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Third Years at Hogwarts

Title: Third Years at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a third year at Hogwarts. An intense battle took place right before Jun's very eyes, and he gets to witness Ohno and Sho in full power. But the mysterious cloak wizards got away, and the talisman disappeared. Jun learns about Ohno and Sho's part in the secret organization the Elites, as well as the enemies the SIN. Just who the SIN? Will Jun overcome his heartache? What crazy adventure awaits them?

A/N: gee, i should stop the redundant summaries XD

Chapter 3 - New Students, New Classes. and New Drama

"Aibu Saki!"


"Koide Keisuke!"


"Yokoyama Yu!"


"Taguchi Junnosuke!"


"Ugh, when will that old witch hurry up?" Ohno grumbled next to Jun. There was a long line of first years, and poor Ohno didn't ate anything since they left the Leaky Cauldron.

"Why didn't you eat on the train?" Jun asked while a first year name Sato Takeru was sorted into Ravenclaw.

"Well, you guys keep saying my face is so chubby. I figured I'd stick to a diet," Ohno pouted.

"What are you, a girl?"

"Narumi Riko!"


"Alright!" Ohno applauded with the other Gryffindors. "She looks cute, huh."

"Getting ideas, already?" Jun smirked.

"I'm already a third year, and I have no girlfriend!" Ohno nodded. "'s not that I don't mind being girlfriend-less..."

"Could it be..." Jun teased Ohno, "you're thinking of someone?!"

"Shut up."

"Chinen Yuri!"

A tiny boy happily hopped on the stool, and the Sorting Hat practically covered him to his torso. Ohno and Jun couldn't help but laugh and a few snickers were heard around the hall. It must've been the longest sorting yet until the mouth of the Sorting Hat split open.


"Wooo!" The Gryffindors roared.

"Is that boy even eleven?" Ohno asked openly. Jun laughed.

Finally, the last student was sorted and dinner was served. Ohno was a bulldozer and scooped everything in sight into his mouth. Jun also followed in unison, but he ate with polite dinner manners compare to Ohno.

When Jun had his filling, he took the time to gaze around the hall like he always does. The Gryffindors were lively as always, and a few seats down, Jun could see Chinen staring back at his direction, but Chinen was watching Ohno.

Jun's eyes wondered over to the Hufflepuff table and easily spotted Aiba again in the center of attention with everyone laughing around him. Normally, the first years in each house would look shy and small, but the Hufflepuff's first years looked right at home next to Aiba.

Over at the Ravenclaw table, everyone looked the most well-behaved students compare to the party animals of Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors. Jun spotted Sho chatting with his house friends Toma, Mao, and Mao's friend Aki. The two girls giggled and obviously gossiped about something, but Jun's eyes were on Sho. He looked so happy and smiled so warmly.

Jun had to pry his eyes away and saw Nino with his Slytherin comrades. It was unusual to see Nino sitting with his guy friends. Normally, Jun always saw Nino surrounded with girls awith a smug look on his face. This time, Nino didn't look so lively and merely poked at his food. Nino's friends, third years Yamapi and Narimiya Hiroki, cracked jokes and threw food around at a couple of girls who yelled at them.

Ohno burped.

"Nice," Jun smirked. Ohno cracked a smile as Professor Johnny stood up to make his daily welcome.

"Hello, and welcome to another year at Hogwarts," Professor Johnny greeted. "I like to make a few announcements before you all can tuck into your warm four-poster beds.

"First, we have a new nurse for our hospital wing. Madan Pomfrey has left us and went to live her retirement in London. Our new Healer will be Tsukumo Ryusuke. Some of you may know him as Kimura Takyua's uncle. So let's give him a warm welcome."

A round of applause filled the hall as Tsukumo stood up, grinning, and bowed politely. Jun finally noticed that his smile resembled just like Kimura's. The teachers applauded as well, but Naruse clapped as if he was bored. The Gryffindors, on the other hand, clapped and whistled the loudest. Clearly, Tsukumo was a Gryffindor too.

'Who'd a thought it?' Jun smirked.

"Also," Professor Johnny continued, "I didn't get the chance to announce another new teacher because she came during the middle of the term. Last year, Professor Trelawney came down with a very serious illness and decided to start her retirement early. We will miss her dearly. Thus, I like to take this time to welcome Professor Sakita Shiori."

"Ah! It's midget teacher," Ohno clapped while smiling.

She smiled sweetly at her students and shyly tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. This time, Jun noticed Naruse clapping regularly.

"Thank you, and good night," Professor Johnny ended.

*       *       *

"Fifty points from Gryffindor," Naruse remarked.

"But we just started the year!" Ohno complained, his face covered in orange soot.

"I don't care. Fifty points from Gryffindor," Naruse retorted back.

Professor Naruse Ryo continued to walk around the classroom as Ohno tried to clean off his face. Jun also suffered from orange smears on his new robes, but it wasn't his fault that Ohno dumped the wrong ingredients...again.

"Of all the class we had to have first day of the semester is Potions," Ohno grumbled, wiping the table.

"Look on the bright side," Jun shrugged, "we're sharing the class with Ravenclaws this time."

"He'll still pick on Gryffindors over any house," Ohno pouted.

"What does he have against you anyways?" Jun wondered.

"My punishment for not being a Slytherin," Ohno shrugged. "But like I care! I just wish I can splash water at his face...but I can't."

"Why don't you?" Jun chuckled.

"Oh, it's know...I don't wanna...die," Ohno smirked, and Jun tried to suppress his laughter.

At that moment, the door swung open and Tsukumo Ryusuke appeared. A few girls gasped as they watched two hot men before them.

"He wants to talk now," Jun heard Tsukumo murmured. Naruse looked annoyed, but he nodded.

"I expect perfect remedies by the time I get back," Naruse told the class before he left.

"What was that all about?" Jun asked, but Ohno's smile quickly faded.

"What do you think?" Ohno mumbled, and Jun understood immediately.

'Johnny Elites.'

"Do you think Professor Johnny hired Tsukumo because he's..." Jun looked around to make sure no one was listening, " Elite."

"Of course," Ohno said, leaning forward so they could whisper in secret. "Look, they were really close in finding that talisman, and there's no way they're gonna let it out of their sights. Things are tight now, so I can only imagine."

"Do you keep up with the Elites' news?" Jun asked.

"They only tell Sho and I the bare minimum," Ohno said. "Sho's father sends an owl once in awhile, but he said our job is to keep a low profile. We don't want people to know that two Vocal Wizards are together."

"But what about that battle last week?" Jun questioned. "Just because you two have amazing powers, you must head off to the front lines whenever summoned?"

"Sho and I are the only ones who can suppress another talisman's power," Ohno said, his face growing darker. "A hundred wizards can fight a talisman and never win. If the Elites expect they're closing in on one talisman, they will call us for help."

"So, how did the Elites got hold of the Water Talisman?"

"All I can say is that it took them years," Ohno nodded.

'I'll bet,' Jun thought.

"You don't have to think so heavily on this topic, Matsujun," Ohno smiled again. "It was just shear coincidence that Sho and I were chosen so soon. Lighten up."

"It's just..." Jun mumbled, his eyes wondering over to Sho who was concentrating on his perfect potion, "...I still find it hard to believe."

Ohno lightly patted Jun's back.

"Don't worry about us, Jun," Ohno said. "We will always be ourselves no matter what. Cheer up. Next class is our new course Care of Magical Creatures. And it's with Hufflepuffs! I can't wait to see Aiba's face."

Jun slowly smiled as well.

*       *       *

It was a beautiful day outside which was perfect for the first day of Jun's new class. He was surprised to learn that students can take new courses after their second years. There was so many choices that Jun and Ohno were sending owls back and forth all summer until they both decided Care of Magical Creatures and Divination.

"Oh-chan! Matsujun!" A familiar voice shouted across the fields.

"My name is not Matsujun!" Jun called back, but Aiba still smiled when he caught up to them.

"It's a nickname, dummy," Aiba said. "Everyone has a nickname."

"Oh?" Jun crossed his arms. "What's yours?"

"Everyone in my house calls me Aibaba. Sho sometimes call me Aiba-chan. And Nino sometimes calls me Aibaka."

"Suits you," Ohno laughed, but that didn't stop Aiba's chattering mouth.

"I call Sho, Sho-chan. But Nino calls him SakuSho, but one time I heard him say Master Fail. Ohno is Oh-chan for me. I hear Nino calling you Satoshi. And then Jun..." Aiba grinned, " Matsujun."

"You wanna say that again?" Jun playfully threatened and gave Aiba a noogie attack.

But before Jun could finish off Aiba, Professor Shimura Ken approached the students with a monkey in his arms and gathered them around a nearby paddock. He was an old man, yet he smiled earnestly and wore overalls that didn't made him look old at all. Even the monkey wore matching clothes.

"Good morning, everyone!" Shimura greeted. The monkey waved as well and a huge smile spread across its face.

"Good morning, Professor Shimura," the students replied back. Aiba lightly elbowed Jun.

"This is gonna be a fun lesson," Aiba whispered.

"Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures," Shimura began. "This is my assistant, Pan-kun. And today, I'll like to start off right away with animals. So come inside the paddock everyone."

The students follow Shimura's lead into the open space inside the pen, but Jun still didn't see any creatures. Shimura let Pan-kun walk for himself, and he immediately dashed away into the woods.

"Pan-kun will retrieve our first creatures to witness," Shimura explain. "Everyone turn to page forty in your textbooks. Today's topic is 'How to Approach a Wild Beast.' During your travels, if you ever need help of a magical creature, you must know how approach them with the proper behavior.

"There are generally two types of creatures. There's the sensitive types where you must be in a submissive state for them to approach you first. And there's the aggressive types which is a little tricky. You must be both submissive and dominative.

"I will demonstrate these methods with easy creatures for you all to handle," Shimura smiled. "May I introduce to you, my dear friends, Taiyo and Tsuki."

Pan-kun returned and led two horses towards the students. One horse had a silver coat with almost pure white hair that shined in the sunlight. The other horse shined in an ebony dark coat with a single white spot on its chest. Pan-kun had a leash in each hand, but he looked like he was half-afraid of the tall beings. At first glance, Jun thought they were regular horses. But as they got closer, Jun realized they both weren't normal.

The silver horse suddenly grew larger as if it carried baggage on its back. But the extra lump on its back was actually folded wings, and it flexed them outward for everyone to see. Everyone gasped at the massive wing span while Shimura smiled with pride.

Then, the ebony horse reared and Pan-kun immediately ran away in fear. That's when Jun spotted this horse has four extra legs. The eight-legged horse cantered around the paddock viciously. Shimura came to calm it down immediately as the students hurried out of the paddock for safety.

"I don't believe it!" Aiba gasped, still smiling. "A winged horse and a Sleipnir."

"That's correct, Aiba," Shimura called from across the paddock, grabbing hold of the frantic horse. "Sleipnirs are eight-legged horses found mostly in Europe. This one here is Tsuki.

"And the beauty over there is Taiyo," Shimura pointed to the silver-winged horse. "She's a rare Pegasus found in Greece. So will all be able to at least touch their noses."

"Eh?!" The students complained, eyeing Tsuki's fierce head thrusts and loud neighs. Tsuki stomped all four of its front legs hard and repeated again and again all over the paddock until Shimura pulled the leash hard and Tsuki finally calmed down but still huffed.

"Why don't we start off with Taiyo since she's more friendlier," Shimura nodded, tying Tsuki's leash to the fence.

Taiyo was busy eating the grass and didn't bother to look up throughout the commotion with Tsuki. Shimura approached Taiyo slowly until she spotted him, and she lifted her head as well as her wings.

"This is a normal state for creatures to be on guard," Shimura instructed. "Since she is not in the mood to greet, you must be submissive. She is frighten just as much as you are, so you must be the one to show you will not harm her."

Shimura slowly lower his body as if he was bowing to her, but he kept eye contact with Taiyo. Finally, Shimura was on his knees and lowered his body as if he worshipped her. Taiyo slowly approached and sniffed his head until she nudged him lightly with her nose.

Shimura looked up and lightly patted her nose until she happily snorted. The students applauded as Shimura got up to his feet and stroke her cheek.

"So," Shimura called to the students, "who would like to try it?"

"I do!" Aiba shouted, shooting his arm start up before anyone else.

"Okay, Aiba come forward," Shimura nodded.

Aiba easily jumped over the fence and walked towards Taiyo. Shimura backed away to allow Taiyo some room to spread her wings in defense again. This time she pawed the ground with her hoofs since she doesn't recognized Aiba. She loud huffing made Jun feel nervous as Aiba stood before her.

But Aiba calmly bowed low before her and waited for Taiyo to touch him. Just like with Shimura, she sniffed him until she lightly nudged him on his shoulder. Aiba looked up and smiled. For a second, Jun thought he saw Taiyo smiling.

Then, Jun heard Tsuki on the other side of the paddock neighing louder than ever. Tsuki began rearing frantically and pulling on his leash. Shimura dashed toward Tsuki to calm him again, but Tsuki was so vicious, his leash snapped free.

"Aiba! Get outta there!!" Jun yelled, but Tsuki was already thundering towards Aiba.

But Aiba didn't move. Instead, he raised his arms as if he wanted to shield Taiyo from Tsuki.

'That idiot!'


Taiyo side-stepped away just in time as Aiba quickly rolled out of harms way, and the eight-legged horse took off flying. Everyone screamed and few stared at it in awe as the Sleipnir easily galloped through the sky as if it were on land. Jun watched it turn around and started to charge back towards Aiba.

Out of self defense, Aiba pulled out his wand, but Taiyo dashed in front of him and pushed Aiba away from Tsuki's raging charge. Aiba fell hard on the ground as Taiyo stood on her rear legs to kick Tsuki away. She spread her wings wide and took off flying with Tsuki as well. The students watched in awe as the two horses reared and chased after each other in the sky.

Then, a sharp noise cut through the air like a knife. Jun had to cover his ears to stop the aching noise. He saw Shimura Ken blowing on a golden whistle, and the two horses immediately stopped fighting and returned back to the ground. Shimura pulled out his wand and conjured tall fences to surround Tsuki, preventing him from charging or having room to take off into flight.

Taiyo remained free.

"Are you okay, Aiba?" Shimura asked.

"Yeah," Aiba winced, standing up.

"Tsuki was just jealous of you being friends with Taiyo, but it looks like she has taken a liking to you," Shimura smirked.

Taiyo trotted towards Aiba almost joyfully and nudged her nose on his arm. Aiba giggled and lightly petted her cheek. She snorted as well and continued to nudge him affectionately.

"Looks like you made a new friend," Shimura laughed.

Jun watched Aiba laughing as Taiyo playfully nibbled his clothes, lightly pushing him and nudging him as if she wanted to play. Tsuki remained quiet in his fence, glaring with jealousy.

wooo! you go aiba! you're a horse whisperer alright XDD jk
so, i dont know if this chapter was really much, but this is the start of aiba's greatness. his sense of caring and loyalty. taiyo and tsuki plays an important role in this story, so keep them in mind.

notice that aiba didn't get harmed or expelled any sort powerful magic. this won't be such a dark story like it was for sho, this one will be on a lighter tone. ^^
until we come closer to the ending chapters

also, sleipnir is not a type of horse, but an actually name of a mythological horse like pegasus. i just borrowed the name for this story so it would seem like it's a type of magical creature.
something like this
a winged horse is easy to imagine, but...what the hey ^^

To Chapter 4 -

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