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Fourth Year at Hogwarts

  Title: Fourth Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a fourth year at Hogwarts. When Nino and Jun found the hidden coliseum under Angkor Wat, the Vocal Wizards should up along with the Elites and SIN. The dark thoughts that lingered in the back of Jun's mind has finally emerged and he nearly killed Nino. Jun absorbed the powers from his friends and becomes the new Metal Vocal Wizard, but Nino survived and stopped the ritual just in time to escape with his friends and the Elites. Now, Jun is the new leader of the cult SIN and the dark Metal Vocal Wizard. Is Jun lost forever?

a/n: this is another long chapter as well as the final chapter. enjoy!!

Chapter 11 - I'm Awake

***(Nino's POV)***

Nino felt the ground underneath his feet once again and fell to his knees. He was so cold, not because of the sudden weather change, but because of the blood still soaked on his clothes. His eardrums buzzed, and a massive headache pounded against his temples. The sharp throbbing pain in his chest was so unbearable that he was too scared to even breath.

"Quick, get them inside Hog's Head before SIN shows up," Nino heard someone ordered.

He felt someone pick him up and carried him away. He barely opened his eyes and spotted Ohno also being carried away by a big bulky wizard. He felt his eyes roll back and he fell asleep.

At first, everything was black until he saw foggy images of Jun. His haircut changed, and his eyes were so dark and menacing. His smile was even more creepy.

Nino felt his blood boil.

"You lied to me!" Nino yelled. "You said you'd bring them back!"

Jun just laughed at his face. He was mocking Nino. Then out of nowhere, he raised a golden spear over his head, his eyes wide like a madman. He struck...

Nino gasped and sat up.

He immediately winced as he felt the pain from his wound. He gently pressed his thick hands on his chest and felt the bandages wrapped around him. Knowing a few healing magic, Nino knew his wound was sealed but the pain will remain. He could feel a few broken ribs, and the slightest turn made him groan. On the bedside table next to him was a skeleton-shaped like bottle labeled 'Skele-Gro.' It didn't stop him from getting out of bed.

He realized he wasn't in the hospital wing or in his dorm. The room was made of wood and looked old and shabby. The floor was dusty, and the windows were so dirty that the light barely filled the room. The place had a strong smell of goats.

Nino got up from his bed and made his way towards the door. He opened a small crack and saw Tsukumo Ryusuke talking with Shiori-san just a few meters down the hall.

"...when they'll wake up," Shiori sighed, looking worried.

"Did you see anything about them and the talismans?" Tsukumo asked, keeping his voice low.

"I saw nothing," Shiori frowned. "I didn't see any visions relating to the talismans."

"How can that be?" Tsukumo grunted, combing through his hair.

"It can only mean one thing," Shiori said. "They are not fused with the Talismans anymore."

Nino thought his heart jumped to his throat, and he croaked out of reflex. He covered his mouth, but they heard him and swung the door open. Tsukumo looked shocked while Shiori looked revealed.

"You've woken up!" She gasped, smiling. "I knew you would make it."

"Ninomiya, are you okay?" Tsukumo asked, gently pushing Nino back into his room.

"I feel a little weak, but...I'm fine," Nino mumbled.

"That's good. You and the others have been out a whole day."

Nino blinked.

"Where are they?" Nino asked. "My friends. Where are they?!"

"Calm down, Ninomi-"

"Are they okay?!" Nino panicked. "What happened to them?! The last thing I remember was them running up those stairs. They're okay, right? They're with us, right?!"

"They're safe, Ninomiya," Tsukumo reassured him. "They passed out just like you when we got back to Hogsmeade. They haven't woken up since. You're the first one."

Nino slowly sat on his bed, taking in what happened.

"Can I see them?" Nino looked up.

Tsukumo frowned. "You will soon, but first you should-"

Suddenly, a wizard ran into Nino's room looking ecstatic with a big smile on his face.

"He's awake!" He panted. Nino felt his heart jump again.

Without asking, Nino leaped off his bed and pushed past the Elite wizard. He didn't know where he was going, but he just ran down the dusty hallway and stormed into the only open door. The Elite wizards in the room turned to look at him. but his eyes were on Aiba sitting up on his bed.

"Aiba," Nino gasped, ignoring the pain on his chest. Aiba looked at him, and his eyes grew wide.

"N-nino?" Aiba spoke as if he was trying to remember.

Nino just stood where he was and watched Aiba slowly got out of bed. He walked closer and closer until they were standing right in front of each other.

"Nino," Aiba uttered. "It''s you!"

Aiba suddenly hugged Nino tightly.

"I can't believe it!" Aiba sobbed. "It's really you!"

"Aiba, what's going on?" Nino said, looking confused. "Did something happened?"

"Don't you get it, Nino?" Aiba smiled, his eyes filled with tears. "I've finally woken up....I'm back!"

Nino didn't know what to say. He felt his throat tighten, and the tears started piling up. He took one good look at his friend before he finally gave in and hug him. Aiba laughed and hugged back.

It was a true laugh. A real laugh. Aiba's laugh.

'Is this a dream?' Nino thought.

"Wait a minute," Nino pulled away. "If you're awake...then the others must be too."

"You're right!" Aiba gasped and dashed down the hall.

Nino followed after him. He felt excited, like the world was shining and everything was pure and normal again. Aiba opened random doors until he finally stopped at the fourth door. Nino looked over Aiba's shoulder and saw Sho also standing up.

"Sho?" Aiba gasped. Sho looked up.

Sho stared back at Aiba as if he was a stranger, but Sho frowned as if he had a feeling he saw them before. He walked up to Aiba completely speechless. It was like witnessing two long lost lovers finally reunited after many years. Tears also swelled in Sho's eyes as he gently held Aiba's face in his warm hands.

"Aiba?" Sho said. "Is it really you?"

"We came back to the real world," Aiba nodded.

Nino leaned on the door frame and watched the two boys embrace each other so passionately. They cried and laughed like there was no tomorrow. Nino quietly excused himself to give them some time alone. He slowly dragged his feet down the hall. Absentmindedly opening the doors down the hall as he went.

Finally, he opened the last door of the hallway.

A boy with pudgy face and spiky hair slept on his bed. Nino approached him and sat on the chair next to the bed. Ohno's dreamy face looked so peaceful, but he hasn't waken up yet. Nino felt the tears building up again.

"Ohno?" Nino whispered. "Hey, Ohno. Wake up."

Nino gently held Ohno's hand. His fingers were so long and slender, Nino could never get enough of those magic hands. Nino didn't wipe his tears away as he rocked Ohno's hand.

"Wake up already!" Nino cried. "Sho and Aiba did! Wake up!"


Nino rested his head on the bed and sobbed into the sheets. His hand grasped tightly on Ohno's and refused to let go. After a few minutes, he calmed himself and started humming.

It was a song he wrote a long time ago. A song he wanted Ohno to sing. A song that meant a lot to him.

"shindeitta anata wa boku no kokoro ni shimiteikita"
(When you died, you sank into my heart and lived on)

Maybe he thought he felt a twitch in his palm. Maybe he was just yearning for Ohno to wake up so much, he was imagining his hand was moving.

"hoka no hito wo aishitemo hoka no hito de shika arimasen
ikudo to naku kisetsu mataidemo

hontou wa hanarete wa kieru no ga kowakute"
(Even though I love someone else, They are only someone else.
Though I stride over heavens knows how many seasons,

Really, I'm afraid of you leaving and fading away)

He heard a groan. He raised his head and watched Ohno flutter his eyes open. Nino thought his heart stopped as Ohno gazed back at him. Nino could practically count the seconds passing by.

Ohno spoke in a hoarse voice, "I...I know your face."

"Yes," Nino nodded, bringing Ohno's hand to his cheek. "Do you remember me?"

Ohno blinked. Nino watched his reaction as he slowly opened his mouth in shock and his eyes twinkled.

"I know you," Ohno moaned, wiping Nino's tears. "Kazu."

Nino sniffed.

"Kazu," Ohno sighed. "I finally see you."

"Welcome back...Satoshi," Nino whispered. He never knew how much he miss saying that name.

He couldn't help but leap onto Ohno and cried loudly on his shoulder. He was finally reunited with his friends. They've finally awaken from their Vocal Wizard auras and were back to normal. But he was so happy to feel Ohno's hand rubbing back and forth on his back for comfort.

It must've been a good five minutes until Nino felt someone collapse on top of him too.

"Ohno!" Aiba cheered. "You're back! We're back!"

"I can't believe it!" Sho said, jumping on Ohno's bed. "It's really Nino! I can't believe I actually miss you."

"Sho...Aiba...!" Ohno gasped, also getting excited and jumping on his bed. "I miss you guys so much!"

Nino watched Sho and Aiba continue to jump up and down on Ohno's bed. Nino looked around the room as Headmaster Johnny entered the room.

Someone was missing.

That's when the memories started flooding back to Nino, and he dug his nails into his palms.

"Jun..." Nino muttered quietly.

Sho and Aiba stopped laughing. Everyone in the room became stiff besides Headmaster Johnny. Nino was having a hard time controlling his shaky hands. He was just so...angry.

"A lot has happened that night," Headmaster Johnny said. "I would like to talk about it."

The boys exchanged glances and squeezed together to sit on the edge of Ohno's bed. Nino didn't know where to start.

"Professor," Sho spoke up, "has my father-"

"Your father is informed of what happened," Johnny nodded. "Satoshi, your family is also pleased to hear you're fine. They'll be here soon. I've ordered the Elites to keep an eye out in case SIN starts becoming active."

Ohno nodded. The room became quiet until Headmaster Johnny spoke again.

"I would like to hear your story first, Kazunari," Johnny said. Nino looked up at him. "Perhaps you can tell me how you got to Cambodia."

Nino laced his fingers and stared at the ground. He started from the Dear Snow Dance. He told them how he overheard the possessed Ohno, Sho, and Aiba as the Vocal Wizards. He told them how he and Jun planned to get to Cambodia by using Floo Powder and how they found the hidden coliseum under Angkor Wat. He explained what he saw and heard before the Elites arrived.

"And then," Nino frowned, "I was hanging off the ledge when...Jun dropped me."

He heard his friends gasp in horror.

"And then he stabbed me with the spear," Nino said, placing his hand over his chest. "It was the most strangest feeling ever. I thought I felt pain, but something happened."

"That spear head was the Earth Talisman," Headmaster Johnny said. "You were forcefully fused with the talisman. But you joined with its powers nonetheless."

"Yeah," Nino raised his head. "I felt the earth....everywhere. Somehow, there were voices that I understood and I could easily shift the rocks. And yet, I felt as if there was a different person living inside me. Another soul. Once I heard those voices, I couldn't let myself be defeated and I yanked the spear out."

"Oh my gosh," Aiba gasped.

"Jun was already the center of attention," Nino continued. "He was absorbing you guys. He looked at me and I started to feel weak again. But I just couldn't let it end like this, so I managed to move the stone under his feet and ended his ritual."

"Can you still move earth?" Sho asked. Nino looked around to see anything made of rock.

Headmaster Johnny pulled out his wand and waved a complex motion in the air. A few pebbles from the street outside appeared before them, scattering across the room. Nino took a deep breath and spread his hands out. Nothing happened at first, and Nino closed his eyes to concentrate. He knew he did it before...

Then, the pebbles started to wobble. They rolled across the room and piled up next to his feet. Nino finally relaxed his shoulders, panting lightly.

"So you can!" Aiba said. "So you're still possessed by the talisman?"

"I think we need to redefine what the Vocal Wizards Talismans are first," Headmaster Johnny said. He pulled up a chair and sat down. "Tell me how you three felt when you were fused with the talismans."

They exchanged glances.

"Well," Ohno started. "The first time I was fused with the Water Talisman, I still felt like myself. But there were some moments where I was seeing the world through someone else's eyes. It was very light, though.

"When Sho was fused with the Fire Talisman, I felt different," Ohno said. "Suddenly, there were other thoughts running through my mind. Thoughts and memories that weren't my own, but I felt like they were mine. I was a different person."

"The power of the talismans? Or the soul of the Horcrux perhaps," Johnny said. "They were slowly stealing your mind and body. You were unaware of your own self-conscious fading away."

"For me, it was different," Aiba said. "When I was fused with the Wind Talisman, I felt like I became a puppet."

"You guys were strange when Aiba joined," Nino nodded. "You three would just sit there and say nothing. It was like you didn't had a personality. Occasionally you would say something, but it was really strange."

"I started forgetting things," Sho confessed. "It must've been like going into limbo or something. I started forgetting everything that was important to me."

"Same here," Ohno mumbled.

"What about you, Nino?" Sho asked. "Do you feel any different?"

"No," Nino admitted. "I don't feel like I'm being possessed. And I'm positive I still have my own memories and not someone else's."

"Perhaps you're sharing half a soul in you," Johnny said. "Jun didn't complete his ritual as you said. So if my guesses are correct, you share some power of earth because of the half soul still left in you."

"But doesn't that mean I'll be possessed?" Nino asked.

"Yes," Johnny nodded. "And we can't take it too lightly about it. Half a soul is still a soul. You must be cautious from now on."

Nino sucked in his lips.

"Professor," Sho spoke as if he was in a classroom, "there's something I don't understand. All this time, the talismans weren't for the return of the five Vocal Wizards but for the Metal Vocal Wizard?"

"So it seems," Johnny nodded, crossing his arms. "I have been researching on the Vocal Wizards for many years and the truth has somewhat revealed itself. Metal has always intrigued me the most because of its unlikeness of being an element of the ancient world."

Nino gasped.

"Jun mentioned about that!" Nino said. "When we were walking down the hall to the coliseum, there were hieroglyphs on the walls. And then he told me something about the fifth member, Metal, being created by the original four."

"No way," Sho gawked.

"They created a life?" Ohno asked, dumbfound.

"That's what Jun told me," Nino nodded. "He said that they combined their powers to create Metal. But that only weakened them and it's what caused their downfall."

"As I thought," Johnny mumbled. "My instincts tell me that it was the Metal Vocal Wizard who killed the others."

"Their own creation?" Aiba said. "But why?"

"It is beyond me," Johnny shook his head. "Creating a life isn't a simple task. The fact that the Vocal Wizards did is astonishing. But the Metal Vocal Wizard was not happy with his body. I assume that an artificial body could not handle the powers of four different souls that bond into one.

"He needed a more stable body, so he split his soul into four and placed them inside the special talismans. His mission was to have his souls fused with a body, possess that body, and find the perfect candidate to have all four souls merge into one. Those Horcruxes, a soul within an object, acted as recruiters for the Metal Vocal Wizard. They were searching for a body that wasn't artificially made by wizards, but by the natural way between man and woman."

"But why did the talismans fused with us?" Ohno asked. "If the talisman fused with me, why didn't it control me to find the other talismans and then maybe I could have been the Metal Vocal Wizard."

"If that were the case, you could have been," Johnny nodded. "But the ritual is a vital importance. Based on my research and what I've witness, the ritual requires blood of the body host in order to work."

"Our blood?" Sho frowned, looking down at his hand. "Why did it need our blood?"

"The prophecy," Nino brought up. "Was it the Metal Vocal Wizard that made the prophecy?"

"I believe so," Johnny said. "A prophecy is very rare in the magical realm. This just shows what a powerful being the original four Vocal Wizards created."

"What about the elements?" Sho asked. "My father told me the talismans were constantly moving if they weren't surrounded in their environmental element. If that were true, they could never find the perfect host quickly."

"I would like to know too," Johnny admitted. "For ages, the talismans have caused natural disasters in our world because of improper use of them. Wizards that found them weren't fused with it, but instead abused its power until they finally drove into madness.

"With you four, however, didn't entirely gone mad," Johnny nodded. "You were merged completely as if they were made for you. As if they have found their master.

"Sho, do you remember the day you burned Tomohisa?" Johnny asked.

Sho gulped. "Yes."

"Somehow, you delve deep inside yourself and conjured a magical burning that not even Healers could fix him," Johnny said. "And Satoshi, back in your first year, you once told me you heard a voice down in the lake."


"Was it perhaps you boys were studying the Water Spirits so much you understood the element of Water? Or was it because you have something deep inside you that knew everything about the magical properties of Water?"


"And Aiba, you have a gift with animals. I don't even have to see you everyday to know you're a wild and creative boy. News spread about you like the wind. Why is that?"

"I...don't know."

Johnny glanced at Nino.

"Has there ever been a time when your emotions shift suddenly like an earthquake?" Johnny asked. Nino bit his lip.

'Yes,' Nino thought.

"Where are you getting at, Professor?" Sho asked, frustrated that he didn't understand.

Johnny smiled at them.

"Those talismans wouldn't just work with any wizard," he said. "And being part of the souls of the original four makes it want to join with the next closest thing. The Vocal Wizards were real, boys. And they were men after all. We may not know their true names, but my intellect tells me...they were your ancestors."

Nino didn't have to look at his friends. His mouth hung open just like they were.

"You boys are direct descendants of the Vocal Wizards," Johnny stated. "A sure way to know...well, how else did the Metal Vocal Wizard came to power."

They were quiet.

No one was moving.

A knife could cut through the supreme silence and kill them.

The shock was so overwhelming, the pebbles piled at Nino's feet were trembling. He didn't know what to think. His friends, his family linage, everything he thought he knew.

'My a Vocal Wizard?'

*      *      *

They were allowed back to school after their night stay at the Hog's Head. Somehow, they couldn't bring themselves to celebrate their return to the real world. They were all so shocked what they've learned. No matter what happens, the story of the Vocal Wizards will follow them forever. It runs in their blood.

Nino walked down the corridors by himself, mindlessly wandering around the corners. He hadn't talked to his house friends nor felt any urge to find his concubines. He just wanted some alone time with his thoughts.

"Nino-kun!" He heard someone call behind him.

It was Toda Erika.

She clung to his arm, arching her back and pouting her lips.

"Neh, where have you been? I've been so lonely," she said in her sweet talk voice. Nino wasn't falling for it.

"Nothing. Go find someone else, Toda," he shrugged her off.

"Hey! Why did you call me that? You always called me Kitty-Boo," she complained, her voice getting annoying whinny.

"I'm not in the mood, Toda. Get lost," he grunted.

"No!" She screeched, whacking his shoulder.

This ticked him off, and he shoved her down hard, and she skidded across the hard stone. She looked up with her messy hair covering half her face and her eyes wide with disbelief.

"I said get lost, you ugly skank!" Nino yelled and walked away.

He heard her yelling after him. "Only I can satisfy you, Nino-kun!"

'Not anymore,' he sighed.

He was so frustrated with himself, he didn't realize he ran into someone. It was just a Ravenclaw girl, so he was about to leave her and her piles of books. But when he did a double take and saw it was Inoue Mao.

"Oh," he said. "I'm sorry."

He knelt down and helped her pick up her textbooks. She tucked a loose hair strand behind her ear and saw who he was. She gasped a little and quickly took her things.

"Excuse me," she bowed and tried to walk away.

"H-hey, wait a minute!" He ran after her and blocked her way. "Wait."

"W-what is it?" She asked, this time looking at him in the eye.

He never really liked Inoue. She took Jun from him after all. But he finally got to meet her face-to-face and admitted she was pretty. Maybe not as hot as Toda, but Inoue had a decency that he liked. He could tell she was a good person.

"Listen, there's something you should know," Nino said, scratching his head. "It's about Jun."

She looked away, her lips pursed and her eyes blazing.

"Oh," she huffed. "That cheater. What about him?"

'Cheater?' Nino thought.

"Oh, that's right!" He gasped, now rubbing his eyes. "You don't know."

"Know what?" She asked.

He sighed. "You saw him and Toda making out, didn't you?"

"Yes I did. And what of it?"

"It's not what it seems," he explained. "Toda was drunk and he didn't meant it."

"Oh really?" She said, not believing him.

"He was about to run after you, but I kinda pulled him away because I needed to talk to him," he said. "What happened that night wasn't his fault. If I hadn't stopped him, he would have caught up with you by then and begged for forgiveness."

"Oh...really?" She said, more calmer.

"And now I regret I did because..." Nino took a deep breath, "...because, well, Jun isn't with us anymore."

She blinked a few times. "W-what do you mean?"

"I heard you two talking about the Vocal Wizards," he said. Her eyes widen. "He talks to you about them, doesn't he? So you know about them. What happened that night changed us forever...and the world possibly."

"What are you talking about? What happened to Jun?" She demanded, sounding worried.

Nino looked at her straight in the eye.

"Jun is no longer the Jun you know. He is the Metal Vocal Wizard now."

*         *          *

It was night time. Nino sat inside on the large window ledge on the taller towers. He could see Shimura Ken's animal pen and the Dark Forest spanning out and beyond. A whole day has passed since he left Hog's Head and the world still seemed normal.

'How long until he shows himself?' Nino thought, looking up at the stars. "When will the world know that an evil wizard is out there?'

"Nino?" He heard a familiar voice. A sweet heavenly voice.

He turned and saw Ohno climbing up the stairs.

"What are you doing up here by yourself?" Ohno asked.

"I could ask you the same thing."

Ohno sighed and leaned his forearm on the window panel.

"Whatever reason you're up here is probably the same as mine."

"Hmm, that was pretty good comeback," Nino admitted.

Ohno smirked. "I know you too much."

They remained silent. Nino couldn't remember the last time they were alone like this. And not just as Nino and Vocal Wizard Ohno, but as Kazunari and Satoshi. He started to feel his heart beating, and his face turned red. He noticed that their faces were leveled together just right...

"Do you think," Ohno spoke, "that Jun could still be himself?"


"Well, you're still you," Ohno said, tilting his head. "And yet you have the power to move earth. So maybe Jun is still himself somewhere."

"If he was, how would we get him back?" Nino asked. "He was pretty determined to kill me."

"But he's our friend," Ohno frowned. "We can't just leave him."

Nino glanced over at Ohno. Their eyes locked into place. Ohno's eyes were beautiful as always, but they were worried eyes. It made Nino feel uncomfortable.

"How can we bring him back?" Nino sighed. "He's incredible strong now. And you, Sho, and Aiba lost your powers. How can we stop him?"

"Maybe we haven't lost our powers," Ohno said. "If we really are direct descendants of the Vocal Wizards...maybe we can get them back on our own."

Nino gave him a look of disbelief.

"We have to give it a try," Ohno insisted. "Jun would have done it."

"He never wanted us back," Nino sneered. "He lost sight of that. He knew too much already and probably planned on being the Metal Vocal Wizard for himself."

"But he got us back to normal," Ohno said softly. "Maybe not in the way we expected. He probably knew the circumstances of the Metal Vocal Wizard. And he probably knew that was the only way to get our minds back. He may have sacrificed his own body and mind, but he did it for us."

"You're really defending him, aren't you?" Nino chuckled. "You make it sound like you love him."

Ohno looked away.

"I don't love him like that," he mumbled. "He's my friend. Besides...there already is someone else."

"Well," Nino said, trying to ignore his broken heart. "I'm sure the lucky girl will be happy."

Ohno remained quiet.

"I know she'll fall for you," Nino said, avoiding Ohno's eyes. "I'll be really jealous of you. And she'll be so lucky to hear you sing and watch you dance and-"


"I wonder if you'll cook for her."


"Well, who am I kidding? I'm sure you two will live happily-"

"Kazu!" Ohno yelled.

Nino froze. He still couldn't bring himself to face Ohno. Somehow, Nino was still unable to close the gap he created by himself. He was too scared to face this one gentle person.

The memories started flowing back in. He remembered the body that danced so beautifully and magically. His obsession, his addiction, his everything. He could remember the cry of pain when he first laid down the Unforgivable Curse on the one person he loved.

He could feel the tears building up.

"Kazu?" Ohno said, his voice low and soft. "Kazu, why are you crying?"

"I'm..." Nino sobbed, "I'm sorry, Ohno. I'm sorry for what I did to you."

"Kazu, we...we've gone through this already-"

"No!" Nino shouted. "You never said anything about it!"

Ohno looked shocked.

"I never understood what you meant on that day when you said you were sorry!" Nino continued. "I don't get it! Why did you say that? I was the one that tortured you! Why didn't you hate me? Why didn't you left me or run away so I wouldn't hurt you, or-"

Suddenly, Ohno held Nino tightly in his arms. Ohno squeezded him so hard, Nino had a hard time breathing. After a few seconds, Nino heard Ohno sniff.

"It wasn't your fault," Ohno uttered. "It was my fault."


"I tempted you," Ohno said. "The truth is, Kazu, I was tempting you. All those times when I danced or when I sang, I was just testing you. I knew all this time how you felt about me."

Nino gasped.

"I wanted to know for sure," Ohno continued. "So I just waited to see what you'll say. Instead you asked me to dance. So I did. And I waited for you to say something. When you didn't, I had funny teasing you. I enjoyed the look of your...desired face."


"That day when you threatened to curse me, I wanted you to do it," Ohno whispered. "I wanted you to curse me so bad. I wanted to make you feel like I was slipping away from you so you would finally reach out to me.

"And when you did cast that curse, you looked so miserable," Ohno sobbed. "You looked so scared and so terrified. I realized I did something horrible. That's why I said I was sorry. I didn't care if you never confessed to me, as long as you didn't had that look in your eyes."

Nino pulled away from their hug. Ohno's face was tear stained, but he still looked beautiful. Nino could no longer lie to himself. All that he ever wanted for years was to know what Ohno thought of him. In the end, Ohno knew and he accepted it. Ohno loved him.

Nino grabbed Ohno's head and kissed him roughly on his lips.

To Be Continued...

end of fourth year!

To Fifth Year at Hogwarts Chapter 1 -


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