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Third Years at Hogwarts

Title: Third Years at Hogwarts
by: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a third year at Hogwarts.

A/N: it's the first chapter, so the summary is as is ^^
special thanks to arashi3723 again for making the banner. you rock! ^^

Chapter 1 - Reunite at Diagon Alley

Chapter 1 - Reunite at Diagon Alley

"E-ehhh!?! SMAP at Diagon Alley?!" Jun screamed out loud in his room. "Really?!"

The letter was so short and went straight to the point. Very typically of Nino, Matsumoto Jun's friend from school. Ninomiya Kazunai is a Slytherin and quite the prankster. But if one would take the time to understand him, how ever long that maybe, Nino is actually a caring person.

Jun just received an owl from him, stating:

"Hey Hot Stuff,
SMAP is performing at Diagon Alley tonight!
Come today and meet us at Flourish and Blott's.
Bring your stuff too.
We're sleeping all week at the Leaky Cauldron.

Jun couldn't help but chuckle at Nino's simplicity, but at the same time, it made him feel awkward at the last part. Nino has a thing for Jun. Whether as a crush, an admiration, or some cruel tease, Jun has no idea about Nino's intentions. For the moment, Jun ignored it.

It was summer vacation, and there was only a week left until school starts again. Jun could hardly believe how time flies by. Last year, Jun and his friends breezed their way through the year after that one Christmas party at Sakurai Sho's mansion.

Or at least, Jun thought so.

On that Christmas night, Jun confessed his love to Sho only to be rejected. Throughout the rest of the year, Jun could barely look at Sho, let alone get along with anyone. Jun was in his own world through the remaining of the year until school was over. As Jun settled back in his home, he began to realize what a fool he was at the time. He promised himself this year he will face Sho.

Sakurai Sho is a Ravenclaw. He's very intelligent as well as passionate with the exception of lacking physical abilities. He can get angry easily, but he's only angry because he cares. Nowadays, Sho has matured and smiles more. This is one of the many reasons Jun still admires him.

"Jun! What were you yelling?" His mother called. He rushed downstairs while still carrying his letter.

"Mom! There's gonna be a concert and my friends want me to come," he explained.

"Sounds nice, is it far?" His father asked, reading the newspaper.

"It's the same place where I buy my school supplies. It's not far," Jun nodded.

"Oh, well then while you're there, you can buy your new books," his mother said. "I'll leave dinner on the table when you come back."

"Uhh, that's...just it," Jun said, talking slow and serious. "I won't be coming back. My friends are planning to stay there until school starts."

His parents stared at him and then at each other. As if they were reading each other's minds, they nodded.

"Sounds fine to me," his dad smiled. "It's only for a week, right? I see no trouble."

"Oh," his mom got fussy again. "That means you're leaving early again. You've grown up so much. We'll miss you, my baby."

"Mom, I'm not five anymore," Jun whined as his mom started suffocating him with kisses.

"Your sister will be disappoint when she finds out you left."

"She'll be fine," Jun shrugged. "Besides, she always goes out with her boyfriend anyways. Well, I'll start packing."

Jun hurried upstairs and opened his trunk. Jun hasn't been to Diagon Alley since last year. He remembered when he first got his letter when the bird flew into his room with a letter in its beck. He couldn't believe it said that he was a wizard, and he thought it was just some joke.

But he wanted to see for himself and went to find Diagon Alley. It said in his letter the instructions to get there and to find the back room of the bar, tap a certain order on the bricks, and enter. The moment the brick wall slid away to reveal the magical world to him, Jun became a believer. His mouth was open all day at that time, and when he got home with all his new stuff, he still had his mouth open in shock.

"Done," Jun panted, slamming his trunk in place. He carried his heavy trunk down the stairs where his father waited.

"I'll drive you there," he said, and lifted his trunk.

"Now, you send us a letter when you get to school, okay?" His mom said, fussing again. "I packed you some lunch if you're hungry. Here's some drinks, and extra mangoes I've pealed for you-"

"Mom, I won't starve," Jun chuckled, taking the small lunch bag anyways. "I'll be fine."

"I know," she sighed. "I'll miss you, sweetie."

"I'll miss you too, Mom," Jun smiled. "I'll be fine."

'As long as I don't get eaten by giant squids or get roasted by erupting volcanos,' Jun added in his thoughts.

Jun left home and before he knew it, his dad dropped him off in front of the Leaky Cauldron. His father gave a more easier farewell than his mother did. Maybe because they both don't like long goodbyes and smiled at each other instead.

He entered the dark pub and headed for the bartender, Maya Miki. She saw Jun arriving and smiled warmly, eyeing his heavy trunk.

"Staying for the week?" She asked, already familiar with him. "Matsumoto."

"Yeah, my friends must've been here already," he said, "Are we in a room together?"

"What name?" She asked, looking at her list.

"Umm," Jun pondered. "It's either Ohno, Sakurai, Aiba, or Ninomiya."

"Hmmhmmhmm," she hummed, pulling out multiply lists. "Ah! Here it is. Sakurai Sho. Your name is here too."

"That's great! How much?" He asked, pulling out his sack of silver Sickles.

"No need. That sweet Sakurai boy paid the whole rent for the week."

'As expect of him,' Jun nodded. Sho, after all, comes from a wealthy family.

"You can leave you trunk with me. I'll send it up to the room," she smiled.

"Oh, I don't want to trouble you."

"No trouble," she smirked, raised her wand and his trunk magically disappeared. "There. It's up in the room now. Go on and have fun at the concert. This place is going to get packed by nightfall."

Jun waved goodbye and headed to the back courtyard. He approached the brick wall and tapped three times at certain spots. The bricks, one by one, slid aside to create the gateway into Diagon Alley.

It was just as crowded as Jun remembered. The streets were packed with witches and wizards scrabbling to get to their stores or stalls on the sides selling their best deals. Birds flew from roof to roof as the cats on the ground eyed the owls over them. Jun could easily tell who were going to be new to Hogwarts since they were so short and looked so excited.

It didn't took long for Jun to find Flourish and Blott's bookstore, but he didn't spotted his friends. He walked into the store hoping he'd find them inside. There were posters plastered everywhere with the faces of SMAP. And girls aquealed and jumped with excitement.

"Matsujun!" He heard someone call him.

He turned around and found Ohno waving at him from above on the second floor of the store. He dashed down the stairs and gave a quick hug.

"Look at you! You've...grown!" Ohno said, raising his eyebrow.

"And you're hair is shorter," Jun teased back. "It looks your bed hair."

"I can't help it," Ohno pouted, ruffling his hair. "Come on. The others went shopping at the ice cream parlor."

It was good to see his first wizard friend again. Ohno Satoshi is a Gryffindor just like Jun. The only difference, besides Jun being a Muggle-born, is that Ohno's entire family is traditionally Slytherin. Jun has tremendous amount of respect for Ohno. He is brave and calm at the same time. Ohno may not seem like the most active person, but when the time is right, Ohno knows how to take charge.

"Everyone is crazy about the concert tonight," Ohno informed Jun. "SMAP's been performing concerts ever since they graduated, but this is their first time performing here at Diagon Alley."

"It's kinda crowded to have a concert here, isn't it?" Jun asked, noticing more posters of SMAP.

"Sho told me that the Ministry casted an enchantment in front of Gringotts to make the space larger." Ohno answered, pointing in the distance the white building that was the bank. "So no harm done."

"It seems like the Ministry is going through a lot of trouble for just a concert," Jun mumbled, as they entered Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor.

Three boys sat at a table dressed in regular Muggle summer clothes. A boy with well-groomed hair spotted them and smiled his beautiful bright smile at them.

"Hey, Matsujun," Aiba waved.

Aiba Masaki is a Hufflepuff. He is probably the happiest person Jun has ever met. Not to mention the best hair to boot. He is the most caring person out of all of them and is willing to help in a heartbeat. Besides being a random idiot, he has a knack for experimenting.

"You won't stop calling me that, won't you?" Jun smirked, sitting next to him while Ohno sat next to Sho.

"And when will you realize it's a cute name?" Aiba fired back.

"Was it just me, or was Ohno shorter than you?" Nino smirked, making Ohno pouted.

"Aiba has gotten real tall, hasn't he?" Sho said, sitting up straight and comparing his height with Aiba.

"Well, we're all here now," Ohno said. "What time does the concert start?"

Sho pulled out the tickets in his pocket. "Not until 8PM," he said. "We've got two hours until it's time."

"I could use some new robes," Jun said. "I think we could all use a new set of robes...everyone except Ohno since he hasn't grown an inch."

"Hey!" Ohno pouted, giving his best noogie attack on Jun. "Who are you calling small that you can't see through a microscope?!"

"I didn't say that!" Jun cried for help but only got roars of laughter from his friends.

'It's good to be back,' Jun thought, but then his eyes landed on Sho's laughing face.

And it all started again. The feeling of being let down. That crushing throb inside Jun's heart that he feared would come back. He didn't want this to happen. Jun wanted to forget all that happened at last year's Christmas party. But seeing Sho's face again, the laughing face that Jun loves, hurts so much.

"Alright. Let's head to Madam Malkin's Robes," Aiba stood up. The store was right across from where they were, but when they entered the store, there was a line already.

"Hello, boys," Madam Malkin greeted them. She waved her wand around as a measuring tape wrapped around a customer's waist. "I'll be with you in a moment."

"Ah," Sho smiled, recognizing the customer. "Mao-chan!"

The customer turned around and smiled when she saw her house friend.

"Sho-kun!" She smiled. "Hey, guys."

The boys nodded politely. Inoue Mao's Ravenclaw friend Nishihara Aki, who was also a third year like them, waited for Mao to finish. Aiba, being the friendly and easy-to-approach person, started chatting with Aki. Sho, Ohno and Nino wondered around the store looking at the robe samples while Jun sat on a spare stool watching the magic tape wave around in the air.

His eyes caught Mao staring at him from the mirror reflection, but she quickly turned her gaze away as a faint blush came to her cheeks. Jun scratched the back of his head, wondering what was that all about.

"...and I can't wait to start this year," Aiba said to Aki. "I promised Shimura Ken I'd meet him before the class starts. I want to help him with the animals."

"Meet?!" Sho gasped out loud. His eyes grew round, and he grunted his teeth in frustration. "The meeting! Oh my gosh, my father is going to kill me!"

"You mean...that meeting?!" Ohno gasped, also looking shocked.

"We were suppose to meet him an hour ago! Come on, we better hurry!" Sho nodded.

"Wait! Where are you guys going?" Jun called to them before they left.

"Ohno and I have to meet my father at Gringotts for awhile," Sho quickly explained. "We'll find you guys before the concerts starts, okay? See ya!"

And the two eldest boys left.

"What was that about?" Jun asked.

Nino sighed and crossed his arms. "Take a guess. Sho's father. Ohno and Sho only." Nino darted his eyes towards Aki and Mao, indicating he couldn't say much.

And Jun nodded. Sho and Ohno are the second-coming of a prophecy, The Legend of the Vocal Wizards. Many believed they would bring terror when the five Vocal Wizards return. Sho and Ohno posses the talismans of the Vocal Wizards and it's only a matter of time before they succumb to the powers and disappear.

"You know," Nino whispered to Jun, "Sho and Ohno has gotten close lately."

"How so?" Jun mumbled back.

"It's like...they know each other," Nino frowned, "but in a different they know what the other person is thinking. It's creepy."

Jun sighed heavily.

'How long until they lose their minds...?'

"We should probably finish up here and find them at Gringotts," Jun said, and Nino nodded.

"Finished," Madam Malkin said. Mao took a good look at herself in the mirror with her new robes.

"Thank you," she smiled, ready to pay for her clothes. She reached inside her purse and started looking around. Slowly, her smile dwindled and Aki came to her side.

"What's wrong?" Aki asked.

"I can't believe this!" Mao gasped. "I had my money in here...and now it's gone!"

"Pickpocket?" Aiba thought out loud.

"I'm not sure," Mao said, looking worried.

Madam Malkin coughed loudly, waiting for her pay. Jun clicked his tongue in annoyance. He reached into his own pocket and pulled out his sack.

"How much?" He asked. Mao looked up, surprised and red to the cheeks.

"Oh, no I couldn't make you-"

"This is nothing," he said. "We're in a hurry, so how much?"

"Ten Sickles," Madam Malkin quickly replied, and Jun paid the amount.

"T-thank you!" Mao bowed, and together with her friend, they left...giggling.

"Jun..." Nino said, smirking, "what's up with you?"

"What?" Jun said, standing on the platform for Malkin to measure his height. "Like I said, we're in a hurry. I want to get to Sho as soon as possible."

From the mirror, Jun spotted Nino rolling his eyes.

*           *           *

"Where are they?" Jun grumbled, looking everywhere inside the white building. Little goblins walked pass them and some stared down at them from their counter tops. Aiba tried to smile at the gloomy goblins but only received mean glares.

"They probably left already," Nino sighed, irritated as always. "Let's just wait outside and let them find us."

"Yeah, we can find them better outside if they're not here," Aiba said, and Jun gave in.

The sky grew darker, and the crowd got larger as they waited outside Gringotts. Jun noticed the space was a lot larger than it normally was before thanks to the special enchantment made especially for this occasion. But Jun started to grow more impatient as the store lights dimmed; the concert was about to start.

"They're probably in the crowd and just can't find us," Nino said, trying to calm Jun. "Let's just enjoy the concert."

"Yeah, but..." Jun said, standing on his tiptoes to overlook people's heads.

"Outta my way!" A man roughly bumped into Jun, almost knocking him over.

"You watch where you're going, jerk!" Jun fired back. The man glared at him, and Jun stared back at a pair of ominous yellow eyes with dark shadows.

The man lumped away in the dark Knockturn Alley. Jun watched the man disappear, but then Jun spotted two men following him. Jun recognized them both immediately even in the dark.

"What is he doing here?" Jun mumbled to himself and followed as well.

"Jun!" Aiba called after him. "Where are you going?"

"I just saw Naruse Ryo and Ohno," Jun said.

"What?! Where?" Nino asked.

"They went into Knockturn Alley. I just saw them follow some guy who looked like he was in a hurry," Jun said. "We should go after them."

"Maybe we shouldn't," Nino said, looking unsure. "Maybe you've mistaken for someone who looks like Ohno and Naruse."

"I'm with Ohno almost all the time at school. I know what he looks like," Jun said.

The crowd cheered, and a few fireworks fired into the sky. The concert was starting.

"It's not like we could do anything even if it was them," Nino yelled over the crowd for them to hear. "Ohno is with Naruse. He will be alright."

"Fine," Jun shouted through the screams as well. "Stay here. I'm gonna check this out."

"Matsujun, wait!" Aiba yelled.

But Jun dashed into the dark corners of the street and followed Naruse and Ohno into the darkness. He heard footsteps behind him and saw the Aiba and Nino were also following him, but Jun didn't stop and continued to creep down the narrow street.

It was the first time Jun went in Knockturn Alley. He imagined the street was just as dark even in the daylight. No one was in sight as they continued down the street. The stores were dark inside as well, and not a single animal wandered about except a few rats lurking in the corners.

"Shh!" Nino hissed. "Jun, wait."

Nino grabbed Jun's shoulder and dragged him behind a stall. Aiba, Nino, and Jun peaked behind their hiding spot and saw from the distance two men negotiating. The boys were too far to hear them talking, but Jun recognized the man he bumped into earlier. The man held a box and looked like he was about to hand it over but wasn't about too.

"Where's Ohno?" Nino whispered in Jun's ear.

"You guys!" They heard a voice behind them.

Aiba, Nino and Jun wheeled around and found Ohno and Sho glaring down at them.

"What are you doing here?!" Sho whispered, yet showed he was angry. "Hurry, inside!"

Sho led them inside a store called Borgin & Burkes. Inside, a group of wizards waited including Sho's father, Naruse Ryo, Tsukumo Ryusuke, and few others that Jun didn't know.

"Ohno...Sho...what's going on?" Jun asked, watching the older wizards discussing, huddle in small groups or looking out the window. Jun had a feeling they were planning some kind of attack; they were holding out their wands after all...

Ohno and Sho exchanged glances before they spoke.

"This was suppose to be kept a secret," Sho said, his face extremely serious. Ohno had the same expression.

"Who are these guys?" Aiba whispered, staring at the wizards.

"Well," Ohno said, not sure if he should answer, "this is the organization Professor Johnny talked about last year."


Sho's father, Sakurai Shun, appeared before them. Naruse Ryo stood by a table where most of the wizards were, staring down at a map of some kind as if planning a route.

"Why are you three here?" Sakurai-san asked.

"I-I," Jun spoke, "I saw Ohno following that man outside. And...well, I followed him by instinct. I mean...we were suppose to meet each other before the concert starts. And well..."

"You should have stayed at the concert, boys," Sakurai-san said roughly. "This is a dangerous place to be now."

"Why? What's going on?" Aiba asked, looking back and forth between Ohno and Sho. "Why are you guys here?"

"We have no time to explain now," Sakurai-san interrupted. "Just stay inside for the meantime."

"Sakurai-san!" A wizard spoke. "They've traded!"

"Right," Sakurai-san nodded. "Okay everyone. Let's go according to plan. Sho. Ohno to your posts."

Sakurai-san rushed to the window and peaked behind the curtain. Naruse walked towards the door and a few wizards stood by with him, as if waiting for a cue. Sho already stood behind the wizards, but he didn't carry his wand like the others.

He doesn't need it.

"Ohno, what's going on?" Nino demanded, before Ohno left them.

Ohno sighed heavily as if he was dealing with a child. He crossed his arms.

"Those guys out there," Ohno nodded out the window, "we believe they have a Vocal Wizard Talisman."

WAHHH! Already!! O_O XDD
dealing with talismans so soon, and at the start of the story?! hahaha!

hiya! here's the third installment. and i know it's not much now, but this is aiba's story. yup yup! so i hope you'll look forward to a happy-go-luck guy like aiba. so let's dive into this adventure! ^^

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