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Third Year at Hogwarts

 Title: Third Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Frienship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a third year at Hogwarts. Aiba, Nino, and Jun found themselves in the heat of the battle. Two battles! One in the sky with the dragon, and one on the ground with the enemy cult SIN. Thankfully, the Elites came for supported. But the Vocal Wizards killed the dragon that caused it to crash-land, making Jun separated from his friends. Now, he's taken away by SIN. Will the others find Jun? What is going to happen to him?

A/N: i got a new type keyboard...and it's so loud -___- Enjoy!

Chapter 11 - The Deal

Once again, Jun felt like he was squeezed through a tight rubber tube. Thankfully, it wasn't as long as Jun's last experience of Side-Along Apparation. Jun felt stone under his feet, and he nearly tripped from the sudden impact.

"Get up," the wizard snapped at him.

Jun's legs were enchanted again to walk for him. He has no idea where he was as they walked down a cobblestone path. It was colder, and Jun could see his breath. There were dense trees of evergreens bordering the pathway, so he couldn't see anything what's up ahead. The army of SIN hastily marched up the path until the trees started to part.

A large canyon opened before them. In the center of its empty ditch, a single platform supported a dark fortress. A long and wide bridge connected them towards the gates of SIN's headquarters.

Jun gulped as he gazed up at the chilling sight, but he continued to walk along the bridge. The fortress was dark, not black, just dark. Jun could just imagine what it'll look like in the daytime...dark. There were tiny windows along the walls, little windows to fire at invaders. Towers poked out in random spots, some higher than others. But the center tower was the tallest.

Jun had this gut feeling he was heading there.

"Open the gates!" A voice echoed from the top of the fortress.

The dark metal gates were enormous. The single door opened upwards, slowly and loudly. Inside, a company of wizards stood at attention as Tamaki Hiroshi swiftly walked past them.

"Prepare for an invasion," Tamaki ordered. "I suspect the Elites are hot on our trails."

"Yes, My Lord!" The men roared and immediately got into position.

"Bring that boy to the main tower!" Tamaki pointed at Jun. "No one is to speak to him until I do."

Jun only glared back at Tamaki, but his kidnapper shoved Jun to make him move forward. Following the wizard's directions, they went through a maze of corridors, stairs, and doorways. Finally, they made the tiring long journey up the spiral staircase. Along the way, Jun spotted prison cells. The higher they climb, more wizards were stationed as guards.

'This must be a high security tower...' Jun thought.

"Get in!" The wizard barked and pushed Jun into a cell. "Lord Tamaki will have a word with you later."

Finally, Jun's bounds were gone, but he was still wandless. The cell was empty with no beds, chamber-pots, or any windows. The only opening was the small window on top of the door cell. Jun sat down on the hard floor, wrapping his arms around his bloody knees. His wounds throbbed a dull pain, but he was still conscious.

"What am I going to do?" Jun whispered to himself. "What's going to happen to me?"

'There must be some way out...' Jun thought. 'Some way...if only I had my wand...if only I can do magic without-'

"That's it!" Jun gasped.


But Jun hit his head.

"Damn. What's a good UtaMahou?" Jun mumbled to himself. "Come on, think!"

There's only the sonicboom he learned from Ohno. He stood up and tried to stay calm. He took deep and slow breathes until his mind was clear.

"Just huff and blow," Jun remembered.

He took a deep breath and focused his voice at the metal door. A loud boom echoed in his ears, and he was suddenly thrown off his feet and hit the wall. He grunted, rubbing his head in pain.

"What?" Jun groaned. "It didn't work?"

"Don't bother," a voice spoke, and the door opened. "These cells are made to be inescapable."

Jun clutched his fists and glared.

"Tamaki Hiroshi."

The leader of SIN smirked down at Jun.

"It won't be long until the Elites arrive," he said, standing at the doorway. "The Elites have always known this weak fortress for years. It's time they rid of this dump."

"Weak fortress?" Jun said. "Why would you bring me here then?"

"What else?" Tamaki laughed. "To lure in the Vocal Wizard and bring them with us."

"They'll never follow you," Jun spat. "You wouldn't even be able to capture them."

Tamaki stared long and hard at Jun's angry face.

"You said you were the boy's friend, right?" Tamaki asked. "The Vocal Wizard's host body. I wonder if they're willing to trade."

"Trade me?"

"Or maybe the Vocal Wizards don't have any use of you," Tamaki chuckled. "What can you do but be dead weight to them?"

"You..." Jun growled.

"However..." Tamaki muttered, squinting his eyes. "You are strange..."

"...what do you mean?" Jun snapped.

"It's unusual..." Tamaki continued to stare suspiciously. "Why are you so close to them? I can understand that the two Vocal Wizards will stay together, but why do they remain with you?"

Jun felt his heart pause for a split second.

"They have no use of you," Tamaki said. "They have no use of anyone with their powers! I bet there were countless times they thought of ridding you and the annoying Elites."

In the back of Jun's memory, Ohno's dangerous yet authoritative voice replayed again. The serious and almost frightening expressions on their faces that night at the Leaky Cauldron. Those silent moments between Ohno and Sho whenever they were together with Jun and the others.

'No! They would never!'

"Why do they keep annoying pests like you alive?" Tamaki asked again, as if mocking him. Jun wouldn't allow it.

"Because they're still Ohno and Sho!" Jun yelled. "They're not the Vocal Wizards completely. Not until all five of them are together."

Tamaki's eyes widen. "You know that much?"

"I've done research."

"Clever," Tamaki smirked. "Then you must also know their true purpose in power."

"Purpose in power?" Jun repeated, suddenly curious.

"Yes," Tamaki began. "Why else are they so legendary? Everyone knows they were the first to introduce wizards the magical power of voice. They were the first to conjure incantations without the necessity of performing rituals or body movement magic. All they need to do is stand and expel their voice.

"They were invincible. No one could stop them. Oh, how I wish I could've seen them. They caused chaos and terror throughout the world. Their magic was unlike any other. But of course, these incantations can be done today without a problem. What truly made the Vocal Wizards unique...was their individual powers."

"Their elements," Jun mumbled.

"Yes," Tamaki smiled wickedly. "The elements. Anything thrown at them can be degraded to their elements. It's what made this world, and it made them unstoppable. Water, Fire, Wind...and Earth."

"...that's only four," Jun frowned. "There's Metal too."

Tamaki raised his eyebrow. "Was there?"

Jun felt goosebumps crawling up his arms.

"W-what are you talking about?" Jun yelled. "There are five Vocal Wizards!"

"But was metal a known element in their time?" Tamaki questioned. "In their golden days, metal was very new like a newborn. In the ancient times, it was never considered the elements that make up this world."

" there no fifth Vocal Wizard?" Jun asked.

"Yes there is, you can count on that," Tamaki grinned. "Their purpose in power was to create, like gods. It was the original four that created the fifth."

Jun gasped. Suddenly, he remembered the inscription in his stolen book. All the information he read was flooding his head. It was slowly making sense...

'The Metal Vocal Wizard is said to be the strongest....'

'The Metal element is a mere make-shift element...'

'Four makes anew...'

'A combine power is created for the Fifth Vocal Wizard...'

Jun was breathing hard.

"Why would they do that?" Jun asked mostly to himself, staring at the floor.

"An experiment, perhaps," Tamaki said. "Perhaps they wanted to create an army of them. But just imagine the power! To create almost anything! It was because of their god-like powers, they were feared and worshiped by all!"

Tamaki's moment of praising slowly faded as he calmed himself.

"Of course, they were soon defeated by the mysterious wizard. And no one will ever know who or how."

"Why are you telling me this?" Jun asked.

"I figured an unfortunate soul like you would want to know some truth before you die," Tamaki smirked. "The Elites will be here soon, I can't guarantee the Vocal Wizards will come. If they don't, you are no use to me."

Tamaki was about to close the door when the gears began turning fast in Jun's mind. Then, an idea suddenly popped up, and a single phrase repeated in his head. 'To make an must lose apart of itself.'

"They lost their powers!" Jun blurted out loud.

Tamaki stopped and turned around with cold glaring eyes. Jun gulped and continued.

"They lost their energy when making the fifth Vocal Wizard," Jun said. "If what you said is true that the original four created the fifth, then they lost their energy when they did so."

"How do you know this?" Tamaki demanded, raising his wand. "The Vocal Wizards can never lose power!"

Jun was suddenly pushed up against the wall and unable to move his limbs but his mouth.

"In order to create an element, one must lose apart of itself," Jun recited. "Nothing can be created out of nothing. They used too much of their powers."

"I don't believe a word you're saying," Tamaki hissed.

That's when Jun laid out his plan.

"If the original four made the fifth, then there is no Metal talisman," Jun concluded.

Tamaki's eyes widen and his nostrils flared.

"There never was one," Jun said. "Because the only way to make the Metal Wizard is to use the original four Vocal Wizards."

"Where are you going with this?" Tamaki glared, his eyes small and dark. Jun stared right back.

"You want the Vocal Wizards return, right?" Jun said. "You still need a host body to be the Metal Vocal Wizard. And like you said, I'm always near them, and they don't seem to kill me. So I make the perfect candidate...I will be your future Metal Vocal Wizard."

Jun must have stood there forever. Tamaki was completely speechless, his wand still steady and pointing at Jun. He was still unable to move his arms and legs, but he didn't dare break eye contact.

"You'll need me," Jun proposed. "I will help find the remaining talismans and offer my body to be the fifth member."

"What is in it for you?" Tamaki glared.

"You let me go," Jun demanded. "And you will leave the Vocal Wizards and the Elites alone and-"

"There's more."

"And..." Jun repeated, " will make me leader of SIN."

Tamaki laughed loud and hard.

"No deal," Tamaki barked. "Why on earth would I allow that?"

"Very well," Jun nodded. "Until I get all four Vocal Wizards together...then I will be leader. By then, I'll probably be the Metal Vocal Wizard already, so I would have no trouble over throning you. But if you agree, no one will be killed."

Tamaki stared down at Jun, his face was hard and dark again. It was all Jun could think of until the others come for him, but if his plan works, he might stop SIN and their dark organization.

"I will only allow the last offer," Tamaki spoke, "because I know it'll never happen. But you got yourself a deal, boy. You find the other talismans, become the Metal Vocal Wizard, and SIN is yours. But I highly doubt it."

Tamaki finally unbounded Jun and walked out the door.

"I demand to be release too!" Jun yelled, but he only faced a cold, metal door.

He sighed and sat back down. Clasping his hands and chewing his bottom lip as he think.

'Is this okay?' Jun asked no one.

He sat there in the dark, re-thinking the conversation with Tamaki earlier. Surely the dark lord of SIN wouldn't take a third year student seriously. The thought of offering himself to be the Metal Vocal Wizard sounded terrifying!

'But...' Jun thought. ' said to be the strongest.'

In the darkness, he raised his head just a little bit...

Suddenly, Jun heard a distant explosion. The floor trembled lightly, but Jun knew the attack was starting. He tried to look out the small window on top of his door, but he couldn't see anything but a gray stone wall. He could hear more explosions and sounds of men yelling. Jun started pacing around his cell, trying to think of a way to get the Elites attention.

"Damn it!" Jun grunted and pounded the stone wall.

He winced in pain, but as soon as he shouldered the pain away, he realized there was no sound bouncing from the impact of his punch. Speculated, he gently touched the stone wall and traced his finger along the lines of the bricks. He gulped.

"It's worth a shot," Jun mumbled, taking his stand.

Perhaps the prison cells aren't sound-proof...

He closed his eyes in concentration. He knew he was high up in the main tower, so he took deep breathes. If he wanted someone from down below to hear him, he'll need to conjure his loudest UtaMahou. Then, his mind wondered to the late-night practices with Mao-chan. He remembered how they were playfully games of UtaMahou. Making the other sleepy, or goofy, or jealous. All to test their power of their voice. He remembered one night, Mao-chan commented his abilities.

'You have a strong voice,' she said before.

He opened his eyes. The only words that came out of his mouth was the only words he could think of.

"Yabai, Yabai, Yabai!"

Jun thought his eardrums would burst. It was too loud! The sounds bounced everywhere in his lonely cell. He covered his ears, hoping the noise would go away and that someone would hear him. Finally, the echoing faded, but nothing happened. He still felt the floor rumbling from the invasion, so he stood up again and tried harder.

"Yabai, Yabai, Yabai!"

This time, he would not allow himself to coward in his own voice. He continued to propel his voice against the walls. Louder and louder, until he finally gave in and sank to his knees.

Apart from the continuing echoes of his UtaMahou, he heard running footsteps outside his cell. He stared at his door cell. Had his plan worked? Did the Elites heard him? Or had the SIN henchmen came to shut him up?

His UtaMahou faded away, and he could hear the footsteps gaining closer to his direction. He waited anxiously for someone to call out his name. He heard his own heart pounding against his ear, waiting.

Then, the footsteps stopped all together. Jun must've held his breath for so long, he might have passed out.

But then, the door was blown off its hinges, barely missing Jun as he ducked for cover. The room transformed into a gale storm. His hair flapped around, and he could barely open his eyes. He managed to squint his eyes open and thought he was in a dream.

There was Aiba, but it wasn't truly Aiba. His eyes glowed the brightest green, and his hair burned white. Next to him were Ohno and Sho, still in their Vocal Wizard status. However, Sho and Aiba were completely covered in blood, and from the familiar stench, it was dragon's blood...

But all Jun could focus on was Aiba. His face was unreadable. He wasn't smiling, and his eyes bored into Jun as the realization struck Jun like a ton of bricks.

'He's a Vocal Wizard too!'

Aiba strode into the room and lifted Jun up his feet. A soft breeze whisked around Aiba's ankles when he moved. Wind. Aiba was the Wind Vocal Wizard. Jun stared dumbstruck at Aiba, unable to form any words.

"Hold on," Aiba spoke. But just like the others, it wasn't his voice. Rather, it was a thousand voices.

Instinctively, Jun held onto Aiba's arm, not sure what he was doing. Sho and Ohno gracefully walked into the room and also held onto Aiba's other arm. Jun was completely confused why there were doing this...until he felt his feet lift off the ground.

"Whoa!" Jun gasped, holding onto Aiba tighter.

They were a bullet, piercing through the air and down the long spiral staircase in a breeze. Jun wanted to scream, but the shock was so overwhelming, his throat was stuck. Finally, they emerged out of the fortress and rose high into the sky. Jun gazed down below him to witness the battle. There were fires breaking out everywhere, and wizards running around with flashes of green and red. It was a disaster.

Aiba wasn't flying down.

"Where are we going?" Jun yelled in the wind. "Can't you help the Elites?"

But the other Vocal Wizards never spoke a word, only staring straight forward. Jun felt his stomach sink as they flew away from the battle scene.

It was weird being with the Vocal Wizards for so long. They were quiet throughout the entire journey, and Jun couldn't bring himself to say anything. He just held onto Aiba, or rather the Wind Vocal Wizard, for dear life as they flew at top speed.

'Why Aiba?' Jun thought along the way. 'Why? What happened when I was gone?!'

It turned out, the fortress wasn't too far from where Jun last seen the others. Or perhaps it was because the Wind Vocal Wizard's special speed made them arrive faster than Apparation. Jun spotted the dead dragon laying in the valley, half covered in blood. Far below, he saw the few remaining Elites waving for their attention.

One, in particular, jumped with joy.

They landed gracefully among the Elites as they cheered and patted Jun's back with relief. The others thanked the Vocal Wizards, but the Elites were unable to approach them unlike how they did for Jun. The three glowing boys just stood in a circle, staring at a single spot in the ground.

The remaining Elites continued to ruffle Jun's hair, but Jun saw someone making his way through the crowd.

"Jun!" Nino shouted, finally hugging Jun tightly. "You're alive! I can't believe it."

Jun sighed and patted Nino's back.

"Aiba saved me," Jun said. Nino pulled away, looking depressed.

"Aiba..." Nino repeated, rubbing his eyes. "Aiba..."

Jun turned to look at the three boys, still in their trance and not speaking a word. He heard Nino crying.

"Why him?" Nino whispered. "Why did it had to be Aiba? Why him?"

Jun have never seen Nino look so upset and defeated. It was only two years ago, back in their first year, when Nino pulled a cruel prank on Aiba. They have gone through so much just to become friends, and they have been through so much just to help Ohno and Sho. And now...

Jun couldn't take it seeing Nino's agonizing face and held Nino close. Nino continued to sniff until he wrapped his arms around Jun too.

Three down, two more to go. It was only a matter of time until Ohno, Sho, and now Aiba will lose themselves to their Vocal Wizard forms. How long until they forget who they were? Will Jun never see Aiba's smiling face or his ridiculous experiments? How could someone so happy and kind be tied to a cruel fate?

Jun gave in and cried in Nino's hair.

Why does this have to happen? If only there was a way to stop it all. If only there was some answer...

'If I become the Metal Vocal Wizard,' Jun thought, 'could I absorb their powers? Will they go back to normal if I do?'

He looked over Nino's shoulder and watched Ohno, Sho, and Aiba slowly fade back to normal. Ohno and Sho looked completely fine, but Aiba held onto Sho for support. The sudden transformation had a major impact on Aiba's body. Jun watched Sho hold Aiba tightly, the tears also rolling down Sho's face.

Jun couldn't help but frown in pity.

"No one wanted Aiba to be the next Vocal Wizard," Jun spoke. Nino sniffed again. Jun frowned with determination.

'I will make things better...I will become the Metal Vocal Wizard.'

To Chapter 12 -

oooh...that was depressing T___T

EEEEHHHH!!! Jun has already decided his fate?!?! what has gotten in to him?!?! ><
i hope this chapter made since, about the metal vocal wizard and all. and about jun's deal with tamaki.

basically, it's the nature of metal. in order to make metal, you need Earth material or some ore. then you have to heat it (Fire), shape the desire piece (this is where i think Wind comes to play), and then cools down to harden (Water).
does that make sense? there was a fifth member, but only created through the original four.

this makes the vocal wizards more threatening and terrifying. they were like gods.

so you'll probably wonder, does that mean jun is a fake member? NO!! he's a real member in arashi! this is just my story on the Vocal Wizards. ok! MINE! Mwahahahaha! -___-

ok, i found this while randomly looking at arashi pictures on google search. and you won't BELIEVE what i found!! ><
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Are you shitting me!!?!??!? AAAHH AHAHHA! this is brilliant! how fitting this picture is!! XDDD
Credit goes to Crunchroll user: navy2
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