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The 5 Arashi Princesses

Title: The 5 Arashi Princesses

By: arashiforyou (also in my vox account ArashiLovesYou)

Genre: Humor/ TV show (is that a genre?)

Pairings: Ohmiya, but a little every pairing possible.

Rating: PG

Summary: Arashi's latest episode on Arashi no Shukudai-kun...Arashi becomes Princesses?! The guest today is...Shun Oguri! Shun eats noodles in a particular way, Arashi trys different methods of fixing back pains. And Arashi dresses in...dresses!

Author's Note: I have an obsession with anything and Disney crossovers. Thus, I made an arashi/disney fanfic. it was the only thing i could think of. plus, i always wanted shun to appear in their shows, so this is how i envision it. ^_^. If anyone ever read my first fanfic (aiba gets a special) that was a parody, but this time, i'll write properly like a real story. anyways, Enjoy!


i'll update with part 3 soon!


The 5 Arashi Princesses

Part 1 - The Noodle Trick

"Arashi no Shukudai-kun, here we go!" Ogura-san announced. As usual, the opening music began and the Arashi members comes in, rolling another big box. They stationed at their normal places around the box, and Sho began the show.

"Ok, here we are again, with a new guest." Sho said. He read the label on the box. " 'There's something I want to try with Arashi.' "

"I hope it's sanitary." Nino commented, but smirked.

The audience laughed.

"You think it's something sleezy already?" Sho asked, shocked. Aiba laughed.

"Maybe he'll ask Sho-kun to do backflips." Matsujun suggested.

"It says, Arashi, not me." Sho pointed out, trying to get away from backflips.

"Yeah, yeah." Nino crossed his arms, still smirking.

" 'Please help me with my back pain.' " Sho continued to read.

"You normally get back pains once in awhile, right?" Aiba asked.

"Someone seriously needs a massage, then." Sho commented.

"He wants you guys to massage him?" Ogura asked.

"Not you too, Ogura-san." Sho sighed, as the audience laughed. "Ok, here is our guest today. Open!"

The cracked opened the box and out stood Oguri Shun. He smiled and waved as the audience screamed and giggling like the fan girls they were. Matsujun came up next to him.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Jun asked, trying to sound tough but smiled.

"What? You guys asked me to come to your show." Shun said.

"Yeah, it took you long enough to come." Nino smart mouthed.

"It took Jun all night, right?" Sho said. 

"Hey!" Matsujun yelled, but the audience laughed and he smiled as well.

After the commercials, the show was back on. Shun was sitting between Sho and Ogura, nodding his head to the audience.

"Welcome back, and our guest today is Ogura Shun!" Sho anounced. The audience clapped.

"Thank you." Shun bowed.

"So, Ogura...I-I mean Oguri-"

"It is confusing, ne?" Oguri-san spoke.

"Yeah, you have similar names." Matsujun pointed out.

"Yeah, but it's written differently." Shun said.

"Just by one letter." Nino said.

"Are you talking about romanji or kanji?" Sho asked Nino.

"Ogura is Ogura, ne? But Oguri is Ogura." Nino said, using hand gestured.

"No, Oguri is Oguri. Ogura is Ogura." Shun straighten out the confession.

"Ogura Ogura, ne? Oguri Ogura." Aiba added.

"Ogura Oguri." Matsujun suggested.

"What's going on?" Ohno spoke.

"Ohno-san, please interact with us today." Sho said.

"Ok." Ohno nodded.

"Let's continue." Sho said, ending the discussion. Ogura-san pulled out the blackboard.

"Today's corner...What did Shun-kun did last night?" He read. "Ohno-san?"

"Yes," Ohno pulled out the cards. "In Mao-chan's email...'Last night, Shun-kun tried to accomplish eating noodles in an unusual way.' "

"Wait a minute, you get emails from Mao-chan?" Matsujun cuts in.

"It's not Inoue Mao." Shun laughed.

"Jun, try to keep your jealously inside until the end of the show, ok?" Sho added.

"His heart beats with anything doing with Mao-chan." Nino commented.

"Yeah, he does." Shun agreed.

"I do not." Matsujun said, but was hiding a smile.

"Like a few weeks ago, when we recorded with Mao-chan, he couldn't even stay still in the green room." Nino added.

"He's so giddy." Sho nodded.

"Hey, aren't we suppose to talk about me?" Shun cut in.

"Right, Shun. What's this about eating noodles in a weird way?" Sho asked.

"I eat without slurping." Shun simply answered.

"Eh?!" The audience murmured.

"How?" Sho asked.

"I pull the noodles with my tongue." Shun said. He stuck his tongue out and scooped it back in his mouth.

"It's like how animals drink water." Aiba commented.

"Eh?" Shun said.

"Animals, like dogs and cats, they drink water with their tongues." Aiba said, imitating them. "Like a spoon."

"Really?" Sho said.

"You don't choke?" Ohno asked, suddenly looking interesed.

"No, it's very easy." Shun said. "And it's less messy."

"Show it to us. We have today a few selected noodles here." Sho said.

"Oh! Really?" Shun said, excited.

Nino went to push the food cart to the center of the platform. Everyone was gathered around the cart, waiting for Nino to lift the box covering the food.

"So, food's special is from Italy," Nino read the note cards.

"Oh!" Everyone awed.

"Jaja!" Nino opened the box.

"Oh!" Shun gasped.

A massive plate of noodles with pasta sauce and white cheese sprinkled over. It was still steaming.

"This is Italy's most common spaghetti with crush tomato sauce and parmesan cheese, white, and swiss." Nino read.

"Ah, it smells so good!" Sho moaned.

"A plate this size costs....5000 yen!" Nino said. (Roughly $50 more or less)

"EH?!" Everyone cried.

"But it smells so good!" Sho continued.

"It must be hot, the steam is still visible." Aiba pointed out.

"It's been awhile sense I had Italian." Shun added as Matsujun gave a small bowl of noodles to Shun.

"When was it?" Ogura asked.

"That was...when we did Gokusen." Shun looked at Matsujun.

"Really?" Jun asked, surprised.

"You remember?" Shun asked.

"No, I don't." Jun confessed.

"So how's it taste." Nino asked.

Everyone watched Shun picked a large sum of spaghetti with his chopsticks. He let it touch his lips, and he quickly pulled away.

"It's so hot!" Shun pointed out.

"Endure the heat." Nino ordered.

Shun blew on the hot noodles and took a bite.

"Hey, you were suppose to do your trick." Sho said.

"OH!, it's so good!" Shun said, with a mouthful.

"Do your trick!" Nino complained like a child.

"Do it!" Jun said.

"Shun, do it!" Aiba laughed.

"Ok, ok." Shun said, and grabbed a new batch.

He blew and ate the spaghetti. Everyone watched the noodle disappeared inside his mouth without making a single noise.

"Eh?!" Everyone bursted.

"How did you do that?" Ohno asked.

"Ohno-san's very interesed." Sho laughed.

"It's pull the noodle with your tongue." Shun tried to explain. "When you put it in your mouth, you swallow right away-"

"Already?" Ohno asked, shocked.

"You don't chew?" Ogura asked.

"No," Shun continued. "You swallow it immediately, and then you use your tongue and swallow it all."

Aiba opened his mouth and tried to follow his instructions, but he bite on his noodles. The audience laughed and Matsujun smacked his head.

"It's really good, though." Aiba smiled.

"Oh, umai~!" Ohno agreed, also eating a bowl. Everyone laughed.

"Ok, the next plate," Nino pushed a new cart. "Is homemade here in Japan."

"Good, something familiar." Shun said.

"Open!" Nino revealed a small bowl of noodles. "Pork cutlet ramen."

The bowl had cold noodles with pork strips laying over the noodles. A soup base surrounded the meat.

"The pork is cooked to crisp and the noodles sits in the soup base for two days. Then drained and added a new base to increase flavor." Nino read. "This costs....1000 yen!" (Roughly $10 more or less)

"Wow, that's cheap." Shun commented.

Matsjun immediately served Shun a bowl with a few pork on top. Shun smiled.

"You make a good waiter." Shun said. Everyone laughed.

"He was in a drama as a waiter." Sho added.

"Yeah, Bambino?" Shun asked.

"Bambino." Jun confirmed.

"Bambi!" Sho called. "A bowl please."

"Get it yourself." Jun back talked.


"Oh, it's so good." Shun said, after eating a bite.

"Oh, umai~!" Ohno agreed. Everyone laughed.

"Ohno, try doing the trick." Sho suggested.

"Seriously?" Ohno looked at Sho, puppy eyed.

"Here," Nino said, picking up his chopsticks with a batch of noodles. "Ahhh~"

"Kyaa~" The girls cried.

Ohno, with hestitant, opened his mouth as Nino feed him. Ohno was slurping.

"You slurped!" Aiba pointed.

"It's impossible." Ohno said. "Ah, umai."

"Well, here's our last cart." Nino said, pushing a new one and opened the box.

"Oh!" Shun gasped again.

There was two bowls. The larger one had the noodles and the smaller was a soup.

"This is a common Vietnamese dry noodle with shirmp. There is no soup or much moisture to the noodles except when it's cook. It's drained and mixed with lettuce, peanuts, shrimp, green onions, and sometimes cucumbers." Nino read.

"That's alot." Shun said.

"All for...1500 yen!" (Roughly $15)

"So that's the soup if you want it?" Shun pointed at the smaller bowl.

"Yes, if it's too dry for your taste, you can add the soup flavor."

"Ah, it's delicious!" Shun said, already eating.

"Sho, do the trick." Aiba asked.

"Why me?" Sho said, pouted. He already grabbed a bowl.

"Remember, swallow first." Shun said.

Sho bit down.

"Baka!" Nino said.

"It's a habit. I have to chew!" Sho said.

"Try just doing to tongue, then." Shun suggested. "Use you tongue to pull in."

Sho tried again, but as he opened his mouth to pull, the noodles fell right out and back in his bowl.

"Hey, we don't want to see that." Nino said, covering Sho with his card.

"That's too hard." Sho said.

Everyone laughed at Sho's failure again.

To Be Continued.

To Part Two >>

ok, so this will be my first series, but it'll be a short series. like 3 parts max. the only noodles i know that is real is the vietnamese dry noodles. i know those are real, cuz i've tried them. and the prices are totally make believe, but the estimates are real close. i also like to point out that i can do that trick. eat noodles without slurping. ^_^.


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