by, and it was getting late. Ohno was still calling Jun's phone until...

"Do you hear that?" Nino said.

Ohno listened.

It was faint....but as Ohno's phone was still calling, they heard another ringing, matching. They followed the noise until the source was coming from one of the warehouses. Terrified, they slide the door and entered the dark building. Ohno kept calling Jun's number. As he heard the receiver ringing, so did in the distance inside the warehouse.

Nino gasp.

They finally saw a small light flashing in the distance. When ever the light flashes, they saw what looked like a body lying on the ground.

Ohno and Nino slowly walked towards the body, but Ohno broke into a sprint and Nino followed.

"Jun!" Ohno cried, kneeling down besides Matsumoto's body.

"Oh..." Nino whimpered, his hands over his mouth.

Jun was pale, and blood was pooling around him. Ohno was scared stiff, but he grabbed Jun's shirt.

"Oui! Jun! Wake up! Jun! Can you hear me? Wake up!" Ohno cried, tears welling up. Nino began crying too.

"Ohno..." NIno whispered.

"Jun! Jun! Come on! You said you wanted to marry Mao! Come on! You still want to forfill that dream! Come on Jun!" Ohno screamed, shaking Jun's body. He buried his head on Jun's chest, muffing his crys.

Nino didn't know what to do. He was still standing, but then he noticed a piece of paper in Jun's hand. He kneeled down and pulled the paper away. Ohno looked up, waiting for Nino to know what it said. But Nino was shaking his head as more tears poured. He crushed the paper in his fist.

"What is it?" Ohno gasped.

Nino just covered his eyes and thrusted the paper at Jun's chest. Ohno slowly picked up the paper.

I'm sorry. Please let me go first. Matsumoto Jun

Ohno also crushed the paper.

After a long and painful silence, Ohno picked up the phone.

"Sho..." Ohno said.

"Ohno? What's wrong? Are you crying?" Sho said.

"I found him...come to the warehouses. We're in number 63." Ohno said, and hanged up. Nino sniffed.

"Why?.....Why would he do this?" Nino whimpered. Ohno just shook his head.

But then they heard footsteps. Nino and Ohno stopped sniffing and listened.

"That can't be Sho and Aiba." Nino whispered.

Ohno bit his lip and look at Jun. He looked up at the ceiling and back at Jun. Ohno took a deep breath and rolling Jun over.

"What are you doing?" Nino asked.

"There's no way Jun killed himself. There's no way he jumped....there's nothing to jump off of." Ohno said, looking at the ceiling.

It's true. It was just a regular empty ceiling with no way to climb up to.

"And look." Ohno continued. "Jun's wound is in the back of his head. If he jumped, he would have more wounds on his wrists and neck."

"What are you saying?" Nino said, standing up. Ohno stood up as well.

"Jun didn't commit suicide....he was murdered." Ohno concluded. Nino leaned in.

"And..." Nino whispered. "...and you think...the murderer is still....inside with us?"

Ohno didn't nodded, but looked side to side in the dark. Ohno grabbed Nino's shoulder.

"We have to get out of here, then." Ohno said.

"But what about Jun?" Nino asked.

"I know, but the killer could be after us too. We need to get help."

"...oh...ok." Nino agreed.

But they stopped in their tracks. Evil laughter rang through the warehouse. Nino and Ohno held onto each other, but then they sprinted for the door. But the door slide by itself and they were lost in the dark. The speakers of the warehouse rang with laughter, until words finally spoke.

"Hello...Ohno Satoshi and Ninomiya Kazunari." The man spoke.

"Show yourself!" Ohno yelled, bravely.

"No need. I'm willing to let you go...if you pass my trial." The man spoke. Suddenly a light swtich on. It was TV monitor and they saw Sho and Aiba tied to chairs with a strange headgear on their heads.

"Sho! Aiba!" Nino yelled.

"They can't hear you." The man spoke. "They are wearing special helmets. Within 30 minutes, the helmets will clasp together...crushing their heads."

"You monster! Who are you?! What do you want?!" Ohno roared.

Another light switched on, but it was a normal florescent light over a table. On the table...was a gun.

"It's simple. I will let them live. But at the cost of another's life." The man explained.

"Why?!" Nino yelled. "You killed Jun. What do you want from us?!"

"I want to see your...reaction." The man said, chuckling. "Here's how it goes. You have 30 minutes. The gun is loaded with one bullet. You must sacrifice one and I'll save spare Sho, Aiba, and the survivor. And one more thing...the shooter...must be the other person. You're 30 minutes begins, hmmhmm, now."

On the TV, a clock started. Nino and Ohno stared at each other.

"Ohno...what are we gonna do?" Nino cried.

Ohno immediately run towards the door and trys to slide it open. Nino ran to help out, but it was no good.

"It's automatic. Only a remote can open it." Ohno panted.

"And there's no windows we can crawl out." Nino said, looking around the dark warehouse.

"And we lost our reception." Ohno cursed, looking at his phone.

"Shit!" Nino yelled. "What can we do?"

Silence. Nino looked at Ohno and they both stared at the gun resting on the table. Ohno bit his lip.

"Ohno?" Nino said, scared.

"You do it, Nino." Ohno said.


"You do it."

"! I won't kill you!"

"We don't have any other options! Time is running out!"

" that can't be! Ohno, please! I can't kill you. Never!"

"We have to save Sho and Aiba! If we don't do it, then they'll both die! Nino, please!" Ohno cried.

"No! You kill me instead!" Nino yelled.


"You mean too much to me, Ohno. I can't think of a world without you."

"But...I can't do it. You're my inspiration."


"Yes. So it has to be you to shoot me."

"I...I" Nino fidget. Ohno grabbed the gun and held it out to Nino. "Wait..."

"Then I'll do it." Ohno said, and pointed the gun to his head.

"NO!" Nino yelled, grabbing the gun away. "The killer won't save Sho and Aiba if you do that. One has to kill the other."

"Then you have to do it, Nino." Ohno said. Nino shook his head, tears falling.

"Why me? You can shoot me, instead." Nino cried. Ohno hugged him.

"Arashi is my world. You are my world. I can believe I'll look after you when I die. I can believe I saved Sho and Aiba. This is what a leader should be." Ohno said. Nino continued to cry.

"No. A leader shouldn't have to sacrifice himself. I wish...I wish this wasn't happening."

"Neither do I. Nino, please do this for me. I failed Jun-kun. I need to protect you and Sho and Aiba."

"Why? Because it's your duty?"


"It's a dumb duty! Why can't you be scared? Why can't you be evil and try to spare your life? I wish we fight over the gun like madman instead of this."

"No. I'll never kill you. So, please....Nino." Ohno said, pulling away from the hug.

Ohno took a few steps back and kicked the gun towards Nino. He picked it up slowly, his eyes red and puffy from crying. But so was Ohno. Nino slowly point the gun at Ohno.


"Can you tell me something....Satoshi?" Nino asked. Ohno took a breath. "If we ran away from Arashi when we debuted....would you have stay with me?"

Ohno was shocked. 2 minutes left...

"Kaz...that would never happened...because in the end...we do love Arashi. That's why we never left. We wanted it to work." Ohno answered.

Nino cried again. It's true...Nino did wanted Arashi to work.

1 minute left....

"Kazu...did you...ever thought of me as a normal guy? And not as a great singer or dancer?" Ohno asked.

Nino nodded.

"That's why we did Ohmiya SK." Nino tried to smile.






Nino pulled the trigger.

It was as if he lost his hearing. He watching Ohno slowly fall backwards, and never got up. His hands were trembling as he dropped the smoking gun. He slowly approached Ohno and kneeled down. The bullet went through it chest, a black small hole...

"RIIDAAA!!!!" Nino cried, and laid on top of him.


"Aaand CUT!"

Nino jolted up and the warehouse was suddenly bright. The lights swtiched on and Jun was smiling, holding a camera. Nino jumped back.

"Jun!" Nino screamed.

"Nice reaction, Nino. Good!" Jun laughed, waving the camera.

"You should've seen the look on your face." Aiba said, appearing behind Jun. Sho also approached.

"B-but...But Ohno..." Nino turned to look at Ohno, who still wasn't getting up. He leaned close to his face.


"WAAAH!" Nino screamed.

Ohno laughed as he sat up.

"What's going on?!" Nino said, his hand over his beating chest. "I shot you."

Ohno lift his shirt to reveal a thin vest. And the bullet was only a pellet.

"An airsoft gun?" Nino asked, looking at the hand gun. It was heavy. He thought it was real.

"I hope this teaches you not to mess with us with your pranks again." Sho said, waving a finger at Nino.

"Prank?! This was a prank to you? You guys nearly gave me a heartattack! I cried ok! That was not funny." Nino yelled.

Jun smirked. Aiba started to chuckle, and slowly Sho began to laugh. Ohno also joined in the laughter. Nino calmed down, watching his friends laugh. He rubbed his eyes, and smiled.

"HA! You smiled! We got you." Aiba pointed.

"Shut up." Nino said.

"Come on, let's go home." Ohno said.

"I'll get you guys." Nino murmured. But then he too laughed.


Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading. So, i've editted this story so it's a better read. you know, when i was editting and reading, i meant this story to be horror, but i was giggling when i read this story. i guess i failed that genre. xD.


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