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Third Years at Hogwarts

Title: Third Years at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a third year at Hogwarts. The Elites are working hard to find the missing talisman, and Ohno and Sho are put off for the moment until further notice. Meanwhile, Aiba made a new friend with a winged horse! What else is in store for the Miracle Boy? What will happen to Jun this year?

A/N: hmm, that summary seemed dull...but this chapter certainly isn't!! you'll see ^^

Chapter 4 - The Tarot Cards

Throughout the rest of the school day, Jun had his regular schedule of Transfiguration, Lunch, and finally Charms. Jun looked forward to start his new lesson tomorrow, Divination. Sho believed seeing into the future was a waste of time and magic. And to Jun's disappointment, Sho took up Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. Sho, according to Aiba, isn't good with animals.

Aside from Care of Magical Creatures, Aiba took Muggle Studies simply because he was fascinated about how Muggles live without magic. Something about experiments Aiba also mentioned...

Nino, on the other, also signed up for Divination. His other selection was Arithmancy as well. Apparently, Nino has a knack for numbers and charts. And like Sho, Nino doesn't do well with animals.

"Arithmancy is perfect for Nino. It's all about counting and measures of stuff. It explains why he's so good with music," Ohno nodded, reading his new textbook for UtaMahou.

Jun and Ohno sat in their regular 'VIP' spot of the library. Ohno had his feet propped up on the table while Jun slouched in his chair and twirled his feather quill.

"I know he can come up with some good lyrics for songs, but I didn't know he likes to compose music too," Jun wondered out loud. Ohno turned a page of his textbook.

"That's how Nino is," Ohno said, looking up from his glasses. "He may seem like a cynical little brat who plays around with people and teases girls' hearts, but he's quite sensitive."

"He seems pretty sharp to me," Jun said, raising his eyebrow.

"That's because he knows us well. He's comfortable with us. But if you talk with him long enough, and you hit him in the right spot...well, he's like a totally different person," Ohno said, his eyes looking off in the distance.

"You and Nino must been really close...your childhood friendship and all."

" can say that," Ohno said, looking alittle sad. But his tone quickly changed. "I think Sho's coming."

"Hmm? How do you know?" Jun said, immediately looking around the bookshelves and saw no one.

"Just wait about three minutes and he'll come around the corner," Ohno replied, not even looking up from his book.

On time, Sho appeared with Aiba following him.

'How did he know?!'

"Hey!" Aiba smiled, sitting in his usually spot next to the window. "You guys are missing out! Muggle Studies is so amazing! Did you know Muggle have to build houses out of their hands. With their own hands, guys! No levitation spell or construction spell."

"Yeah, that's great. Aiba," Jun smirked.

"And they have this great invention called a coffeemaker! They put in crushed beans and pour water, and coffee comes out of it!" Aiba said, trying to draw out the image with his fingers. "It's amazing! They're genius without magic, right Sho-kun."

Sho, however, wasn't really listening.

"Sho?" Aiba said again, and Sho snapped out of his train of thought.

"Sorry, what was that?" Sho said, looking sleepy.

"Are you okay, Sho?" Aiba asked.

At those words, Ohno put his book and glasses down to observe Sho. Jun noticed Sho and Ohno sat rather closer than usual, and the way Sho positioned himself in his chair was just like how Ohno sat. Sho shifted in his seat to get comfortable, and Ohno followed the same pattern.

Jun side-glanced at Aiba and caught his eye before staring back at the strange pairing before them. Those two are in harmony...

"Last night, I did a little research," Sho said, rubbing his eyes from exhaustion. "I've been wanting to learn more about the Vocal Wizards and their abilities."

"What did you learn?" Ohno asked, speaking in the same tone level as Sho.

"Just their history and their reign of power," Sho shook his head, "But never how they got their powers or anything about the talismans that I don't know."

"Maybe you want some help researching," Aiba suggested. "I'm curious about the Vocal Wizards too. I mean...ever since you..."

Sho and Aiba made eye contact for a brief moment before Sho sighed heavily.

"I'm fine, Aiba-chan...really," Sho reassured. "Ohno and I are the same person. There is nothing different about us."

'I beg to differ,' Jun thought, watching how Ohno and Sho moved as if there was a gravitational pull between them. 'It's too creepy. I can't stand to watch them like this!'

"If I had more books to look things up, I can find out more," Sho started off, and Jun immediately jumped out of his seat.

"Sure thing! I'll help you out, Sho-kun," Jun blurted out before disappearing around the bookshelf.

It wasn't until Jun was a few rows down until he realized that he just called him 'Sho-kun.' The very thought made him blush and started to hit the nearest bookshelf to relieve his embarrassment. After he calmed himself down, Jun looked up at a row of books titling various names about ancient magic.

"Swords and Staffs...Mages and Knights...Merlin's Legacy..." Jun mumbled to himself. "Maybe I should ask the Head Librarian."

As he was about to appear around the bookshelves, Jun spotted Naruse Ryo walking into the library holding his briefcase and looking sharp as ever in his black suit and tie. Out of pure instincts, Jun hid behind a tall shelf and watched Naruse browse through the books. Jun couldn't help but watch Naruse looking under the Arena Magic section. Naruse pulled out one book and flipped through the pages with a long finger.

Naruse placed the book back and walked quickly around the corner, but he bumped into someone who was carrying a stack of books. She fell down on her backside, and the books scattered everywhere. Jun was within hearing range as he watched Naruse play the gentleman type.

"I'm sorry about that," Naruse immediately said, kneeling down to pick up her books. "Are you okay?"

The girl fixed her long hair, and Jun recognized her immediately. It was the new teacher Professor Sakita Shiori. She also wasn't wearing the standard witch robes that most of the older teachers wore. Instead, she wore a simple white dress that contrasted with Naruse's black suit.

'I guess younger teachers don't like wearing wizard robes,' Jun thought, watching the two picking up her books.

"I-I'm fine," she fumbled.

"Do you need help with these?" Naruse asked, kindly. She stood up and smiled shyly.

"Oh, thank you. But I've got it covered," she said and pulled out her wand. She waved her wand gracefully, and the books piled neatly in midair and hovered behind her. "I was trying to reach for my wand, and that's when I dropped them."

"No, I bumped into you by accident," Naruse said, smiling calmly. "I'm at fault."

Shiori smiled bashfully and glanced at the ground like any regular school girl. Somehow, girls never see the cruel and harsh teacher Naruse is and only gaga over his looks, irritating Jun and the other men around him. Jun had hoped the female teachers could behave better, but Jun could tell this professor fell for Naruse's charm as well.

'He's a lady killer alright,' Jun grunted.

"Thank you for your help, Professor..." she said, trying to remember his name.

"Ryo....Naruse Ryo," he said, lightly nodding his head. "You must be Professor Sakita Shiori. I remember from last night's dinner announcement."

"My students call me Professor," she bowed slightly. "The staff simply calls me Shiori."

"...Shiori-san," Naruse nodded, still showing respect. Jun could see a distinct blush on her cheeks.

"Is there, perhaps, anything I can help you with?" Shiori brought up. "For helping me with my books, I should return the favor. Is there a book you're looking for?"

"Well," Naruse tilted his head, "yes, I am. I'm looking for a book on Wide-Range Magic."

"I think I saw something awhile back," Shiori said and beckoned Naruse to follow her. Naruse smiled sweetly and let Shiori led the way through the shelves.

Out of curiosity, Jun followed them as well and kept a safe distance so they wouldn't spot him. Naruse waited patiently and watched Shiori browse through a row of books. Finally, she pulled out two books and handed them to Naruse.

"I hope these are what you're looking for," she said. Naruse nodded and smiled at her.

"They're just what I needed," he said, and she smiled back.

Somehow, Jun felt icky watching them. He quickly hid again as they came back to the front entrance to check out their books.

"It's funny how even teachers have to check out books like students," Shiori said, as if trying to keep up a conversation. Naruse was being polite as always.

"Our head librarian must do her job after all," Naruse said. "Sometimes even I forget to return books."

"Really? I find that hard to believe. You seem such a sophisticated wizard," Shiori complemented. Naruse smirked as if being smug.

'He smirks like Ohno,' Jun thought.

"It was a pleasure meeting you...Shiori-san," Naruse said and bowed politely. "I must get back to my office since I have class in thirty minutes. Until next time."

"Yes, until next time," Shiroi bowed and waved goodbye. Naruse kept his sweet smile until he turned his back and walked out of the library.

'What was that all about?' Jun thought with a disgusted look on his face. Shiori looked down at her watched and gasped.

"Oh no! My class is about to start as well," she said, and hurried out the library as well.

This made Jun look down at his watch and gasped.

"My first Divination class is about to start!" And Jun hurried back to the VIP spot to get his things.

*       *       *

The Divination classroom was located at the North Tower, and Jun grunted when he saw the tall spiral staircase leading towards the top. Jun and Ohno began their trek up the stairs and finally reached a tiny landing, panting, but saw no doors in sight.

"Don't tell me we went the wrong way," Ohno complained. But Jun looked up and saw a circular trapdoor with a brass handle. Jun tried to jump to grab hold of it, but he was too short.

As if the trapdoor saw his efforts, the door opened and a silver stair ladder descended before them. Ohno and Jun shrugged and climbed up into the classroom. The room was bright and very comforting. Jun thought he walked into a coffee shop. But the numerous desks and chairs signified it as a regular classroom. Professor Shiori was already there to greet them.

"Hello," she smiled. "Welcome to Divination. Have a seat and I'll give you come coffee."

"Coffee?" Ohno asked, raising his eyebrow.

"Yes," she nodded. "I always give my students sweet coffee if they want some. It helps relax the mind and enhance our abilities of foresight."

"Sweet," Jun smirked, sitting next to Ohno. A deck of tarot cards sat before them on the circular table. Shiori waved her wand and two cups of coffee hovered towards Ohno and Jun and placed gently on the table. It wasn't long until the class filled up and everyone looked please with the generosity of coffee service.

"Looks like we share the class with Nino," Ohno said.

Jun spotted Nino sitting with his Slytherin friend Narimiya who smirked like he always does. The Gryffindors and the Slytherins sat so they were far from each other, but Shiori didn't seem to mind this.

"Welcome to Divination," she smiled. "My name is Professor Sakita Shiori, and I will teach you the ways of foresight.

"Many witches and wizards believe that fortune-telling is biased and inaccurate. Which may be true if you do not possess the sight. But I believe that any witch or wizard have the power to change their destiny even if it was seen within the cards, or tea-leaves, or crystal orbs.

"The study of Divination is merely a way to see how far you have come and what is it that you must do whenever you are lost. To see into the future is not something to be ashamed of. Instead, let it guide you. Let it help you make your decisions in life.

"Today, we will start with something simple. The tarot cards," she pointed towards the deck of cards. "I want everyone to shuffle the cards thoroughly until you feel it's just right, then spread then out evenly face down."

Jun took the pack of cards and shuffled them. Since they were larger than regular cards, Jun took his time to mix them well until he spread them out before him.

"In your textbooks, on page thirty, you will find a list of the tarot cards meaning. You are to follow the chart in the book to read your future. Then, on a separate piece of parchment, write down the cards you pulled out and write a summary of what you believe is your future."

Jun and Ohno pulled out their textbooks and flipped the pages. Jun saw a simple chart drawn out for him to follow called 'The Daily Spread'. It was a five-card spread with four cards surrounding one card in the middle.

"You start since you shuffled," Ohno offered, and Jun nodded.

"Okay, so the first one is for 'Basic/Present.' Do I really need to know that?" Jun brought up, but Ohno was way ahead of him and read a passage in the textbook.

" 'Before selecting, one must ask a question before reading the cards. The user must hold the question in their thoughts and careful select their cards in order for the cards to feel your energy and answer the user's question' ." Ohno recited.

"That seems awkward," Jun said. "Having cards feel my energy."

"Well, it said it in the book," Ohno shrugged, "So what's on your mind?"

'A lot of things,' Jun thought.

"Maybe it should be something simple," Jun suggested. "Since it's only five cards to pick, maybe I should ask how my year in school will be."

"Go for it," Ohno nodded.

"Okay," Jun said, rubbing his hands. "So the first card is for the Present..."

Jun hovered his hand over the cards until he finally picked out the five cards. Ohno and Jun looked up the meaning of each cards and summarized the results.

"So for the Present Situation," Ohno said, "you pulled out the Five of Cups which means...feelings of disappointment, letdown, betrayal, or something wrong, Jun?" Ohno asked, when he realized the meaning.

Jun sighed.

'Suits me,' Jun thought.

"I haven't told you this," Jun said, lowering his voice, "but last year I told Sho my true feelings."

"That's great, Jun!" Ohno said, his eyebrows raised in surprise. "I'm proud of you. It takes a lot of courage to confess."

"Yeah," Jun said, looking down at his hands, hoping Ohno could read his reaction.

"Oh," Ohno sighed, seeing the sad look on Jun's face. "He...didn't accept?"

"Well," Jun said, quickly blinking back the tears. "What else does my cards say?"

"Uh...okay. The next card spot is your Desires. And you pulled out the Six of Cups which means...happiness from the past. Old friends, an old love revived," Ohno stated.

"Happiness from my past?" Jun questioned.

"It says here that the Desire position tells you how you feel about the situation you're in from your first card," Ohno nodded. "My guess it that you want to get back to normal terms with Sho."

"Maybe your right," Jun sighed. "But an old love revived? My first love was Sho, right?"

Ohno just shrugged.

"What about the next card?"

"That one is in the Helpful position or something that will help you achieve your Desire," Ohno said, looking at his book. "You pulled out the High Priestess which is...intuition, secrets to be revealed, unexplored potential."

"Secrets to be revealed?" Jun repeated, but then gasped.

'Will I find out whom Sho loves?' Jun thought wildly.

"What about the next card?" Jun quickly asked.

"The Challenge position. You pulled out the Nine of Swords which means...ooh..." Ohno moaned.

"What? What is it?"

"It means sense of anxiety and despair. Feelings of oppression," Ohno winced. "That doesn't sound good."

"I'll be suffering something, huh?" Jun said, rubbing his head. "What about the last one?"

"The Outcome position, the answer to your question. You pulled out the Wheel of Fortune which means...change of fortune, a new cycle commencing, progress."

"Hmmm," Jun mumbled.

'Progress of what?'

"Okay, my turn," Ohno smiled, excited to read his future.

It wasn't long for Ohno to pick his cards. The cards he pulled out were:

Present: The Magician
Desires: The Emperor
Helpful: Strength
Challenge: Death
Outcome: Judgement

"Amazing!" Jun said. "You picked out only Major Arcana cards. I only had two."

"So what does it all mean?" Ohno said, staring at the Death card.

"Well...your present position is the Magician which means you have the ability you need to succeed."

"I guess it's talking about my powers," Ohno mumbled, clutching his hands.

Jun continued. "Your Desires is the Emperor, or authority-"

"What?" Ohno gasped.

"The Emperor means ambition, authority, and achievement," Jun said, staring at Ohno as he shook his head. "Is that what you really want?"

"N-no!" Ohno said, looking worried. "At least...I don't think I do...what about the Helpful postion?"

"You got the Strength card and it means...well, what it means. Inner strength and courage."

Ohno only nodded.

"Your challenge is...Death," Jun said, carefully reading the meaning. "It says here the Death card means a major change or transformation. So it doesn't entirely mean...death."

"In a way, death is a form of major change. But you're right. It doesn't actually mean I'll die, but I'll face a major transformation," Ohno thought careful. "Something will happen that will change me."

"Your Outcome is Judgement and that means...atonement for past sins," Jun said, feeling a shiver run up his spine. "Umm, Ohno...?"

"Yeah?" Ohno still staring at his cards.

"I don't think the cards were really for you," Jun said slowly.

"What do you mean?" Ohno said, looking upset. "I picked them out myself."

"Yes, you did," Jun leaned closer so no one could hear. "But what if it was your other self that drew the cards energy?"

Ohno's eyes widen.

"The Vocal Wizard," Ohno sighed, rubbing his face.

Jun had to look away from Ohno's anxiety. He spotted Nino staring back looking worried at Ohno's tired form. Jun could only give him a sympathetic look that said he'll explain to Nino later.

"Has everyone finished their readings?" Shiori announced. "Class is almost over so please turn in your summaries."

"Ohno," Jun said, placing his hands on Ohno's shoulder. "If it makes you feel any better, I will research about the Vocal Wizards and get you back to normal...I swear it..."

*         *        *

"That's ridiculous," Sho said, looking angry. "How can a bunch of cards tell Ohno's future? This is why I don't take Divination."

"It wasn't Ohno's future, so to speak," Jun said. "Sure it does involved Ohno in some way, but I believe it was more on Ohno's other self...his Vocal Wizard side."

"Shh! Not so loud," Sho said, looking around the classroom. They were in their UtaMahou class, and this year the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws shared a class again. Ohno was already a year ahead of them, so Jun took this opportunity to tell Sho what happened in Divination.

"Okay, but don't you think it's true?" Jun whispered as Professor Masahiko talked in his booming voice. "The Vocal Wizards were known for their reign of power. I can only imagine the things they've done, but what worries me is Ohno's final card...Judgement. Atonement for past sins."

"Jun," Sho shook his head, "Divination is something you shouldn't take so seriously. Chances are the future will change and if he does a reading again, it'll be different."

"I suppose," Jun mumbled, but his mind was somewhere else.

'He called me Jun again!' Jun felt his heart thump. 'I have to get over this. Sho will only accept me as a friend.'

"Okay, any questions?" Masahiko asked. "No one has any questions? Was no one listening to what I just said?"

The class only mumbled and looked ashamed.

"Ah you little..." Masahiko grunted. "Okay, but I'll only say this one last time.

"Since this is your second year of UtaMahou, I have to test your potential in controlling your voice power. The power within you is very important to know so you don't overexert yourself and damage your soul.

"So I will assign each of you all into pairs for the next few months to practice the strength of your voice. You will use the three basic types of sound we studied last year. Can anyone remind me what they are?"

Sho's hand shot up like a rocket. "A head sound, a throat sound, and a chest sound."

"Exactly. You will all learn to control your own levels of those three types on each other. Yes, that means no Nancho protection. But you will only perform simple UtaMahou so you won't hurt anyone. Simple voice spells like sleepiness or hyper activity.

"Now listen carefully as I call who will be partners for the next few months. Nishihara Aki and...Nishikido Ryo. And yes, inter house pairings is possible."

The class chuckled. Aki and Ryo nodded to each other.

"Ikuta Toma and...Sakurai Sho."

Sho and Toma lightly pound their fists together, making Jun slightly jealous.

'Great, now who will I be partners with?'

"Matsumoto Jun and...Inoue Mao."

Jun turned his head and saw Mao smiling back at him. She politely nodded her head, and Jun did the same. Jun spotted a faint pink color in her cheeks before she looked away. Sho playfully nudged Jun at his side.

"Lucky you," Sho whispered as Masahiko continued pairing students. "You get to be with Mao-chan. She's quite pretty, huh?"

"I..." Jun mumbled, looking at her again. Her long black hair framed her oval-shaped face nicely. "I suppose."

"Idiot," Sho smirked.

"Okay, that's everyone," Masahiko nodded. "Talk with your partners so you can schedule days...or nights-" the class laughed, "...when you can practice your UtaMahou on each other. Come talk to me when you do so I can assign you classrooms, give you permission slips, and your list of assignments."

Right on cue, the bell rang. Sho and Toma went off for lunch while Jun still had Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Jun watched Sho and Toma laughing and chatting like the best of friends they are. He wished badly that he was the one laughing with Sho.

"Umm," a voice said behind him. He turned around.

"Oh, Inoue-san," Jun said, nodding politely.

"You can call me Mao, it's fine," she smiled. "You're friends with Sho-kun so we can be friends too."

Jun couldn't help but smile too. "Oh, sure."

'She's nice.'

"I was thinking," she started, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, "that we should start on the project soon."

Jun chuckled.

'Ravenclaws always want to be prompt.'

"Of course. When is a good day to start?" Jun asked politely, unable to hide his smile.

"I still have some things to clear out first," Mao nodded, holding out her fingers as if remembering important events. "So maybe it'll be best if we talk this over...maybe this weekend when we're able to go to Hogsmeade."

"Sure," Jun nodded. "I guess I'll meet you outside the front gate."

"Alright," Mao nodded, and quickly dashed away to join her friend.

Jun watched her leave with Aki, her hair trailing behind her like a silk black curtain. Suddenly, Jun felt someone pound their hands heavily on his shoulders, almost losing his balance.

"Matsujun! You sly dog, you!" Ohno teased, ruffling Jun's hair.

"Hey! What gives?" Jun laughed, shoving Ohno away, but Ohno still had his arm around Jun's shoulder. "Were you eavesdropping us the whole time?"

"I couldn't help myself," Ohno pouted. "You're a lucky man. Mao-chan sure is cute."

"You're the second person to say that to me," Jun mumbled.

"Well, she is, isn't she?" Ohno asked. "You're lucky to go out with such a nice girl on your first date."

"D-date?!" Jun said, his voice slightly higher than usually. "It's just a meet up so we can finish our UtaMahou project."

"Aaah! I remember that assignment. I had to work with a dumb Slytherin at that time too," Ohno winced from the memory. "So who is Sho, Aiba, and Nino partners with?"

"You can ask him yourself," Jun said. "Here comes Nino now."

Nino spotted them from a distances, but Nino didn't look so happy. At least, Jun wasn't surprised to see that expression on Nino's face anyway since he always look like that. But Ohno looked worried when Nino ran towards them in a hurry. Nino paused before them to catch his breath.

"Is something wrong Nino?" Ohno asked, and Nino nodded.

"What is it?" Jun asked and Nino finally spoke.

"Aiba is in the hospital wing again."

Oh NO!!! XD aiba is in trouble again?! but his story is suppose to be a happy story!!!

so how do you like this chapter? can you believe it! it doesn't have so much yaoi love and woman love! :O XDDD
(heart) i'm loving naruse and shiori all over again...i just feel so sad thinking about it T_T
i changed the divination classroom so it sorta looks like the cafe shop guess it! the drama maou. XD
speaking of maou, the tarot cards are an interesting point. ;)

yeee! i've finally made some progress between jun and mao. i have been meaning to do this in the second story, but sho got in the way hahaha!

(cries!) i can't believe it! i've just read an AMAZING story! and i feel terrible for not realizing it until now! it's the story Another World, Another Arashi. have you guys read it? it's also have arashi with the power of the 5 elements, and their the same powers in this story! Ohno-water. Sho-fire, Aiba-wind, Nino-earth, Jun-metal.
AAhh! i feel terrible! i feel like i've stolen an idea! and i was so sure i was being original T_T but over all, it was a great story! i feel so sad that the author has stopped working on it! TT_TT
i want it to continue! how will they go home?!?! (wails!)
(feel my anguish)

new update. check out the new banner! it's so cute!! XD

To Chapter 5 -


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