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Third Years at Hogwarts

Title: Third Years at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a third year at Hogwarts. Jun has joined up with his friends for a concert, but Ohno and Sho were missing. Jun follows a mysterious man into Knockturn Alley with Nino and Aiba, only to be found by Ohno, Sho, and a group of wizards also watching the mysterious man. They believe they're dealing with a Vocal Wizard Talisman! What will Jun do? Why is Ohno and Sho part of the mission?

Chapter 2- Johnny's Elites

Jun could hardly believe the words coming out of Ohno's mouth. Nino and Aiba also had a look of shock written all over their face. Ohno scratched the back of his head, not sure what else to say.

"Look, I know it's a lot to take in, but I'll explain later," Ohno said, and headed for the door to stand next to Sho. But Jun followed.

"What are you going to do out there?" Jun asked, but a big and bulky wizard pushed him back.

"Stay here," the wizard said, roughly. Jun glared back. But Naruse answered him.

"We're not the only wizards hiding," Naruse said, darkly. "A duel is about to happen, so stay in the shop."

"A duel?!"

"Matsujun, I promise I'll explain everything," Sho nodded.

"By why you guys?" Aiba asked.

"Idiot," Nino groaned. "They're Vocal Wziards. They can handle this."

'Oh, of course,' Jun frowned.

Sho's father was still looking out the window, and then he raised his arm. Naruse Ryo gripped the door handle, and the wizards behind him got even more tense. Jun, Nino, and Aiba held their breath for the longest time until Sho's father gave the signal.

Naruse thrust the door open.

A loud explosion shook the store, and Jun had to cover his ears to stop the ringing. A battle was happening just outside the store, and all Jun could make out where screams, yells, jets of light, and more explosions.

Jun felt his heart pounding in his chest. He wanted to help, but he left his wand in his trunk. Out of pure instinct, Jun rushed out of the store and saw the fray before him.

The wizards that were in the store were battling with another group of wizards, but they were shrouded in black cloaks. Jun couldn't make out their faces, but he did recognized the strange man that bumped into him earlier who was now hiding behind a barrel of water in fright.

Naruse battled with a tall wizard who fired spell after spell. But Naruse's skills blocked out all of the spells aimed at him, and he counterattacked wordlessly at his offender. Tsukumo Ryusuke hid behind a stall as another shrouded wizard fired jets of red light towards him, which barely missed Tsukumo's head. Sho's father shielded himself against another attacker that wouldn't stop casting spells as well. But the big bulky wizard supported Sakurai-san and fired offensive attacks from behind the shield.

Ohno and Sho were in the front line manipulating water and fire. Barrels of water that were found outside each store supplied Ohno the water he needed. He twirled his arms around him and spikes of water struck the cloaked wizards like a whip. Sho stood his distance from Ohno to avoid getting wet. He was in his rage form as Jun remembered, but Sho's anger directed at the enemies and balls of fire projected from his palms and aimed square at the offenders.

"Get down!" Nino yelled, and dragged Jun behind a stall. Jun felt a hot breeze as a spell just missed his ear.

But another scream filled Jun's ear.

"AIBA!" Jun cried.

The flash of red light that Jun missed struck Aiba's arm and dark blood poured out. Aiba hid behind the stall with them, supporting his arm to stop the bleeding. Ohno turned his head when he heard the scream.

"Aiba!" Ohno yelled, and quickly dashed towards them. Jun saw a shadow behind him.

"Ohno, look out!" Jun shouted.

With lightening reflexes, Ohno spun around and formed an X with his arms. A wave of water blocked the spell from the attacker. The shrouded wizard was taken aback in shock, and Ohno took one step back and punched his arm forward. The water turned into a block of ice and clubbed the poor wizard to the ground.

"Fall back!" A husky voice shouted over the chaos.

"No!" Sho's father roared. "Don't let them get away!"

But one by one, the dark wizards Disapparated. Sho quickly dashed forward and fired one last blast at the enemies, but they vanished before they were struck. Finally, all was quiet expect the distance music from the concert at Gringotts.

"Aiba," Ohno gasped, seeing Aiba's wound.

"Aiba!" Sho dashed towards them and knelt next to him, gently holding Aiba's arm. "Let me look at this."

"Sho, let me," Ohno said, lightly touching Aiba's deep gash. Ohno took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and collected water around the wound. Aiba winced as the cut slowly closed and disappeared. The blood remained and soaked most of his clothes.

"Aiba, are you okay?" Sho asked, still looking scared.

"His arm was just healed. Are you blind?" Nino rolled his eyes. But Sho just glared back.

"Where is it?" Jun heard Sho's father ask one the wizards. "Where did Hankai go?"

"Hankai went with them...and it's empty," the bulky wizard huffed. He held the same box that Jun saw the strange man had earlier.

"They must've taken it before they left," Sakurai-san sighed, rubbing his eyes.

"Or," Tsukumo Ryusuke stepped in, sporting a cut on his cheek, "the box was empty from the beginning."

"Why would they do that?" Naruse spoke, unharmed. "It would have been pointless to carry on with the trade."

"Perhaps they knew we planned this and tried to ambush us," an ally wizard suggested.

"We must inform Professor Johnny, sir," another wizard said.

"Dad," Sho approached, "what's going on? Did we lose the talisman?"

"I'm afraid so," Sakurai-san nodded. Ohno and Sho sighed heavily, looking tired like old men. "I'm going to head back to the mansion, Sho. You and your friends can stay here."

"What if we get attacked by those guys again?" Aiba asked, worried.

"You've got us, Aiba," Ohno reassured him. "You don't have to worry."

"Do you think we can still make it to the concert?" Sho asked, trying to lighten the mood.

"I think the concert is over," Tsukumo answered. "It's a shame too. I wanted to see my nephew perform."

"Your nephew?" Jun asked.

"Yeah! You should know him. Kimura Takuya," Tsukumo smiled. "You don't see the resemblance?"

Jun stared long and hard at Tsukumo's face.

"I...suppose," Jun shrugged.

"Come on," Ohno exhaled, looking exhausted. "Let's head back to our room."

*       *      *

The Leaky Cauldron was packed. Everyone from the concert booked a room to see SMAP, and poor Jun didn't get to see them. Sho rented a large room for them to use, but the only problem was that they were only three beds. After a quick game of rock-paper-scissors, the sole winner to get his own bed was Ohno, who passed out like a light the moment his head hit the pillow.

However, Jun was in no mood to sleep.

"Sho, what happened back there? Why were you and Ohno battling?" Jun asked. Nino and Aiba also were wide awake after a quick change of clothes.

Sho sighed, looking exhausted himself, but he stayed up with them and told his story.

"Over the summer, my father told me all about the Vocal Wizards and the Elites," Sho started off.

"The Elites?" Aiba immediately asked, hugging his plushie dog.

Sho nodded. "Johnny's Elites. Professor Johnny started this organization since 1962."

"Damn!" Nino whisted.

"Will you shut up and let me explain!" Sho barked.

Nino pouted.

"Anyways...Professor Johnny selected only the best witches and wizrads to join his search for the Vocal Wizard Talismans. He wants to find them simply to keep them away from evil doers. They are too powerful and will cause too much harm if they fall into the wrong hands. It's happened before in history. But Muggles have only written them down as natural disasters: the Flood of the Yellow River; the Shaanxi, Tangshan, and Great Kanto earthquakes; or the Bhola cyclone.

"The Elites mission is to find the talismans and keep them away from the public view. Like those bunch of wizards we fought today. My father said they're part of a cult called SIN. They have been searching for the talismans before Professor Johnny started his organization.

"The concert today was set up by Professor Johnny as a distraction in Diagon Alley. SMAP has no idea about the mission and simply did their job in performing their UtaMahou on the audience. Entrancing them with their music so they wouldn't hear the battle taking place at Knockturn Alley."

"No way," Nino gasped. "SMAP's concert was just a cover up."

"Did the Elites ever found one? A talisman?" Jun asked.

"They did," Sho nodded towards Ohno's sleeping body. "They found the Water Talisman first."

"Eh?!" Aiba gasped.

"But we found it at the bottom of the school lake," Nino recalled.

"Yeah," Sho nodded, "because that's where Johnny himself hid it."


"Shhh!" Jun hushed, pointing at Ohno.

"But why in the lake?" Nino asked, frowning. "Why couldn't Professor Johnny hide the talisman in a more secure place, like Gringotts or something."

"That's what I thought so too," Sho said. "But my father explained to me that a talisman can't just be place in a safe lock at Gringotts. The talisman can only remain in their element. If they don't get to a place where their environment is their element, they'll relocate by themselves."

"Relocate?!" Jun gasped. "You mean if that Water Talisman wasn't at the lake, it could've been warped to some place else?"

"Yes, and the search would start all over...that is what the enchantment was place on," Sho said. "Remember, guys. The legend tells that the stranger who defeated the Vocal Wizards sealed away their powers in the talismans. If he simply hid them in one place forever, they would have been found a long time ago. He casted a strong spell on the talismans so that they will be almost impossible to find and keep.

"If someone found a talisman, and that talisman was away from their natural element for too long, they'll relocate automatically," Sho scratched the back of his head. "When Ohno and I found the talismans, the task of finding a suitable host was complete, and they remain inside us.

"That explains why the Fire Talisman was inside a volcano. Because it's element is fire," Sho explained.

"So what about today?" Nino asked. "You guys said there was a chance you were dealing with another talisman. But it was in a box. I hardly think a box is an element."

"The talisman can last only a short time away from their natural element. My father said, at best, the talismans can be out in the open for five days," Sho said. "But it can't stay in any regular surroundings of its own element. For example, if we found the Water Talisman, we can't keep it in a glass of water so it won't disappear. It has to be in an extreme environment, like the lake.

"The one we were dealing with today, my father said the Elites have tracked this talisman for years. And they just got new information since last year."

"You mean..." Jun spoke, making eye contact with Sho.

"Yeah. That was the time you saw Naruse at my father's office before we left to Mauna Loa. They have never expected to find the Fire Talisman because they were concern about another one."

"Naruse Ryo is an Elite!?" Aiba asked.

"Surprised me too when my father told me. I never even noticed my father and Naruse working together and tracking down possible areas for talismans," Sho said

'That chart!' Jun thought, 'From my first year...Naruse has been on the task ever since...'

"They've finally found one that recently became in possession of a man name Hankai Kazuaki. He's a Squib and-"

"Sorry," Jun interrupted, "what's a Squib?"

"Opposite of Muggle-born," Nino explained roughly.


"Anyways, Hankai managed to get his hands on the Talisman...or so my father believed," Sho grumbled, rubbing his eyes.

"The box was empty," Jun recalled.

"Even if he did had the talisman," Aiba spoke, "why would he trade it away? Even for a Squib, a Vocal Wizard Talisman surely has enough power for him to use."

"That's when I was thinking that it was a fake," Sho nodded. "But Choi Hong Man, that big bulky wizard you saw today, he's a spy for us and works within SIN. He informed the Elites they plan to make a trade with Hankai."

"What kind of trade?" Jun asked.

"The talisman in exchange for large amounts of PDB," Sho answered.

"PDB?" Jun raised his eyebrow.

"Powdered Dragon's Blood. A popular drug in the wizarding world," Nino answered, pretending to snort. Jun nodded.

"Well, now it seems obvious that Hankai dude was bluffing," Aiba said, relaxing a little.

But Sho shook his head. "I doubt it," Sho sighed. "There is two likely chances what happened tonight: SIN got hold of the talisman already while we were fighting, or the talisman disappeared on its own."

"Who are the SIN anyway?" Jun asked.

"For all I know, they've been searching the talismans for a long time," Sho said. "They're led by a man name Tamaki Hiroshi, and his whereabouts are unknown. The Elites are searching for him too, but a dark wizard like him is just impossible to find as much as the talismans."

"Why does the SIN want the talismans?" Aiba asked.

"For power, glory, wealth," Sho shrugged. "Whatever drives them. But I get the feeling they're more than just getting it for themselves."

"Have you ever thought maybe they would be like you guys?" Nino said, his eyes narrowing. "Maybe they want to find the talismans to hide it from dark wizards."

Sho looked like he was about to say something but stopped himself. His eyes gazed over Nino's head, and Jun turned around. Ohno was awake, for who knows how long, and stared right back at Sho.

Ohno didn't say a word and Sho nodded as if a message passed through them.

"We should get some sleep, guys," Sho yawned. "It's late."


"We can talk more tomorrow," Ohno spoke. "Good night."

Jun felt his skin crawled. The authority behind Ohno's voice was there and scared Jun ever so slightly. Not to mention the strange connection between Sho and Ohno. Now, Jun understood what Nino meant. Sho and Ohno now share a strange bond that was more than a friendship, but it wasn't a love connection. To Jun, it looked like a deep brotherhood that transcends through time.

'The Vocal Wizards inside them,' Jun sighed. 'Have they already acknowledge each other's presence?'

Sho was already snoring under the covers, and Aiba laid next to him still clutching his plushie. Jun stood where he was watching Aiba and Sho easily sharing a bed, making Jun's heart bubble with jealousy.

"Matsujun," Nino playfully called, waving from the other bed.

'Damn,' Jun cursed in his head, as he shared a bed with Nino.

*          *            *

'It's only 2AM?' Jun thought, staring at the alarm clock. 'Why can't I fall asleep?'

It's been six days since the incident at Knockturn Alley and SMAP's concert. The Leaky Cauldron was still packed, and everyone wouldn't stop talking about how awesome the concert was. They were oblivious that a duel happened just down the street that day. Ohno and Sho hardly talked about the battle, but Jun could see the worried look itched on their faces.

It even bugged Aiba to see Sho hanging out more with Ohno. In fact, Jun noticed the sudden closeness between Ohno and Sho the past few days. They would sit next to each other and not utter a word, yet they understood each other without finishing their sentences.

Ohno would only call Sho's name, and Sho immediately knew what Ohno wanted. They would walk next to each other and sway in the same direction. It was like watching twins performing identical actions.

Jun sighed.

"Can't sleep," Nino whispered in Jun's ear, startling him.

"D-don't do that!" Jun whispered. But Ohno, Sho and Aiba snored too loud to hear.

"I can't sleep either," Nino said, "Not with that noise their making."

"We should get some shut eye anyway. We have to wake up early to board the Hogwarts Express," Jun grumbled, but Nino was wide awake.

"Hey," Nino smiled in the dark. "What's on your mind?"


"Still feel down that Sho dumped you?" Nino smirked. Jun flinched. "He did, didn't he?"

"H-how do you know?" Jun replied, trying to act normal.

"I see the way you look at him," Nino answered. "Your eyes tells it all. When did he rejected you? "

"Look it doesn't matter, okay," Jun said, rolling to his side so he wouldn't have to face Nino.

"You can always talk with me," Nino whispered gently. Jun frowned. "I'm here for you."

"Nino, I thought we've been through this," Jun sighed. "My answer is no."

"I'm not giving up."

Jun went stiff for a moment before he rolled back to see Nino. The young Slytherin's eyes showed a strong determination, and at the same time it was soft. Jun gulped.

Nino scooted a little closer...

"D-don't get any ideas," Jun warned, scooting away.

"Why not?" Nino pouted. "You're like me now, aren't you? You might as well admit're gay."

"I-I..." Jun fumbled, his eyes darting everywhere but Nino's eyes. "W-well, I-I mean...It's just-"

But before Jun could say another word, Nino squashed his lips onto Jun's. It wasn't forcefully like Nino always did; it was quiet and warm. Jun was too shock to even push away, and it was Nino who drew away. Jun was wide awake now, yet Nino's eyes looked sleepy and almost lovey-dovey. Jun quickly came back to his senses and glared at Nino.

"This doesn't change anything," Jun hissed.

"Why do you hate me?" Nino hissed back, surprising Jun. "I admit I may be a little troublemaker-"


"But I've never done anything to harm you!"

"What about that little duel we had last year?" Jun fired back. Nino rolled his eyes.

"That was just for fun-"

"Exactly!" Jun whispered louder. "I'm just some love game to you! You even play around with the girls you have wrapped around your finger. So how am I any different? It's not love, Nino..." Jun huffed before he continued. "What is it you like about me anyways?"

Nino stared long and hard at Jun, but he didn't look away either. Jun never knew what made Nino started all this charade of kisses and games with Jun. His methods have no meaning but just fun and giggles for him alone. Jun has had enough of it.

But Nino didn't answer his question.

"Can you tell me what love is?" Nino asked, his expression unreadable.


"You obviously know what love is suppose to be," Nino glared. "If you know so much about it...tell me."

Jun couldn't answer. It wasn't that he knew what to say...he didn't had the right to answer. And Nino knew that.

"That's right," Nino nodded. "What do you know about love...except moping around."

Nino rolled around and didn't utter a word. Jun rolled to his side, angry at himself. His eyes betrayed himself and stared at Sho on the other bed. His back faced to him, but Jun could make out the strong and muscular V shape of Sho's back.

One single tear slid down Jun's cheek and soaked into his pillow...

'I thought I was over this pain...'

AWWW! poor junnie! T_T don't worry matsujunnie! love is in the air in this story! ><

aiba! come to the rescue already!! XDD

teehee, i hope you liked the little background story of the talismans. and before you say. 'johnny only has three elites in the real world' yes, that's true...and i'm just borrowing the title name. XD so i guess you can say, they are like the order of the phoenix. and the SIN are like death eaters....but are they?! haha, no no. SIN is the bad guys. get that straight.

teehee, i hope you enjoyed the little cameo appearances! ^^

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