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Third Year at Hogwarts

Title: Third Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Matsujun is a third year at Hogwarts. Under a great suspicion, Aiba, Nino, and Jun guesses that the Wind Talisman is related to a mysterious beast. Having no idea what the creature is, the boys are running around in circles trying to find answers. But Jun is side-tracked with his UtaMahou project partner, Inoue Mao! How will Jun handle a relationship? What will Aiba do to find a talisman?

A/N: thank god for youtube! i can listen to their new songs! ^^ but it's still not the same as owning it T_T

Chapter 8 - Tailing the Traitor

Winter Break ended as quickly as it came, but even in January the snow was still thick on the school grounds. It was suddenly cozy inside the castle not just in the library but everywhere. Or perhaps it is because Jun was feeling warm everywhere he goes with his new girlfriend.

"Did you hear? Inoue is going out with a Gryffindor!"

"I heard they've already gone to third base!"

"Are you serious? He's taken?! Just my luck."

"She's taken now? Darns!"

"Those two make such a cute couple, huh."

"Did you know they're getting married?! It's so cute!"

"I heard they've made an Unbreakable Vow! It must be for love!"

"Aw! That's so romantic!"

The rumors spread like wildfire. Jun never realized he was actually popular with girls until now. Before he knew it, he noticed a small fan club growing. It irritated him when people would whisper behind their hands, but he would forget all the stares and gossips whenever he sit next to Inoue Mao.

"Morning," Jun sat next to Mao easily at the Ravenclaw table, kissing her head before nodding to Sho across the table.

"Do you have to eat here?" Sho raised his eyebrow but smirked nonetheless. "I like to eat breakfast without hearing mushy noises."

"Yeah," Toma pouted, his cheeks full with eggs. "Reel in the stallions, play boy."

"Yeah, yeah, okay," Jun sighed but unable to wipe the smug off his face.

"Aren't you leaving Ohno all alone?" Sho asked, looking over at the Gryffindor table.

"He's not there," Jun informed.

"Huh? Where is he then?" Sho asked, a little worried. "Was he okay this morning? I told him not to eat Aiba's fish ice creams."

"No," Jun said, pointing behind him. "He's with Nino."

"At the Slytherin table?!" Sho craned his neck up to look.

Jun glanced over his shoulder and saw Ohno sitting with Nino. Together, they laughed with each other like the childhood best friends they used to be. Despite how joyful those two looked together, a few spectators eyed Ohno and Nino suspiciously. It has been such a long time since Jun seen Nino smile like that.

'At least he's happy,' Jun felt relieved.

Of all the people he was worried about, aside from Ohno and Sho, Jun worried was Nino. He would hate to think what Nino would do or say when the news leaked that Jun was officially with Mao. But it turns out, Nino didn't say a word against them. At first, Jun thought Nino was being childish and jealous, but he did nothing. In fact, he acknowledged them.

"Inoue Mao is one lucky chick," Jun overheard Nino one day in the classroom.

It almost made his heart chipped a little when he saw Nino's sad eyes. But then he realized being with Mao is way better than Nino's on and off charades. Nino's unpredictable and almost irrational behaviors drove Jun crazy. But with Mao-chan, he feels at ease. He can speak his mind around her and not worry how uncool he'll seem. With Inoue Mao, he can be himself.

He kissed her head again.

"Hey! No mushy stuff at the table!" Sho ranted, pointing his fork dangerously.

"Yes, Mom," Jun mocked, making Mao giggle.

"Hey, love birds!" A loud voice yelled at Jun's ear.

"Geez, Aiba!" Jun whacked Aiba's head. "Don't yell at people's eardrum!"

"Well, I thought you'd be stuck in your little world like all love ducks. So my idea was to bring you back to earth," Aiba said, sitting next to him.

"What is it then?" Jun said, rubbing his ear.

Then, Aiba's huge smile dimmed slightly to a semi-smile. Jun took the message as a serious matter, one that couldn't be spoken in front of Mao-chan or Toma-kun. Jun caught Sho's glance and gave a tiny nod. Aiba slapped Jun's back to cover up the sudden quietness.

"Just thought I remind you that we need to finish our Care of Magical Creatures assignment," Aiba winked. "I'll see you at the library. Okay? Sho-kun, you should join us. See ya!"

And Aiba skipped away.

"Honestly," Sho mumbled, going back to his food, "all I want is a peaceful breakfast."

Jun ignored him and wrapped his arm Mao.

"I'll see you later, okay?" Jun said, staring deeply at Mao's bright eyes.

She nodded. "I understand. I need to focus on my studies too, as a matter of fact."

"Okay then," he said and gave one last kiss (while ignoring Sho's annoyed rants) before he left and followed Aiba.

Jun climbed up the stairs, feeling high on love, when he heard footsteps echoing in the distance. He remembered that sound anywhere; it was Naruse Ryo making his loudest shoes entrance. Out of pure instincts, Jun hid behind a large suit of armor and waited for the professor to pass by.

As the footsteps grew louder, Jun heard another pair of lighter footsteps and a female's voice.

" a coffee shop a long time ago," the female said. "Since then, I always enjoyed serving coffee for everyone, even to my students."

"That sounds most pleasing," Naruse said.

Jun peaked behind the armor and saw Professor Shiori walking with Naruse Ryo in a slow and steady pace. As they got closer, Jun did his best to shrink behind the suit of armor.

"I would love to try some," Naruse complimented.

"Really?" Shiori said, eagerly. "You're welcome to visit at my tower. I don't have any classes after five, if that's a good time for you."

"Five sounds great," Naruse said. Jun could practically hear his smile.

Finally, they walked away, and Jun quietly emerged from his hiding spot. He could see them from a distance walking together as they entered the Great Hall.

'That was weird,' Jun thought and continued to climb the stairs to the library. His pace was slower than before.

When Jun entered the library, he passed by the alleys of bookshelves towards their special VIP spot. As he walked, he gazed up at the bookshelf titles like he normally does. He practically memorized each section title.

Arithmancy. Ancient Magic Civilization. Blood Magic. Charms. Deadly Curse. Later on, Long Term Magic. Magical Creatures. Mythology. Material Magic. Northern Mag-

"Wait a minute," Jun mumbled to himself.

He retraced his steps and entered the Material Magic section. He scanned through the books on the shelves, not sure what he was looking for until he found a silver book. He pulled it down and found it had no title. He opened the book and found out it was just a book on swords and silver weaponry.

He was about to put the book back when a small drawing on the corner page caught his attention. It was the same symbol he saw from his 'Metal' book. A square inside a circle with ancient writings itched on each corner.

"Here too?" Jun thought out-loud. "What is it? A formula?"

He quickly flipped through the book hoping to find an explanation or a definition. But there was nothing else except a few more drawings of the symbol next to more pictures of magical swords and armor.

"I'll have to look into this later," Jun mumbled and placed the book back.

He finally arrived at the VIP spot and found Ohno, Nino, and Sho already there with Aiba.

"What took you so long?" Sho asked. "You left before us, didn't you?"

"Sorry," Jun mumbled. "I-I...ran into Naruse," he white lied.

That got Aiba's attention anyways.

"What was he doing?" He asked, suddenly tense.

"N-nothing. He was just walking by with Professor Shiori to the Great Hall. I just hid behind a suit of armor," Jun nodded.

'Funny,' he thought. 'Why can't I tell them what I've found...?'

"Well, that's not so bad," Ohno shrugged.

"Have you forgotten what we said before about Naruse?!" Aiba said, leaning forward on his chair. "Naruse is with SIN. Don't forget it."

"I get it. I get it," Ohno said, calming Aiba. "So, why are we here?"

"Because," Aiba started, "I think we need to get serious and find that Wind Talisman inside the beast."

Sho and Ohno expressions changed so fast like the Gryffindor's house points deduction in one Potions class. Clearly, Ohno and Sho were surprised and horrified how much they knew already.

"How did you-" Sho uttered.

"Aiba was there with Tsukumo Ryusuke when the report came in," Nino interrupted. "We guessed that the sudden report of the wind storm in Tohoku was related to the strange animal cry Aiba heard just before. It didn't took long for us to make a connection."

"Oh," Sho pouted. But Ohno looked upset.

"I thought we've already been through this," Ohno said with a serious look in his eyes. "This talk of talismans and Vocal Wizards doesn't concern you guys. I don't want you guys to get hurt."

"And maybe you've forgotten, we are your friends!" Nino said, his voice slightly raised. "I know I always look out for my own skin, but I can't ignore this anymore. I want my old Oh-chan back."

Ohno was speechless, but Jun could see that Ohno was grateful.

"Nino," Ohno sighed. "Aiba, Jun....Sho and I can handle-"

"No," Aiba said, his eyes harden. "We are sticking with you through this. Even if it means we'll go through hell, we will get you two back to normal."

That shut Ohno up for good. Even Sho's frown disappeared. Ohno and Sho exchanged glances, or possible communicating in secret, but they finally nodded.

"We probably couldn't stop you even if we wanted too," Sho smirked. Aiba immediately sat closer to Sho and wrapped his arm around him.

"What are friends for!" Aiba smiled. "Now on a serious note, the reason I wanted us to meet is because I know how we can get closer to that Wind Talisman."

"How?" Sho and Ohno asked at the same time.

"We just gotta catch that beast," Aiba answered simply.

Nino and Jun laughed.

"Are you crazy?!" Jun said, wiping a laughing tear. "There is no way we'll accomplish that alone."

"Give me credit, Matsujun," Aiba pouted, reaching into his bag. "I've invented something that'll help us."

"It's not your stupid All-Flavored Sugar Quills, is it?" Sho moaned.

"Nope," Aiba said. "Behold! My new invention!"

He placed a green whistle on the table. Jun thought it was a regular whistle, but knowing Aiba, this whistle must have a special feature. No one even tried to touch it since they've all been victims of Aiba's experiments.

"Oh come on, don't be scared!" Aiba complained. "It's a tamer."

"An animal tamer?" Jun asked, thinking of regular dog whistles.

"Not for normal animals but for magical creatures," Aiba said. "I've been working on this since winter break. And then I tested it on Tsuki. That big Sleipnir that always tries to kick my head off. I just blow it, and he's as sweet as a kitten."

"For reals?" Nino said, being the first to pick it up.

"But how would you know it'll work on the beast we're after?" Jun asked.

"Yeah," Ohno said. "How can a small whistle tame a dragon?"

Everyone was dead silent. Aiba, Nino, and Jun stared at Ohno like he was out of his mind. Sho, however, covered his face. And that was when Jun felt the hairs on the back of his head stand up again.

"A....dragon?" Jun repeated, quietly.

"You didn't had to tell them," Sho hissed, lightly smacking Ohno's head.

"It slipped out. Sorry," Ohno pouted.

"Ohno!" Aiba said. "Are you serious?!"

"W-well, yes."

Nino practically threw the whistle on the table, stood up, and swung his bag over his shoulder.

"I'm leaving," he said, bluntly.

"Wait, Nino!" Ohno blocked him. "Wait a minute-"

"How are we suppose to face a dragon?!" Nino yelled, not holding back his anger. "You and Sho knew all this time, and you're okay with that?!"

"We are who we are, Nino," Sho said. "We can handle a dragon. That's why we didn't want you guys to get involved!"

'That's why?!' Jun felt his heart sank.

"Okay, facing a giant squid in a lake and a raging volcano is okay because you were near your element," Aiba said. "But facing a dragon?! They are very powerful and hard to kill! There is no way-"

"The Elites are working on it!" Ohno said, silencing them. "They are coming up with a plan to capture it safely and then take it to a safe place."

"But why a dragon?" Nino said, sitting down by Ohno's forceful hand. "What type of dragon is it?"

Ohno sighed deeply.

"Ever heard of a ShenLong?" Ohno broke the ice.

Aiba gasped loudly while Nino and Jun looked puzzled.

"What's a ShenLong?" Jun asked.

"It's a rare Chinese dragon," Aiba informed him. "A dragon that floats in the sky all their life that can control the wind."

"Wind," Nino whispered. "So this is a wind dragon! And it's carrying the Wind Talisman?"

"In its belly," Sho added.

"You know all of this already?" Jun asked, feeling irritated.

"My father tells me only the bare minimum, but yes," Sho said. "Ohno and I felt like we didn't need to tell you because we didn't want to worry you."

"You're damn right we'll worry!" Nino said, practically fuming. "A dragon?! An elemental dragon?! Do you have any idea how ancient those type of dragons are?! They have been living in the magical realm since the beginning of magic! How can you match against that?!"

"Calm down, Nino," Ohno said, his voice low. "Sho and I know how dangerous the situation is. But we're not alone."

"Ohno is right," Sho said. "It is a powerful creature. And a dragon holds many magical potential, but it's still a creature. It can never surpass the intellect of a wizard. The Elites are devising a plan to capture it."

"They already know where it is?" Aiba asked.

"They believe it's near the northern part of Tohoku," Sho nodded.

"SIN probably knows about this too," Aiba mumbled, rubbing his chin.

Sho tilted his head and mumbled. "Probably. But the Elites have known about this for weeks."

"You still don't believe that Naruse is with SIN, do you?" Nino said after calming down. "Naruse can possibly leak information."

"It's just," Sho shook his head, "he's been working with the Elites for so long already."

"Wait a minute," Jun spoke. "When did the Elites found out about the ShenLong's existence?"

"I got the notice around December, why?" Sho asked. Jun thought deeply.

"If I remember correctly," Jun said, "I saw Naruse looking through the library on Wide-Range Magic."

"He did?" Ohno asked.

"Yeah, but that was way back in September," Jun said. "He couldn't have possibly known about the ShenLong, was before Aiba's collapse."

"So he already knew the Talisman was traveling fast," Nino nodded, getting where Jun was thinking.

"Exactly," Jun said, seeing a clear picture before him. "If Naruse knew that much already, then it wouldn't take him long to figure out it was a dragon."

"An elemental dragon, nonetheless," Aiba nodded.

"But then," Jun gasped, "that time when we heard Naruse talking to Fujiwara! When was that?"

"I think that was October," Nino replied.

"October?!" Jun gasped. "And he already talked about the beast?! That means he already knew by then!"

"Yeah, you're right!" Nino gasped.

"Where are you going with this?" Ohno asked, clueless. Jun grabbed Ohno's robes roughly.

"Who told the Elites that it was a ShenLong?" Jun demanded. Ohno looked flabbergasted.

"It's Sho's father and my uncle's job to track the talismans," Ohno said, but Jun saw Sho's eyes widen.

"My father works closely with Naruse Ryo on the search," Sho said, realizing at last. "If Naruse knew all this time where the talisman was..."

"He must have already informed SIN where the dragon is now!" Jun concluded, standing up. "We've got to warn the Elites!"

"Wait a minute!" Sho said, stopping Jun. "It's bad to jump to conclusions. We can't be absolutely sure that Naruse knows where the ShenLong is now or that he informed SIN where it is."

"So what should we do?" Jun asked.

"We gotta confirm it ourselves," Aiba said, suddenly.

"How?" Sho asked.

"We did it before," Aiba nodded. "We've gotta search through Naruse's office, but this time we need to find evidence if he knows where the ShenLong is."

"If we're going to do that, we need to do it today," Ohno said, looking anxious and worried. "And I don't think our plan from first year will work again."

The boys stood there in silence yet again, this time completely out of ideas.

"Oh!" Jun spoke, his memory working. "Naruse's office might be empty today."



"Possible around five. Remember I saw Naruse and Shiori-san earlier, they were talking about meeting at Shiori-san's tower later today at five tonight! It's the perfect chance!"

"Yosh!" Aiba said, pumping his fist. "Five o'clock it is."

Aiba brought his fist in and Ohno slapped his hand on top. Followed by Sho, Nino and Jun.

"If Naruse really did sent information to SIN already," Aiba said, "we've gotta warn the Elites."


*        *         *

Jun's last class for the day was UtaMahou, and Sho was unusually quiet during lecture which was rare since he always answered questions in class. Jun couldn't blame him because all that was on his mind was the plan to infiltrate Naruse's office. Aiba had planned out that three of them will search through Naruse's office while the other two patrol the upper floors in case Naruse left early from Shiori's tower. It was decided that Jun and Ohno would be on patrol, but Jun couldn't help but feel something terrible wrong will happen...

"Jun," Mao whispered next to him, "you're pale."

Sho, who sat on his other side, heard Mao and turned to look at Jun.

"O-oh. I am?" Jun asked, stupidly.

"What's the matter with you two?" Mao asked, noticing Sho's worried face. "You both look scared to death."

They have only begun to date, but Jun always told Inoue Mao everything he knew except the business with the Vocal Wizards. No one in school besides the teachers knew about them. It pained Jun to keep secrets, but he knew it was for her safety.

"It's nothing," Jun smiled. "I'm probably just tired."

Mao just nodded, but Jun figured he was going to explain himself later.

"...and vibrato effects can last temporary," Professor Masahiko lectured. "If a vibrato lasts out too long, the spell will wear out and become useless. Now, together with vibrato techniques, pitch and volume must be-"

"Professor?" Sho suddenly interrupted.

"Yes, Sakurai?"

"I was wondering," Sho started, "if a vibrato's pitch was high enough, can it tame magical creatures."

Jun side-glanced at Sho.

'What is he doing?'

"It depends what type of magical creature," Masahiko answered. "But yes. If high enough, a good UtaMahou with good vibrato can calm any creature."

"What about very powerful creatures?" Sho dared to continued. "Like...ancient creatures."

"What kind of ancient creatures?"

"I dont know, like...dragons," Sho brought up lightly.

Professor Masahiko stared long and hard at Sho. Jun watched their expressions, and judging from Masahiko's silence and stare, Jun suspected this teacher was also part of the Elites.

"A dragon can be immune to many magical spells, including UtaMahou," Masahiko answered. "Even if a powerful UtaMahou was perform to calm an ancient dragon, the vocalist will tire out his or her voice before the dragon succumbs."

"Could two very powerful vocalist calm a dragon?" Sho asked. Jun wanted to kick him under the table.

"Hmm," Masahiko huffed. "Possibly."

Sho just nodded.

When class was finally over, Jun practically tugged Sho away so they could talk in private. Sho looked calm as if his mind was somewhere else. It irritated Jun.

"What was that all about?!" Jun said.

"I was just asking a question in class," Sho shrugged.

"You could have blown our cover! Is Professor Masahiko with the Elites?" Jun asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah," Sho crossed his muscular arms. "Nearly half of the teachers at Hogwarts are with Elites. Professor Johnny, Masahiko, Naruse, Tsukumo, Domyouji, and Tomokazu Miura."

"Why did you asked Professor Masahiko if a dragon could be tamed through UtaMahou?" Jun asked, a little calmer. "I thought you said you and Ohno could handle a dragon."

"Yeah we can," Sho said. "But it's an elemental dragon after all. It'll still give us problems. I was just wondering if UtaMahou will be enough."

Jun sighed heavily.

"It's just," Jun said, "the way you asked was like you were planning to find the dragon yourself."

Sho didn't reply.

"Jun!" Mao called him.

"Remember what we planned," Sho said and left Jun to Mao.

"Jun-kun, are you alright?" Mao asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Jun said, draping his arms around her waist. He started to feel better with her close to him. "What's up?"

"I thought I remind you that we're almost finished with our UtaMahou project," Mao said. "I took the liberty to write up the report since you were always in a daze."

"Thanks," Jun smirked, feeling grateful that Mao was smart.

"So should we meet at the classroom near the Charms class?" She asked, simply.

"Heh?" Jun asked, feeling cold.

"Our last assignment," she said. "Tonight at five, okay?"

"O-oh," Jun nodded, feeling trapped. "I-I'll be there."

"Great, see ya," she grinned and walked away for her next class.


*     *      *

It was 4:30, and Jun twiddled his thumbs in the Gryffindor common. He was really in a pickle this time. Would he join his buddies and help them keep an eye out for Naruse, or will he join his girlfriend for more exciting and private UtaMahou sessions? He couldn't decide.

"Argh!" Jun grunted, ruffling his hair. Ohno sat in the chair next to him.

"Still undecided which one to go?" Ohno asked calmly. "If you want, Sho and I could keep watch while Aiba and Nino search Naruse's office."

"With all that mountain of papers he has, it'll take at least three people to search through his office," Jun said, staring at the fire.

"Then, I could go alone and stay on patrol," Ohno offered. "You can join with Mao-chan and enjoy yourself. I've never seen you so happy."

"Yeah?" Jun mumbled, thinking that the flickers of the fire reminded him of Mao's determined eyes. "It's so different from when I felt with Sho."

"How so?"

"When I liked Sho...well, I really liked him," Jun nodded. "But with Mao-chan, it's different. I want to be there for her, and I want to hold her close."

Ohno leaned closer, his eyes slightly narrowed.

"Did you really loved Sho?" He asked.

"Of course, I did," Jun said. "Why else would I have confessed to him?"

"No, no," Ohno shook his head. "I meant, did you love him?"

Jun didn't know what to answer since he didn't know what Ohno was asking.

"Did you ever wanted things with Sho?" Ohno said, looking embarrassed.

"W-what do you mean?" Jun asked.

Ohno rolled his eyes and finally let it out. "Did you ever liked Sho sexually?"

Jun gasped.

"W-what are you talking about?" Jun said, feeling his face go red. "I could never think of things like that! I never did!"

"Then that's why you feel different with Mao-chan," Ohno nodded, leaning back. "You never really loved Sho. You just really admire him."

Jun felt his mouth drop.

"You mean..."

"You were never really gay," Ohno nodded, looking at his watch. "We better get going...that is if you want to come."

"O-oh," Jun stood up, his mind racing.

'I was never gay? Have I misunderstood my feelings for Sho all this time?' Jun thought. 'I'm...normal?!'

Jun was in such a daze, he just followed Ohno's lead to the upper floors nearby the Divination Tower. It wasn't until Ohno had to pulled Jun behind a corner as Naruse appeared up the staircase. They watched Naruse walk up the spiral staircase to Shiori-san's classroom.

Ohno pulled out a miniature stuffed bunny from his pocket and squeezed its belly. He whispered into its ear.

"Naruse is at the tower," he reported.

"What is that?" Jun stared at the cute bunny.

"Aiba's Walkie-Talkie-Bunnie," Ohno said. "With this, we can communicate from a distance."

Just then, the bunny's mouth opened.

"Understood," Aiba's voice came through the bunny's tiny body.

"Gotta hand it to Aiba's inventions," Jun nodded. "Now, what?"

"We wait until my uncle appears," Ohno said, sitting down against the stone wall. "I wonder what business my uncle wants with Professor Shiori-san?"

Jun chuckled.

"If you're asking me, I think Naruse can be a flirt," Jun said. Ohno opened his mouth in horror.

"Nah!" Ohno shook his head. "Not my uncle...really?!"

Jun just shrugged, looking up the long spiral staircase.

"Maybe," Ohno pouted. "We can...hear in on them."

"Eavesdrop?" Jun raised his eyebrow at him. Smirking, Ohno already got up.

"I just want to know what they're talking about," Ohno nodded. "And you never know if Shiori-san is an enemy."

Jun laughed but followed Ohno up the stairs. They tip-toed when they got closer to the ceiling trapdoor. They stared at each other, not sure what to do next. Then, Ohno reached into his bag and pulled out one of Aiba's Extendable Ears.

"You're a sucker to Aiba, aren't you?" Jun whispered, as Ohno pouted and pulled out his wand.

"Wingardium Leviosa," Ohno whispered, and the flexible ear levitated up until it pressed itself against the wooden door. Ohno and Jun huddled close to the other end of the string and heard Naruse clear as a bell.

"-taste delicious," Naruse said. "You make great coffee."

"Really? I'm glad," Shiori said, gleefully.

"This classroom is quite unique," Naruse commented. "It feels very comforting."

"It reminds me of the coffee shop I worked before. The one I told you before."

"Is that so?"

Ohno made a face that made Jun snicker so hard, he had to cover his mouth.

"How is Naruse's classroom like?" Shiori-san asked.

"Nothing special," Naruse said. "It's in the dungeon floor, so it's not so warm like this."

"But I'm sure you make Potion's exciting."

"The students are wonderful."

Ohno mouthed, 'Yeah right.' And Jun chuckled again.

"If you don't mind me asking," Shiori-san said, "what made you decide to teach?"

There was a long silence, but Jun figured Naruse was putting his cup down slowly.

"It was Professor Johnny that gave me this job," Naruse spoke. "I am indebted to him for a long time. So I figure it's best I repay him by helping his students."

"That's so kind of you," Shiori said. "Professor Johnny is a wonderful wizard."

"Yes, he is," Naruse said. "What about you, Shiori-san? What made you become a teacher?"

"I've always wanted to help others," she said. "Many people don't take Divination seriously, which I can understand. So I hope I can bring a message to my students that they have the power to change their future."

"Change their future?" Naruse repeated, almost to himself.

"Even if you are tied to a terrible fate, I believe that everyone has the will to change the course of the future. Because only you know what it is you want, and only you can make the choices in your life."

Jun was speechless. Somehow, Jun felt like those were the words he always wanted to hear. Staring at Ohno, Jun knew that he was also touched. And Jun suspected Naruse was surprised too.

"That's amazing," Naruse spoke softly. "You must've reached out to a lot of students."

"I try," Shiori lightly laughed. "Ah, do you want more coffee?"

"Uh, perhaps I should get back to my office," Naruse said, and a sound of chairs scrapped against the hard floor. "Thank you for the coffee."

"Let's go!" Ohno whispered, pulling the Extendable Ears away.

Ohno and Jun thundered down the stairs and safely hid behind a corner. Ohno pulled out the Walkie-Talkie-Bunnie and squeezed its belly hard. Jun felt sorry for the poor bunny, but then he remembered it wasn't a real bunny.

"Naruse is leaving the tower. Finish up," Ohno briefed into the bunny's ear.

"Okay," Aiba replied through the bunny's mouth.

"We should get going-" Jun said, but he shut his mouth when both Naruse and Shiori appeared at the staircase. Ohno and Jun shrank back but still watched them.

"You can visit any time," Shiori smiled, still on the stairs looking down at Naruse.

"I will," Naruse replied. "Thank you."

Shiori nodded and slowly walked back up the stairs. Jun watched Naruse tensed a little. He stared at the ground as if trying to make a decision.

"Shiori-san!" Naruse called.

She turned around. "Yes?"

'Whoa, what is he gonna do?' Jun thought, feeling like he was watching a drama. Finally, Naruse spoke.

"Good night," he said, quietly.

"Good night," she grinned and walked away.

Jun saw Naruse's tensed shoulders drooped. He stood there staring at the ground again before he turned around. The expression on his face looked slightly crestfallen, and he walked away. Ohno and Jun stared at each other, their eyes wide.

"You don't think..." Jun dared to ask.

"My uncle is..." Ohno uttered.

" love?" Jun finished. Ohno covered his mouth in shock.

It must have been a good minute just standing there and taking in the sudden scoop on Naruse's personal life. But then, Ohno's eyes turned blank, staring at a distance.

"Ohno?" Jun said, slightly panicking. "Ohno!"

But he knew that face. Ohno was telepathically talking with Sho. Then, Ohno blinked and his face changed from blank to scared and completely horrified.

"No..." Ohno whispered and dashed away, leaving his bag behind.

"Ohno!" Jun called. Just then, the bunny squeaked.

"We gotta situation!" Aiba said. "Sho took off!"

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so that could only mean! adventure time! (no show pun intended ahahah!)

OH! before i forget. the wind talisman! is inside the belly of a dragon! O_O a wind dragon! a rare chinese dragon called, ShenLong. some dragonball z fans may think of the green dragon that grants wishes. well, sorta.

the ShenLong is a spiritual dragon in chinese mythology. they can control the wind, clouds, and rain. they're giant, sorta snake like, dragons. and they're suppose to be blue, so it's almost impossible to see them in the sky.

this is the dragonball z version of shenlong.
here is a more darker picture of it. so just image a dragon like this. ^^

sorry! I was hasty again! m(_ _)m so this chapter is unbeta-ed. please be gentle with typo errors! ^^ but i feel pretty good about this chapter

To chapter 9 -


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