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Fourth Year at Hogwarts

Title: Fourth Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a fourth year at Hogwarts. Nino revealed parts of his past with Jun, but Jun could tell Nino wasn't telling the whole story what happened between him and Ohno. Pondering what happened still, Jun wonders around the library and finds a book that teaches the bases of Legilimency and Occlumency. Mao-chan doesn't like the idea of Jun learn it on his own, but Jun carries on reading it one night. Later, the leader of SIN orders Jun to find out where the Vocal Wizards made the Four-Point Pentagram. How will Jun leak the information from the Vocal Wizards? Will Jun be able to master Occlumency? What will Jun do?

A/N: it's hard to update when your door lock is broken and everyone comes barging in and stare at what you're doing. -__-

Chapter 6 - Traces of The Past

Jun couldn't fall asleep. Not a wink. Whether it was because his body wouldn't stop moving and twitching, or whether his mind wouldn't stop buzzing, he didn't sleep at all. Additionally, his skin was so pale, even the dark circles under his eyes were paler.

Of course, his girlfriend noticed.

"What happened to you?" Was the first thing Mao said when she saw him.

"Hmm, nothing," Jun lied. Mao squinted her eyes at him.

"You read that book last night, didn't you?" She whispered. Jun gulped and started looking around to avoid her gaze.

"Of course not!" Jun blurted out too loud.

"Jun-kun," Mao sighed. "I don't even need to know Legilimency to know you're lying."


"It's totally fine!" Jun reassured her, flapping his arms around. "You worry too much."

"So what did happen to you?" Mao said, not giving up. "You look like you're dead on your feet."

"I just...didn't sleep last night," Jun sighed, rubbing his eyes. "Okay, I'll admit I read a little bit of that book-"

"I knew it!"

"But it's not like I picked something up right away," Jun finished. "I promise I'll be done with it, and I'll put it back in the library like a good boy. Legilimency just takes some time."

"Jun, there are reasons why Hogwarts doesn't teach Legilimency. It is an abusive form of magic," Mao said, looking serious. "I understand that you want to look into Occlumency to protect yourself from the...Vocal Wizards. But even Japan's Ministry of Magic has legal restrictions on it. A fourth year student shouldn't be studying this."

"You're not gonna get your Ravenclaw smarties on me, are you?" Jun mumbled, annoyed.

"I'm telling you for your own good!" Mao continued. "You could get in trouble."

"Look, you don't even understand what's going on, okay. Just drop it!" Jun said, his voice raised.

Mao didn't said anything back, but she pouted as always. Jun immediately felt guilty. He knew she was just worried, but the last thing he wanted was for her to hate him. He hated seeing her look so down in the dumps.

"Hey," he wrapped his arm around her. "Could you get me a sandwich from the kitchen?" He asked, trying to be cute with puppy eyes.

Mao just raised her eyebrow at him. Not amused.

"I didn't ate breakfast," Jun said, snuggling closer. She broke into a smile, and Jun thought he won. But she shoved him away with her scowl back on wth full force.

"Get it yourself," Mao answered bitterly. "I have a class to go. I'll see you later."

'Double drat.'

The school was already a week in, and Jun has no idea how to communicate with the Vocal Wizards themselves. He tried to approach them, but whenever he or Nino tried to bring up a conversation, the three older boys goes deep into their telepathy talk. It was a cruel way to ignore someone completely.

Jun even tried staring straight at Ohno, hoping that the Vocal Wizard within him will come out like last time in Diagon Alley. But Ohno would look uncomfortable and tell Jun to stop staring.

Jun tried finding Sho or Aiba, but lately they seem to disappear. Then, Jun recalled those awkward kissing noises from Ogura-san's hideout and thought it was best not to find Sho and Aiba alone...

Jun has spend most of his nights in the common room where no one would see him read his black book. So far, he still struggled to perform Occulmency and Legilimency. However, he's learning it slowly, but he still hasn't practice it yet.

Jun was running out of ideas, but he only had one clue. One day in the library, he wrote it down on a spare piece of parchment and stared at it as the long minutes stretched on.

'Earth has many faces.
It is always present.
It knows all.
Never be fooled.'

Jun grunted loudly and ruffed his hair in frustration.

"What does it mean?!" Jun growled and rest his head on the library table in defeat. "Uuuugh."

"What got you so depressed, Hot Bod-san?" Nino's voice whispered in his ear. Jun jerked up and saw Nino smirking. "I figured you were in here. Ohno, Sho, and Aiba are sitting nearby the lake like statues. So I thought I find you, maybe kidnap you, and mess with you to my heart's content."

"Tell it to my butt because it's the only one that gives a crap," Jun retorted, suddenly feeling tired.

"I'd love to actually," he said, looking mischievious. "How much can you handle? Four inches? Five?"

"You're sick, you know that?" Jun side glanced at him. "Besides, you're probably no more than three," Jun mumbled.

"Wanna see?" Nino dared, already unzipping his pants.

"No! Go away!" Jun frowned, about to throw a book at him.

But Nino expertly dodged out of harms way and snatched the piece of parchment. Jun waited for Nino's response, and the expression on Nino's face changed drastically.

"Where did you get this?" Nino asked, calmly. Jun gulped.

"Someone told me," Jun said. "Like a hint or something."

"From who?"

Jun sighed and stared up at Nino. He didn't look away.

"From the Water Vocal Wizard," Jun answered.

Nino's eyes widen with shock, and then quickly changed to disbelief. Nino sat down across from Jun, staring at the parchment paper.

"H-how did he..." Nino tried to word out his question. "How...when-"

"It happened back in Diagon Alley," Jun admitted. Nino snapped his eyes back to Jun. "It was weird. He was still Ohno but only in body. His voice was sorta the same, but it sounded...tranquil and quiet."

"Like water?" Nino guessed. Jun nodded. "How did he...appear? Like, did he just awake in Ohno already?!"

"There was no sudden change," Jun recalled. "At the time, Ohno just keep staring at me, and for a moment I thought if the Vocal Wizard was there. And then Ohno, or rather the Water Vocal Wizard, smiled at me."

Nino gasped.

"And then, I just lost it and asked straight out where the Earth Talisman is," Jun continued.

"You've got some nerve," Nino nodded. "To ask the Vocal Wizard that. So then, he told you this."

"Yeah, this was all he said. And then Ohno came back like nothing happened," Jun finished. Nino covered his eyes, but Jun knew he was worrying again.

"So it finally happened," Nino whispered.

"No!" Jun immediately said. "Ohno has not completely lost himself."

"But you actually talked to him yourself!" Nino yelled back.

Someone passing by 'shushed' at them. Nino calmed down and dropped his voice lower.

"You spoke with the Vocal Wizard and he responded back," Nino said. "That means Ohno is almost done, isn't he?"

"No, he isn't. Not until all five Vocal Wizards are reunited," Jun repeated.

"So why the hell did you asked him where the Earth Talisman is?" Nino asked, looking irritated. "Why do you want to find it? Do you want them to reunite?!"

Jun was lost at words for a few seconds. He had to come up with a good excuse. He couldn't tell Nino his partnership with Tamaki. If only there was a way to lure in Nino to help him without knowing too much...

Then, Jun's thinking lightbulb went on. If Jun could just convince him...

"Nino," Jun spoke slowly, "how much do you know about the Metal Vocal Wizard?"

Baffled, Nino blinked a few times before he shrugged.

"Not much," Nino said. "My guess is that he controls metal."

"Well," Jun started, "I did a little research on the Vocal Wizard, and I've come to realize that wherever Metal is...Earth has to be there as well."

"That seems pretty legit. So are you assuming that the Earth and Metal Talismans are close by?" Nino asked.

"I believe they are," Jun lied. "It makes sense really. Metal depends on Earth minerals. I've been thinking of finding the Earth Talisman and we'll most likely find the Metal Talisman."

"Why do you want to find them?" Nino asked.

Jun took a deep breath and laid out his fake plan.

"To destroy the Earth Talisman," Jun said.

Nino burst out laughing.

"Idiot! If a talisman was so easy to destroy, don't you think the Elites would have done that first?" Nino brought up.

"I know, but maybe that's just it. They can't be destroyed by any spells, but what if it was their own element?" Jun continued. Nino squinted his eyes.

"What do you mean?" Nino said.

"Metal is just Earth but broken down into single ores," Jun said. "If Metal has that kind of power, then surely it can break down the Earth Talisman."

Nino's eyebrows shot up.

"You've got to be shitting me," Nino gawked.

"I am not shitting on you," Jun glared. "But don't you get it? If we find the Metal Talisman, destroy the Earth Talisman, there will be no second coming of the Vocal Wizards."

Nino slouched his chair and sighed heavily.

"That's one difficult task," Nino said.

"If it means keeping Ohno the way he usually is, would you help me?" Jun finally asked.

Nino frowned. He glanced out the window, thinking deeply. Jun waited, but he just knew he convinced Nino. Finally, Nino sat up straight, looking serious.

"Where do we start?" Nino asked, smirking. Jun smiled.

"For starters...your fly is still open," Jun said. Nino blushed and zipped up his pants.

'Too bad there really is no Metal Talisman., Jun thought sadly.

*           *            *

"Ready everyone?" Professor Sato Ryuta said, loudly. "Step, one-two-three. One-two-three. Step-"

Jun thought DansuMahou was suppose to be exciting, but this has got to be one embarrassing lesson. The class was still learning basic dance formations. Today, they're learning the waltz, and since they're still not allow to combine with girls, they had to pair with each other instead.

And he happened to be paired with an eager bratty Slytherin.

"Come on, Jun. Follow my lead," Nino grinned, trying to hold back his giggle. Jun felt most uncomfortable with Nino's hand placed on his waist.

"I'm taller than you now," Jun pointed out. "I should be leading."

"No talking! More dancing!" Professor Sato shouted over the music. "Remember boys, be graceful."

"Hear that, Jun?" Nino mumbled, winking. "Be graceful."

Jun just grunted and continued on with the embarrassment. At least he wasn't the only one looking embarrassed. The only boy couple that looked like they were enjoying themselves was Aiba and Sho. The other boys watched them with weird looks, but those two were trapped in their own worlds.

"Okay, stop!" Sato clapped his hands together. "Change partners."

"What?!" Aiba, Sho, and Nino snapped while the others grunted.

"Come on, hurry up," Sato said, waving around his wand like a baton. No one looked excited to change partners. "No? Fine then, I'll just have to pair you together myself."

The boys complained even louder.

"Let's see...Nishikido and Yamashita. Don't give me that look, pair up! Okay, Ikuta and Matsumoto, nice nice. Alright, Narimiya and Aiba, over here. Sakurai and Yuya. Ohno and Ninomiya, you two are together."

Jun heard Nino made a tiny gasp. Ohno turned his head and stared at Nino with his usual blank face. Suddenly, Jun felt his own heart racing. Nino slowly walked towards Ohno and grinned, but it faded away.

"Music start!" Sato yelled, and the waltz music came back on.

Before, the music was a little lively, but now this waltz music was mellow. Everyone concentrated with their step movements, but Jun couldn't help himself glance over Toma's shoulder and watch Ohno and Nino dance.

Ohno took lead, and Nino mumbled something to him. Professor Sato continued calling the step counts too loudly that Jun couldn't hear what they were saying. Jun noticed that Sho and Aiba were also watching them.

Jun spotted Ohno chuckling and Nino lowering his head as if embarrassed. Somehow, they looked so calm and peaceful together, as if they were vulnerable to one another. Ohno had a content smile on his face. Nino looked almost feminine next to Ohno, but Nino's eyes looked slightly sad.

If only Jun had mastered Legilimency...

Then, Jun remembered a chapter he read from the book. 'Legilimency is easier when the target is off-guard, relaxed, or otherwise vulnerable.'

"That's it," Jun mumbled.

"What?" Toma asked, idiotically.

"Be quiet for a second, Toma-chan," Jun uttered and glared hard at Nino, waiting for the right moment.

Ohno and Nino slowly twirled until Jun spotted Nino's face. Jun focused on Nino's sadden but 'in love' eyes. Jun didn't know what happened, but suddenly the room was quiet. He lost track of time and listened to a different kind of sound.

Two boys were laughing...

Jun was still watching Nino's eyes, but all he could hear were two young boys laughing and singing. Then, he understood what he was listening into.

Nino's memories.

Jun heard a boy singing softly.

"kienu kienu
samidare no ato kawakanu namida no ato
kesenu kesenu
yamiyo ni ukabu itoshiki hito no kage"

The melody was soft and almost heartbreaking. He continued to hear the slow song while watching Ohno and Nino dance. Jun suddenly felt the urge to dive deeper. He concentrated and felt himself enter pass another layer of Nino's mind.

Suddenly, the classroom disappeared. The sweet song faded, and Jun saw a flash.

"You sack of crap! You worthless son!"

A boy was crying.



Suddenly, Jun felt as if someone knocked him in the head, and his mind came crashing back to earth. The waltz music filled his ears, but Jun had a hard time getting his eyes focused.

"Matsujun? What's the matter?" Toma asked, still being idiotic.

Jun blinked a few times and managed to gain his vision back. He saw Nino glaring at him with an unbelievable look of hatred in his eyes. Jun couldn't stop panting as if he ran for miles. Nino continued to glare hard at him with vicious anger, but Jun spotted his eyes looking watery...

Nino pushed Ohno away and dashed out of the classroom.

"Ninomiya, where are you going?" Professor Sato called after him. But Nino was gone.

The boys stopped dancing, shocked. Ohno looked upset and lowered his head as if it was his fault. Jun, however, was thinking of something else.

'He blocked me! Did Nino...just used Occlumency?!'
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....must i spaz with you?...ok.
EEEEEHHHHHH!?!?!? NANIIIII!!? O___O Nino knows occlumency?!?!?!

do you guys ever play Maou soundtrack (particularly luciFUGE) and when the music intensifies, you smirk to yourself and pretend you're plotting something evil? cuz that's what i do XDDD

waaah!~ i think this chapter wasn't as long, but i think it reveals a lot. for one, the story's song is nino's solo song "Konseki" also known as "Kako." (they are the same song)
let me tell you how hard it was to pick the song for nino!!! i was debating between konseki and niji!! i love niji! i love the intro piano to it, and i wanted to use that song so badly!! but then, i look up the lyrics for konseki...and that sealed the deal. ^^

ok! it's recap time!!

- a boyfriend girlfriend fight for maotsujun!
- jun rethinks about the only clue he has from the water vocal wizard
-jun reveals to nino that he had spoke a little with the vocal wizard
-jun wants nino's help in finding the earth talisman, so he comes up with a fake plan for nino to fall for (find the metal talisman, destroy the earth talisman, no more reunion of the vocal wizard)
-nino agrees to help. but he's unaware of jun's true intention
-a sweet ohmiya dance in class
-jun was curious and tries legilimency for the first time
-reveals a trace of nino's hidden past
-could nino possible used occlumency to block jun?

QUESTION TO MAOTSUJUN FANS!!! you guys know where i can find the hanadan final directors cut? really, i'm trying to find the scene with mao and jun dancing on the island (which shouldn't have been cut!!) i've tried looking for it, but i've come up empty handed. T__T
(sigh) i wish i know how to dance


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