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Fourth Year at Hogwarts

  Title: Fourth Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a fourth year at Hogwarts. Jun has been feeling weaker with each passing day with the cursed ring draining his life. For one night, Jun felt stress-free and enjoyed the school dance. He later finds out that Naruse is searching for someone, for whatever reason he doesn't know. Then, the winter dance finished with a sad ending when he was caught, unintentionally, kissing another girl and poor Mao-chan saw it. Nino also tells Jun where the next talisman is...Cambodia. How will Jun make up with Mao? Where did Nino learn about the next location? Will Jun be free from his cursed ring?

a/n: see. i told you i'm back on track! at least a new chapter once a week ^^
alright, there's gonna be something new in this chapter. a new story telling technique. i wrote it out that way so it's more interesting read and just easier to understand. you'll see what i mean...(coughflashbackpovcough) ^^ enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 9 - Arriving At Angkor Wat

"W-what?" Jun uttered. "Cambodia?"

"Yes, I've heard it straight from the Vocal Wizard's mouth," Nino nodded.

"The Vocal Wizards?!" Jun gasped. "You talked to them."

Nino inhaled deeply.

"Not exactly..." Nino said. "I sorta overheard them talking."

Jun's mouth hung so low, he thought his jaw really did dropped. Jun looked around him, and the students were still laughing and socializing late into the night since there was no class the next day.

"We can't talk here," Jun said. "Do you think the library is open?"

"I know a better place," Nino smirked.

Jun followed Nino through the students and up the stairs. When they passed a few Ravenclaw girls, Jun felt his heart skip a beat and hoped he might spot Mao. But he knew she was gone to her dormitory. He felt so ashamed of himself, and the guilt was building inside him.

"We're almost there," Nino said, as they reached the seventh floor. "Now, start thinking of a room where we can talk privately."

Puzzled, Jun did as Nino told him. He later spotted a tapestry with a little man trying to teach trolls to dance the ballet. He read the title as 'Barnasbus The Barmy.' Jun ignored the strange tapestry and thought hard on a place where they could chat in private.

'A place to chat. A place to chat,' Jun thought. He later realized they past the same tapestry three times.

But on the fourth time, a door appeared.

"Whoa," Jun mouthed. Nino opened the door.

"In here," Nino beckoned.

Jun walked in and thought they walked in a cafe lounge. There was a large fireplace and numerous of comfy-looking chairs and tables. A long couch placed across the fire looked extremely soft. It was a great place just to socialize if there was a party.

"I found it one night when I tried to run away from the girls," Nino explained, already kicking back on the couch. "The Room of Requirements. Just think of anything material-wise and it'll appear. Watch."

Nino's eyes gazed up in thought. Suddenly, a package of condoms popped out of no where in his hands. He grinned eagerly, but Jun just shook his head. Nino pouted and tossed the condoms away.

"Something material," Jun said, trying the Room of Requirements for himself. His mind wondered off until he knew what he wanted.

A thick textbook about elements appeared on the table next to him. He knew that book since he checked it out so many times from the library.

"See," Nino pointed. "The only downside is that the room does not conjure food."

Jun clicked his tongue since he wished he had some coffee to wake himself up from the alcohol. He sat down on the couch and stared at the fire.

"Okay, this place it pretty cool," Jun agreed. "But what happened tonight? How did you approached the Vocal Wizards?"

Nino leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. His expression was almost unreadable, but Jun saw a flash of fear in his eyes.

"When Toda and I stopped dancing, she went off to find her next boy toy. So I went outside for some air," Nino started. "I was leaning on those angel statues, so when I heard the front doors open, they didn't see me. But I heard them..."

***(Nino's POV)***

"I can't believe she did that to you!" Nino heard someone yell. A voice he knew too well.

"Relax, Sho-chan. She got drunk and I escaped. How about you, Ohno? How did you get rid of Yuka?" Aiba asked.

Nino waited for Ohno's voice. His heavenly, sweet voice Nino could never get enough. But it never came nor replied back to Aiba. Nino wanted to appear and hang out with them for the night, but something held him back.

He heard their footsteps fading away, and he peeked around the angel statue. They walked away from the castle, and his instincts told him to follow them. He took a deep breath first to calm his mind. Nino knew if he followed them, they'll detect him if they read his mind. So Nino used his best defense of Occlumency and followed them.

He later realized they were heading down towards the lake. Nino stayed close to the shadows as best as he could until he hid well behind thick bushes and trees. He listened to them closely, and it was...frightening.

For it was no longer Ohno, Sho, and Aiba chatting....but Vocal Wizard voices themselves...

"How long must we wait until the final piece is collected?" Sho's voice echoed. It was strong and powerful like a burning flame.

"I sense the young boy does not have much time left. It must be done soon," Aiba spoke. It was clear as crystal like a bell chiming in the wind.

"We will go ourselves when the time comes," Ohno said. His voice was the deepest like the alpha leader of a pack.

From a distance, Nino watched Ohno hover his foot over the water, but then he easily walked on the surface as if it was hard as glass. Sho and Aiba waited on the sandy banks as Ohno walked further out into the water. He extended his hand out and a sphere of water floated up. The sphere glowed like a Pensieve light, a mirror to another world. Nino saw faint colors of yellow and gold.

"It has been years," the Fire Vocal Wizard said.

"Has no one sought the Earth's Power?" The Wind Vocal Wizard echoed.

"Earth..." the Water Vocal Wizard sighed, walking back to them with the sphere hovering over his hand, "...has many faces, and it is my counterpart."

The orb of water became clear, and Nino saw a large temple. There were monks praying and tourist taking pictures at the large structure. Nino knew he saw the temple somewhere in textbooks before. The images in the sphere flashed constantly of different perspectives of the ancient temple. One minute it looked down from a bird's eyes view, the next it was as if Nino was inside the building. Then the sphere revealed a massive stone tablet that camouflage to the wall...

"The humans preserved our temple," the Fire grinned, as if amused. "Foolish creatures. Not knowing the secrets that dormants deep underground."

"They call it Angkor Wat," the Wind added. "In the land of Cambodia. How charming indeed."

The Water Vocal Wizard said nothing but continued to stare into the orb, deep in thought.

"We should leave this place," The Fire spoke, his voice sounding brutal and merciless. "The humans hold no importance to us. Allow me to burn them so they will not see the future terrors."

"Should we bring the other two boys as sacrifice?" The Wind said, sounding gentle and light compare to The Fire.

"We will use the Slytherin boy...Ninomiya," The Water said, cool as ice. "That boy will be the only sacrifice."

Nino felt his insides turn colder than the night weather. They were talking about him! They were planning to kill him! Nino had never been so scared in his life, but he kept his mind clear and continued to listen to them.

"What of the younger boy?" The Fire asked, flames flickered from his fist. "Why do you keep him alive?"

The large water sphere drifted into the sky and became part of the clouds. The first flakes of snow began to fall...

"I will use him as well," The Water answered.

"I shall take us to the temple," The Wind said, as he conjured a gust of wind.

"No," The Water ordered. "We leave tomorrow at sunset."

The Fire Vocal Wizards arms suddenly engulf in flames. It was as if the flames took shape of huge muscles, but they flickered and sparked like they were alive with anger.

"Sunset?!" The Fire asked in rage. "Why must we still wait?!"

The Water kept a blank expression.

"Too long have we waited in the dark!" The Fire argued loud and strong like an army general. "This body has become my own and its conscious mind is under my control. This world of magic has lost its true meaning of power. We have delayed the Return for too long!!"

The gust of wind whirled around them causing The Fire to increase his flames.

"I agree," The Wind spoke. The gentleness was gone and instead was a howling tornado. "The winds do not stay in place like water. It breathes and journeys fast. Why must we wait?!"

"Silence!" The Water roared.

Nino cowered where he was hidden. He felt so utterly small at the sound of such a powerful voice. It shook him to the very core, and he could feel his heartbeat pounding in his ears.

Immediately, The Fire and Wind Vocal Wizards knelt down like loyal knight before the Water Vocal WIzard. Nino knew that meant there was a ranking within the Vocal Wizards. For whatever reason, he doesn't know...

"Have you forgotten who has awaken first? Who has the superior power? Who has the oldest memory?!" The Water towered over them. "I hold the true memories of the past. I am the immortal, the eternal, the perennial! Do not forget where you stand but a piece of me!"

The two Vocal Wizards kept their heads down in shame. Nino gulped. It was frightening to see Ohno's body looking so superior and dominant towards his friends. His beloved Ohno...was someone else...

"We wait for sunset," The Water repeated clearly. "True we have waited eons for the Return, however...we must wait for him to be there."

The Fire and The Wind lift their heads up.

"We cannot be rejoined without him. It is he who must sacrifice the Slytherin boy's blood. I will find a way to do so by morning, and then we shall depart to finally be reunited as a whole," The Water instructed. He slowly curled his fingers. "Everything...will be as planned."

They come together in a circle and lowered their voices for further planning. Since he couldn't hear them, Nino took this opportunity to leave before they spotted him. Nino calmly and quietly backed away until he was a good distance from the lake. He sprinted towards the castle....

***(End of Nino's POV)***

"...when I got back inside the castle, I found you," Nino finished.

Jun didn't know where to start. He slowly got up and walked around the spacious room. He was fully awake now. Jun's mind was spinning out of control with new information.

'They knew where the Earth Talisman was?!' Jun thought. 'They plan to kill Nino?! They want to do something with me?! Who was the 'him' they were talking about?!'

"This...this is crazy!" Jun panicked, walking back and forth. "Everything I've worked and research on...every possible idea or theory I've looked over...why do they need us?!"

"I don't know," Nino sighed.

"How can you be so calm?!" Jun yelled. "You said so yourself, they plan to kill you!"

"Technically, they said sacrifice."

"It's the same thing!" Jun snapped back. Nino stood up quickly, standing his ground.

"Well, I'm sorry if I'm not sounding so selfish tonight," Nino yelled back. "But you're forgetting something. Ohno, Sho, and Aiba are gone."

Jun felt his heart stop beating for a few seconds.

"Their minds are gone..." Nino said, his eyes shining with tears again. "They've always had been. The Vocal Wizards has completely control over them. It has finally happened."

"No..." Jun shook his head, walking away from Nino. "No, no, no. That's not possible! They can't lose their minds until all Five Vocal Wizards return."

"Open your eyes, Jun! They fooled us!" Nino shouted, roughly pushing the chairs aside to get closer. "Probably since school started. It must've happened when Aiba joined them."

Jun did remember how different Ohno behaved when he picked him up during the summer. He had the aura of someone powerful. But even so...

"That does not make sense," Jun argued back, walking back and forth again. "Throughout this year, I know I was talking to the real Ohno, Sho, and Aiba. There's...there's just no way."

"I'm telling you what I saw," Nino said, his voice low and dangerous. "They've tricked us. They delved into our friends hearts and pretended!"

'That can't be true... It's not true...'

"You know what this means, right?" Nino asked.

Jun glanced at him. Nino's eyes burned with a determination Jun had never seen before. It was anger, sadness, lost, and guilt. Every possible negative emotion ran through Nino like a landslide.

"They are no longer our friends," Nino sneered. "They are monsters that stole our real friends and must be stopped. We have to get to Angkor Wat before they do and destroy the Earth Talisman."

Jun have never been so confused, scared, and worried at the same time. He bit his lip, continued to walk in circles, and grabbed his hair in distraught.

"This goes everything against what I've thought the Vocal Wizards are," Jun mumbled. "There has to be some explanation-"

"Was it not your plan to destroy the Earth Talisman in the first place?!" Nino argued back. Jun blinked.

'A fake plan,' Jun thought.

"We have to try," Nino pleaded. "Maybe it can bring them back to normal."

Jun tried to clutch his fist to calm himself. The cold skull ring pressed deep into his palm. Cambodia was not that far from Japan compare to Hawaii. The more Jun thought about it, the more it made sense that the Earth Talisman would reside at such an earthy place.

Then, Jun remembered his nightmares since summer. Those stone walls he felt, and the steep stairs he climbed while trying to keep up with Nino.

'Did I had visions of Angkor Wat?' Jun pondered.

"He said they'll leave tomorrow," Nino continued. "At sunset. We have to find the Earth Talisman by then. It must be underneath the temple Angkor Wat. I saw that magical sphere, and I think I can lead us there."

"And how are we suppose to get to Cambodia?" Jun snapped back. "There's no Portkey to get there. We don't have any access to Floo Powder, and we can't Apparate."

Nino put his hands in his pocket while staring at his feet.

"Before I found you, I bumped into Naruse," Nino said. "He must have been distracted by something because he had this remorse look on his face. But when I bumped him, there was bits of Floo Powder on my jacket."

"Floo Powder?" Jun mumbled. "He was carrying it during the dance?"

"I don't know," Nino shrugged. "But I have this hunch that Naruse knows where the Earth Talisman is too." Jun's eyes grew wide.

"Are you saying Naruse has been going to Cambodia this entire time?"

"It explains why his skin is so dark," Nino concluded, leaning his weight on a chair. "He must have a stash of Floo Powder in his office and goes on trips regularly. My guess is that he just came back before the dance and that's why he had a little powder on his suit."

Jun strode across the room, trying to stay calm and collecting all that has happened. Naruse's absence in school has increased since the semester started. He has gotten thinner and his skin getting darker. If Naruse was visiting Cambodia, what was he doing there?

"So let me get this straight," Jun said, closing his eyes. "The Vocal Wizards knew where the Earth Talisman was all along. You heard them planning to use you as a sacrifice and using me for something else. They plan to leave at sunset, and they are waiting for someone to be there as well. The Earth Talisman is somewhere underground, and you're guessing that Naruse has been making trips to Cambodia?" Jun finished.

 "We need to plan this out. Are you in or not?"

Jun rubbed his face roughly. So many things was happening so fast tonight. One minute, Jun was having the time of his life, and then he lost everything important to him. His life is draining bit by bit, his girlfriend is probably crying in her dorm, and now his three best friends are buried away because of ancient wizards controlling them.

'This has got to end.'

"How shall we start?" Jun asked. Nino smiled.

*         *         *

Jun and Nino agreed to sleep in the Room of Requirements for safety measures. Nino insisted they share one bed, but Jun immediately conjured his own bed. At the crack of dawn, Nino scouted back to his dormitory to get some extra supplies for the trip. Nino also summoned Jun's wand with Accio from the window and said he plans to steal some Floo Powder from Naruse's office. Jun was worried since the Vocal Wizards plan to kill Nino, but Nino reassured him that he knows the dungeons best.

"I'll move much faster if I go by myself," Nino said. "I'll be back. Just wait here."

After an hour, Nino still didn't return. Jun wanted something to eat, but the Room can't offer food. He changed into spare robes the Room provided and ventured out. Jun thought he would at least find Mao and apologize about last night, but he have to make it quick or the Vocal Wizards will find him.

"I hope she's okay." Jun sighed.

Since there was no classes, the students were free for the day to wonder. Many of the students played outside for a game of snowball wars, others went shopping to Hogsmeade. Jun was starving and headed off to the kitchen.

He kept close to the walls in case he spotted either Ohno, Sho, or Aiba. But he didn't see them anywhere. He thought of finding Nino when he heard a tune...

It was melodic, but Jun ignored it until he heard a familiar voice.

" chance we'll come back."

'Nino?' Jun frowned. He peered around the corner.

He saw Nino talking with Inoue Mao, who was crying.

"Why now? How can all of this happen so fast?" She sobbed. "Why do they want him?"

Jun was about to rush forward to comfort her, but he stopped himself as Nino slowly wrapped his arms around her. Jun thought the world had stopped. He could hear his own heartbeat as he watched the unlikely couple embrace each other so tightly.

Somehow, Jun couldn't bring himself to come forward...

"Everything will be alright," Nino soothed her. "I promise."

Jun felt his throat tighten as he watched them stared deeply into each other's eyes. She was crying so dramatically that Jun have never seen before. Nino looked completely posed and calm, almost suave. Their lips so very close as they drew closer and closer.

Jun turned around and quickly walked away, and the musical tune faded as he left. He couldn't watch. He couldn't bring himself to see the ending. He thought he was hallucinating. Maybe he was just imaging things.

But that was his the arms of a slimy Slytherin...

'Unforgivable,' Jun cursed darkly.

He power-walked back to the Room of Requirements and waited for Nino's return. He walked back and forth across the room again to calm himself down while twirling his wand in his hands. He immediately wished he knew some useful curses, and a book popped before him on the table.

He has grown accustom to reading fast, briefing through textbooks, and absorbing information through months of reading. He flipped page after page and intake the useful spells. Making mental notes of spells he already know, and ones he might use on the trip.

'Unforgivable...unforgivable,' Jun continued to utter, his mind repeating the scene of Mao and Nino together. 'Unforgivable...unforgivable...unforgivable.'

It was past lunch hour when he heard the door knob turning.

"Jun!" Nino burst through the door.

Jun slowly turned around and couldn't help but chuckle. Nino panted heavily and sweated slightly on his brow. He carried a stuffed shoulder bag and a vial of Floo Powder.

"I'm sorry it took me so long," Nino panted. "I was running around the entire castle trying to remember any important items we might need."

Jun just stood where he was and watched Nino pulled out the supplies from his bag.

"Some food, remedies in case we get injured, extra clothes, rolls of bandages," Nino said, not noticing Jun's observing eyes. "I also found some useful maps in the library, and a tour guide pamphlet of Angkor Wat.

"Getting the Floo Powder was harder than I thought," Nino continued, repacking. "He wouldn't leave his office so I stayed and waited for him to leave until he finally left. Then it took me forever to find the jar of Floo Powder and I had to run for it because I thought I heard him coming back."

Jun didn't say a word.

"Uh, aren't you gonna say something?" Nino chuckled, wiping his sweat. "Like, good job Nino! I could just kiss you!"

Jun's eyebrow twitched.

"Hmm, maybe later," Jun smirked, patting Nino on the shoulder. "Should we leave now, then?"

Jun walked towards the fireplace and leaned his arm against the mantel. He watched the fire dancing and the logs cracking. Yet he could no longer feel the warmth of the flames. He felt something died in him...

"Are you okay?" Nino asked, smiling nervously. "I mean, I went through all this trouble to get us supplies and you're all gloomy."

Jun glanced over his shoulder and took a good look at Nino.

Nino stood there looking active and slightly dirty from the sweat. Just a while ago, Jun saw him looking so elegant and clean; it was like watching an aristocrat. Not to mention Nino didn't had his shoulder bag with him. But Jun wouldn't allow himself to be fooled by the prank master.

So, he will play along...

"Nothing," Jun grinned. "Just cranky from staying here all night."

"We better get going then," Nino nodded. "I've picked out the perfect place for us to teleport. I studied the maps while I was waiting for Naruse to leave."

Nino opened the vial bottle and poured some Floo Powder in Jun's palm.

"We'll rendezvous at this wizard hotel I found in Siem Reap," Nino pointed at the map.

"A thought just occurred to me," Jun brought up.

"What is it?"

"This is the Room of Requirements, so why didn't you simple asked the room to give us the supplies we needed?"

"I could, but it doesn't summon Floo Powder," Nino calmly answered. "I've tried but nothing happened. Otherwise, I would have skip school a long time ago. Sure I could have gotten the maps and bandages here, but while I was out it just came to me and I packed them."

"Ah, I see," Jun nodded. "Okay then, shall we go?"

Nino looked at Jun up and down suspiciously. "Are you sure you're okay? You seem...different."

"I'm totally fine," Jun said.

Nino sighed, his eyes looking forgiving. "Do you want to find Inoue before you go?"

"No," Jun snapped back. "Let's get a move on already."

Jun threw his Floo Powder in with haste and the flames grew larger and burned green. He stepped inside the fireplace and called out the hotel's name. He kept his arms close to his body as he started spinning. He didn't mind since it was nothing compare to the trip to Hawaii by Floo Network.

Finally, he felt stone under his feet and stumbled out of the fireplace. He brushed the soot off his shirt and look at his surroundings. He was inside a simple hotel and he spotted wizards with their wands out to levitate luggages. A few guests were in the lobby checking in, and floating letters zoomed over their heads.

Jun felt someone bumped into him from behind, but it was only Nino fumbling out of the fireplace.

A manager with dark skin and a big smile on his face approached them. He was incredibly short and his hair was shiny from oil. He started speaking to them in a different language Jun never heard of. Nino and Jun exchanged glances.

"I don't suppose you speak Cambodian, do you?" Jun asked.

"Uh," Nino dug inside his bag and pulled out his tour guide. "Angkor Wat. We're going here," He pointed.

"Ahh," the manager nodded. He pointed them outside to follow him.

When Jun stepped outside the hotel, a huge wave of heat hit him like a ton of bricks. The humidity was unlike Jun had ever felt before. It was uncomfortable and sticky. There was a certain smell in the air that was mixed with fish and feces. The streets was just dirt roads but flatten so much from people walking on it. A few meters away, Jun spotted a flea market.

"Man, it's hot," Nino complained, taking off his sweater.

Jun also took his shirt off. But even with his t-shirt on, it still felt unbelievable hot.

The manager escorted them to a row of motorbikes with attached carts for tourist to ride on. One driver smiled with crooked teeth at them and started his engine. The manager bowed before them and acknowledged them to go with the only driver in the lot and went back inside the hotel. Nino and Jun were left alone with the dirty-looking motorcyclist.

"I think we're suppose to pay him," Jun said. Thankfully, Nino was prepared and pulled out four Sickle coins. The driver happily took it and they climbed in the cart.

"Where did you get that money?"

"I stole it from the manager's back pocket," Nino smirked.

The roads were extremely crowded with people and other motorbikes. Jun thought they were going to crash, but the driver was an expert and dodged all obstacles. The children would glare at them with angry and pitiful eyes. Jun knew he must look weird with his pale skin compare to their darker skin tone. He also knew this was a very poor country, but Jun have never been this close to actually poverty.

And yet he didn't feel sorry for them. He couldn't see any ray of hope in his heart...

"There it is!" Nino pointed. "The temple Angkor Wat."

The road was smaller, but there were so many people and vehicles riding towards the great temple. They were still a few meters away from the first gate, but Jun could see in the distances the towers of the temple. There were piles of rocks everywhere that once must've been part of the temple, but plants have grown over them. A massive moat bordered around the temple with a great bridge crossing the moat.

"I still can't see it yet," Nino gasped, fanning his head. "Let's go."

The sun beated down on them, but that didn't stop other unknown tourists and regulars to run around in excitement. As they walked across the bridge, Jun immediately felt a sense of deja vu.

'So it was this place I've dreamed about,' Jun thought.

The moat was so large and wide, Jun thought a sea serpent could swim inside it. The bridge was long and wide as well. By the time they crossed over the enormous moat, they walked pass the first gate. The vast open fields lay out before them. The temple itself was just ahead as well.

Staring at the towers straight ahead, Jun could only see three large peaks. But he looked down at Nino's maps and felt his heart jump because of the formation. There were four towers and one in the center...just like the Four-Point Pentagram.

"It says here the temple was built in honor of the Hindu god Vishnu before it was converted for Buddhism," Nino read the tour guide. "It stands the largest religious building in the world...and to think that wizards built this."

"You said you saw a stone tablet?" Jun asked, not in the mood for light talk. "Where was it exactly?"

Nino blinked and stared back at Jun as if offended. He pointed towards towers.

"At the center of the temple," Nino answered.

Jun continued to walk forward. He remembered those nightmares he had since summer. The stone walls were bumpy because of the intricate designs carved on the walls. The stairs were steep and slippery because of the rain and the angle the stairs were built.

Finally, they reached the center of the temple. The main stairs that lead to the center tower was extremely steep that Jun had to use his hands to climb up. He followed Nino's lead up the stairs until they reached the center structure.

It was quiet. There was a magical presences that Jun suspected made the Muggles turn around. From a distance, Jun heard a monk praying.

"This way," Nino waved and led him down the stone hallway. "This is it."

They've reached what looked like a dead end. There was nothing but a plain wall. Nino examined the stone wall closely, his nose so very close to touching it. Jun stood back and tried to get a better look at the wall.

In his dream, he saw Nino push this stone tablet...

"I wonder," Nino whispered and gently placed his palm on the wall.

Suddenly, the stone jolted. Jun watched the ancient stone tablet sink back in and slide to the left, revealing a hidden stairway underground.

"It really is here," Nino gasped. "That sphere thing was right."

"Naruse must've been searching forever to find this," Jun said.

They exchanged glances. Nino looked nervous, but Jun waited for Nino to lead the way.

"There's no turning back," Nino said. Jun nodded. "Okay...let's go."

Nino walked down the staircase, and Jun followed him. He could hear the stone tablet slide back into place, but he didn't care. He glared at Nino's back with menacing eyes in the dark...


To Chapter 10 >>
yeah, i think i'll end here. it's not so much of a cliffhanger i hope ^^ ok maybe it is

waaaahh! let me tell you how hard it is to summarize the basics of angkor wat! i wanted to add so much more detail, but that would drag on way too much. so you know's a helpful virtual tour through angkor wat. it's brief and only about 4 minutes long. if you're interested in getting a better view of the temple,
you can copy this link >>

also, when the vocal wizards were chatting, i try to make their dialect kinda formal almost old style way of speaking. you know, like renaissance like speaking. without the 'thou, thy, where art thou' stuff ^^

so, let's recap!!
-nino shows jun the room of requirements so they can chat in private
-nino tells jun what he saw and heard of the vocal wizards during the dance
-through nino's pov, we learn that the vocal wizards already knew the location of the earth talisman
-the vocal wizards plan to use both nino and jun in some plan
-nino and jun plan to go to cambodia to stop the vocal wizards by finding the earth talisman first
-while nino gets the floo powder, jun tries to find nino what's taking him so long but instead found nino and mao in close contact!!
-jun waits at the room of requirements, reading spell books (he's gotten dark)
-acting like he didn't know anything, jun and nino wisk away to cambodia
-there, they found the hidden stairway to the underground of angkor wat (with jun glaring at nino's back) ^^

what will happen to them?! XDD

by the way, the mood not really my current mood, i just want to share this funny gif XDD


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