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The 5 Arashi Princesses

Title: The 5 Arashi Princesses

By: ArashiLovesYou (also in LJ account arashiforyou)

Genre: Humor/ TV show (is that a genre?)

Pairings: Ohmiya, but a little every pairing possible.

Rating: PG

Summary: Arashi's latest episode on Arashi no Shukudai-kun...Arashi becomes Princesses?! The guest today is...Shun Oguri! Shun eats noodles in a particular way, Arashi trys different methods of fixing back pains. And Arashi dresses in...dresses!

Author's Note: Here's part 2, and part 3 will come soon. ^_^




The 5 Arashi Princesses

Part 2 - Arashi Yoga Again?

The commercials were over quickly as the show came back on. Sho smiled at the camera as his face was zoomed out to view the rest of the members.

"Welcome back, and now moving on to fix Shun-kun's problem." Sho said, reading the card. " 'Please help fix my back pains.' What does this mean?"

"I have severe back pains after work." Shun explained.

"Oh, lately you've been busy, ne?" Sho complemented.

"Yes, my new drama Tokyo DOGS. Please watch it." Shun smiled as the music for his drama began to play.

"You always get such cool roles." Jun said, rubbing his chin.

"Yeah, like he was a punk in that movie Crows Zero." Aiba said. "And a silent jumper in Hana Kimi."

"Shun does seem to get cool and calm characters." Ogura-san nodded. Shun looked bashful.

"Hanazawa Rui was also a cool character." Jun said.

"You two worked together alot, ne?" Sho said.

"Gokusen, Hanadan, Smile." Jun counted.

"Ne, you two have such a deep relationship." Sho giggled.

"What the heck..." Nino mumbled, trying to hid a smile.

"What?" Sho said.

"Oh, we worked together too." Shun said, as if he just remembered.

"Eh?" The audience said.

"What? You all forgot?!" Nino asked the audience, shocked.

"What? When?" Jun asked.

"Stand up!" Nino yelled to Jun.

"Oh, yeah! I remember now." Aiba nodded "It always seems like the actors in Jun's dramas are more popular than in Nino's."

"Hey!" Nino yelled, but smirked.

"Like Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara with Inoue Mao." Sho commented.

"Such a long title." Jun mumbled.

"I heard that." Nino pointed.

The audience laughed

"So Shun, you have back pains after your shoots?" Sho asked, getting back to task.

"Because its an action drama. And my character is a very stiff person. So whenever I have to hold the gun, I get stiff for very long. When I'm done, I get back pains, but I managed to do exercises to help relieve it." Shun explained.

"But you always do alot of action stunts." Sho said.

"You're too young to complain about back pains." Ogura-san said. Everyone laughed since Ogura-san was already an old man.

"No, no. I'm not complaining, I have methods now." Shun smiled.

"Really?" Sho asked.

They prepared the stage with the furniture gone and yoga rugs for everyone but Ogura-san since he always just watch the bakas make a fool of themselves on tv.

"Is this another yoga episode?" Nino complained.

"Just to tell you ahead, Shun-kun...I'm very flexible." Sho lied, and the audience laughed hard.

"So I've heard." Shun nodded. He rubbed his hands. "Ok, this one, I made up. You put your left foot in front and your right foot in the back, lining up with your front foot."

Shun demonstrated.

"Then I open my arms like this." He continued.

"It looks like he's about to take off." Aiba commented. Everyone giggled.

"Then you twist with your left hand soaring upwards." Shun explained, and he stayed in that position.

"OH, pose. Pose!" Sho commented as the camera zoomed in on Shun's dramatic posing.

Immediately, Ohno copying. But he wasn't as graceful. He winced and rubbed his back as the audience laughed.

"Did it work?" Shun asked.

"I think I pulled a muscle instead." Ohno whined. Nino rubbed Ohno's back.

"Ok, this one you lay down." Shun said, and laid on his belly. "Everyone do it."

"Do it"

"Do it!"

"Ya, do it!"

"Shut up!" Shun yelled, but laughed. "Ok, you grab your ankles and then you...LIFT."

Shun raised his head and legs as high as he could. His eyes widen as he stayed in this position as well for the camera to zoom in on him.

"Pose, pose!" Jun pointed.

"That's impossible." Sho mumbled.

"As expected from Reporter-san." Nino smirked.

"Everyone try it." Shun suggested.

The Arashi members grabbed their ankles, but one was having trouble even touching his feet. Sho twisted and turned, trying to reach his ankles. Everyone watched and laughed at the reporter's failure.

Shun came from behind and pushed Sho's feet slightly upward and made Sho grabbed them from behind. Sho's face was priceless. His mouth round as a coin. But since Sho was so stiff, his body was still turned, and the camera zoomed in on his pose.

"Ok, everyone. Lift your head up." Shun ordered.

Ohno lifted his head, but grunted his teeth as if feeling excruciating pain. Nino had his eyes shut, but wasn't lifting his head high enough. Jun's eyes were really wide, and he was smiling with pain. Aiba also had his mouth opened.

"Ok, back down." Shun said, and all five crashed down.

"Ah! That hurts!" Aiba moaned, rubbing his shoulder.

"That wasn't so bad." Sho smirked. Everyone laughed.

"Ok, this last one. You need a partner." Shun said.

Nino quickly wrapped his arm around Ohno. Aiba walked across the stage and dragged Sho to his side. Jun just stood there like a lost puppy.

"I'll be your partner." Shun smiled. Jun smiled, scratching the back of his head.

"Oooh~!" The audience cat called.

"First, we go back to back. And we link arms."

Shun and Jun chained their arms together. Immediately, Shun lifted Jun and leaned forward, making Jun bend his back. Jun laughed the entire time.

"Ok, your turn." Shun said, and Jun leaned as far as he could, which made Shun bend backwards.

"Let's try it." Aiba asked Sho.

But as Aiba tried to lean forward, Sho yelled.

"Ah! Stop, stop!" Sho complained, but Aiba leaned far forward that Sho was nearly a right angle. Sho's mouth was round again.

But the camera was looking at another pair.

"Hey, you're suppose to be backwards to each other." Shun yelled.

But Nino and Ohno faced each other, arms wrapped around each other's waist, and Nino leaned forward as Ohno leaned back. The audience screeched with fangirlism as Ohno leaned foward and Nino backwards. Then Nino leaned forward so much, Ohno toppled backwards and Nino collapsed on top.

"Hey, we don't need to see that." Sho said, trying to block Nino and Ohno on the floor.

Shun was laughed uncontrollable.

To Part Three >>

well, hope that had much ohmiya in it. this one was short because the last part is what will really be interesing. prepare yourself for some disney karoke (i know that was a spoiler)  ;)



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