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Happy Birthday Nino!

Here is a collection of short drabbles in celebration to Nino's birthday!

So to show my appreciation to Arashi's Hollywood Brat, here's *27* nino-centric drabble collection!! ^^ weeee!

By: arashiforyou
Genre: Varies!
Pairings: ArashixNino (it changes with each drabble! everyone is happy!)
Rating: PG-PG13 ^^

ENJOY!! Happy Birthday Nino!!

Property of Nino
He always finds comfort in touching it. Whenever Nino stand next to him, his hand automatically reach for the soft spot. It wasn't that he was doing it for funny anymore. Now, Nino clasp his hand on it the moment he gets the opportunity.

The others have gotten used to this sight, as well as the staff that sees them day in and day out. Of course, the fans don't mind either. Until Nino noticed the others of Arashi started doing it too. And Nino secretly can't stand this.

Before the concert started, they waited in the dark for the screen to rise. Nino was standing next to his beloved when he saw from the corner of his eyes a hand sneaking around his property...

"Oi," Nino whispered. "Ohno's off limits." And slapped Jun's hand away.

"Look at you." Sho chuckled, pointing at Yamada Taro's face on the TV screen. Nino smirked. "You look so dopey."

"That's my "in love" face." Nino explained. Sho rolled his eyes.

"In love face?" Sho raised his eyebrow. "Show me."

Nino looked away and turned back, revealing his puppy eyes and charming yet goofy smile. Somewhere in the background, a guitar pulled a whammy. In Sho's eyes, shining stars circled around Nino's face.

Before Nino knew it, Sho pushed Nino down on the couch, laying on top...

"This bring back memories..." Nino chuckled.

Best of Friends
"When you're the best of friends!" Aiba sang. Nino was sitting in his dressing room with his DSi XL, not knowing what Aiba was singing.

Some song in English.

"Having so much fun together!" Aiba smiled, sitting so close to Nino, he was practically on Nino's lap.

"What is it?" Nino asked, irritated. Aiba still had his smile on, but stopped his singing.

"Kazu, you're my very best friend." Aiba said, tilting his head so he was looking up at Nino.

"And you're mine too, Masaki." Nino smirked.

"And we'll always be friends forever, won't we?" 

"Yeah, forever." Nino chuckled, playfully pawing Aiba's face.

Anime Inspiration
The moment Nino watched that one episode of Ouran High School Host Club, he had to try it for himself. The only question is, who will be his victim? 

As if by God send, Jun walked into the green room. Nino felt his grin spread across his face.

"Hey, Jun." Nino called. "I bought this new instant coffee from the store. Want to try some?"

"I don't know." Jun sighed, looking at the box. "It has high calories. I'm trying to maintain my diet."

On cue, Nino roughly grabbed the taller man and tipped him. Thankfully, Nino had gain muscle from working for the movie Gantz. Nino leaned closer at Jun's completely shocked and priceless face.

"How about you drink it from my mouth?"

"Ohno, what are you doing now?" Nino asked over the phone.

"Hmmm...uhhh...I'm...painting?" Ohno replied, being slow as he is. "I just ran out of black paint now."

"What a coincidence! I have spare paint at my place." Nino lied. "I need it to re-paint my furniture. Come on over."

"Oh...ok." Ohno said, sounding suspicious and hang up.

While Nino waited, he set the paint bucket over a tall stool next to his door. He angled it just right so who ever opened his door will be in a big surprise. He waited with a camera in hand, smiling to himself.

"I just have too much time on my hands." Nino said.

"I've gotten back into playing the piano," Sho informed.

This surprised Nino. Not that Sho has finally found a decent hobby, but it reminded Nino that Sho really has a musical background besides rapping and singing. Sho really understands music.

Nino smiled to himself, and called Sho on his cell phone.

"Hey, Sho."


"You're at home right? I'll come over...and I'll bring my guitar too." Nino can hear Sho smiling.


Forever 17 No More?!
Nino was walking one day, proudly, like he was having the time of his life. He just read another article of Arashi, and there was a small segment stating Nino's forever 17 face. Whenever he sees that quote, he gets bubbly inside and couldn't help but smile.

Until one day....

"Nino, it looks like you have wrinkles around your eyes." Aiba pointed out. Nino could have swore he heard glass shattered at those words.

"What?!" Nino panicked, grabbing the closest hand mirror. "I'm no longer 17?!"

"Relax, Neeners." Aiba teased, wrapping his arm around Nino. "This only means you can shop at Forever 21 like the rest of us."

It pains Nino to see Jun every time Sho plays around. It also irritates Nino the way Sho behaves around Jun like that. Resting his head on Jun's shoulder, fanboying Jun, being overly nice around Jun. Whether it's on set or behind the camera.

But what really hurts Nino, is that Sho would only do this when someone is there to witness it. When it's just the 5 of them alone, Sho barely makes eye contact with Jun.

Leaving Jun alone...

One day, Nino finds Jun sitting in the emergency exit by himself. Nino heard Jun sniffing.

"Jun," Nino said, announcing his presence. "I -"

"The set is ready? Let's go." Jun cut him off, and hurried up the stairs.

Leaving Nino alone...

Next Time...
Nino knew it was pointless, but he called anyway.

'This time...This time...'

"Hello?" Ohno's voice came.

"Hey! Oh-chan." Nino said. "How about dinner? Just the two of us."

"Oooh...I can't, sorry. There's this party my father's holding. I have to stay."

"Oh...ok." Nino sighed.

"Maybe next time." Ohno said, and they both hung up. Nino sank into his couch, defeated yet again.

"Next time..." Nino repeated to no one.

Practicing Backwards
"That was a fun commercial." Sho smiled, watching Arashi's AU commercial in reverse. "I wish I can say more backwards things. It's like a foreign language. Like elvish."

Nino's brilliant mind light up, and he smirked.

"Try...'Say I'm Sick' backwards." Nino suggested.

"Say I'm Sick?" Sho repeated and got to work. "Say I'm Sick...sick...kis...I'm...mmi...say...ais...kis mi as...kiss my...HEY!"

Nino already had his toosh up to Sho's face.

(A/N: 'Say I'm Sick' backwards is 'Kiss My Ass')

Will Do Magic For Money
"Put your card back on top." Nino instructed Aiba, his next victim.

"Ok." Aiba said, his eyes wide, making sure he won't lose sight on his card.

Nino began shuffling expertly and spread the cards in a nice even fan before Aiba. Nino picked out three cards, and gathered the remaining cards away. He flipped the three cards.

"One of these is your cards, right?" Nino asked. Aiba smirked.

"Nope." Aiba said. But it was Nino who was smiling.

"Can you check your wallet?" Nino asked smoothly.

"Eh?!" Aiba quickly wip out his wallet, only to find all his cash gone in place of his own card. "HEY!"

Nino was already running.

The Youngins
"Ugh, my back hurts." Aiba moaned, bend over like an old man.

"My teeth hurts." Sho complained, trying to eat his bento food.

Jun and Nino were power-walking around and playing slow tag like they did from Shukudai-kun.

"You're it!" Nino laughed with Jun.

"I'm gonna get you!" Jun laughed.

"Pipe down, you two!" Ohno yelled over them. "I'm trying to get some sleep." Jun and Nino rolled their eyes.

"Yes, Grandpa."

10 Insults
"Likes Money. Gets seasick easily. Bratty. Tricks us." Ohno counted off.

"Oi! What are you saying?" Nino looked up, irritated again.

"Thinking of 10 insults." Ohno simply answered. "If I know 10 bad things about you, that only means I know you well."

"What? That Kaibutsu-kun crap?" Nino said, smirking.

"He's right, ne?"

"That's only when you hate someone...but I don't hate you." Nino said, smiling honestly. "'re cute, handsome, a great singer, the best dancer, a brilliant artist, have a warm smile, contagious, short, have a soft butt, and the best leader a group can ever have."

Ohno blushed.

No Longer Boys
"Hey, Sho. Let's go out tonight and rate girls as they pass by." Nino smiled, resting his arm around Sho.

"I can't. I have to wake up early tomorrow." Sho brushed Nino off.

"Oh, come on. You can lighten up tonight." Nino continued to pursue. "We always do it. Remember when we were young?"

"Nino," Sho said, looking serious. "We're no longer boys. It's time to end your little games and pranks!"

Nino was shocked and his heart slowly sank. Nino felt small staring at the seriousness and the adultness in Sho's eyes.

"I'll see you tomorrow at the set." Sho mumbled and walked out the door.

Nino was running as fast as he can. He heard the news from his manager, and before he can ask anyone else, he dashed out of the building and ran down the street. Nino have never been so scared in his life. He want it all to go away.

"Please...please...please...." He panted.

He managed to get to the hospital without stopping and found the room. The sight before him was something out from his worst nightmare.

'The doctors did mention there's a 15% chance of recurrence and will increase if he continued to smoke.' Nino's manager repeated in his head. 'It looks like it finally caught up with him.'

Nino felt his tears stream down his face. Aiba was sleeping in his bed with a machine breathing for him.

Drinking Buddies
"And...I remember the time *hic* you made that scary face." Nino laughed. "You were like, 'We worked together!' Haha!" Jun laughed as well.

"Oh, yeah? I remember *hic* the time...haha, you hurt your balls from riding that wooden horse." Jun laughed, red to the face with an empty cup. "Shukudai-kun was a good show. I remember...*hic* that one lost a fan to Sho because you had short hair."


"And that said I made an indirect kiss with Sho."


" I ask the staff if...I can sit next to you in the set." Jun smiling, his eyes closed. Nino wasn't badly drunk, so he took this to heart.

"Have some more, Jun." Nino smiled, pouring more wine to Jun's glass.

A Thousand Times
"I love you." Nino said, his head resting on Ohno's shoulder.


"I really love you." Nino repeated.


"I love you now and tomorrow and the next day and the next..." Nino said, but all he got was...


"Say something already!" Nino sat up, looking irritated. "I never get anything definite from you."

"Sorry," Ohno sighed. "I was just thinking."

"Of what?" Nino crossed his arms. Ohno turned and stared Nino straight in the eye.

"I was thinking if I should talk to Johnny-san again. I've asked him like a thousand times if I can marry you."

"Hey, I see those muscles Nino. Nice." Sho smirked, looking through the pictures of Nino posted on Vox.

"Those things? They're not that big of a deal." Nino pouted.

"Nothing like these!" Sho grinned, rolling up his sleeve to show off his useless-yet large- biceps. "Or these babies!" And Sho ripped his shirt off to reveal his perfect abs.

Nino rolled up his shirt shyly to see his abs, but compare to Sho...

"They look kinda small." Sho pointed out.

Baby of The Family
"I want to go to McDonalds!" Nino complained, over-exaggerating.

"We went to McDonalds last week." Aiba sighed, rubbing his eyes. "Can't we go to a more private place to eat?"

"But they're selling this new toy that I want in the Happy Meal." Nino complained. "Let's go."

"You're such a baby!" Aiba gave in, following Nino who was jumping up and down.

DoS + DoS = DoM?
"I swear! I'll fire this!" Nino yelled, his fingers posed with a rubber band ready to launch. A dangerous weapon.

"Go ahead I'm not scared!" Jun yelled back, but really is scared.

"I swear! Don't make me do this!" Nino was shaking.

"You can't shot me!" Jun said, grabbing Nino's wrist. But Nino let go of the deadly rubber band and it lightly grazed across Jun's face. A small white line appeared as if Jun had a paper cut. Nino gasp.

They stood there for the longest time with Jun's hands held tightly around Nino's wrist. Nino felt his heart leap and the two embraced like a classic French film.

"Can you believe this?" Nino said, pointing at the computer screen. "There are people cosplaying us from Ohmiya SK."

"Heh. That's impressive." Ohno commented.

"Are you kidding?! What idiot would want to cosplay?" Nino rolled his eyes.

"But Nino...last night you played as a maid, remember? I was the master." Ohno replied. Nino blushed.

Who's More Romantic?
"That will have to be me." Nino smirked, his legs crossed and cleaning his nails. 

"Pfft! As if! You would be the worst boyfriend if you fall in love with every girl that walks by!" Sho mocked.

"Well," Nino chuckled. "At least I get more confessions than someone here. Isn't that right, Master Fail?"

"If you think you're so romantic, how come you're the least picked in Himitsu no Arashi?"

"You're no better! When was the last time a guest actually liked your outfit in Mannequin Five?"

"I've been doing well! Actually!"

The battles continues...

Twilight Fans?
"No way..." Nino gasped, reading Breaking Dawn. "He eats her uterus? And everyone is ok with that?!"

"Yeah," Aiba mumbled.

"Aiba?" Nino asked. "You're ok with this?"

"Well...he did it to save her, right?" Aiba shrugged. "Are you ok with this?"

"Never!" Nino exclaimed. "I've always been on Team Jacob!"

"Hey, Jun." Nino approached, looking bashful. "I heard you're going to have a new drama. That's great."

"Thanks." Jun smiled. "I'm excited. It's been awhile since I've played a main character."

"Yeah," Nino nodded, looking down.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh! I was...just wondering..." Nino fiddled with his fingers. " guys have your dramas and I've been busy with two movies. It's been a long time since...I've been in a drama. And...I've never actually...had a...cameo appearance..."

Jun smiled.

"I'll ask the director if he can make you a guest in the final episode." Jun nodded. Nino's face light up. "I promise."

Who Would Win? Part 2! 
"I'm telling you, no one can beat Naruse Ryo. He is too damn evil." Ohno yelled.

"And I'm telling you, MC Kamiyama would know everything about Naruse Ryo!" Sho fired back.

"You guys! Guys!" Nino cut in. "I have an answer."

"Really?!" Ohno and Sho gasped.

"It's true that Naruse is one bad ass. And MC Kamiyama knows everything." Nino nodded. "But the one who truely tops them Ariake Koichi." Nino smirked,


"Bull shit!" 

"You're both missing an important fact about Naruse and Kamiyama. They both lost in the end." Nino nodded. "Naruse died. And MC Kamiyama lost his friends. Whereas Koichi...found what he was looking for in the end."

"But didn't Koichi go to jail anyways?" Ohno pointed out. Nino gave the death glare.

And the battle continues on....

"I'm so sorry!" Nino cried and bowed his head really low.

Arashi couldn't believe it. For the rest of the year, they can't drive on their own. Nino had always been a careful driver, so it was a shock for them that Nino would get into an accident.

They knew that Johnny was only being cautious, especially with a concert coming soon. But they were adult males who should be independent when driving themselves. And Ohno had finally got his license too...

"I'm really sorry..." Nino whispered. But he heard them sigh and return back to their usual spots in the green room.

All Nino could do was frown like he always do to prevent himself from crying....

It's been so long since we've been this busy. It seems like we all have our own jobs and we can barely hang out together like the good old days. It's not a bad thing, really. We're getting publicity and our popularity is growing. Everyone is enjoying our songs, so there's no harm done.

I sighed. Who am I kidding. I just want to see their faces again. Just the five of us alone. And not in a dressing room or a green room. But in our private homes or at a private restaurant. Just the five of us.

I climbed up the stairs to my lonely apartment and walked into my room. I flicked on the light switch-


"Waah!" I jumped.

There they were. The four faces I wanted to see so much. Ohno's chubby cheeks was extra chubby when he smiled. Sho's white teeth shined across the room. Aiba's contagious smile made me smile as always. And Matsujun standing in his usual hot poses like he was in a photoshoot.

On the table, a small birthday cake waited. I could read the icing, even through my teary eyes.

"Happy Birthday, Kaz."




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