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Fourth Year at Hogwarts

 Title: Fourth Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a fourth year at Hogwarts. Nino has finally revealed to Jun his true past and his secrets. On top of that, Jun has other matters to worry. The school dance, the talisman, and the life-draining ring stuck to him. How will Jun get out of this mess?

A/N: so sorry for the long wait! been extremely busy! but no more excuses...let's get down to business and get this story on the road! how ironic i got this chapter posted on this day. first of december ^^ actually i edited the date to make it dec. 1st

Chapter 8 - Dear Snow Dance

Jun couldn't remember the last time he felt at peace; those days were gone. Every morning he woke up with a headache, and every night he couldn't fall asleep until early morning. The cold weather wasn't helping his mood either. It was getting bitter cold outside to the point when all outdoor class were cancelled for a week until Headmaster Johnny announced they will be taken indoors for the time being.

Jun hasn't been eating so well either. He hardly found anything appetizing anymore. During the dinner hours, he would spend most of his time staring around the Great Hall.

Ohno's eating habits hasn't changed one bit. Jun had the strangest suspicion there was a bottomless pit in Ohno's stomach. Over at the Hufflepuff table, Aiba was merry as ever and would occasionally wave to Sho at the Ravenclaw table. Sho, however, looked grumpy. Aiba pouted when he didn't get a friendly wave back.

Some of the students noticed Sho and Aiba's weird behaviors but ignored it nonetheless. Inoue Mao was chatting with her girlfriends, which reminded Jun that he hasn't talked to her in a while.

Then there was Nino. Jun would have thought Nino was being miserable like him, but the Slytherin was smiling with a girl in each arm. They each took turns spoon-feeding him as well. There was practically a waiting line for the girls to sit next to him. Somehow, Jun was annoyed by this.

"Ahh, umaaai!" Ohno sighed, patting his belly like an old man.

"Toothpick?" Jun offered a tiny wooden stick. Ohno chuckled.

"You're still gloomy?" Ohno raised his eyebrow. "What did Nino do to you?"

"...nothing much," Jun said. "Well, he's certainly happy about something."

Ohno glanced at the Slytherin table while sticking his jaw out.

"You mean his playboy act?" Ohno said. "If he's like that, then it probably means he is miserable too. That is just an act he's doing."

"How do you know?"

"Trust me. I know him," Ohno nodded, "It's his way of getting his mind off of some sad memory."

Jun couldn't help but feel the heavy burden and pity mixed inside him. He recalled the memories Nino showed only a few days ago. They were still fresh in Jun's mind, and Nino's desperate plea still echoed in his ears.

"Make me forget Satoshi! Tell me you love me! Say something so I can forget his face!"

"Nino won't have a problem about finding a date for the dance," Ohno grumbling, sounding jealous.

"Have you found a date?" Jun asked. Ohno rubbed the back of his head.

"I...asked Yuka."

"Yuka?!" Jun gawked. "That Hufflepuff fifth year?!"

"S-she's nice," Ohno defended himself. "At least I'm not like Aiba. He got asked out by Becky. He didn't even answer her and she already declared they're going together."

"Ouch," Jun winced, staring back at the Hufflepuff table. Becky appeared out of no where and wrapped her arms around Aiba's neck. Aiba looked like he was suffocating, and Sho's face was red with jealously.

"Poor Sho," Jun sighed. "Do you know who Sho's going with?"

But Ohno had his eyes glancing past Jun's shoulder.

"What?" Jun asked, and looked behind him.

"He's gone again," Ohno simply said. "My uncle."

Jun quickly scanned the teacher's table and noticed Naruse Ryo was missing. Majority of the teachers didn't seem to mind except for Shiroi-san, Headmaster Johnny, and Tsukumo Ryusuke.

"He hasn't been to the dinner hours for the past week," Ohno pointed out. "And I've noticed his skin getting darker."

"You don't think he loves fishing that much, do you?" Jun asked, but Ohno was serious.

"No. This is odd. He doesn't take this many trips from school."

Jun agreed. During Potion classes, Naruse Ryo would barely teach them and told the students to write essays. He would either sit behind his desk and look through notes, or let the class out early. He has been late to class as well, and even Jun noticed his darken skin.

"Well, the girls definitely don't mind his skin tone, now do they?" Ohno rolled his eyes.

"You don't think he's out doing missions for the Elites?" Jun whispered.

Ohno frowned. "I don't know. But judging by Professor Johnny's face...maybe."

Jun wasn't the only one who had a lot of things on his mind after all.

Ever since Nino told his painful secrets, Jun has been diving his mind solely on the Vocal Wizards and the Earth Talisman. Anything to get his mind off of Nino. However, it's a difficult task since Jun has no idea where the talisman could be and Nino hasn't been helpful.

Jun could feel his energy slowly depleting. He also noticed he was having a hard time breathing if he made a quick dash or any active movement, especially during DansuMahou.

Professor Sato Ryuta instructed the boys to split into two groups, each to perform a simple routine including with magic steps. Jun, Sho, and Aiba were in one group while Ohno and Nino were in the other.

When Jun finished, he was panting the hardest. Professor Sato didn't noticed this but still ordered the group to switch out and take a break. Jun leaned his back against the cool wall.

"Are you okay?" Sho asked, while the second group got ready to dance. "You don't look so well."

"I'm fine," Jun panted.

"You're not really sweating," Aiba noticed. "You're not dehydrated, are you?"


"Are you sure you don't need anything?" Sho asked. "Maybe Ohno can take a look at you."

"I'm fine!" Jun grunted. Sho and Aiba still looked worried, but they left him alone.

Jun glanced down at his curse ring. The eyes of the skull were menacing as ever, almost mocking him.

'I have to hurry,' Jun closed his eyes.

*         *          *

The Dear Snow Dance was drawing closer. All the girls were excited whereas the boys weren't to flattered. The couples in the school were excited compare to the lonely singles. Jun hasn't talked to Mao in a long time partly because of her busy class schedule, his class schedule, and also they haven't made up their small fight.

Jun didn't paid much attention to the upcoming ball since his focus was on finding the last talisman. He has been doing it alone since Nino hasn't talked to him yet. Jun thought it was foolish for Nino to ignore him after what happened. Ohno, Sho, and Aiba weren't seen either since they were so into being by themselves, possibly because of their Vocal Wizard side.

Jun was all alone.

He walked down the corridor from his late night study in the library. He was exhausted, so he hoped he could sleep well this time. He was about to turn around a corner when he heard someone.

"Are you well?"

"...very well."

Jun felt his heart rate sped up. It was Shiori-san and Naruse again. Jun didn't want to stay, but down that hall was the shortest way to the common room. He thought of leaving to go another route, but that meant he had to walk down three hallways, climb up and down five moving staircases and then another two corridors.

'Make it quick,' Jun complained in his head.

"You've...gotten darker," she said.

Naruse chuckled. "So it seems."

"If you don't mind me asking...but why have you been absent on school grounds?"


"It's just....the teachers are also concerned," she said quickly. "Some of the students also been asking because they have some questions about your class. And the teachers need your assistance in a few meetings. So I was just wondering-"

"It's nothing to worry about, Shiori-san," Naruse said calmly. "I'm sorry if I seem negligent on school grounds, but everything is under control."

"Is it?" Shiori challenged. "When you are around, you have the most disturbed look on your face. And I've read the cards that a secret is being kept from me."

Naruse didn't reply. Jun wished he could see their expressions. If only he knew that UtaMahou trick Ohno used last year.

"Does it have to do with the Elites?" Shiori asked. "Or are you still doing business with SIN?"

Jun heard Naruse take in a sharp breath.

"It's not true, is it?" She pleaded. "You're loyal to the Elites, right? You would never betray Headmaster Johnny. You said so yourself that he has helped you so much before."

Jun immediately wished he was more skilled in Legilimency, but he can't without a proper eye contact.

"Shiori-san," Naruse finally spoke. "I've said this before...there are things I wish I can tell you. But I can't..."

Jun heard Shiori gasp a shaky breath.

"So you are with SIN," she said. "I've been seeing images of you with a dark man. I couldn't make out his face but I know it was you...bowing down to him."

'That must be Lord Tamaki,' Jun thought.

"I..." Naruse uttered. "I must be going."

Jun panicked for a split second since he thought Naruse was coming his direction, but thankfully Naruse's footsteps carried down the hall in another direction. Jun heard Shiori's footsteps after him.

"Wait, Naruse-san!" She called, her voice distant.

Jun dared to peek around the corner and saw Naruse and Shiori standing under the moonlight. Jun hid himself in the shadows and waited for them to leave.

"Will you..." she fiddled with her long hair, "will you be at the Dear Snow Dance?"

Naruse looked surprised and almost dumbfounded. For a split second, Jun could see the resemblance of Ohno. Naruse blinked a few times and brushed his bangs aside.

"The first of December?" He said mostly to himself. Then, he nodded and smiled sweetly to her. "I'll be there"

"Will you...spare me a dance?" She asked bashfully.

"Of course."

Shiori walked closer and together they headed down the stairs. Jun sighed heavily and walked down the same corridor towards his common room.

"Password?" The Fat Lady yawned.


Jun crawled through the portrait hole and found the Gryffindor common room empty. The fire was still lit, but there was a relaxing silence that made Jun feel sleepy. He collapsed on the chairs and rubbed his eyes.

"Why do I always run into those two?" Jun grumbled.

He stared blankly at the table where someone left a few notes and textbooks out. At first, Jun's mind was running slow, but he immediately jumped off the chair and grabbed the textbook he had been staring at.

"This....this is it!" He gasped. "The Four-Point Pentagram."

It was the same symbol but altered: the square inside the circle with strange marks at each corner with an extra marking in the center of the square. The circle was more oval, but it was the same one. Jun closed the book and read the title.

"Magical Architecture," he mumbled. "Architecture? What does the Four-Point Pentagram got to do with architecture?"

Jun looked around and pocketed the book.

*         *           *

Jun spent his lunch hours in the library reading the book, but all he read about is the magical wonders of building in the wizard world. The Four-Point Pentagram was only mentioned in one chapter. It was an ancient magic technique during the 12th century to build large scale buildings. Simple things like how the spacing inside the building was actually larger than it appears outside, or how a building may look crooked but it's upright and balanced inside.

There was nothing mentioned about the Vocal Wizards, the elements, or the original Four-Point Pentagram's location. Jun rested his head on the book, and he closed his heavy eyelids.

Then, he felt a warm hand rubbing on his back. A familiar sweet scent filled his nose, and he opened his eyes. Inoue Mao was smiled down at him like an angel.

"Hey," he mumbled.

"Hey," she replied back. "Remember I said you looked dead on your feet. Now, you look like a ghost."

Jun slowly sat up.

"Gee, thanks," he said, raising his eyebrow. They chuckled quietly and waited for a few people to walk away. "You're not mad at me anymore?"

"A little, at first," she admitted. "But I think you needed a break. So I gave you some space."

Jun wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer so they were practically sharing the same chair.

"You're every guy's dream girlfriend," he smirked.

"You're welcome," she said, looking at Jun's notes and books. "Still looking up on...the Vocal Wizards?"

"Nonstop," Jun stretched.

"Actually, I've been looking up some things too," she said. Jun stop mid-stretching and looked at her. "Well, more like observing the three here at school."

"Oh," Jun nodded. "How are they?"

"Creepy," she winced. "And not to mention they're getting reckless."

"How so?"

"I...I saw them use their magical element," she whispered. Jun's eyes widen with shock. "Of course, they weren't spotted. Only I saw them. But they did it so casually. They were by the lake and Sho was joggling fire balls. Ohno was hula-hooping with water, and Aiba was leaping over the entire lake! If they don't stop, someone is bound to spot them and freak out."

Jun leaned back in the chair, covering his gaping mouth.

"I've been noticing some of the teachers reactions as well," she continued. "They would walk down the hall with shifty eyes. And I always find Professor Naruse and Headmaster Johnny privately talking in an abandon classroom or corridor."

"I've noticed some strange things about Naruse too," Jun admitted. "He's been absent a lot and his skin is getting darker."

"Is Professor Naruse really working for SI-"

"Kyaaa!" Someone squealed. Jun and Mao jumped.

"He asked you out?!" A girl asked, her voice annoyingly high.

"Yes! We're going to the Dear Snow Dance together!" The other girl gigged.

"You're so lucky, Ayaka! Mizushima is such a hottie!"

The gossiping girls' obnoxious voices faded away, leaving Jun feeling somewhat awkward. He cleared his throat.

"Say...Mao-chan," he said. "Umm...uh, do you...well, I don't know. If you want to that you want to go to the Dear Snow Dance...with me?"

Mao smirked the entire time as if enjoying Jun's shyness.

"Of course," she said, smiling. "Who do you think I would go with?"

"I see you talking friendly with that Okada boy," Jun mumbled.

"Okada Masaki? He's just a lonely second year who needs help," she shrugged. "Were you jealous?"

"No," Jun pouted, "...a little."

"Hey, you don't see me complaining about you and Ninomiya hanging out together," she joked, but Jun thought he froze for a split second. "I have to go to class. We can talk about the...Vocal Wizard business later."

"Y-yeah," Jun nodded as Mao left. Jun rubbed his eyes. "Crap, even Mao-chan notices."

A new voice whispered behind him. "Notice what, Sweet Lips?"

"Waaah!" Jun jumped up just in time to avoid Nino's incoming kiss. "N-nino?! She left just two seconds ago! When did you-"

"Well, hello to you too," he sat across the table. Jun managed to calm down and felt himself chuckling.

"Not avoiding me anymore?" Jun asked. Nino tilted his head like a clueless puppy.

"No. I was just taking a break from being gay and enjoyed some female companions for the time being," he smiled innocently like a sweet kitten.

"Oh, right," Jun grunted. "I forgot you're only half-gay."

Nino leaned eagerly on the table.

"It'll be your lucky day when I become fully-fledged gay," his eyebrows danced up and down.

Jun just rolled his eyes away and stared out the window. Then, Nino pulled the book out from Jun's arm and quickly brief through the first page.

"Four-Point Pentagram?" Nino wrinkling his brow. "You want to be a wizard architect or something?"

"Yeah, my dream is to make a moving stage," Jun grinned with heavy sarcasm before he glared. "Of course not."

"Excuse me," Nino backed off. "So what is this?"

"....a clue," Jun answered. "A clue to finding the talisman."

Nino nodded his head.

"If I can find where the original drawing of this pentagram, I'll find the talisman," Jun explained the bare minimum.

"Alright then," Nino stretched. "I'll do what I can to help. But the dance is tomorrow, let's relax for now. Sho's father said so himself that SIN doesn't have any strong leads."


"So you're going with Inoue, I assume," Nino said with a serious face

"Of course," Jun said. "Who are you going with?"

"Toda Erika," Nino shrugged. "But I would have preferred going with you."

There was no joking in his voice. Nino's eyes were serious and that same sadden expression was back. Jun hoped he would avoid this, but he knew he couldn't avoid Nino's cry for help forever.

"Look. About what happened last time," Jun spoke softly. "You can't do this to yourself."

"Why not?" Nino glared.

"You can't fool your heart, Nino," Jun said. "I know that was probably a very corny line, but it's true. The way I see it, you'll never let go of Ohno. It's foolish."

Nino quickly stood up, also knocking his chair over. His face was hard and almost cold.

"I'll see you at the dance." And he left.

*        *          *

Jun was lucky enough to buy a new set of dress robes for the dance. He wore a nice black jacket suit with a white shirt and silver vest underneath. He wore matching black pants and shoes. He lightly curled his hair and brushed back to show his prominent forehead. Finally, he gently tucked a silk, white flower in his front packet that will match the corsage he plans to give Mao-chan.

He heard a high whistle behind him.

"Look at you, man," Ohno said, wearing his own dashing tuxedo. The other Gryffindor boys also cat-called.

"And a corsage for the lady? Nice," Nishikido winked.

"Thanks guys," Jun grinned.

The boys walked down the tower and joined the crowd waiting to enter the Great Hall. Everyone looked just as glamorous and stylish with their dresses or suits. Ohno disappeared and joined up with Yuka from Hufflepuff. Aiba looked annoyed as Becky clung to his arm, smiling widely at everyone and waving to anyone passing by. Sho glared at her from a distance with Fukiishi Kazue close by him and looking shy.

Nino stroded in with Toda Erika next to him. Jun stared in shock at Toda's slightly revealing dress. Jun wasn't sure if she was allowed to wear that. Nino was completely oblivious to the other guys staring at her while the girls glared with disgust.

Jun scanned the floor as best as he could, and then he saw her. Inoue Mao stood in the spotlight to Jun's eyes. She wore a strapless light blue dress and blue heels. Her hair tied up elegantly with curls and matching jewelry. Jun slowly walked toward her with a soft smile. He pulled out the corsage and wrapped it around her wrist.

"You look beautiful," he whispered in her ear. She lowered her head and Jun saw her blushing.

The lights dimmed and the Great Hall doors opened. The students walked in and were awestruck at the sight before them. The hall was decorated in white, silver, and pale blue colors. The long tables were moved out of the way, and a stage replaced the teacher's table. The enchanted ceiling showed a perfect night sky with stars twinkling, and yet snow flakes fell. The curtains were white and the candles gave off a soft color.

It was definitely a winter wonderland feeling.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Headmaster Johnny's voice announced from no where. "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry welcomes you to the Dear Snow Dance."

The orchestral music began from no where and Headmaster Johnny gracefully started the dance with HeadMistress Domyouji Kaede. The elegant and swift melody immediately captivated the other students to start dancing.

Jun placed his hand over Mao's waist and lead her to the dance floor. The other couples started to dance around them, but Jun couldn't take his eyes off of Mao. For the first time in months, Jun felt happy. His mind was relieved of stress and worries of the Vocal Wizards, SIN, his cursed ring, Nino, everything.

His practice in DansuMahou paid off as he twirled Mao and went back to waltzing again. He picked her up and spun for a few seconds before he put her back down. They linked arms, stepped away, and came back together.

'I could give my life for her,' Jun thought innocently.

"Want to get something to drink?" Mao asked.

Jun bowed his head and offered his hand like a gentlemen. She gladly accepted, and he escorted her to the punch bowl. The food table was laid out with delicious looking party foods. The punch bowl was a large glass fountain with a swan gracefully opening its wings. Jun poured two glass cups for them.

"Cheers," Jun smiled.

"Cheers." They clicked glasses and drank.

Jun couldn't hold back his sour face.

"Whoa! What is that?!" Mao coughed, almost spitting her drink out. Jun cleared his throat before speaking.

"That was way too strong," Jun glanced down at the juice suspiciously. "This is punch alright...but why does it have a strong alcohol taste?"

"Someone spiked the punch," a seventh year whispered to them. "Don't tell the teachers and have fun with it."

Jun watched the seventh year walk back to his friends, who all were drinking the spiked punch and laughing. Mao and Jun glanced at each other, shrugged, and gulped down the last drop of their drink.

"Aaah! We'll be having hangovers tomorrow," Mao joked.

As she reached for more food, Jun took the time to observe the other people dancing. To his surprise, he saw Horikita and Yamashita dancing happily together. Second year Gryffindor Narumi Riko danced with third year Koide Keisuke from Ravenclaw. Ayaka and Mizushima looked like a pairing from heaven with the fanboys and fangirls watching them with jealousy.

On the other side of the hall, Aiba was being twirled violently around by Becky, completely oblivious to the onlookers. Sho watched Aiba from the tables as if he was about to storm up to Becky and stop her. Poor Fukiishi Kazue looked bored sitting next to Sho.

Nino was slow dancing with Toda even though the music tempo was fast. Some of the students tried to avoid watching them for it looked more like a mating session than dancing. Ohno just stood near the tall windows looking blank as ever, but Yuka chatted next to him like there was no tomorrow.

But there was one couple that caught Jun's attention.

"So he did came," Jun mumbled to himself.

Naruse Ryo danced gracefully with his partner Shiori-san. Jun has gotten use to Naruse's suits being black and white. This time, he wore a red shirt with a red and black tie. Shiori looked very pretty in her elegant white dress with blue flowers. Out of all the couples dancing, they looked like they were experienced waltz dancers. Or maybe Naruse was a good lead.

"Aw, they look so cute," Mao gazed over Jun's shoulder. Jun drank more of his alcohol punch.

"Yeah...they do," Jun nodded.

The music faded down, and the lights dimmed. Jun grabbed Mao's hand and pulled back to the dance floor. The wizard DJ that Headmaster Johnny hired came up to the stage. The teenagers all got excited as the heavy bass filled the Great Hall. Jun felt the surge of magic flowing around them, and immediately knew it was DansuMahou. He pulled Mao close to him, and they swayed back and forth like in a Muggle night club.

Jun was enjoying himself. Feeling the rush, the music beat pounding in his ears, the warmth of Mao's body, and the alcohol fogging his head. The students jumped to the music or whipped their hips. The teachers moved aside to let the young ones enjoy as the crowd near the stage grew.

Mao grabbed Jun's head and yelled in his ear for him to hear over the loud music.

"It's getting hot! Can we get some fresh air?"

Jun nodded, grabbed her hand, and led her out of the crowd. Jun didn't see Ohno, Sho, Aiba, or Nino anywhere. Their dates were also missing too, but then he spotted Toda seducing another Slytherin holding a glass of the alcohol drink.

"More punch," Mao laughed.

"You'll get drunk," Jun teased as they drank down more of the alcohol.

"I'm...I'm surprised none of the t-teachers noticed," Mao hiccuped and raised her glass to her lips.

Jun frowned and stopped her from drinking.

"I think you've had too much," Jun said, feeling himself getting drunk. "Let's head outside for some fresh air, like you said."

"Okie Dokie!" She grinned, her face looking red.

Jun wrapped his arm around her to steady her walk. When they exited the Great Hall, there were other students socializing in the corridors, or couples making out in the shadows. Jun thought that was a good idea and was about to lead Mao in the dark when she stopped him.

"I'm...I'm sorry, Jun," she mumbled.

"What's wrong?"

"I...I think I'm gonna be sick," she groaned, her hand over her mouth. "I'll be right back."

And she dashed away to the nearest restroom. Jun sighed and leaned against the wall nearby the front doors. He still didn't see his friends anywhere and wondered if the Vocal Wizards left the dance to be by themselves. Just when he was about to go find Mao-chan what's taking her so long, he heard a voice just outside the front doors.

"You were seeing Fujiwara?"

Jun felt a shock run through his body. Not only was that Shiori-san's voice, but he remembered the name Fujiwara, a member of SIN. There was only one person he knew that contacted Fujiwara in school...Naruse.

"Shiori-san, please," he heard Naruse immediately after.

Jun waited for their footsteps to fade away before he peeked out the door. The night winds were gentle tonight, and there was fresh snow on the ground. The school's front entrance was decorated like the Great Hall, but there were angel statues around the castle's front square with well-trimmed evergreens in between. Very few students were outside, but they comfortable sitting on the magically warm marble benches.

Jun spotted Naruse and Shiori quickly finding a private place to chat. Jun stalked them and hid behind the evergreen trees. He watched them through the branches and crouched low so he wasn't spotted.

'If they're talking about SIN, I have to know,' Jun thought.

"Is it true?" Shiori asked, looking upset. "Shimura Ken spotted you in the Dark Forest talking with Fujiwara Tatsuya."

"Professor Shimura just had too many drinks," Naruse quickly reassured her. "He likes to play jokes."

"But I foresaw this!" She said, louder. "Before the dance, I gazed into the crystal ball and I saw Shimura saying the exact same, slurred words."

Naruse frowned.

"You're still contacting with SIN, aren't you?" She asked, her eyes beginning to tear up. "Why are you doing this?"

Naruse didn't immediately answer. Jun noticed that his tie was loosen and the top two buttons of his shirt were open, showing his darken skin under his suit. Jun also spotted, to his surprise, a matching flower in his front pocket with Shiori-san's corsage...a white lily.

"You can't tell me, right?" She spoke for him. Jun saw the regret in Naruse's eyes. "It's something I shouldn't know?"

Naruse just lowered his head.

"I'm sorry, Naruse-san," she said. "As part of the Elites, I have to inform Headmaster Johnny."

"Wait! Shiori-san!"

She brushed past him, but Naruse quickly grabbed her wrist. Jun watched Shiori trying to release herself from his grip, but Naruse pulled her and hugged her tightly.

Jun covered his mouth to stop himself from gasping.

"N-naruse-san?" She gasped, looking baffled. "W-what are you doing?"

Jun couldn't see Naruse's face, but his back looked stiff and burden.

"Shiori-san, please trust me," he said, his voice incredible quiet. "Just give me more time."

Shiori's eyes were big and round as ever, looking confused and bewildered.

"You can believe what that old man said," he said, drawing away with his hands still on her shoulders. "But I can't tell you what I'm doing. No one must know. Not yet."

"I don't understand," she shook her head. "I do want to trust you, but why can't you trust me and tell us what's going on? We can help you."

Naruse raised his voice. "I don't...!" But he quickly calmed himself down. "There is just...someone I need to deal with first. It's taking me a long time. But I promise when this is over-"

"Please stop!" She pleaded. "Don't do it. You're really a very kind person. The man who helped me in the library. You wouldn't harm others! Not you."

She started to sob, and Naruse looked away. The tension was really killing Jun, all he wanted to know was about SIN and what Naruse was hiding, but here he was witnessing another sappy moment.

"Shiori-san," Naruse spoke, wiping away her tear. "In order to protect someone they hold important to them....they hide the truth."

Naruse dropped his arms to his side and walked away. For a moment, he looked like he was about to look back, but he continued to walk back to the castle.

Jun crouched as low as he could so he wasn't spotted, thankfully he wasn't. Shiori-san, however, was rooted to the spot, her tears falling nonstop. Somehow, Jun felt sorry for her, but as Naruse's footsteps faded away, Jun also left her alone.

"End up with nothingm," Jun sighed. "But at least I know he's after someone." He leaned against the hard angel statue. He heard someone calling out into the night, but he ignored it.

"Gosh, I hope Mao-chan's okay," Jun mumbled.

He turned to head towards the front doors but nearly jumped out of his skin as Toda Erika was less than three inches away from his face. Jun stumbled back and stared down at her drunken face.

"Where's Nino-kun?" She slurred.

"I don't know," he mumbled, about to leave her. But she pushed him against the statue, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"You're...hhhot!" She breathed on his face.

He tried to push her off, but then she grabbed hold of his head firmly and planted her large lips on his. Her breath smelled like alcohol, her body pressed too close, and her leg hung on his waist. Jun never been this close and intense with Mao-chan, he had a hard time pushing her off. He tried to push her head away, but she was incredibly strong.

That's when Jun heard someone gasp.

Inoue Mao stood before them, her mouth open and her eyes wide. He finally shoved Toda's head away with a rather loud smacking sound from their tight lips. She fell down, laughing like the drunkard she was.

"Mao-chan!" He gasped, but it was too late.

She dashed back inside, and Jun ran after her. The dance ended and the students flooded out the Great Hall, increasing the distance between him and his love.

"Mao-chan! Wait!" He called, but he already saw her climbing up the stairs.

For a faint second, he spotted tears on her face.

"Matsujun!" He heard someone call him.

"No...Mao..." he moaned.

"Hello? Earth to Jun?"

"What?!" He roared, later realizing it was Nino.

"Whoa, chill. What's gotten into you?" Nino shrugged. But Jun grabbed a fist full of Nino's robes.

"Your slutty whore! That's what!" Jun yelled. "You're drunk bitch laid one on me and Mao-chan saw that!"

"Oh, boohoo. Too bad for you," Nino frowned, not hurt at all. "Forget Inoue and just come with me."

Nino dragged Jun away from the crowd to a more quiet place, but Jun wasn't in the mood for talking.

"I have big news," Nino said.

"Your bottom bitch Toda?" Jun growled.

"Listen! It's about the Vocal Wizards," Nino hissed. "I know where the Four-Point Pentagram was originally drawn. At Cambodia...inside the temple Angkor Wat."

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yes, i'm ending the chapter here O_O
gosh, i have a lot to catch up, don't I! i've been absent from this story for...almost a month!! i'm soo sorry!! m(_ _)m
i was just too excited for the whole ohnovember ^^ (made a drabble collection and fanvid just for that 30 year old geezer!!)

so, how do you like my homecoming chapter from the long break? need a recap?!

-after sharing jun his secrets, nino puts on an act like he's fine (a.k.a. seducing girls)
- ohno and jun noticed naruse being absent a lot in school
- the ring is still draining jun's life (example: he's getting more tired during dansumahou classes)
-shiori asked naruse to the dance (he said yes!)
-jun finds out that the four-point pentagram connects with architecture
-inoue mao told jun she spotted ohno,sho, and aiba using their powers to casually
-jun ask mao to the dance (she said yes!)
-nino talks to jun again like everything is normal (little bit of drama there)
-the dear snow dance!! (did you like jun and mao's outfit? ps. naruse's outfit is the same from the truth pv) ><
-more shiorixnaruse moment!! (we get a clue that naruse is after someone...i'll spare you, it's not naoto!! haha!)
-a drunk toda kissed jun! poor mao witnessed it and ran away (please note i do not hate toda)
-nino stopped jun from going after her because he has important news...the next location is cambodia!! (i've visit there once)

take that!! XDD


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