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Third Year at Hogwarts

Title: Third Years at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a third year at Hogwarts. Jun had a little chat with the leader of SIN, Tamaki, and he discovered something new about the legendary Vocal Wizards. Jun suddenly struck a deal with Tamaki a thte spur-of-the-moment. If he helps Tamaki find the other talisman, Jun will become the next leader of SIN. Jun was then saved by Aiba, the new Wind Vocal Wizard. Will Jun really help Tamaki, or will he find the talisman just to save his friends?

A/N: in exchange for my absence, here is a long Final Chapter!!!

Chapter 12 - Friendship and Love

"What happened when I was gone?" Jun finally asked, pulling away from the embrace. "How did Aiba became...the Wind Vocal Wizard?"

Nino's frown stayed on his face while staring at the ground.

"I don't know if you saw it," Nino spoke, "but before the dragon crash landed, Sho and Aiba...they entered inside its wound."

Jun's mouth gaped open.

"That's why they're covered in blood," Jun gasped, turning to stare at them.

"Yeah," Nino nodded. "That was the last thing I saw before we got separated from the impact. When you were taken away, Aiba had already infused with the Wind Talisman.

"There was a green spiral stigma on his left forearm, and his eyes glowed green. A few of the Elites were already planning a rescue and an ambush attack at SIN's fortress. That's what Sakurai-san said they'll be. was as if they heard him, and they took off flying with Aiba.

"They were already soaring when I saw them, so I had to wait here. The Elites squad left soon afterwards because they knew the Vocal Wizards would get there first before they do."

'So all that fire was from Sho,' Jun recalled the fires at the fortress.

"B-but that means..." Jun mumbled. Nino looked up.

"They went looking for you," Nino said, softly.

"But why?" Jun asked. "You don't think they were still themselves when they came for me?"

"I'd like to believe that," Nino said. "But...if that was true, then Sho would never let Aiba anywhere near the Wind Talisman."

Jun bit his lip, watching the two best friends covered in dry dragon's blood. Aiba was asleep, obviously exhausted from the sudden powers used. Sho held him close, his eyes red and tears stained his face. Ohno also had a frown on, as if he was sorry for what happened. Jun and Nino walked over to them, gravely.

"Aiba," Jun sighed, staring down at the sleeping boy with a pretty face. "I can't believe it."

"I should have seen this coming," Sho mumbled. "I should have known...a dragon...Aiba has a great connection with animals. I should have known. I should have-"

"Sho," Ohno cut him off, kneeling down with him. "This wasn't your fault-"

"I led him inside that thing!" Sho yelled. "We went inside the belly of that beast, and he took the talisman! I led him there! And I-"

"I did the same thing!" Ohno yelled back, calming Sho. "I led you to a talisman too...I know."

Sho didn't reply, but his mouth was still slightly open. Back when they were on Mauna Loa, it was Ohno who led Sho to the top of the volcano to obtain the Fire Talisman...

"It wasn't your fault," Ohno reassured him. "It was your other was the Vocal Wizard that led Aiba. Not you."

"Ohno is right," Nino nodded. "Don't be so hard on yourself."

But Sho continued to hold Aiba like a safety blanket. Jun watched his ex-crush holding his friend so close. The picture was lonesome but also bittersweet. Jun understood that look on Sho's face.

It was love...

'I see,' Jun thought. 'It was Aiba he loves...'

Jun knelt next to Sho as well.

"Think of it this way, Sho," Jun said. "At two can be closer than before."

Sho glanced at Jun, his face quite pitiful.

"You share a new bond now," Jun said, trying to smile...but failed.

"What would be the point?" Sho said, another tear slid down his face. "We'll just disappear from this world..."

Sho blinked and sucked in his bottom lip. The five friends huddled together, ignoring the busy adults running around. All that matters was the five of them together, right then and there...

*          *           *

Tsukumo Ryusuke and Sho's father Side-Along Apparated them back to the outer gates of Hogwarts. The sun began to rise, and Jun was dead tired. Tsukumo ordered them to sleep in the infirmary so he could treat to their wounds. Sho and Aiba sported terrible burns, bruises, and cuts from being so close to the dragon. But Ohno immediately healed their wounds while Sho took care of the burns.

"Well, gee! If you don't need me, then go back to your dorms and sleep," Tsukumo said.

"It's okay, Tsukumo-san. We'll sleep here," Sho nodded, his eyes still on Aiba's sleeping face.

"Where is Professor Johnny?" Ohno asked, sitting on Nino's bed.

Tsukumo frowned before he spoke.

"He's with Naruse now," he said, crossing his arms.

Jun's eyes widen. He completely forgotten about Naruse Ryo.

"So, is he a traitor?" Sho asked, sounding a little angry.

"There is no solid evidence that he is," Tsukumo sighed.

"What?" Sho barked. "Of course there's evidence! That file with all the maps and charts he wrote. He was a week ahead of everyone before he informed the Elites!"

"That maybe true, but there is no link to him with SIN," Tsukumo. Sho's shoulder drooped.

"But we saw him!" Nino brought up. "We saw him talking with Fujiwara Tatsuya at the library."

"Just being a witness can't prove much," Tsukumo sighed. "Look boys, I believe in you. I never really trusted Naruse, but he's playing this smoothly. Unless you can prove you really saw him with Fujiwara, Professor Johnny can't find a fault with Naruse."

"Damn," Jun grunted, holding his fist.

"It's been a long night," Tsukumo said. "You should all get some rest. I'll inform your teachers you'll miss classes." And Tsukumo left the room.

They were all tired and didn't need to speak another word. Jun wanted to stay awake and think about what just happened, but his eyes were too heavy and he took a peaceful nap. He could still hear mumbling as if his brain was still awake apart from his body, but he couldn't make out the voices. He was still too tired to open his eyes.

There was a rose. It was blooming, and its bright redness was overpowering. Jun wanted to touch it but before he could, it withered to a gray dead plant. Suddenly, he spun and saw Ohno, Sho, and Aiba. They had their backs to him.

'Wait,' Jun tried to say, but they faded to darkness...

Then, Nino's angry face appeared before him...

'You said you'd bring them back!'

Jun woke up with a start.

'A dream...' Jun concluded.

"Oh, Matsujun! You're awake," Aiba said, smiling across the room. Jun stared at him, dumbfound.

"Aiba?" Jun managed to speak.

"Still tired?" Aiba smiled, "Try my Million-Ring Alarm Charms. They'll keep you awake for hours. Believe me."

Sho, Ohno, and Nino laughed. Clearly, Jun was the last one to wake up. They were all sitting around Aiba's bed, looking perfectly healthy, probably thanks to Ohno's healing. Aiba looked cheery, bright, and hyper as always. Jun thought he was dreaming again.

"Aiba," Jun got up from his bed. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Aiba reassured him, waving his hand. "Check this out."

Suddenly, Aiba was gone. Jun stared at an empty bed for at least five seconds, and Aiba popped back again. His arms were filled with stolen sweets from the kitchen.

"Oh, nice," Sho grinned, grabbing a pudding.

"That must be a record," Ohno laughed, already eating a custard donut.

"W-wah," Jun gasped. "What just happened?!"

"Aiba's super speed," Nino briefly explained, his cheek filled with chocolate. "He can travel very fast."

"Because he's the wind, after all," Sho nodded.

Jun's mouth hung open, watching his friends happily eat sweets like the horrors last night never happened. Aiba was truly alive and well. He looked so happy and peaceful. He was the Aiba that Jun had always known. There was nothing wrong with him. The only difference is that he has incredible speed...

"Come on, Matsujun," Aiba beckoned, "Have a fruit tart."

Still speechless, Jun walked over to them and took the sweet pastry. Aiba's bright white smile shined like always. Jun couldn't help but grin back and took a small nibble of the tart. Jun felt his throat tighten and the tears welled up again.

"Ah, come on. Don't cry," Nino complained, lightly punching his shoulder.

They all laughed, but Jun could only stare at those smiles. His heart felt heavier with every laugh.

'I wish this moment could last forever...'

"Hey Ohno," Aiba brought up. "I was wondering if I can have your opinion on something."

"It's not another food experiment, is it?" Ohno asked, looking uncomfortable. "I don't want to know what happens when konnyaku is left alone, okay?"

"No, it's not that," Aiba smiled. "It's another experiment-"

"I knew it!"

"Let me finish!" Aiba barked, still smiling. "I've been working on this ever since Nino, Jun, and I started on that Polyjuice Potion. I've come up with a UtaMahou song."

"You wrote your own UtaMahou?" Nino asked, sounding surprised. "I didn't know you had a musical background."

"You'd be surprised what I can do," Aiba winked.

"Well, how does it go?" Ohno asked.

"I want us to go somewhere first," Aiba said. "I want only you guys to hear it."

"Now?" Nino raised his eyebrow.

"Idiot! Of course not!" Aiba smacked Nino's head. "We'll wait at night."

They continued the rest of the morning planning out how to see Aiba's UtaMahou without anyone noticing. Of course, Aiba looked pretty confident and obviously planned to do something in mind.

For some reason, Jun wanted to be left alone. He excused himself saying that he wanted to catch up on his homework, and he left before they could argue with him to stay.

'I can't tell them...' Jun thought, slowly wondering around the corridors. 'I can't tell them my deal with Tamaki.'

The memories of their conversation whirled around in his head. So much new information and so much to take in made Jun feel uncomfortable.

'It was the original four that created the fifth.'

'It was because of their god-like powers, they were feared and worshiped by all.'

'Their purpose in power was to create.'

Jun rubbed his eyes, remembering his sudden conclusion to the puzzle of the Vocal Wizards.

'They lost their powers!'

'In order to create an element, one must lose apart of itself...'

"I have to find a way," Jun grunted. "If it'll get them back to normal..."

"Jun?" A sweet voice called him down the corridor. He already knew who it was...

He turned around and saw Inoue Mao jogging towards him, looking worried and relieved.

"Mao-chan," Jun sighed, as she gently placed her hand on his shoulder, studying his face.

"You came back," she said. "Are you okay? I heard that you and Aiba were at the hospital wing. Did something happened?"

"Uhh," Jun mumbled. "I-I wish I could say."

She frowned.

"Is it something I shouldn't know?" She asked.


"Because I think I know already," she said. Jun stared at her, surprised. "At least...a little bit. I've noticed something was strange with Sakurai-kun. He's been acting weird around the common room sometimes. And so is Ohno-kun. I noticed."

Jun couldn't help but smirk.

"You're too clever," Jun tried to chuckled, but it died away.

"You don't look so good," she said, looking sorry.

"I'm fine, really."

"No, I mean emotionally," she said. "I've never seen you look this sad before."

She placed her palm against his cheek to turn his head to face her. Jun was glad he met Mao, she was clever and gentle at the same time. She was someone special. So special, Jun would never want to hurt her or bring her into this spiral of sorrow. He would lie to her if it means to protect her.

"Mao-chan," he sighed, his arms wrapped around her waist. "You mean everything to me...but it's because I care for you so much, I don't want to share my sadness."

She looked speechless, searching his eyes for answers.

"I wish I could tell you...everything!" Jun nodded. "But...I just can't."

She frowned, strong enough not to cry, but Jun could see the effort of holding back the tears.

"Are...are you cheating on me?" She asked.

"W-what?" Jun's eyebrows shot up. "No, no. I-"

"Do you not trust me?" She asked, looking angry. "Is that what this is? You're cheating on me, and you're too guilty to tell me who it is?"

"No! You got it all wrong!" Jun panicked. "I would never cheat on you?"

"Then why can't you trust me?" She asked. "Why can't you tell me what is wrong? You know I am here for you."

Jun felt his heart swell and thump against his chest. It was as if she said the magic words to make him feel at ease. He couldn't stop himself from holding her tight, never letting her go.

This is what he wanted all along. He wanted to talk with someone about this. He wanted someone to listen to his worries. He could trust Inoue Mao. He could trust his first real love...

"Oh, Mao-chan," Jun mumbled in her hair. "It's Aiba..."

"Aiba Masaki?"

"He's....he's a Vocal Wizard."

*          *           *

She took it well. Jun left out nothing as he told her the story how it all started. She didn't interrupted him and paid close attention. The only information he didn't tell her was his deal with Tamaki Hiroshi. He kept everything he knew about the Metal Vocal Wizard to himself. He just couldn't bring himself to tell anyone...

They sat under a tree in the courtyard. Jun watched students pass by with smiles and laughters, all completely oblivious that there are now three powerful Vocal Wizards in the school. Jun waited patiently for her response.

"Jun-kun," she finally spoke. "I don't know...what to say..."

"It's okay," he sighed. "I never wanted you to know. You can pretend I said nothing."

"I can't do that," Mao said. "I...want to help-"

"No," he cut her off. "I'd rather you don't."

"But I want to do something," she frowned. "I don't want to be some useless girl who can't do anything. If you want, I can help you research a way to stop the Vocal Wizards."

Jun stared at her, surprised.

"You would do that?" He asked. "It might not be easy."

She smiled at her, as if reassuring a worried child.

"I don't mind," she said. "You really care for your friends. I guess that's one of the many things I like about you."

She reached over and placed her hand over his fingers. He felt his tensed shoulders relaxed as he leaned forward to give her a kiss. If they were together, surely they'll be okay...

'Right?' Jun asked no one.

*         *           *

Aiba Masaki was popular once again, by just sitting in the hospital wing. Word got out that he was in the infirmary earlier in the morning, and the gifts just came piling up. Aiba had two beds filled with 'Get Well' cards, flowers, and chocolates. Aiba looked like the happiest boy on earth, and he gladly shared his gifts with the others.

Jun laid on his four poster bed, munching on one of Aiba's chocolates. He waited for midnight, which was the time they agreed to meet. Then, Jun heard Ohno sit up from his bed and pulled the curtains around Jun's bed.

"It's time," Ohno whispered, already dressed.

Jun got ready, and they both left the empty common room. The castle was quiet once again, but compare to the night before, this was a very peaceful silence. Then, they heard loud footsteps echoing behind them.

"Crap," Ohno hissed, and they hurried around the corridor as quietly as they could. But they soon stopped in their tracks when another pair of footsteps echoed ahead of them. They were trapped.

"Quick. Behind here," Jun whispered, pulling back a large tapestry, where a hidden door was revealed.

They quickly sneaked inside and hid behind the tapestry. There was no door to close since the heavy fabric acted as a door. They could only wait until the coast was clear. Jun could hear the heavy footsteps coming closer as well as the lighter of the pair. Then, Jun heard the heavy set stopped.

"Naruse-san!" Professor Shiori called out. Jun had to cover his mouth from gasping. Ohno's eyes widen.

He heard Shiori's light footsteps hurry towards Naruse, who obviously stopped in his tracks when he saw her. Jun could hear them as if they were right in front of their hiding place.

"Why do I always run into these two?' Jun pondered.

"Naruse-san, I heard what happened," Shiori said, sounding scared. "Is it true?"

Naruse didn't say a word.

"I'm not so sure what the others have said, but Headmaster Johnny informed keep an eye out," she said. "He later asked me to do a reading...and I saw you."

"Me?" Naruse spoke, so quietly.

"I did," she said, sounding more worried. "I saw you...with a dark man that Professor Johnny identify as Tamaki Hiroshi."

Jun and Ohno had to do their best not to breathe a sound, but the shock was written on both of their faces.

"Naruse-san...are you with the organization called SIN?" She pleaded.

If only Jun could witness the scene instead of eavesdropping. But Jun could imagine the look on Naruse's face, uncool and busted. Somehow, Jun guessed that Shiori would look guilty.

"It's not true, is it?" She asked again. "The future can be so vague. Everyone has the power to change their future...their destiny...their fate."

"Fate...there is nothing to change," Naruse finally answered.

"But there is no proof that you are with SIN, right?" She asked, almost desperately. "The Elites can't prove you have any connection with SIN. And my reading can't prove anything either since it's only a prediction and not an accusation. You're not with SIN, right?"

Jun heard a few shuffle of footsteps. Not sure what was going on, Jun could only wait. But then, Ohno tapped his throat gently. He quietly hummed a tune and blew on the tapestry. Suddenly, Jun could see what was going on outside, where Naruse and Shiori stood in plain sight.

Jun panicked, thinking that they can see them as well. But Ohno waved his hand, reassuring Jun everything was only a one-way view. Ohno's skills with UtaMahou were certainly handy.

Naruse looked like he was about to walk away, but Shiori grasped her hand around his wrist.

"Shiori," Naruse said, his voice softer than Jun ever heard. "I wish I could tell you. The truth draws nearer...but if it's for your protection, then I will not say anything at all."

"Naruse-san!" She gasped. Jun also gasped quietly in the hiding place.

'Is this a confession of love?' Jun thought.

Naruse slowly turned around, his face looking sorry. Shiori looked like she was about to cry. Jun and Ohno watched Naruse stare back at Shiori's tearful eyes. He suddenly grasped her shoulders. Jun had to cover his mouth to stop himself from making anymore noise.

'They're so close!' Jun squealed in his head. 'Is he...?'

Jun was actually rooting for Naruse, while Ohno looked completely disgusted. The two teachers were on the verge of kissing, but Naruse blinked as if coming back to his senses. He gently pushed her away, dropping his arms to his side.

"I'm sorry," Naruse broke the long silence. "I'm very busy now. I must be going."

He turned around and walked away briskly, and Jun could hear his footsteps fade away. Jun watched Professor Shiori tried to suppress back tears, but a single tear escaped. She turned around and her footsteps faded as well. Jun and Ohno quietly opened the tapestry, making sure no one spotted them. Jun sighed heavily, staring at Ohno.

"So, Naruse is in hot water," Jun said. "All the teachers are suspicious of him."

"Forget that!" He hissed. "He was about to make out with Professor Shiori!"

"I know, right!" Jun gossiped. "I know Naruse is a bad guy and all...but I kinda feel sorry for him."

"Whatever," Ohno sighed. "We better hurry. Aiba and the others are waiting for us."

They continued down the stairs and corridors until they were outside. They quickly dashed to the Quidditch field, where Jun could see three shadows in the distance. Jun wasn't sure if they were far away from the castle enough for Aiba to sing his UtaMahou, but then again, it always seem like Hogwarts was oblivious to everything at night-time.

"Took you long enough," Nino complained. "Thankfully, it's spring and not winter or I'd freeze my butt off already."

"What butt?" Sho teased. Nino pouted.

"Okay, are you guys ready?" Aiba smiled, rubbing his hands.

"Ready when you are," Ohno nodded.

Jun crossed his arms, waiting to hear Aiba's voice. But instead, wind started to pick up around his feet. Soon, all five of them hovered off the ground. Aiba was in the center with his sleeve rolled up to his elbows. Jun could see a green spiral glowing on his forearm through his shirt. They were inside a great sphere of wind.

Nino and Jun stared up and around in awe, while Sho and Ohno looked calm as if they weren't surprised. Suddenly, Aiba's eyes glowed briefly and they zoomed across the sky. Nino yelped, clinging onto Jun's arm as they suspended high in the air without any brooms or horses. But they were safe inside Aiba's vortex.

"Where is he taking us?" Nino shouted in Jun's ear.

"How should I know?" Jun yelled back.

"Somewhere far away so no one can hear us," Sho answered in a calm voice. "This should be good."

Jun watched the landscape pass underneath them until they arrived at a vast open field. Aiba brought them down and the ball of wind disappeared. Aiba took a deep breath, closing his eyes and touching his fingers together.

They waited...

"Did Aiba really worked on this UtaMahou since the beginning of the year?" Nino asked.

"Knowing Aiba," Sho spoke, "once he gets into something, he doesn't stop until he finishes it. And considering the time he said he started working on it...he must've been worried about Ohno and I."

Nino and Jun exchanged glances.

"He really was worried," Sho sighed, his eyes not leaving Aiba. "He's...someone I cherish."

Aiba truly is a caring person...

Then, Jun felt a soft breeze whirl around them. The warm wind blew against their hair, and Aiba opened his eyes. His smile was bright and big as always, but then he grabbed Sho's hands and started to spin around and around. It was as if the wind beated against Jun's ear like a musical note. Jun watched Aiba and Sho smiling...

"Afureteru kono mune no naka, kanaetai no moyou ni wa!"
(Overflowing inside this heart is a dream we want to come true)

They looked like they were enjoying themselves, spinning around aimlessly. But Aiba's voice was contagious, and Jun felt like dancing too. Suddenly, Nino grabbed Jun's hand and they too started dancing to the wind music. They were running around, dancing, laughing, smiling, and enjoying each other's company.

"Unmei teki no gosaro, hitotsu ni tsunagari tsuzuite yuku."
(The five paths of fate are connected as one and keeps on continuing.)

Suddenly, the wind was so strong, they were up in the air again, but Jun didn't mind at all. He was enjoying himself, laughing at the others spinning in circles and flapping their arms around. Jun watched Ohno and Nino holding hands and spinning like a snowflake. Jun watched Aiba and Sho off in the distance, being extremely close.

"He's...someone I cherish," Sho's words repeated in Jun's mind.

Jun could still feel the beat in the wind, and he saw splashes of green everywhere. But his eyes were on Aiba and Sho, so far away in their own little world. For a split second, Jun saw a spark of red, intertwining with the swirls of Aiba and Sho shared their first kiss.

How could Jun not be surprised by this? They have been childhood friends for so long, they know each other best. Of course Aiba was Sho's first love.

"You share a new bond now."

"What would be the point...we'll just disappear from this world..."

They were spinning in happiness and giggling and laughing because of Aiba's joyful UtaMahou. But deep down inside, Jun felt his heart felt heavier and heavier watching the scene. It's not fair to them. It's not fair they will disappear. It's not fair they have a short amount of time...

'In order to create an element, one must lose apart of itself.'

'I will be the Metal Vocal Wizard,' Jun's dark thoughts came back. 'So I can take away their powers...'

To Be Continued...

To Fourth Year at Hogwarts Chapter 1

EH?! it's over!! XDD

ok, so sorry for the long wait. SOOO much is going on. first, school started for me actually two weeks ago, and now it's catching on to me. (need to do some homework!)
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Thanks for reading the third installment to this series! i hope to start the fourth soon, but please be patient!

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