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Arashi's Celebrity Look-a-Likes!

 have you ever played with those websites where you upload a picture of yourself to see what celebrity you look like?
like the website MyHeritage.

why did i do this?! Arashi is celebrities!! i'm bored

it's because i have a curious mind and think of too many 'what if' moments XDD

so i scanned their faces to see what i get. some of them are quite shocking! others...not so much ahhaha!

Note: This is for pure fun. These results sometimes aren't accurate simply because the face scanners look at the general face and the position of the face. You can try multiply times and get different results. These are the general selection

A Big Thanks to Comm: random_arashi for providing good pictures of their faces ^^

 sweet! he's celebrity look-a-likes are gonna look cute!!

Rachelle Ann Go (it must be the eyes. yeah...)
Lee Young-ae  (err...the pudgy face?)
Ueto Aya  (isn't this an old picture?!)
Natalie Glebova (
Siti Nurhaliza (Ah, this one is believable) 
 Roselyn Sanchez (it must be the shape of the face...i think)
 Barbara Bel Geddes (where did that come from?!)
 Debra Winger ( have a young and old lady face...)

Wow Ohno! you have such a girly look!! 

hats off the ueto aya. they do look a like...

ok. so how about the male side of ohno

 OMG!! HUGH JACKMAN!! I think i can just scream of fangirl spasm!! XDD dead serious, the results showed this.

 i think i'm dying of laughter!! am i in heaven?! freaking Takizawa Hideaki?!?! O___O

Alright, how about Sho

 i imagine hot celebrities in this one! ^^

let's start with the females

 Ann Kok (i think so! i really do! if sho cut his hair short)

 Kim Tae Hee (....meh....)

 Fukada Kyoko (Hey! it's that chick from ninos' drama Minami-kun...something) XDD

 Lee Hyori (it's the eyes! those piercing eyes!)

 Matsu Takako (she could be sho's older sister!! O__O)

 Matsuuya Aya (not bad)

 Song Hye-kyo (it must be the cheekbones)

 Zhang Ziyi (the cheekbones?)

not bad. they all do have some resemblance to Sho.

So what about the men?

 well gosh! he's almost a dead ringer to the real sakurai sho -___- (the sad thing about this is that the scanner recognize it by only 76%....76!!! and the other members didn't even get to be recognized as themselves!!)

 Takashi Sorimachi (Hmm? a long lost older brother?!?)

alright!! Moving on! (just movin on, movin on, baby!~)

To AIBA!!!

  this better be good
(actually, the website failed to recognize aiba's face with anyone! so i had to retry again until i got some results...but that means his face is one of a kind!!) 

the female look a likes...

 Matsuura Aya (you again?!?!)

 Nakama Yukie (alright Aiba!)

 Son Ye-jin (is it because of those half moon shaped eyes?)

 Kristine Hermosa (is this lady spanish...or asian?!)

 Ueto Aya (again, huh...)

 Zhang Ziyi (do you seem a resemblance?...maybe the lips...)

 Ami Suzuki (the smile! definitely the smile!)

 Koda Kumi ( so?)

alrighty! they all have the half moon like eyes like aiba. i say the smile is a factor.

so the men?

 Nishikido Ryo (SHOW ME!! show me the resemblance! these two are two totally different faces!!!)

 Stephen Chow (....does anyone know who this is?)

oh my gosh, there is so many.

keep going!! NINO!!

 there is no way he'll look like anyone. his face is just to unique!

or prove me wrong ladies

 Camilla Bella (maybe the way the nose and lips are positioned...)

 Selma Blair (this is good. it's gotta be the smile wrinkles)

 Ueto Aya (What?!? AGAIN!?!?)

 Matsushima Nanako (i dont really see any similarities...)

 Milia Jovovich (if you can't tell, it's the chick from the Resident Evil movies....and i don't see any resemblance)

believe it or not, folks! nino doesn't have a lot of female look a likes! he actually has a male face.

check them out!


 Adrien Brody (ok, now THAT is really good! REALLY Good!! Bravo!)

 Rich Schroder (not really...)

 Colin Farrell (the actor from The New World?....Naaaaah!)

 James Marsters (not in this lifetime...)

so nino has more male look a like results. and majority of them are a different race than him! not bad nino!

FINALLY! let's see our DoS Princess

 this better be good...

 Fukada Kyoko (maybe arashi really looks a like to each other, they keep getting the same faces...)

 Krista Allen (....moving on!)

 Kristin Kreuk (Ok, not bad)


 Matsushima Nanako (I knew it! they are siblings!!) XD

 Matsuuya Aya (it's because of the hair style in this picture! come on!!)

 Norkys Batista ( it the nose?)

 Song Hye-kyo (not really. not by a long shot)

 Ueto Aya (ok it's official! she is Arashi's little sister)

 Tyra Banks (Well, that's certainly a shocker...)

there was no male match ups to jun's what does that mean? XDDD

so how about it? not impressed?

OF COURSE NOT! now here's MY opinion on their look a like celebrity!!

Ohno Satoshi = Fujiwara Tatsuya

I dare you! I DOUBLE DARE YA to think i'm wrong!!!

Sakurai Sho = this guy
what is that guy's name anyways???

Nino = Naka Riisa

hands down. non negotiable. cased closed. period.

jun = mizushima hiro


forgive me, jun! but i think hiro is hotter! ><

 (sigh) i wish i can share this with arashicrackaday. but maybe it wouldn't fit the credentials.

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