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Ohno's 30th Birthday!!

Here is a collection of short drabbles in celebration to Ohno's 30th birthday!

So, to show my appreciation to Arashi's "Saiko" Leader, here's *30* ohno-centric drabble collection!
^^ weee

By: arashiforyou
Genre: Varies!
Parings! Arashi x Ohno (it changes with each drabble! everyone is happy!)
Rating: G-PG13 ^^

a/n: some of these drabbles can act as a prompt. you'll see! ;)  ENJOY!!!

Someone To Rely On

Everyone always admire Sho's independence. He's a newscaster, he's an idol, he writes rap lyrics. He's the ideal husband, boyfriend, companion, etc. Everyone always talk about how great Sho is and how everyone can rely on Sho.

But who does Sho turn to?

Ohno sits quietly at the far edge of the sofa, sketching a new idea for his paintings. Sho is exhausted for the day. So many co-workers come to him for advice, his voice to hoarse, he had to turn down five confessions (three of them were guys) and he's just worn out to the bone.

Sho collapsing on the couch next to Ohno, not having to say a word. Ohno just smirked to himself and allowed Sho's head to rest on his shoulder...

That Lost Video

"Aiba! I finally got it back!" Ohno shouted down the hall. "Sho found it and gave it back."

"What?" Aiba asked. Ohno checked behind him and around, making sure no one was watching.

"This." Ohno smirked, pulling out a DVD. Aiba gasped. "The one you recorded."

"That old video? The one I let your borrow?" Aiba smirked, his eyebrows dancing.

"Do you have a new one?" Ohno whispered, sneakily slipping the DVD into Aiba's bag.

"I can't record anymore." Aiba whispered, looking guilty. "Nino found all the cameras."

Opposites Attract

"Your hands are so beautiful." Nino said for the hundredth time.

Ohno just nodded and allowed Nino to caress his long fingers and palms.

"I mean, my hands are so short and stubby and thick." Nino complained again. "Why can't mine be like yours?"

Ohno laced his fingers together with the 'hamburger hands' and his eyes smiled at Nino.

"The space between my fingers is just enough for yours to fit though."

Drama Partners

"You must make a vow of ever-lasting love." Ohno read the script, helping Jun practice his lines for his new stage play.

"I'll make it. It's all I ever wanted." Jun dramatic whispered. Ohno started to get into character as well. Even if the role is suppose to be for a girl.

"You must prove it to the world." Ohno gasped, his voice a little higher.

"How will I do that?" Jun asked, grasping Ohno's hands.

"I-I don't know!" Ohno whimpered, his eyes teary.

"Come to the ball tomorrow night!" Jun said. "Before the whole world, I will make a vow of ever-lasting love."



"What are you guys doing?" Nino walked in. Ohno and Jun just inches away from making out...

Transfer of Power

"When will you be coming back?" Sho asked, trying to be calm and collected.

"Probably in three or four months." Ohno answered. "I'm glad you came to see me off."

"The others wanted to come too, but they're too busy with work." Sho said. "Did you say goodbye to them?"

"I did. Poor Jun cried his eyes out." Ohno chuckled.

"I can't believe you'll be making a movie in America." Sho said. "It's Nino all over again."

"I can't believe it either." Ohno smiled. 

Sho just smirked until he felt his throat getting dangerously tight. He knew if he spoke another word, his calm cover would be blown. He cleared his throat, but then the flight attendant announced Ohno's plane is ready to board. Sho's tears poured out.

"I'll really miss you, Riida." Sho sobbed. Ohno pulled Sho into a tight embrace.

"Look after them for me." Ohno whispered.


"There will be no turning back." Ohno mumbled, his face darken. Aiba was laying on the wet asphalt, clutching his bloody wound. The rain was pouring hard.

"I'm willing to take risks." Aiba gasped. "I can't die. Not yet."

Ohno's eyes glowed red, and Aiba felt the goosebumps crawling up his body.

"Then...I shall make you eternal."

Ohno's eyes shaded into a darker red. The dark alleyway was empty and abandoned except for one man and one monster. Ohno tilted Aiba's head and bared his inhuman fangs. Aiba gasped when a sharp pain pierced into his flesh. Aiba screamed into the night as his blood transformed into something immortal... 


"No..." Ohno whispered, "you''re..."

"It's okay." Nino sighed, his eyes sleepy. "It'll be alright."

"Nino?" Ohno gasped, his vision foggy from the tears in his eyes.

"Ohno," Nino blinked slowly. "I cold."

"It's ok! I'm here! So please..." Ohno sniffed. "Don't leave us...don't leave me."

"Please...don't cry." Nino said again. "Oh-chan...I feel sleepy."

"Don't you dare go to sleep!" Ohno cried, grabbing to Nino's hand tighter.

"Riida," Nino gasped, "will you...go out to dinner with me?" Nino closed his eyes. The monitor stopped beeping and the long dreaded sound of death lingered forever in Ohno's ears...


Ohno was skipping happily on his way home from the grocery store. He was excited to cook for Jun tonight. It's their anniversary of their secret relationship. It was taboo for them to be together behind Arashi's back, but Ohno is happy.

Ohno couldn't wait. He opened the door to his apartment and turned on the lights.

"Ohno!" Jun gasped, naked on the couch with a woman. 

Ohno was speechless. He dropped the grocery bag and ran away. Tears started to leak out as he ran down the lonely road...


"This sushi is so good!" Sho squealed, his cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk. Ohno too.

"Ah! Umai!" They hugged...something poked Sho.

"This tune is so catchy." Sho grinned, dancing to the music. Ohno did too.

"Fuufuufuu." Ohno laughed. They hugged...something poked Sho.

"Thanks for covering me back there" Sho said, behind stage. Ohno smiled.

They hugged. Ohno gasped.

"Did something poked me?" He said, looking down. Sho's face turned red.

"Sorry...that was me."


"This is bad." Ohno hissed, shivering and rubbing his hands together. "We're trapped. And there's no way to get out...Damn it! I knew hiking without a guide was a bad idea."

Aiba was shivering badly. He stopped talking a while ago, and Ohno was worrying if Aiba was entering a severe case of hypothermia. They lost their supplies and it could be hours until they're rescued.

Then, Ohno remembered from a certain Arashi no Shukudai-kun episode where the guest said he has a warm back. 

He immediately unzipped his jacket, removed his sweaters and shirt. He removed Aiba's torso clothes as well but kept the sleeves on. He pressed his bare chest against Aiba's back, and he wrapped the remaining clothes over them.

Ohno hoped the body heat will keep them warm until someone came for them.

"Hang in there, Aiba."

Use Protection Kids

"I'm starting to get worried. You know...about that thing." Nino said quietly and very serious. Ohno looked serious too.
"Maybe I should check with the doctor." Nino said. Ohno didn't reply back. "It's been itchy. Sometimes blood comes out whenever I have to go."

"Hmm." Ohno mumbled.

"What should we do?" 

"...maybe my fist is too big."


"Christmas is almost upon us. What would you like?" Jun asked, looking through the catalog.

Ohno just sat there with his far-away look.

"I was thinking of getting you a new paint set." Jun continued chattering.

Ohno just scratched his nose.

"Or maybe a new fishing rod?" Jun said, happily looking at the options.

Ohno gently grabbed Jun's hand to stop turning the pages. Their eyes met. Ohno was calm and his eyes were round and innocent.

"I just want you." Ohno answered. "Just an hour longer than you usually stay is enough for me."


For the first time in his life, a real serious scandal has surfaced. Sho has lived a careful life as an idol. Usually, a scandal about him was just a small fry. But when Ohno read the morning paper, it was on the front page. He was totally outraged and couldn't believe it. The worse part was the photo evidence. But he knew Sho would never do such a thing. 

"Sho, how are you doing?" Ohno asked in their dressing room. Sho looked tired and skinny. As if he hasn't eaten anything.

"Sho?" Ohno started to feel worried. Suddenly, Sho burst into tears and hugged Ohno.

"I'm sorry, Ohno!" Sho sobbed. "Please believe me! I didn't do it! It wasn't me! Forgive me, Ohno."

Ohno was shocked. But he wrapped his arms around Sho nonetheless.

"It'll be okay." Ohno whispered. "I understand...we'll get through this."

Lord and Servant 

"Young Lord!" Ohno gasped, and immediately bowed before His Majesty.

"As you were." Lord Aiba Masaki uttered, looking around the place with caution.

"Young Lord, what brings you to the city?" Ohno asked, his head still bowed.

"I ran away from the castle." Lord Aiba whispered. Ohno snapped his head up.

"What?! Young Lord, you shouldn't. It is dangerous here."

"Please," Lord Aiba knelt next to Ohno and grasp his hands. "Take me far away from this place! Somewhere I can breathe and see the world. I be free."

Ohno gulped. He saw the determination in the young man's eyes. Ohno stood up and ran away with Master Aiba to the countryside...


Ohno's room was white, and his clothes were white too. Ohno has no idea how long he's been here, or if he just got here. The door opened.

"Hey, Ohno-kun."

Ohno glared at the man holding flowers.

"Who are you?"

"...My name is Ninomiya Kazunari. I'm your friend." He smiled.

Ohno blinked. He was standing at the corner of his room. He wasn't sure how long he's been here, or if he just got here. The door opened.


Ohno glared at the man.

"Who are you?"

"...My name is Ninomiya Kazunari." He said with sad eyes. "I'm...your friend."


"Crap, we're lost." Jun grunted, staring out into the island forest. Ohno wadded his way out from the ocean, his face stained with black smoke like Jun.

"Do you think the others are alright?" Ohno asked.

"I don't know." Jun sighed. "I can't even see the boat out at sea anymore."

"What should we do?" Ohno said, looking around worried. "Should we look if others survived the explosion?"

A loud growling noise came from the forest. Jun and Ohno huddle close, waiting for a beast to pounce on them. Birds flew into the sky and they heard pounding feet coming closer.

"Where are we?" Ohno muttered.

Jinxed Since He Was Made Leader

One day, Sho and Ohno went out for a drink. They stayed long into the night until the bartender told them to pay up. Only one way to settle this...

"Rock is first, Janken Pon!"

Ohno wins by rock over scissors.

"Ahh!" Sho grunted, having to pay the bill. Ohno laughed by himself and took one last sip of his beer.

Another day of recording for their variety show, and someone had to do another embarrassing impersonation. Ohno and Sho eyed each other.

"Rock is first, Janken Pon!"

"AHH!" Sho shouted, losing again. Ohno couldn't help but look smug. Nino giggled.

"Against Riida, Sho can never win a game of janken." Nino explained.


Ohno has never been so worried in his life. The internet and news channels wouldn't stop talking about it. The others didn't know what to do and Sho was completely devastated.

Aiba has gone missing.

Ohno clutched his hands tightly and pounded his forehead. Blaming himself. He was the last person to see Aiba...

"Hey, Ohno-kun." Aiba said. Ohno was too busy drawing a picture to look up.


" you think I..." Aiba mumbled. Ohno still didn't look at him. Aiba sighed. "Never mind."

"Hmm." Ohno mumbled.

Now, Ohno wished he take it all back...


"So it'll be more like this," Ohno told him, twirling on his toes and ending with his arms spread out. Nino just nodded.

"Uh huh." 

"And then on the 'and' of the 3rd beat, we should all step to the left and-" Ohno demonstrated for Nino.

"Yeah," Nino said, his mouth slightly open and his eyes wondering.

"Then on the final count we come together like this." Ohno said, his hands raised to finish his choreography. Nino just sat there dumbfounded and his chin resting on his hamburger palms.

"Nino, are you drooling?" Ohno asked. NIno quickly straighten up, whipping his mouth.

"No!" Nino snapped. "C-can you do it again? You can take off your shirt if you're hot."

He Still Can't Say It

Ohno watched Matsujun split his chopsticks and cleaning the wooden splinters repeatedly. Ohno hoped Jun would stop, but he didn't. The chopsticks were shaved down just fine by now, but Jun continued to rub the two sticks back and forth.

'I have to tell him.' Ohno thought. 'That's what I was advised to do. Tell him to stop.'

"Ah, I'm so hungry." Jun said, making conversation. The other members noticed Ohno's uncomfortable face.

"Hey, Ohno. Was there something you want to say?" Nino said, heavily eyeing towards the unsuspected Jun.

"Eh...err...uhh...M-matsujun." Ohno spoke. "N-ne, ehh...uhhh...y-you uhh-"

"Itadakimasu!" Jun smiled, oblivious to the situation.

Ohno pouted while the other members snickered at Riida's failure...again!

The Reason Why He Doesn't Read Fanfic...

"Can you imagine writing 30 drabbles?" Sho asked.

"Yeah. That just sounds crazy." Ohno agreed.

"Do you even know what a drabble is?"


"I'm surprised Riida! For someone who always check to see if fans like him." Sho raised his eyebrow. He pushed his laptop closer for Ohno to see. "Read this and tell me what you think."

"...But this is all in English."

"Oh, right." 

Being Short Sucks

Ohno was reaching as high as he could. He was standing on his tippy-toes. He jumped as high as he could. But he never reached his goal.

"I'll give it back if you say it." Aiba smirked, easily hovering Ohno's onigiri over his head.

"Fine." Ohno grunted, tired of playing games. 

"And you have to really mean it, too!" Aiba added. Ohno complained, grunted, and moaned like a spoiled child. He calmed himself and then gave his best Kaibutsu-kun face.

"Masaki Dot Com Saikoooo!" Ohno roared.

The Other Nino

Ohno was minding his own business at home, folding his laundry and listening to music. He hummed to himself as he entered his bedroom to put away his clothes. When he walked out, he spotted something moving from the corner of his eye.

"Who's there?" Ohno flinched automatically. But no one was there except his large mirror. "Huh..."

He approached the mirror, but only saw his reflection and the room behind him. Then, the mirror blurred and a new man was standing next to him. Ohno jumped and looked behind him.

But no one was there.

"Come with me to the dark realm." The man in the mirror echoed. Ohno gasped.

"Nino?!" The man in the mirror reached out and dragged Ohno into darkness...


Jun was ready for another tour as well as the other members. He had his suitcases ready and packed, all twenty-three of them. Ohno walked up to the commercial bus with only one pouch strapped to his waist.

"That's all?" Jun had to ask. Ohno looked at Jun's luggage.

"That many?" Ohno asked back.


Who Would Win Part 4!

"You should know Naruse-san...I know everything about you." MC Kamiyama smirked. 

Naruse was unmoved.

"I'm flattered." Naruse said. MC twitched and continued with the finale Dream Chance question.

"Who plans to kill Naoto Serizawa?" MC asked. "A) Manaka Tomoo B) Naruse Ryo C) Arashi or D) Ohno Satoshi?"

"Hey, wait a minute. That's a trick question!" Ohno snapped.

"Quit ruining the mood! Stay in character." Sho argued. "We have to find out who is the better mastermind!"

"It's Domyouji!" Jun butted in.

"Ariake Kouchi." Nino argued. "Actually, can I change to my character in Gantz?"

"No!" The three men yelled.

"You guys have such issues." Aiba laughed at them, and snapped a picture with his Masamune-kun camera.

A no Arashi Never Ends

"Masaki!" Ohno shouted down the hall. Everyone knows when Ohno's angry if he yells out your first name.

"Yes?" Aiba said, trying to hide his laugh.

"What was it you fed me?!"

"A blue cupcake."

"Did you knew this would happen?" Ohno's face turned red.

"What do you mean?" Aiba asked. The other members looked up to see what the commotion was. "Can you tell me what happened?"

Ohno looked back at the others, and showed signs of embarrassment. Aiba was enjoying this. Ohno mumbled under his breath.

"What was that? Speak up Riida." Aiba said, loudly.

"My poop was blue." Ohno said.

The whole room laughed.

Even Drunk...

Ohno wasn't a big fan of karaokes. Because in the end, everyone would bug him to sing an Arashi song. So thankfully, it was only Nino and Ohno singing. They'll be too drunk to remember the next morning anyways.

"Ohno-kun!" Nino shouted. "Sing...a love song for me!" 

"But I wanna sing an anime song."

"Sing an anime love song, baka!" Nino said. Ohno just nodded his round, red, drunk face and selected a song.

"For Nino monster." Ohno smirked. The music began to play 'Eternal Snow'

"Hold me tight, konna omoi nara." Ohno's voice filled the room. Nino sighed.

'Even when he's drunk, he's the best singer.'

Who's Facial Hair Looked Best?

"I think I looked more reasonable." Jun admitted. "A simple mustache and beard seems manageable."

"But wasn't my beard cute at the time?" Ohno pointed out, touching his chin.

"You were just scared to shave because your skin was too dark and your chin would've been white."

"Well, you looked like someone from Spain with your beard."

"At least I looked hot!" Jun comeback. "Sho, Aiba, and Nino were arguing and made a waiting list."

Ohno's mouth hang open in both shock and jealousy.

Don't Forget, He Is A Professional

Ohno was listening to the new song the composer gave to Arashi to listen in private. They were suppose to memorize the lyrics and understand the rhythm. Ohno took the job to plan the dance choreography. 

He was listening with his iPod, and dancing to the music on the way home. A beat would come up, and he would move on the spot.

"I should draw that out." He mumbled to himself. 

The next day, he came back with a full plan for the dance, and he taught the other members.

"After the key change we switch sides." Ohno instructed. "At the pick-up note before the quarter rest, we need to pop the arm like this...and then thrust the hip this way."

"Ohno's on fire, ne." Nino whispered to Jun.

"He's a professional." Jun nodded.

"Ok, let's start from the top." Ohno said, making a quick jog to the boom box. The floor was so slippery from their sweat, Ohno slipped and landed hard on his back.

"Or maybe not." Jun smiled.

To The Best Leader...

"Happy Birthday to you!" Everyone began to sing. 

Ohno was stunned beyond words. There was a massive cake waiting for him and the candles around it. He had to cover his mouth to stop his quivering lip.

As he approached the outrageous cake, he began to realized he didn't know what his birthday wish should be. His mind was racing as he got closer to the cake. 

He made eye contact with his fellow members. Their heartwarming smiles, the hardworking sweat on their faces, the fans cheering and clapping for him. That's when Ohno knew...he didn't need to make a wish. He had everything he wanted right then and there.

'Thank you....' Ohno whispered before he blew out his candles.


Happy Birthday, Ohno!! 

(sigh) after nearly three long weeks. i've completely my celebration of ohno's birthday! i was working on a fanvid i've though up for days. it's the first time i seriously wanted to be good. i did my best! and then i did my specialty,...drabble collection!
with these done, i can finally go back to my main focus in my little fandom arashi/hogwarts fic ^^



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