ArashiForYou (arashiforyou) wrote,

Fourth Year at Hogwarts

Title: Fourth Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: OG13
Summary: Matsujun is a fourth year at Hogwarts. Jun is still having trouble finding where the next talisman would be, so he concocted a plan for Nino to help him. Then, during their classes, Jun's curiosity got the best of him and tried his first Legilimency on Nino. He only saw a glimpse of something that Nino did not wanted to share. What really happened in Nino's past? How will they find the next Talisman? What will Jun do?

A/N: i'm only updating this one as fast as i can so i can focus on ohno drabbles for his b-day! ^^

Chapter 7-  Nino's Memories

When the bell rang, Jun immediately ran out the classroom with his and Nino's bag, hoping he could still catch up to Nino. Ohno, Sho, and Aiba were right behind him.

"Damn!" Jun grunted, as the corridors slowly filled with more students. There was no way they'll find Nino.

"We should split up," Sho suggested.

"I'll go with Sho-chan!" Aiba shot his hand up.

"Masaki comes with me," Sho agreed, no hesitation. "Matsujun, why don't you and Ohno check the school grounds?"

"Right," Ohno nodded. Jun stared down the crowded hallways in defeat. Ohno tugged on Jun's arm and led him downstairs to the ground floor.

The winter weather settled in early. The students had to bundle up whenever they have outdoor classes like Herbology or Care of Magical Creatures. Jun wrapped his arms around himself, but Ohno looked immune to the cold.

Together, the two Gryffindors explored the grounds and walked further and further away from the castle. Ohno searched frantically, squinting his eyes, but had no luck. Jun still was in a daze, trying to remember what he saw in Nino's mind. He only wanted to know what was Nino thinking while dancing with Ohno. He only wanted to know...

"How much do you know?" Ohno asked. Jun jumped a little, forgotten about Ohno's abilites.

"Nino," Jun spoke, gazing at the frosty ground. "He told me a little about his childhood. Just a little."

"And?" Ohno asked, his eyebrow raised. Jun gulped.

"Well, he looked so happy when he was dancing with you in class today," Jun said, suddenly feeling scared under Ohno's piercing eyes. "I-I just wonder what was going on in his mind."

Ohno's eyes widen. "You tried to read into Nino's mind?" Ohno asked, calmly.

"I heard a melody," Jun answered. "This sorta sad melody. Maybe Nino was singing in his mind. But I-I tried to go deeper and...I heard a man. He used the Cruciatus Curse on Nino."

Ohno closed his eyes, looked utterly disappointed. He turned around, his back looking so heavy and burden with a pain Jun never knew Ohno had. Jun felt he should leave Ohno alone, but the look on Ohno's face earlier made Jun feel like reaching out and helping out a friend. But before he could do that, Jun wanted to know the truth.

"What happened in Nino's past?" Jun finally blurted out. He continued to watch Ohno's broad back. "How is it that he knows about the Cruciatus Curse so much at such a young age? How does he know Occlumency?"

Ohno turned around, confused. Jun figured that meant Ohno didn't know about the last part. Ohno sighed through his nose, his eyes looking tired.

"I'm not sure if I have the right to tell you his story," Ohno said, seriously. Jun half smiled.

"There's no way Nino will talk to me after what happened," Jun said, veering his eyes into the Dark Forest. "He's so delicate. Once you think you have his trust, one wrong move and he'll hate your guts like there's no tomorrow."

Then, Ohno let out a chuckle.

"Nino is not really like that," Ohno reassured him. "Truthfully, he wants to forgive and forget. He may be hard to read at times. He shifts a lot like an earthquake, but he's just sensitive. He hates conflict. I'm sure he'll forgive you."

"Ohno..." Jun mumbled, feeling teary.

"Come on. Let's check the Qudditch field," Ohno said, heading towards the three goal posts in sight.

Sure enough, there was one solo flyer zooming around the field. Ohno approached the field while Jun slowly fell behind on purpose. Ohno looked back, rolled his eyes, and grabbed Jun's arm.

"W-wait a minute," Jun struggled. "What if he tries to curse me?"

"He won't," Ohno grunted, dragging Jun closer to the center field. The solo flyer circled high above them like a hawk. Jun gulped, staring up at the dark shadow that blinded him because of the sun glare.

"Nino!" Ohno called. "Come down already."

"Don't wanna," Nino's faint voice yelled back.

"Nino!" Ohno yelled louder. "Come down! I want to eat my bread I left in my dorm earlier!"

Nino stopped circling but continued to stare down at them. Jun hated how he couldn't see Nino's face. Even if he squinted his eyes, the sun behind Nino was unbearable.

"Whatever happened in class, Jun wants to apologize!" Ohno yelled. "I'm sorry. We're all sorry. So please come down."

Nino didn't reply.

"I guess he's really angry," Ohno sighed in defeat. "Sometimes, it's best to give him some space. Let's go."

"S-sure," Jun nodded.

But then, Jun felt a soft breeze against his back. Nino landed smoothly, glaring at both of them. The weather was cold, but his glare was even colder.

"I'm sorry, Oh-chan," Nino said, not taking his eyes off of Jun, "but can I borrow Jun for awhile?"

Ohno glanced back at Jun.

"I-I'll be fine," Jun said, not so sure if he will.

"Nino-" Ohno spoke, but Nino cut him off.

"I only want to talk to him now," Nino snapped.

Ohno looked like he wanted to say more, but he finally nodded and slowly walked away. Jun watched Ohno disappear behind the Quidditch stand and head towards the castle. When he turned back, Nino pulled out his wand.

"Whoa!" Jun gasped and reached for his wand.

"Relax!" Nino barked.

He waved his wand, and a vial bottle popped out of nowhere. Nino grabbed the bottle and pointed his wand to his head. For a horrifying second, Jun thought Nino was going to commit suicide, but then Nino slowly pulled his wand away. A long silver string drew away from Nino's head, and he gently placed it inside the vial.

"What is that?" Jun asked.

Nino didn't reply back as he continued to draw out more silver liquid strings from his head. He corked the vial shut.

"You answer my questions first before I tell you anything," Nino retorted, still angry.

"O-okay," Jun nodded.

Nino pocketed the bottle; his wand was still out.

"First...when did you learn Legilimency?" Nino demanded.

"I-I read it in a book," Jun admitted. "I found it in the library. I was just curious."

"So you thought it would be fun to read into my thoughts?" Nino growled.

"You looked so happy," Jun said, defensively. "You were enjoying yourself when you were dancing with Ohno. I was only wondering...if you still-"

"So what did you saw?" Nino asked.

"I heard a song," Jun replied. "A sad song, I think. Maybe it was you singing."

Nino sighed heavily before Jun continued.

"And then I saw...a little boy. Cursed by his parent, I think," Jun finished, glancing up at Nino.

His eyes looked extremely sorrowful.

"So that's all, huh?" Nino said, tucking his wand away.

"Y-yeah," Jun said, relaxing a little. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to dive in too deep. I just wanted to know still loved Ohno. You two were dancing so peacefully."

"That was just-"

"You were really enjoying yourself, Nino!" Jun cut him off. "I saw it. Sho and Aiba were watching too. You looked really happy back there."

Nino didn't say anything.

"But what I don't understand did you learn Occlumency?" Jun finally asked.

Nino briskly walked towards Jun and grabbed his arm tightly.

"Come with me," Nino blurted and pulled Jun.

Jun didn't say a word and let Nino lead him back towards the castle. The lunch bell rang, but Nino clearly didn't feel like eating and pulled Jun towards the hospital wing.

But instead of walking inside, Nino pressed his back against the wall and reached inside his pocket again. This time, he pulled out a small box with 'Decoy Detonator' on the top. Jun watched as Nino pulled out one black horny object and threw it inside the infirmary.

"What are you doing?" Jun gasped, as Nino grabbed Jun's robe again and hid behind a corner.

Jun could hear things breaking and loud whistling inside the room like crazy. He heard the school doctor, Tsukumo Ryusuke, yelling and sounding completely confused.

"What is that?!" Tsukumo yelled out.

Then the door swung opened and the black horny ball rolled out into the hallway, still making loud noises and pushing over suits of armor down the hall..

"What are you? Come back!" Tsukumo chased after it, completely intrigued by the strange object.

"Come on," Nino whispered and pulled Jun into the hospital wing.

"What was that thing?" Jun had to ask. "Is it one of Aiba's inventions?"

"No, I bought it at a joke shop," Nino said. "I just need to get Tsukumo out of the way so I can use his Pensieve."

"His what?"

Nino opened the door to Tsukumo's office and walked towards the cabinets. There was a large stone basin inside with strange relics and markings on the side. A liquidy gas substance swirled inside, giving off a glowing pale blue light.

"This is a Pensieve," Nino explained, pulling out his vial bottle from earlier. "I noticed Tsukumo had one last year. I saw the light coming from this cabinet. It makes sense that he has one because he's so fascinated how the wizard mind works and all."

"So why do you need it?"

"So I can show you instead of having to explain to you," Nino answered, opening the vial and pouring the silver mercury liquid into the basin. "These are my memories I'm going to show you."

"Why are you showing this to me?" Jun asked. Nino glanced at him, his eyes very tired and gloomy.

"So you can finally understand why I love you and not Ohno," Nino answered, making Jun's heart flutter just a little. "Go ahead. Look."

Jun stared down at the Pensieve, and the milky contents swirled. He lowered his head to see better. He thought it was like looking into a crystal ball from Divination, but as he got closer, he suddenly felt like he was pulled by a fish hook.

It was only for a few seconds when Jun opened his eyes and realized he was in a different room. He looked down at his hands and noticed his surroundings were black and white while he was still in color. Then, Nino appeared next to him, also in color.

"Where are we?" Jun asked.

"This is my house," Nino said.

It was small but comforting. The living room looked warm and bright. There were magical notes floating around the room playing a background music, and a little boy played a toy piano

"Is that..." Jun mumbled, pointing at the boy.

"Me. Only three years old," Nino nodded.

"Kazunari!" Someone called, making Jun jump. A woman came into the living room with long hair and wearing an apron. "Come on. Time to go to grandpa's."

The little boy playing with the toy piano immediately started to cry.

"No! I don't wanna go!" Little Nino cried. "I want to stay home."

"Come on, Kazunari," his mom scolded. "Time to get ready."

"No!" Little Nino cried louder, tears gushing out.

"Geez, you really hate your grandpa?" Jun asked.

"No. I just didn't wanted to go anywhere when I was little," Nino explained. "I preferred staying at home."

"Let's go, Kazunari!" His mother picked him up.

"Wait a minute," a man appeared. Jun could have sworn it was Nino, but the man had longer hair and a mustache, and he looked older.

Nino's father.

"Why don't we stay home then and let father come here?" his father suggested while grinning. Nino's mom smirked with her hands on her hips. "And then, we can make Flying Party Strings for him."

"Yeah!" Nino stopped crying as his father carried him to another room. A little girl followed them.

"Pick me up, papa!"

"What a sweet family," Jun smiled. He turned to look at the present Nino, who wasn't smiling. "Nino?"

"Just watch," Nino replied bitterly.

"Dear, where are my pots?" The father asked, entering back into the room. Little Nino and his sister were playing with the toy piano again.

"I left them in the kitchen," the mother answered. "You said you were going to make soup for grandpa."

"Oh, wait a minute!" The father grinned, pulling out his wand. "What if I made a roasted duck with gold!"

"What?" His mother raised her eyebrow at him.

"Yeah! We can make the duck all gold and shiny," the father started conjuring pots and food ingredients from the refrigerator. "What if the gold was a purple color? Oh! I wonder if magical notes can be dyed in different shades of red?"

"Dear, please calm down," his mother said, looking worried.

Jun stared at the father suspiciously. Little Nino was watching his parents as well while his sister played the piano.

"Don't tell me to calm down!" His father yelled, surprising Jun and little Nino. "You hate my ideas, don't you?"

"No, I-"

"Fine then. You don't like golden ducks, what about an orange one?" The father smiled, as if he didn't yelled at her. "And then, I can add that gravy I made last week. It's Christmas!"

"It's July, sweetie," Nino's mother said.

"Papa?" Little Nino mumbled, looking scared at his dad.

"Kazu," the father knelt down next to him. "How about paint with papa? It'll be great! And we can go to the museum and sell our works. And your sister can join us Confunding Muggles at the park."

"You can't do that!" Nino's mom yelled. The father stood up, glaring at his wife.

"You do hate my ideas! You have no spirit!" The father yelled. "You just wish I disappear, huh? That's all you think about."

"No. I never said that," his wife whimpered.

"Leave me alone!" And Nino's father stomped out of the living room like a troubled teenager.

Little Nino and his sister were crying.

"What the hell was that all about?" Jun asked, appalled at what he saw.

"The start of a maniac," Nino answered.

The room faded in a black spiral and they were outside. The world was still black and white, and Jun spotted Little Nino playing with his toys. A miniature broomstick rested next to him, and his trusty toy piano was there with him. Little Nino looked slightly older, but he continued to play childish notes on his piano.

"Kazu!" His father called. Jun watched him approached them, looking angry. Little Nino saw this and tried to hide behind the tree. "Kazunari, come here!"

"N-no," Little Nino cried.

"I'm not mad, I just want to talk to you," his father said. Little Nino looked around the tree, sucking in his bottom lip. He finally walked towards his father, staring at his feet.

"Did you take my spatula?" His father demanded. Nino just gasped for breath, still scared at his tall father.

"I-I put it b-back," Little Nino managed to utter.

"And what about my music sheet I left on the porch?" His father continued to questioned. Jun saw Nino's mother running towards them. "Did you make that slab of music notes on it?!" His face was so dark, Jun could only imagine how red it must've been.

"I w-want to make m-music too," Little Nino cried.

To Jun's horror, he watch Nino's father pull out his wand.

"No! Stop!" Nino's mother screamed.

"You idiot! Crucio!"


Jun was about to stop the mad man, but older Nino grabbed his arm. Jun's ears were filled with the terrible screams of a small boy rolling on the ground, tears pouring.

The mother grabbed the father's wand and struggled to get it away from him. Little Nino laid on the ground, barely breathing or moving.

"Please stop this!" The mother cried, fighting for the wand.

"You don't understand how hard I made that music?!" The father yelled. "And it was a masterpiece! Next to my levitating beef stew."

"Don't take it out on Kazunari, dear. Please control yourself!"

"I am in control. Why do you think I'm not?!"


The father's wand flew out of his hand and the mother grabbed it just in time. The father just huffed and stared down at Little Nino. Jun watched right before his eyes as the father suddenly broke into tears.

"My poor son," he cried. "Why must this happen to you?"

"Unbelievable..." Jun whispered.

"I was only five," Nino added.

"I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry," the father gently picked him up and carried him back to the house. "I'll take care of you. I promise."

"What...just happened?" Jun said, not sure how to form his words. "One minute he's really happy and hyper. Next he's angry and then depressed."

"Bipolar disorder," Nino simply answered. Jun stared at Nino in disbelief.

"But...isn't that a Muggle disorder?"

"Who said that wizards can't suffer Muggle disorders?" Nino asked back. "Wizards can catch colds, flus, and viruses. Why not mental disorders?"

"But..." Jun muttered. "Can't something like that be cured with magic?"

"You can't fix everything with magic," Nino said, depressingly.

The scene changed again back to the living room. It was raining hard outside, and Little Nino was sitting in front of the fireplace, watching the flames crack and lick the logs. His young face looking so dark and lonely.

"I was six here," Nino explained. "At this point, Ohno and I are friends and I've discovered my sexuality."

"So that's why you look so depressed," Jun said.

There were voices carrying from another room. Little Nino didn't move but just stared into the fire, and Jun noticed tear stains on his face. Someone was yelling again, and Jun already knew it was the father.

"Has he always been like this?" Jun asked, quietly.

"My father," Nino started, "can be difficult to understand. He can be creative and is an excellent cook like my mother. He would be so active to the point he almost hurt himself. Then there are times he's so depressed, he almost killed himself before my mom stopped him."

The voices grew louder.

"And some days, he gets these episodes when he's angry at everyone," Nino sighed.

Jun watched Nino's father marched into the room and started picking up things and throwing them around. Little Nino didn't cry or say a word but hid behind the sofa.

"Please stop this. Please!" The mother pleaded, looking tired from arguing. Her eyes were also red and dried of tears.

"I hate this place! I hate this damn world!" The father roared. "Why do you hate me?! Where is your spirit?"

He picked up a lamp and smashed it across the room.

"Darling, please-"

'What was that?" He questioned, his eyes wide like a maniac. "You think I'm crazy, don't you?!"


"Don't lie to me!" He shouted as thunder clapped. "You think I should be locked up in Nippon Majo Hospital!"

"No, I never said that," she said, eyeing the two wands resting on the coffee table.

"You can't block my Legilimency, you stupid bitch!" He yelled. "You can't lie to me."

"Legilimency..." Jun gasped, side-glancing at Nino.

"L-let's just relax and maybe have some tea-"

"Don't tell me what to do!" He shouted. He followed where she was staring and spotted his wand. He strode across the room and grabbed his wand. "I'm useless. No one wants me here! All I do is cause you trouble. I should end it for you!"

He pointed the wand to his throat.

"No! Don't!" She lunged at him.

"Immobulus!" He fired at her.

She froze in mid-stride, her face still itched with fear. Nino's father was panting heavily, staring at his hands. To Jun's surprise again, he burst into tears.

"No one understands me," he whispered. "Do you think I'm crazy?! You all hate me! Well then, I hate you too!"

Nino's little sister peeked her head from the entrance, her eyes wide and her body shaking with fear. Little Nino was still hiding behind the sofa, his hands covering his ears. Lightening flashed and lit the room in ominous light. The flash was just enough for them to spot Little Nino's shadow.

The father saw it too.

"Why don't you have any spirit?!" The father shouted, pulling Nino by the hair. He threw him on the floor. "All you do is play with that Ohno boy and listen to stupid music. You're despicable!"

"I'm sorry," Little Nino whimpered. "I didn't mean to-"

"Don't lie to me!"

"N-no, I-"

"You sack of crap! You worthless son!"


"Papa!" Nino's sister screamed, but it was too late.


Jun looked away.

The room was filled with Nino's screams again. Jun wished he wasn't witnessing this, and yet he couldn't stop staring. The tiny body twitched with its back arched. The father lifted the curse and Nino's sister charged in.

She tried to grab her father's wand arm, but he easily shoved her away.

"Impedimenta!" He shouted.

The poor little girl was thrown off and slammed against the wall. A family portrait fell off and the glass frame shattered to pieces. The father glared down at his daughter.

"You wish you want to run away?" He yelled. "You want to be in another family? Crucio!"

The high pitch was so agonizing, Jun didn't know how much he could take it just by standing there. The father lifted the curse but only to shout again. This time, he pointed his wand back at his poor son, and the room was filled with screams of incredible pain.

Over and over and over. The thunder boomed even louder with each curse. Compare to what Tamaki Hiroshi did to Jun, this was true torture.

"Crucio! Crucio! CRUCIO!"

Jun couldn't take it and blocked his own ears. The roar of Nino's father shouting 'Crucio' was more terrifying than the little boy's cry for help. The mother was immobile, and the little sister looked unconscious.

While the older Nino watched without blinking.

"I've seen enough!" Jun tried to yell over the noise. "I don't want to see this anymore!"

Nino crossed his arms.

"Okay, but we're still not finished," Nino said.

The noise faded away and the scene changed again, but the screams still rang in Jun's eardrum like a haunting echo. This time, they were in a familiar place.

"This is Ohno's home," Jun said, looking up. "Wah! Is that Ohno?"

Little Ohno ran up to the front door and greeted Little Nino with a huge smile on his face. His face was still pudgy and his hair just as messy.

"Hey Kazu," Little Ohno grinned, his voice incredible high.

"Hey Satoshi," Little Nino said, shouldering a bag. "I brought my extra music sheets."

"Great. Let's go to my mom's library," Little Ohno said, and led them down the hallway. He opened two grand doors and they walked into a study room. The bookshelves touched the ceiling and one entire wall was completely made of glass, looking out to the garden.

"I know it's in here somewhere. Help me look for it," Ohno said, climbing up the rolling ladders.

"What were you guys looking for?" Jun asked.

"At the time, the book 'So You Think You Can DansuMahou,' was pretty new," Nino explained. Jun nodded, remembering how he read it a little back at Sho's Villa. "But I found something else."

Nino pointed at himself at the other side of the library. Little Nino was scanning with his tiny thick fingers, but he hesitated on one thin book. He looked behind him, but Ohno was busy looking for the book. Little Nino frowned and pulled down a black book Jun knew all to well.

"That's..." Jun gasped.

Little Nino read the cover: "The Art of Legilimency and Occlumency."

"Did you find it yet?" Little Ohno called over his shoulder.

Little Nino quickly tucked the book into his bag.

"No. I haven't," Little Nino said.

"You stole it?" Jun asked. Nino rolled his eyes at him.

"No, I asked permission first," Nino said, his voice heavy with sarcasm.

"I see."

"But does this answer one of your questions?" Nino continued. "I stole that book for only one reason. To master Occlumency against my father."

"But you're so young," Jun shook his head.

"I was desperate," Nino said. "Ohno knew nothing at the time. It wasn't until I was around eight when he found out about my father. Ohno wanted to help me, but I told him I'll be fine. I never told anyone I was secretly learning Occlumency. To me, it was my own way of defense."

"Your father would read your family's mind?"

"He wanted to know if we thought he was crazy, so he would constantly check us," Nino said. "Of course, that only got him angry and depressed because...we did thought he was crazy. It was really out of control."

"So that's why you also spend time with Ohno?" Jun brought up. "To escape from your father?"

"In a way, yes," Nino nodded. "And so I could watch him dance."

"So you do love Ohno after all, right?" Jun asked. Nino sucked in a sharp breath as if he was about to argue back, but he sighed deeply and relaxed his shoulders.

"After I stole the book, I read it late at night trying to understand Occlumency," Nino said, ignoring Jun's question. "It was the perfect ability for me to learn since it doesn't require a wand or any potion ingredient. It's all about one's ability of their conscious. Somehow, I was good at that."

"It worked?" Jun guessed.

"Perfectly," Nino nodded.

The scene changed back to Nino's home. Little Nino was laying on his belly, humming a familiar tune Jun heard before. Little Nino was scribbling notes on a music sheet, obviously looking happy and day-dreaming.

Then, his father walked into the room.

"Kazunari," the father sighed, looking deeply sadden. "Is there any point in having a life?"

Little Nino looked confused.

"What kind of question is that to ask a child?" Jun blurted out loud.

"I-I don't know," Little Nino answered, his happy face gone.

"Do you think I'm useless?" His father asked, looking like he's about to cry.

"N-no," Little Nino said. "Y-you're a great cook."

His father stared at him for a long time. Jun knew that making eye contact helps improve Legilimency, and the silence stretched on. Jun watched Little Nino not blink an eyelid.

The father finally blinked and walked away, dragging his feet in despair.

"I'm leaving this house," the father announced. Little Nino's eyes widen. "I don't need my wand. I'll just wonder the world without magic, and let my misery swallow me."

Little Nino didn't move but watched his father open the back door and close it behind him. For a second, Jun thought the father will come back and be hyperactive again. But Little Nino stood up and opened the door. No one for miles was seen.

"I've used Occlumency several times," Nino said. "My father never asked me how I learned to do it, but it helped me escape from his worst episodes. But when this happened, he never came back."

"He could still be alive," Jun pointed out.

"Alive. Dead. I don't care," Nino said. "He's gone. And he's never coming back. But...I felt relieved."

"Why did you only learn Occlumency and not Legilimency?" Jun asked.

"I wanted to," Nino nodded, rubbing his eyes. "I wanted to know so I could read into Ohno's mind. I always wondered if he ever...loved me. But I was too scared to do it. So I never even look into the chapter on Legilimency.

"During our first year, when Ohno was privately teaching me UtaMahou, the temptation to look into his mind was so strong. But I just couldn't do it. The book was still in my bag, but I hid it away in the library."

Jun nodded.

"And I assume you picked it," Nino finished.

"I-I did," Jun admitted. "So I could master Occlumency too."

"But you used Legilimency on me during DansuMahou," Nino said, his eyes looking dangerously angry. "I did enjoyed myself when I danced with Ohno today. So you were clever to hit me when I was vulnerable. It took me awhile to realize you were intruding and delve into my dark memories."

"I only wanted to know if you still love Ohno when you two were dancing. That's all!" Jun defended. "I mean, sure I was a bit curious what happened in your past. Like, how do you know so much about the Cruciatus Curse or how did you learn Occlumency. But now I know."

Nino stared at Jun, his eyes unreadable but his forehead was wrinkled.

"I have two more memories to show you," Nino said. "They're more recent ones."

The scene changed once again. There were inside Hogwarts castle but in the dungeons. The corridors were deserted except for two young boys. Nino and Ohno.

"This is..." Jun mumbled.

"First year," Nino said. "And the first time Ohno and I seriously talked since we came to Hogwarts. This happened right after Ohno was specially offered to join UtaMahou early."

Ohno and Nino looked short compare to the present Nino standing next to them. Ohno was panting as if he ran to catch up to younger Nino, who looked irritated and uncomfortable.

"What do you want...Gryffindor scum?" Younger Nino sneered. Jun raised his eyebrow.

"I was upset Ohno was sorted to Gryffindor here," Nino explained. "So I was a little peeved."

"Kazu," Younger Ohno gasped, getting his breath back. "Please listen-"

"You think it'll be a good laugh, huh?" Younger Nino snapped, looking at his nails. "Headmaster Johnny allows you to start UtaMahou a year early and now you're here to mock me, huh? It's just what a dumb Gryffindor would do."

"Kazu, please listen to me!" Younger Ohno said, looking desperate. "I didn't know I was going to be sorted into Gryffindor. I wanted to be a Slytherin just like you."

"Well, it's too late for that. But it makes sense when you think about it," Younger Nino crossed his arms. "All Gryffindors seek attention. First you get sorted to a different house than your family. Then you make a spectacle of yourself during flying lesson. And now you're the talk of the school after being submitted to UtaMahou. You're a Gryffindor all the way!"

Younger Nino walked away.

"Let me teach you UtaMahou!" Younger Ohno blurted out. Nino stopped, his back still facing Ohno. "I can teach you in secret. So we can learn together like we promised."

Younger Nino looked like he was deeply touched, but he scrunched his face and glanced over his shoulder.

" would do that?" Younger Nino whispered.

"Yes," Younger Ohno nodded, walking closer. "So please...don't be angry at me." He extended out his hand.

Younger Nino still looked unsure, but he glanced down at Younger Ohno's opened hand. Like a romantic scene in movies, Nino gently placed his palm over Ohno's. A small smile spread across his face.

"I don't understand," Jun frowned. "How is this suppose to convince you don't have feelings for Ohno anymore? What is the reason?!"

"The last memory I have to show will tell you," Nino said, obviously not moved by the scene.

The scene spiraled away, and they were inside the infirmary. Jun thought they just stepped out of Tsukumo's office, but the surroundings were still black and white. Jun could tell from the windows it was late at night, and two boys were whispering quietly with only the moon as their source of light.

"What are you doing here? Madam Pomfrey will skin you," Younger Ohno hissed.

"I wanted to make sure you were okay," Younger Nino whispered. "I was so relieved when you woke up. I wanted to talk with you earlier, but that thick-eyebrow midget Matsumoto wouldn't leave you alone."

"Thick-eyebrow midget?" Jun grunted.

"It's my fault," Ohno sighed. "We were making too much noise and Matsujun heard us. Why did you try to attack him?"

"He got in the way. Why should he interfere with us?" Younger Nino hissed. "But more importantly, why did you stop me?"

"I..." Ohno mumbled, looking away. "I didn't want you to hurt him. I didn't want you to be like...your father."

Younger Nino's nostril flared, his eyes glaring with either hatred or jealousy.

"Do you care for this...Matsujun?" Younger Nino asked, sneering at the nickname.

"He's a friend," Ohno said softly. "You could be friends with him too."

"I don't want too."

"Kazu," Ohno sighed. "Won't you try to make new friends?"

Younger Nino pouted.

"...I...for myself..." Nino mumbled, barely audible.


"I...only want you for myself," Nino finally said, staring back at a shocked Ohno. "You've...always been there for me. And I only want you."

Ohno blinked a couple of times before his eyes wondered. Jun knew that expression. It's the face of not knowing what to say when someone confessed.

"K-kaz...." Ohno whispered. "W-what are you saying?"

The older Nino standing next to Jun looked away. Jun braced himself...

"Ah...I..." Younger Nino uttered. "I...will try to be friends with Matsumoto...for you."

Jun gasped. He side-glanced at Nino, who finally decided not to watch the scene. After witnessing all the previous memories, Nino couldn't bare to watch this one.

"You will?" Ohno smiled. "Will you really try?"

Younger Nino nodded, barely smirking.

"You coward," Jun whispered. "You...couldn't bring yourself to fully tell him your true feelings."

Nino didn't reply back.

"But you did it for him!" Jun continued. "You wanted Ohno to be happy. You liar. This doesn't prove anything. You still love Ohno and you always have!"

Jun heard Nino sniff.

"So why are you playing and fooling around with me?!" Jun asked, not holding back his rage. "What is this all about?!"

"So I can forget about Satoshi!" Nino shouted at the top of his lungs, his eyes red and hurt.

Jun thought the two younger boys would jump at his cry, but they didn't. Jun couldn't break away from Nino's piercing glare. Those hurtful and sorrowful eyes that seen so much and been through so much.

Jun could only stand there.

"Please!" Nino begged, grabbing Jun's robes. "Help me forget about this pain! I don't want it anymore! Every time I see Ohno, I also think of my childhood. My past. My father!"

Jun looked away.

"Make me forget Satoshi!" Nino cried out, falling to his knees. "Tell me you love me! Tell me you want me! Say something so I can forget his face. His smell. His body. His voice! I want to let go of it all! Please!"

Jun didn't say anything.

'What should I do?'
To Chapter 8 >>

KYaaaaa!!! TT____TT poor nino!! (wails!)

oh boy! this entire chapter had no breaks! just one complete chapter dedicated to nino's past. his true motives to mess with jun, his dark memories. all is finally in a nutshell! ^^

satisfied?! nothing confusing?! please ask if you do, and i'll fill you in! in the mean time, here's a friendly recap.(not much)

-nino and jun used tsukumo's pensieve to dive into nino's memories.
-we witness nino's family.
-nino's dad is bipolar. (a disorder when the patient can suffer depressive episodes or manic episodes. in short, extreme mood swings)
-this shows how nino learns crucio
-nino then shows jun how he learns occlumency to block out his father's mind reading
-nino's father leaves. his wand left behind (that's how nino used the wand on ohno)
-nino shows us an unseen part of their first year. ohno and nino in the dungeon and in the hospital wing
-nino almost confessed to ohno, but chickened out
-nino then tells why he needs to love jun so he can forget ohno. it's his way of forgetting the past.

waah! it's late! POOR NINO!!!


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