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Freeter Ie O Kau Review (To Close To Home!!)

 I just watched Nino's new drama, Freeter Ie O Kau, in English subs. I purposely waited for it to be subbed because I didn't wanted to get spoiled by watching it raw.

When I was reading the articles about the drama, I wasn't so sure if I'll like. Honestly! I mean, most of the summaries I got was 'a part-timer buying a house.' And I thought. '...oh. that sounds very...different.' -__-

But I'm glad I watched it anyways! The first episode, struck me hard. Why? It's just to close to home.

SPOILERS. Don't read if you didn't watch it.
The first episode got good ratings. And I'm sure professionals gave their reviews. But here is my own review.

It starts off with Seiji Take(Ninomiya) doing weird 'exercises' as part of his job interview, I assume. But what got to me was the boss. How many of us have this kinda boss? Or at least worked or seen one before? Right? Typical. Makes me want to beat the crap out of him. But there are people like that. It goes to show that if you really want to draw attention, you've really got to sell.

 Ninomiya plays Seiji Take. (He's so cute! But he's pretty serious in this drama)

Business is hard. Like a rock!

Then, Take quits. Which was something I did too. And I understand too much the hardships of finding a job, but one that lacks a work experience. It's really difficult. So as the drama continues, with every letter of rejected Take gets, I feel it too. (painful memories)

I don't know why, but I get the impression that part-time jobs in Japan are easy to find. They have a freakin' book for people to look at! Sure, I can get the Washington Post, but these days, those jobs still require some kind of license or certified or classes needed. 

Maybe as a college student, I should focus on my studies. But I can't keep depending on financial aid!

And what also got my attention was the family moments. The father is hard on Take, calling him weak and talentless. It pays 20,00 yen to feed him (I guess $250) And the mother always spoiling Take-kun.

 This ball of fluff eats 20,000 yen?! Maybe in a week....or a month.

For me, it also hit home. Tension brews. We didn't moved because we wanted too. It is too similar. It makes me think of my own family. My mother is always optimistic too, makes one think what is really going on in her mind.

Take-kun continues with regular part-time jobs, but is really hopping around. Working at a convenient store, bookstore, warehouse. At the same time, going to job interviews. He went to an IT interview, where part of the interview was type on computers. Everyone around were expertly typing, and Take-kun knew he wasn't going to make it.

 (ha! I wish I work for a movie)

It hurts when you go to an interview and notice someone else much more capable for the job than you are. It's like walking into a place you already lost without even starting.

Take-kun tries contacting with his friends. Wouldn't it be nice? You can still just hang out with your friends? But not at this age. It's work now. Everyone is busy. Money is suddenly more important than playing around. Take-kun invites his friends for karaoke, but they all turn him down.

Do I have to say this also struck home for me? I think we've all had this situation. Planning for a nice hang out, but then not alot or none can come? They are all just too busy.

 that's what they might as well say.

Then, Take-kun quits his part-time. It seems like he doesn't understand how to behave in front of customers. He doesn't greet them properly at the convenient store, and he gives a bored attitude at the warehouse to customers. It's a personality issue.

This doesn't connect with me, personally, because I'd be thrilled if I had that job!

So Take-kun hasn't found a job for another whole year, and he sleeps late and gets cranky with his own mom, who simple asked what he wanted for dinner. 

The mother breaks down, but Take-kun was too busy playing video games. It was painful to watch because a certain someone is also stuck in her room all day. When Take-kun finally goes downstairs for dinner, he finds his mother mentally ill. 

More argues rise with his family. His father yells at him 'you never worked a day in your life,' his sister is worried. He can't stand it and runs as far as he can. Sometimes, if feels good to run. But it's when you stop running is when you realized you have to go back, and that's harsh.

Take-kun was lucky enough to find a construction job that immediately hired him no questions asked. 

To bad, I couldn't find a job like that.

Even with a new job, Take-kun still has an attitude for working. He meets a female worker, and when he tells him about why he chooses this job, she tells him he's just making excuses.

Basically, he was just finding excuses for working a job, and not simply doing the job because he wants to. It took me a few years to understand that too. A long time ago, I need a job because I thought I just needed the money. But as the years go by, I realize that I'll be happy with any job. I will gladly do it for the sole purpose because I want to do it.

It is better to do something than doing nothing.

Take-kun continued on with his work, but he was too weak and messed up. No one helped him. It was the physically demanding work when he realizes how much his mother was doing her best for him. And he was slacking for the past years.

This first episode got me good. I didn't cry, but it got me feel disappointed in myself. I saw too much of me in Nino's character. Nino's acting continues to blow us away to Mars. And I'll be looking forward to see the other characters as well.

I highly recommend this drama. Even with the first episode subbed, it speaks out to those unemployed. I didn't watch the 2nd episode, because I'm waiting for the English subs. But I'll be waiting.

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