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Fifth Year at Hogwarts

 Title: Fifth Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is the Metal Vocal Wizard.

a/n: so sorry for the long wait! so enough blabbering from me and get reading!

Chapter 1 - Growing Fear

***Nino's POV***

'Thousands of Citizens Reported Missing: Residents ranging from Tokyo to Osaka City have been reported missing the past week. A staggering 2609 people were reported to officials missing. Majority of the missing people differ between 15 and 50 years of age both Muggles and Wizards-'

Nino turned the page.

'Manufacturer wizard owners are missing components from their warehouses. The cause of the missing materials are unknown, but an increasing amount of various ores, stones, and highly conductive and dangerous metals were stolen-'

Nino turned another page roughly.

'Japan's branch of Hogwarts School Witchcraft and Wizardry has a missing professor. His whereabouts are unknown, and the Headmaster of the school, Professor Johnny Kitagawa, refuses to discuss any information on the matter-'

Nino slammed the Daily Prophet on the table. He rubbed his tired eyes and let out a long sigh.

It has only been a month and two weeks since summer vacation started, and the news already noticed something strange was going on. The wizarding world has gone stale, and an eerie aura in the magical realm has made everything gloomy.

Even the Muggles feel a disturbance in the air. People were walking down the streets of Tokyo with fear as if someone was watching them from the shadows. Rumors spread of a terrorist group was on the prowl.

But Nino knew better.

He sat in the kitchen and looked out the window. The sky was gray as it always had been since that fateful day. For a summer vacation, it certainly looked cold outside.

"Where are you now....Jun?" Nino whispered.

***Aiba's POV***

"Welcome!" Aiba greeted the new guests. "Table for two? This way, please."

Aiba led the customers to a clean table and gave them their menus. He headed back to the kitchen where his parents were busy cooking.

"Masaki!" His father roared through the loud noises. "Order up!"

"Okay!" Aiba smiled.

He was about to place the hot plates on the serving tray when his eyes betrayed him and glanced up at the Muggle television set they bought. Aiba was fascinated when they first got it. He wanted to tinker with the strange visual black box, but his mother wouldn't let him. It was used only to comfort the Muggle customers that they're not wizards.

'This just in. American government has reported an estimated of missing 5000 military Special Ops units on duty. The government military officials have no reports on the whereabouts of the missing military men, and the number continues to climb. However, the American officials are pointing the blame on Iraq. Here is the latest press conference from the president-'

"Masaki! The order!" Aiba's father yelled.

"Ah! Yes!" He snapped out of it.

He carefully, but expertly, placed the plates on the tray and maneuvered through the crowded restaurant. His charming smile never fails to lift the atmosphere.

"Here you go. Enjoy!" He grinned and walked back to the kitchen. His smile faded as he took this time to catch his breath. Dinner rush hour was tiring, but there were other matters on his mind. He stared back at the television, watching the reporters talk about the mysterious missing people and weaponry...

"Is this your doing...Jun?" Aiba whispered.

***Sho's POV***

"Sho- niichan, can you open this for me?" Mai pouted, holding a bag of chips to him.

Sho was busy looking down at maps of Japan and other countries around the world. He scribbled numerous circles, side notes, scratches, and other ridiculous markings that only he understood. Without even looking, he opened the slippery chip bag for his sister.

He heard an owl tap on the window.

He ran towards it and opened the latch. The owl had a letter in its beck and dropped it in his palm. He opened the letter with haste as if desperate to read it. He quickly read the scribbled note.

'More missing people in Kanto region and SouthEast Asia.
158 in Chiba. 74 in Tokyo.
393 in Thailand. 846 in Malaysia. All near the capital.
More missing metal parts in Russia. Military missing 50 missiles.'

Sho sighed. He knew it was from his father.

He dragged his feet back to the messy table and jotted down the new information. It was one big scrabble around the world. America, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, India, China. All missing large amounts of civilians and heavy military units. Mainly metal components...

"Sho-niichan, Shu-kun is crying." Mai came back in the room.

Down the hall, Sho could hear a baby whining. He rubbed his face roughly before massaging his neck.

"Why do I have to babysit? Why aren't the maids here?" Sho moaned and headed to the nursery room.

He grabbed the prepared formula bottle for his baby brother. The little boy cried louder until his face was red. Sho picked him up and tried his best to hush him up. When little Shu calmed down, Sho gave the bottle to him. While he waited for Shu to finish eating, Sho gazed up at the window.

It may seem normal in the Sakurai Mansion, but Sho knew that out there in the wizarding world, a war was about to break loose...

"How did it come to this...Jun?" Sho sighed.

***Ohno's POV***

The Ohno Estate is no longer the peaceful home Ohno remembered. Wizards from Japan's Ministry of Magic were constantly walking in and out; Elite members practically lived in the house as well. Ohno tried to stay in his room for peace and quiet, but the chattering would not stop. Everyone was on edge.

"We need to stop these hooligans now before it gets worse!"

"And how are we suppose to do that? Soon we'll be having riots all over the world!"

"The Muggle governments don't know this! We as the wizarding community must take responsibility!"

"Every Auror is on the job, day and night. There are hundreds of duels out there! Do you except this will end quietly?!"

"I've just got a report from the Department of Magical Accidents. There was a massive body pile found in Germany. All showed signs done by the Killing Curse!"

"How many?"

"At least 3000!"

"I have a report! The Department of International Magical Corporation from China is demanding a grand sum of 500 million Galleons!"


Ohno just sat there in the dining room, trying to eat his dinner made by the cooks. His father was too busy to join for dinner, who obviously got bigger things on his plate.

"Where is Naruse?"

"Yes. Where is your brother-in-law Naruse Ryo, Ohno-san?" Someone demanded with heavy sarcasm.

"....I have no connection to such a man," Ohno heard his father reply.

"So he's finally joined with SIN, huh?" An Elite member sneered. "That smooth-talking traitor! If I ever see him-"

"Satoshi, dear," Ohno's mother appeared.


"It's going to be very busy tonight. Why don't you sleepover at Ninomiya's place," she suggested, always remaining calm even with such a ruckus room.

"But what about you?" Ohno asked, standing up. "What if SIN attacks the house again?"

"Don't worry about that," she reassured him. "This house is guarded by the Ministry and the Elites. And besides...SIN has no need to invade this house, right?"

Ohno frowned.

After a quick owl sent to Nino, Ohno started packing his trunk. The debate downstairs wouldn't stop, and it got louder and louder. It gave Ohno a headache, and he wasn't even part of the discussion. These political leaders and rich aristocrats were scared out of their minds with the fear happening around the world.

It was like a silence before the storm.

Ohno heard a tapping on his window. He opened it and allowed the owl to land on his bed. He read the letter from Nino.

'Sure! Come over!
My mom is okay with it. She's still at work and likes it if you come so I won't be alone. My sister is hanging out with her boyfriend, so it'll be just you and me. ;)

Nino (kisses)'

Ohno felt his face turn red with the thought that he was going to be alone with Nino tonight.

Suddenly eager to leave the house, he closed his trunk and dragged it down the stairs. His mother waited for him near the fireplace.

"Do you have everything?" She asked.


"I'll come and check on you tomorrow," she said.

Ohno looked confused. "Won't I be coming back?"

"I want you to stay with Nino for the rest of the summer," she brought up. "The Ninomiya's live in a safe area and away from public. I would feel better if you were there."


"Don't worry about us," she smiled. "I don't want you to stay here in such a negative atmosphere. You'll be at peace in the countryside with Nino."

Ohno glanced over his mother's shoulder and saw his father in the large living room. He was still arguing and yelling at his subordinates. More wizards would debate back at the proud Slytherin, but Ohno knew his father was a good man.

"Stay at Nino's place until you start school," his mother ordered kindly. "When you boys are at Hogwarts, you'll be even more safe."

"....okay," Ohno nodded. "For you, Mom."

She kissed his forehead before she poured a palm-full of Floo Powder. He threw the powder into the empty fireplace and walked inside the green flames with his trunk.

"Ninomiya Cottage," he stated.

He kept his arms to his side with his fist tight around the handle of his trunk. It wasn't long until he felt hard stone under his feet again. Soon followed by a big bear hug.

"Satoshi!" Nino squeezed him. Ohno coughed. "Oh, sorry. I always forget you inhale too much powder."

"I do not!" Ohno coughed.

"Here, let me take you trunk," Nino offered and dragged the heavy luagge with his thin arms across the room. Ohno looked around.

It has been ages since he's been at Nino's cottage. It was small, but it was warm and cozy. Nothing compare to the Ohno Estate being wide and cold. The lights weren't too bright either, and the furnitures looked so soft. He always enjoyed breathing in the different smells. It was so nostalgic. He could smell the food wafting from the kitchen and through the whole house. But he most liked the faint citrusy-wood smell that can be found at certain areas.

On that couch. Near the carpet in front of the fireplace. Around that piano and guitar.

It smelled like Nino...

"You can sleep in my room," Nino continued to chatter. "I think there's an extra futon somewhere in the closet...unless you want to share my bed."

"Uhh, w-whatever makes you happy, I'm okay with it," Ohno answered. Nino turned around. "My mom said I should stay here until we go back to Hogwarts."

"Is it that bad at the Estate?" Nino asked, looking worried. Ohno sighed heavily, crossing his arms.

"I haven't had a good night sleep since summer vacation started," Ohno admitted. "The officials are all over this."

There was a long pause.

Every time Ohno thought about him, he could feel his heart breaking again. He could picture the face of that short, young, innocent boy he knew back in their first year. His smile was so cute and crooked. His eyebrows a bit too thick. But then Ohno would see flashes of him older with a dark expression.

"Jun," Ohno sighed.

"Don't say his name," Nino grunted, brushing past Ohno. "Not in this house."

"Nino..." Ohno followed him back to the cozy living room. Nino slumped on the couch and hugged his favorite throw pillow. "You can't be ignoring all this, are you?"

"Who said I was?" Nino mumbled, rolling over so his back was facing Ohno. "I just don't wanna hear that name."

"You sound mad," Ohno speculated. "What's wrong?"

"Gosh, Ohno. I don't know. Maybe the fact that there is fear around the world," Nino laughed with sarcasm. "And maybe because we might be the cause of it."

"This was not our fault," Ohno immediately said. He pushed Nino a little so he could sit on the couch. "It wasn't us. He started this."

"But we helped along the way," Nino mumbled in his pillow. "We helped that son of a bitch and look what it brought. I can't believe I actually helped him find those damn talismans."

"So are you angry at me?" Ohno asked, softly. Nino flinched slightly. "If you really think about it, I started all this. I begged you guys to help me go down that lake. I was the first one. So are you mad at me?"

Nino was quiet for a long time. Ohno could tell he was confused and upset about something. Finally, Nino quickly got up and stared down at the fireplace.

"I'm not mad at you," Nino spoke, softly. "It's just... I thought I was happy. I have you back, but I can't help but feel unfulfilled."

"What do you mean?"

"You, Sho, and Aiba are finally back to normal," Nino said, his voice rising. "You and me are together now. Everything should be perfect! I should be happy, but I'm not! I'm just so angry and I don't know why!"

"Then who are you angry at?" Ohno asked, trying to keep calm against Nino's sudden tantrum. "You can talk to me. Who are you angry with? Is it me?"


"Is it your dad? Maybe the government?"

"N-no. No!"

"Then what, Nino?" Ohno asked. "Tell me. What's the matter?"

"I'm angry at myself!" Nino roared.

Ohno felt the ground shake. The small trinkets around the room shook violently. He wobbled to keep his balance, but Nino stood perfectly still throughout the mini earthquake.

Finally, everything stopped shaking. Ohno could still feel his heartbeat pounding.

"Why?" Ohno whispered.

"Because I know I'm the one to blame," Nino said, his voice cracking. "It's all my fault. I've played mind games with Jun from the start. And because of that....I've created a monster."

Ohno could hear Nino sobbing. Ohno slowly walked around him so he could face his old childhood friend and crush. He always known Nino for being tough on the outside and sensitive inside. Tonight, Nino had let go of his defensive barriers.

Ohno wrapped his arms around Nino while rubbing Nino's back.

"We can't change what happened," Ohno said, allowing Nino's head to rest on his shoulder. "We all believe we were at fault, Kazu. But that's something we shouldn't worry about."

"Hmm?" Nino raised his head. Ohno gently pressed his forehead against Nino's.

"The only thing we have to worry about is finding a way to make things right again," Ohno said. "I don't care if we have to face an army, but we will bring back the old Matsujun."

Nino sniffed. Ohno tried to cheer him up with his smile, but Nino couldn't even bring himself to smirk.

***Jun's POV***

In a faraway land where nothing grew, a dark castle rose from the ground. The black metal shined in the cold sunlight, and wizards chained together marched around the castle like slaves. There was no clear skies, only dark gray clouds.

He sat in his new palace he created. The throne room was dark and black from the raw metal ores he forged. His chair was black and spiked at the top. His clothes were a mixture of black, gray, white, and dark purple. He liked how it contrasted to his pale skin.

Like he was an immortal being.

"My Lord," someone walked in the room. He bowed down before Jun and continued. "The Guard unit from Turkey is rebelling against your demands. What are your orders, My Lord?"

Jun rolled his eyes with annoyance.

"Kill them," he said, waving his hand nonchalantly.

"Yes, My Lord!" And the wizard marched away.

"Your Mightiness," the man standing next to him, Tamaki Hiroshi, spoke. "If I may..."

Jun didn't say a word and just waited for the man to speak.

"...those Guards are highly skilled warrior wizards that could be most useful. Perhaps it would be wise to let them live under your control."

"Those who defy me do not get a second chance," Jun stated. "I have no need for unfaithful witless worms."

He snapped his fingers and a tray immediately popped next to him. A scrawny house elf supported the heavy tray with a tall wine glass of red liquid. Jun took a sip of his drink, stared down at it, and sniffed the contents.

"You," Jun glared down at the house elf.

"Y-y-yes, M-m-my L-l-l-lord?"

"Drink this."

Completely baffled, the house elf gave a frighten look like he shouldn't even touch the elegant glass cup. But since he was ordered too, the house elf took the glass and drank a small sip.

"It's w-w-wonderful, Mm-my L-l-lord," the house elf squeaked.

Jun grabbed the cup and hurled it across the room. The glass shattered into tiny pieces, and the red liquid spilled on the wall and the floor. The tiny house elf cowered down before Jun.

"It is disgusting!" Jun yelled. "How dare you serve me such a filthy beverage, you spineless sack of crap!"

"No!" The house elf cried.

Jun clawed his hands in midair. Suddenly, the spikes from the top of his throne projected out and pierced deep inside the house elf's chest and head. Jun glowered down at the dead being with no emotion. Tamaki Hiroshi snapped his fingers, and a batch of other house elves carried the body away and cleaned the glass and the red spill.

Jun sat back down. More metal spikes grew from the top throne for the next victim.

After a few silent moments, there was a knock on the door.

"Enter," Tamaki commanded.

Naruse Ryo walked in. Jun smirked, always pleased to see him. Unlike the previous wizard, Naruse only kneel down like a knight in the presence of his king. He was a higher rank in Jun's command.

"Your Mightiness, the captives from Spain have completed their training. They are ready for the final stage," Naruse reported.

Jun smiled, opening his arms. "Prepare the molding. Their transformation will begin shortly."

Naruse bowed his head and left the room; his expression didn't change one bit. Jun liked that.

"My Lord, if I may," Tamaki spoke.

"Again, Tamaki?" Jun sneered. "Your so called 'advice' is starting to annoy me. What is it this time?"

"My Lord, I only suggest you be wary of Naruse," Tamaki said. "He has been working for the Elties majority of the time. The very same group that tried to prevent your return."

"I am aware of that, Tamaki," Jun said. He stood up. "It is most unusual for you to not trust him since you two have been working together for so long already. He has proven himself useful these past few weeks unlike yourself. I see no further use of you as my advisor anymore. You are dismissed."


"Get out!" Jun shouted, metal spikes hovered over him, posing to strike anytime.

Tamaki gulped. He bowed and left the throne room as well.

"People who defy me, can't be trusted," Jun mumbled to himself. "Those who've betrayed me will always pay. They will pay...they will pay...they will pay..."

To Chapter 2 -
end of chapter!

HI! sorry for the long wait! should i tell you my excuses why i'm late? you don't care XDD

so there's the first chapter. you can sorta tell where i'm going at with story-telling wise, right? we can't be constantly seeing through jun's pov anymore. he's the enemy now.
and thus, the fifth installment will switch back and forth between the main characters. wouldn't that be interesting!! ^^

don't worry about getting confused who is telling the story. later chapters, i'll probably stay on one person's pov for a whole chapter. and i'll show an indicator if we switched or not. it won't be confusing. promise!

how do you like the new banner? by arashi3723 again (thank you!)


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