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Arashi's Names on Urban Dictionary

 this is totally irrelevant to what I'm currently doing, but then again, my mind wonders too much for it's own good ><
this random post is just for fun ^^

so, have you guys ever heard Urban Dictionary? it's a website were anyone can add a term and define it. thus, the "urban" slang. it's in english, but you can find some terms in different languages, like 'otaku' 'baka' XDD

so this came to mind...if i type in arashi's names, what do i get?

This is by No Means to be rude or offensive to Arashi. It's just for fun and giggles!

some had a lot, and others weren't defined, so i only picked a few. here's the results!! (the bolds one, i like!)

Ohno - a) this is a person's name lives in US everyone lives in korea hates him terribly
             b ) this is used in terrible case such as the word ''fuck''
             c) a word to trick or cheat someone

Satoshi - "isn't defined yet"

Sho - reffering to the word "sure"
        - A sporty version of the grocery-getter taurus
        - Super High Output
        - An every-thing term
        - In Guatemala is use it like "shut up"
        - it means a friend or a homie

Sakurai - Director of the Smash Bros series, he is a god among men. (they meant masahiro sakurai)

Aiba - "isn't defined yet"

Masaki - The scientific name of the excretement of the Japanese Buffalo
             -  A Masaki is Japanese name for a total wanker who thinks he is more important than he actually is - a big time prick.  (HA! ahahahaa)

Ninomiya - "isn't defined yet" 

Kazunari - "isn't defined yet"

Matsumoto - "isn't defined yet"

Jun (brace yoursefl) Hotty!! ;) The guy who makes everyone fall in love with his smile. :)
                                     - Japanese or Korean origin name. Pronounced "joon". Also, name of tea, and high performance                                                      Japanese auto tuning shop. Also means "Dear" in Farsi, and an abbreviation of "Junior" in some                                                    countries.
                                     - A very sexy male who is asian. He wears glasses and probably is going to grow                                    up to be a  pharmacist. (HA!)

                                       College student who likes tall white girls.

                                      Very short but is a cutie.

                                   - Jiggly unformed nipples, someone who has unformed nipples that jiggle around.
                                   Used to describe that which is metal. (OMG!! this relates to my fanfic!! kyaa!)
                                  - to be incredibly stupid 

Now that's the names, but what about the nicknames?!?!

"there was no definition for ohno's, sho's, or aiba's nicknames T__T"

Nino (brace yourself) -  Nino is a term which describes one of superior life skills. Ninos are known for                                  their exemplary fencing capabilities and their extreme awesomeness. The word                                Nino may also pertain to one who is the sexiest and most popular man in his                                     area.  (the last part is right on the money!! hahaha!)
                                      - A name for an Italian guy, or a name that guys named Antonio like to be called for short.
                                      The person who always makes inappropriate, unfunny jokes in those awkward                                 moments. (LOL)
                                     - Used to describe individuals that like to mack on younger girls cause they can't                               get anything their  own age. (ouch! haha!)
                                     - A codeword for marijuana and a kick ass band
                                     - A nasty fat slut/bitch who steals her best friends boyfriend. (dying of laughter)
                                     - A word describing anything that extremly sucks or is completly lame, somthing you don't want to be.

Matsujun - A very hot guy from the popular japanese boy band Arashi. He can sing, act and dance. Tends to be doS. (HA!)

I'm sure i'm missing some nicknames, but there's also a lot i didn't posted up (either because it wasn't really interesting or such)

but i have to say, some of them are kinda spot on, ne. XDDD

(p.s. i'll update my story soon >< )


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