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Jun's 27th Birthday!

 Here is a collection of short drabbles in celebration to Matsujun's birthday!

So to show my appreciation to Arashi's DoS Princess, here's *27* jun-centric drabble colletion!
^^ weee

By: arashiforyou
Genre: Varies!
Parings! Arashi x Matsujun (it changes with each drabble! everyone is happy!)
Rating: G-PG13 ^^


a/n: near the middle, the font changed size for some unknown reason. i try all i can to fix it, but it's stuck like that. but it's still readable ><

Follow the Leader

Jun was super hyped again during another concert rehearsal. The feeling of getting prepared, the sensation to see all the empty seats ready to be filled, the little details to make everything perfect. Jun was in the center of all of it, making sure the concert was at top notch.

Finally, the night was over as well as another successful concert. Back stage, a certain someone was getting the credit.

"Good job, Ohno." 

"Nice lead there, Satoshi!"

"Great job, Leader!"

Jun pouted, lonely wiping his sweat. When he felt a gentle pat on his back, he turned around.

"Thanks for leading us, Matsujun." Ohno grinned. Jun smiled back.

Friends Only

That was the rule, friends only and nothing more than that. Jun has accepted this years ago. But even as those years go by, he can't help but think the 'what if's. What if they were together? What if he did accepted him? What if he does like him back?

"Matsujun is amazing, ne." Sho commented once again in front of the camera. 

Jun just lightly smiled, ignoring the dull heart throb that will never go away...


"It's only for a little while." Aiba pleaded, drawing dangerously closer.

"Aiba," Jun scooch away. "What do you want?"

"I just want to see if duct tape can style eyebrow hair." Aiba grinned evilly. Jun slowly walked backwards.

"I'm sure it does," Jun said, eyeing the roll of tape. "Now, p-put that down."

"But you always said you have an eyebrow complex." Aiba said. "Let me fix it for you."

"No. No, don't!" Jun shook, his back against the wall. "Nooo!"

Found a Reason

Jun's cell phone rang, but the tone meant he received a video message. Puzzled, he flipped his phone to see who it was from. It turns out, it was Nino who sent the video. Curious, he played the message.

"I'm not a perfect person..."

It was a video of Nino singing in English. Jun was surprised, plus he was not sure what Nino was saying. He knew he heard this popular song before. Later that day, he look up the lyrics and understood what they meant.

Jun felt a single tear slide down his face. He texted back to Nino...


Princesses Never Fish

"Ah! Riida! I caught something!"  Jun shouted across the boat, reeling in as fast as he can.

"Hurry, hurry!" Ohno rushed to his side to see the catch. Suddenly, Jun let go of the line. "Why did you do that?! You almost had it!"

"I ruined my manicure!" Jun complained, fanning out his hand to Ohno. "And the wind is ruining my hairdo. And I'm getting darker. And I'm tired. And I'm hungry. And-"

"Ok! I get it!"

The Not Popular Ones

"So according to Nino, we're not so popular with girls." Sho pouted, the two adults sulking on the rooftop of their studio.

"Compare to him, Aiba, and Ohno." Jun nodded. "We don't go out with girls much."

"Well, who needs girls!" Sho shouted to the sky. "Why do we need girls anyway! Girls are scary!"

"They make up majority of our fan base." Jun remarked, making Sho drooped his shoulder in defeat.

"Well, how do we be popular?" Sho asked, total clueless. Jun rubbed his chin.

"Well, what does Nino, Aiba, and Ohno do?" Jun asked.

"Act like a spoiled brat, think of pointless experiments, and have weird habits." Sho counted. The two adults exchanged glances, and shook hands.

"Let's stay the not popular ones of the group." Jun said. Sho agreed.

The Technique Works

It was a long day at work, but Jun was always up for a good drink with his friends. Tonight, he so happen to be enjoying his night with Aiba and Toma. They talked long into the night until they agreed they need to leave. Toma bid them goodnight and went off in his direction while Aiba and Jun walked down another the street. They arrived at Jun's apartment first.

"Ah, g'night Matsujun." Aiba waved, his hands in his pocket. He patted his pants, in a sudden panic. "Uh oh."

"What is it?" Jun asked, waiting for Aiba's response. He looked embarrassed, but finally blurted out.

"I forgot my keys. Can I stay the night?" He asked. 

Jun felt his heart-tighten. Not only was it the same technique he used at the Music Station, but it works! Sure he said on TV he'll draw away, but he originally thought it was cute until the audience disagree.

"S-sure." Jun nodded, feeling his face go red.

Game Lovers

"Go, go!" Nino laughed, watching Jun play his new game. 

"Yosh! 100 hits!" Jun grinned, smashing buttons. But Nino was yelling at his ear.

"Watch out! There's a treasure, get it, get it! Use fire attacks! That's a defense attack, baka! Use charge attack! Attack, attack! Watch out for that! Don't fall! You're low on health, heal, heal! Run away! There's another-"

"Let me play!" Jun yelled.

Far Away

"Hello?" Ohno's voice came on the other end of the phone.

"Uh, hey." Jun said.

"Hmm? Jun-kun? What's up?" Ohno asked.

"O-oh, nothing." Jun said, rubbing his nose. "Just wanted to call you."

"Oh." Ohno replied quietly. "Why?"

"Do I need a reason to call?" Jun asked.

"Well, no." Ohno said. "It's just...I'm busy here."

"Oh, ok, Ja, I'll call back later." Jun said, and hanged up. He sighed, waiting for Ohno to come back from making his action film in America...

Concert Date

Matsujun was cheering and 'Woo' -ing from the audience seats. Sho was next to him, also cheering, but alittle embarrassed when Jun cheered too loud. It was a great concert with upbeat songs so far. Then, the concert played a steady ballad song. The audience waved their hands slowly, making Jun feel emotional.

He grabbed Sho's hand, and felt Sho jumped. They exchanged glances and quickly let go.

But in the end, Sho grabbed Jun's hand again...


"Which way is it?" Jun asked for the hundredth time, breathing hard.

"It saids this way." Aiba instructed, reading the map. Frustrated, Jun grabbed the map to see for himself.

"Baka! You've been reading it upside down!" Jun scowled. 

When they finally found a spot to pitch their tent, Aiba went to get fire wood while Jun search for fresh water. It wasn't long until Jun heard Aiba's cry for help. Jun rushed as fast as he can, thinking of the worst.

"Jun! Help me!" Aiba shouted, his rump in the air and his upper torso stuck in a ditch. Jun groaned in annoyance.

"Remind me why I picked you to go hiking?"

Rough Housing

What the fans don't know, is that they always fight with each other. Of course, not in an arguing or heated way, but rather physically and playfully. Sometimes, it goes out of hand.

"You're gonna get it, you brat!" Jun growled, locking Nino in a head-noggin attack.

"Get off me!" Nino laughed, wrapping his body around and managed to push Jun off. 

They continued to roll around the dressing room, trying to get the upper hand. They were laughing and rolling until they bumped into the table. Jun saw the glass cups dangerous wobbling near the edge, and instinctively used his body to protect Nino from the shards of glass.

When the chaos subsided, Jun realized the awkward position they were in.

"You...want to get breakfast or something?" Nino asked.


"You've gotten taller," Ohno pouted, glancing up at Jun. "I remember you used to be this short." Ohno smirked, his hand leveled to his shoulder.

"Yeah," Jun rubbed his chin. "I remember you used to be a lot bigger."

"Why did you have such a growth spurt?" Ohno pouted. "I mean, I don't think I changed that drastically."

"Let's just say, I was destine to be hot. How's that." Jun smirked, ruffling Ohno like a child.


"How do I look?" Sho asked, wearing a funky hat. Jun pouted.

"Like a grandma. Try this." Jun considered. 

"But I don't like that color." Sho complained.

"Does this shirt seem too much?" Jun asked, sporting a checkered blue shirt.

"I think black jeans would look nice with it." Sho nodded.

"I like these rings." Jun pointed at the jewelry stand. "Let's get a pair."

"I like thumb rings." Sho said. 

"Can we get a pinky ring instead." Jun asked.

"How about a pointer-finger ring." Sho said.

And off they go, the two shopaholics...

Last Words

Jun could barely open his eyes. He felt the rough fabric of the air bags, and he smell smoke and heavy carbon dioxide. He felt a searing pain on his shoulder and his arm wouldn't move. He turned his head and saw Aiba sitting in the passenger seat, his eyes still closed and blood trailing down his face.

"Aiba?" Jun moaned. He coughed, and managed to shake Aiba with his good arm. "Aiba?"

He didn't respond. Jun felt tears forming in his eyes. What was it that Aiba said before this happened?

"I'd thought I'd tell you, Matsujun," Aiba said. "The truth is...I-"

He will never know...

Too Late

Jun was so excited. He finally got two tickets to see the concert Nino were dying to go too. He was skipping along the way to their dressing room, ready to ask Nino if he wanted to go with him. He entered the room, but no one was there. Suddenly, he felt someone jump on his shoulders.

"Jun!" Nino shouted in his ear. "You won't believe it!"

'W-what is it?"

"Ohno got two tickets to that concert I wanted to see. And he invited me to come!" Nino smiled, jumping around. "I can't wait! And with Ohno too! How often does Ohno go to other concerts? I'll see ya later!"

"O-oh," Jun nodded, hiding the tickets behind his back.


In the latest magazine, another ridiculous poll was posted about Arashi on 'Who is most kissable?' Jun was being smug all day because he was picked as number one, while lonely Ohno was placed last.

"I don't get it?" Ohno pouted. "Why do they prefer Jun?"

"Because I have an amazing bottom lip." Jun pointed out, just like Becky mentioned. Ohno stared long and hard at Jun's lips.

"C-can I see for myself?" Ohno asked, leaning forward and lips puckered.

The Monster

It was dark. Jun was asked to return a few photos back to the top floor of the studio. It was late at night, and the lights were shut down, so he couldn't turn them on. He wasn't scared since he knew the place by heart, but there was a sound that made him feel uncomfortable. It was quiet, but as he got closer to a room, the noise grew louder. A sucking noise, like sucking a kiss. Or drinking loudly.

Jun peaked inside the room, and stared in horror. The moonlight lit the room, revealing Sho alone with a woman, dead in his hands and suck blood from her throat. Jun was rooted to the spot, unable to speak.

Sho's glared up at him with blood-red eyes, still drinking the life out of the poor lady. Jun dropped the files and ran for his life...

Word Games

"If I say one word, you have to immediately answer something that comes to mind." Aiba said, always up for games.

"Ok." Jun nodded.






"Nino. Eh!?" Jun gasped. Aiba laughed.

"Ok, ok. Summer."





"Aiba." Jun didn't dare turn to look. But he felt the eyes burning his head. He glanced a peak and saw a smug look on Aiba's face.

Shooting Stars

"If you can make a wish, what would you wish for?" Nino asked. They were outside star-gazing with their hands under their heads like pillows.

"Hmmm, I'd like a house." Jun nodded. "What about you?"

"Geez, you have enough money to buy ten houses. Make another wish." Nino pouted.

"Fine," Jun said, thinking deeply. "well, I know it's impossible but...I wish that...I'll be with Nino forever."

Just then, a shooting star flashed across the sky. They both gasp, sitting up as if hoping more would come. They stared at each other. Jun felt his face go red, while Nino smiled sweetly.

"You didn't have to wish for that." Nino said. "Because that is a reality. We are together forever."

Drunk Talk

"I wish I could be as popular as Riida," Jun swayed, completely drunk.

"I wish I was cool like Matsujun." Ohno said, also drunk.

"I wish I have a soft butt like Oh-chan." Jun grinned.

"I wish I have lush lips like Jun." Ohno laughed.

"Ohno, let me grab your ass." Jun groaned.

"Pucker up and you got yourself a deal."

His Rival

It came as a shock when Jun first heard it. Sho sees him as his rival. That is, on their game show, but Jun couldn't help but wonder if there was a deeper meaning to that. His rival...

"Hey, Matsujun." Sho said. "I was wondering if you want to go out with me and Nino tonight."

"Oh, sure. I'm up for a drink." Jun nodded. Sho shuffled his feet, as if he wanted to say more.

"I'll definitely won't lose to you this time!" Sho pointed at him and ran away. Jun watched him go, finally understanding what he meant.

"No way, Nino is mine." Jun mumbled.

Text Messaging

"Where are you?" From Aiba.

"I'm in the studio." From Jun.

"I'm in the studio too." From Aiba.

"Are you in room B?" From Jun.

"Yeah, I'm sitting on the couch." From Aiba.

"I'm sitting on the couch too." From Jun

The two bored men stared at each other.

"Wanna grab a bite?" From Jun.

"I want soba." Aiba said,

"Aiba, we're in the middle of a meeting." Jun hushed him. Aiba pouted

Break Up

"What is this all about?" Nino confronted Jun.

"I'm sorry." Jun said, staring at the floor. "I don't think we're ready for this. Not completely."

"You always say that." Nino sighed, annoyed. "And you always come back in the end."

Jun gulped.

"I just believe," Jun said. " deserve better."

Nino clicked his tongue, and walked away. Jun sighed heavily, rubbing his eyes. Nino will never know he does these things because he loves him...


Jun would never confess to the others, but what he do on his free time is sit in front of his computer and check out fandom. They're quite interesting. His favorites are the fan videos of them. They were very impressive, and some are quite scary. But still impressive.

One day, he finally had the guts to read a fanfic. He did everything he could to avoid read the 'naughty' fics, but his curiosity got the best of him. 

The next day, he jumped every time a member touch him.

"No! Not in the butt, please!" Jun blurted out. Ohno stared back, his face totally confused.

"I just wanted to know if you want coffee." Ohno said.

"O-ok." Jun nodded. "Just don't put your semen in it, ok."

Who Would Win Part 3!

"Naruse Ryo can kick anyone's ass!" Ohno defended.

"MC Kamiyama will see right through anyone." Sho retorted back.

"Ariake Koichi would trick both of those failures!" Nino firmly stand.

"You guys!" Jun came in. 

"What?!" Three dangerous men glared at him.

"I know who would win." Jun nodded. "Naruse is the evil-but-really-regrets-being-evil man. MC Kamiyama is the know-it-all-but not-himself man. And Ariake is a mastermind-but-failed-to-getaway man. The one true character that tops all those men's none other than the all-mighty Domyouji Tsukasa."

Ohno, Sho, and Nino continued to glare at Jun like he was out of his mind.

"Domyouji took two seasons and a movie to finally marry Makino." Ohno said

"He's nearly hated by everyone because he's a jerk." Sho said.

"He has a perm haircut." Nino added.

The battle continues...

Concert Party

"Happy Birthday, Jun." Arashi cheered in unison. Jun smiled.

"Thanks you, guys." Jun said. "You didn't have to do this. We're in the middle of a concert."

The audience cheered and clapped for them, waving their million penlights.

"Yeah, and we made this present especially for you." Nino nodded.

"Ready!" Sho shouted to the audience.

"Eh? What's going on?" Jun said, completely clueless.

"On Riida's count!" Aiba cheered.

"Three, Two, One!" Ohno shouted.

The lights dimmed. Then, the penlights went out and only a few stayed on to reveal a message for Jun to read:

"Happy Birthday Matsujun."

Jun smiled, wiping his tear away. He grabbed the nearest member and hugged him. Soon, the others joined in the group hug. It was the best present he ever received...



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