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Fifth Year at Hogwarts

  Title: Fifth Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is the Metal Vocal Wizard. Ohno, Sho, Aiba, Nino, and Mao managed to find an abandoned rice farm where Ogura-san is also taking shelter. They discuss what happened when the train was attacked, and they learned that Hogwarts is no longer safe. Their only chance is find their powers again to stop Jun, but they need Shiori-san's help. Will they find a way to defeat Jun? How will they get their powers back? What will happen?!


Chapter 4 - Kidnapped

***Aiba's POV***

He was the first to wake up that morning. For some reason, he was wide awake the moment he opened his eyes. He sat up from the spare futon Ogura-san provided and looked around the living room. It was still dark outside, and everyone was still sleeping. Aiba quietly got up and walked into the kitchen, thinking that maybe he had the munchies.

When he opened the fridge, there was a tap on the window. He looked up, but nothing was there.

"What was that?" He mumbled to himself. He opened the back door and took a look outside.

The rice field continued around the side of the house and along the small dirt road heading north. It was extra chilly in the early morning, but Aiba couldn't help but feel a different kind of presence.

It was too quiet. There would usually be morning birds or even crickets, but there was no sound whatsoever. Not even the slightest breeze in the air. The wind had stopped moving that gave off an unpleasant and almost hostile feeling.

"What is this?" Aiba said, looking as far as he could see. "Something's...not right."

He walked back in the house and lightly nudged Sho.

"Hey...wake up," he whispered. "Sho-kun. Wake up."

"Hmmmmmmmmmm," Sho groaned, covering the blanket over his head.

"Sho, something doesn't feel right," Aiba whispered hastily. "I think we should go."

Sho pulled the covers away; his bed hair still messy and his eyes barely open.

"What?" Sho slurred.

"I think we need to get going now," Aiba said, looking urgent.

"Why? It's still dark out."

"Please! You have to trust me."

"What's going on?" Nino mumbled as he raised his head. "Aiba? You're up already?"

"Would everyone just shut up," Mao said, dangerously grouchy.

"You guys, I think we have to leave," Aiba said, louder.

Ogura-san sat up immediately like a soldier. "What is it?"

"I don't think we're alone anymore," Aiba said, pulling Sho to get up. "We have to leave now!"

Ogura-san got up and walked into the kitchen. The rest of the teens slowly got up as well, looking grouchy and grumpy. Ohno especially.

"Can't this wait until later?" Ohno complained, rubbing his eyes.

"No it cannot," Ogura answered, walking with haste around the room. "Everyone up. Aiba's right. We're leaving."

"What?" Sho gawked, now more awake.

"As a trained Auror, I know when something is coming," Ogura said, magically folding the futons. "We have to hurry and make sure everything is put away. As if no one lived here."

"Where will we go?" Mao asked.

"We have to find Shiori-san," Nino said immediately. "She can help us, I think. We need her Sight abilities and help Ohno, Sho, and Aiba where to go to get their powers back."

"Where's Professor Shiori now?" Sho asked.

"She should be at the Sakurai Mansion," Ogura said. "Most of the Elites members rendezvous there. And if not, we're still going there."

"What if they find-"


The side wall of the house blasted and shook the whole house. Aiba went flying in the air and hit hard against the other side of the room. He heard debris shattering, and he smell smoke. He squinted his eyes open and saw fire burning the wooden house. A group of maybe twelve wizards stood behind the fire, wands raised, and their face covered.

"Take the pale one," one of the wizards said, his voice low and dark. Aiba turned his head and saw the only pale boy in the room.


"Run!" Ogura shouted and started firing spells at the offenders.

Aiba sprang to his feet and helped Mao out of the debris. They followed Ohno's lead out the back door and ran towards the forest at the other end of the rice field. Their pants and shoes immediately became soaked from the dirty water, and the coldness started to creep up Aiba's legs.

He looked behind him.

"They're coming!" He shouted, spotting five SIN wizards chasing after them.

Nino stopped running and stooped his foot on the muddy ground. A sloppy wall of mud rose into the air and splashed on the wizards, but it didn't do any good.

"Damn!" Nino cursed and ran again.

"Mao-chan, you go ahead!" Aiba yelled, and pushed her forward. "Run straight towards the forest!"

Aiba turned around and faced the oncoming enemies. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his trusty Scream-O-Mini-Boombox toys. He clicked a few buttons on the miniature boombox and threw it towards the wizards.

"Everyone! Cover your ears!" Aiba shouted and protected his ears. "And run!"

Knowing Aiba, the boys did as he said.

The boombox soared into the air and exploded. A high earsplitting cry rang across the field. The unsuspecting wizards dropped down on their knees, unable to move or advance after them. The boys continued to run away with only a few short meters away from the forest.

"What the hell was that?!" Nino shouted.

"I infused a Helium Charm in the boombox for a higher pitch!" Aiba explained briefly.

"Idiot!" Sho shouted. "I can feel the effect from here!"

"Just keep running, Ravenclaw-boy!" Nino yelled back.

"Don't worry!" Aiba grinned. "They're too much in pain from the noise. We should be fin-"

Suddenly, Aiba felt someone grab his ankle and he faceplanted on the muddy water. The water splashed all over his front and hair, but he rolled around to see his pursuer. One of the wizards held him by the ankle; the wizard's ears bled down the sides of his head and dripped on his shoulders. Yet his eyes burned a fierce determination.

Aiba tried to kick and struggle away with all his might, but the SIN wizard kept a sturdy gripped on his leg. Aiba pointed his wand straight at his face.


The wizard was thrown off and landed far away, but soon two more wizards collapsed on top of Aiba, his wand was kicked away from him. He felt a few more heavy wizards holding down his legs and arms.

"AIBA!" He heard Sho's cry.

But it was too late.

Aiba felt one of the wizards turn on the spot, and they Disapparated away...

*       *         *

He felt hard, cold, stone on his face as they arrived at their destination. He felt the wizards forcefully brought his arms behind him and bound his hands together. They lifted him up roughly and Aiba saw where he was.


And just above the hills, Aiba saw the tallest towers of Hogwarts...

"Move!" One of the wizards stabbed him hard in the back with his wand.

Aiba winced at the sudden pain and let the big hefty wizards lead him down the streets. Hogsmeade looked so much different from before. Dark gray clouds covered the sky as if there was going to be heavy rain, and the wind was very chilly that could make anyone feel depressed. There was not a single living soul in sight. Aiba didn't like it at all.

"Where are you taking me?" Aiba demanded.

"Quiet!" One of the wizards said. "His Mightiness will deal with you later."

"His Mightiness?" Aiba repeated. "Do you mean Jun?"

Aiba felt someone hit him hard on the back of his head. He could almost see stars circling before his eyes.

"Do not speak His Mightiness name!" The wizard shouted. "You do not deserve to speak it!"

"And I suppose he told you that?" Aiba said, chuckling darkly to himself. "I bet his oh-so-great-Mightiness told you to call him a king, huh?"

"You little-"

But before the bully could hit him again, Aiba ducked low and let the dumb wizard punch the wizard guard in front of him. He hooked his leg under another wizard, and the tall man tripped as his wand rolled away. Aiba grabbed the wand with his hands still bound, but he casted the counter-spell, and his arms were free.

"Stop him!"


Despite using a foreign wand, Aiba managed to block the incoming jets of red and white lights at him. He dove behind large wooden crates. Aiba peeked around and fired his best offensive spells he could think of. He heard a wizard groan in pain as it hit his target. Aiba reached into his pocket and pulled out his last experimental item he had.

Instant Melting Pachinko Ball

It was a tiny pachinko ball with a string attached made by Aiba. Once he pulled on the sting, the metal ball will become so hot that it can melt threw anything, even a block of ice.

"Protean," Aiba whispered. The one metal ball turned into a handful of deadly pachinko balls. Aiba grinned a cruel smile.

He collected the strings together, pulled them all at once, and threw them over his head. He waited as he heard the pachinko balls magically ricochet behind him and hit the SIN wizards. He heard them scream.

"My hand!!"


"What is this magic?!"

"It burns!"

Aiba took this chance and ran out of his hiding place and down the street. His pursuers were too busy crying in agony from their now holed bodies as Aiba ran as fast as he could.

Suddenly, a blast exploded right infront of him, stopping him in his tracks. The explosion caused the fire to grow abnormally large, and the wall of fire blocked his only exit. Aiba turned around and felt the goosebumps run up his arms.

"Matsujun..." Aiba gasped.

Jun stood there, wandless, and his eyes darker than ever. His hair was different, his clothes looked like he came from a royal family, and his face was so pale as if he wasn't human anymore.

"Good to see you again, Aiba," Jun glared, his voice menacing and dark.

Aiba raised the wand he stole, but Jun thrust his hand forward and the wind wrapped around Aiba's wrist. The wand slipped out of his grasp and Jun caught it with ease, only to throw it aside. Aiba took one step back, but he felt the flames burning behind him.

"How shall we end this?" Jun asked, his eyes looking bored.

"Jun!" Aiba shouted. "I know you're in there! Come back to us!"

"What are you talking about, Aiba?" Jun said, his voice strong and loud. "I am Jun! I am me! And at the same time, I am the Metal Vocal Wizard! Your desperate plea won't save you."

"No! That's not true!" Aiba yelled even louder. "You're not the Jun I used to know! I know the real Jun would never let this happen! He is a kind and trusting person. He's brave and he cares for his friends."

Aiba pointed at him. "You stole Jun from us, and I will bring him back!"

Jun laughed to the sky.

"You have always been a fool, Aiba," Jun smirked. "A big, dumb, useless fool!"

Jun raised his arms again, and the heat behind Aiba grew tremendously. Aiba turned around and watched in horror the great wall of fire rose over his head like a tsunami wave. Aiba had no where else to run.

He watched, bravely, as the wave of fire came crashing down...

"AGUAMENTI!!" Multiply voices shouted.

Aiba felt cold water splash around him and breathed in smoke. Aiba coughed and slipped from the sudden water attack. He felt someone grab his arm and lift him back up to his feet. He continued to cough, and he could barely see from the thick fog of smoke.

"Aiba! We've got you. Everything is alright!" He heard a man spoke.

He knows that voice...

'Sakurai-san!' Aiba opened his eyes more.

"Shiori! He needs help!" Sakurai called through the battle.

"Aiba!" He heard Sho calling him. "Aiba!"

"Sho, watch out! Jun! He's here!" Aiba cried.

The ground underneath them began to shake. A gust of wind blew the smoke away, and Aiba could see what was happening around him. The Elites had came to the rescue, as well as other SIN members trying to keep the Elites away from the castle gates. Aiba spotted Ohno and Sho next to him, and he saw Nino face-to-face with Jun and large boulders throwing at each other.

"Aiba, where are you hurt?" Shiori-san appeared, her wand ready to fix his cuts and bruises.

But Aiba was too focused on Nino and Jun's battle. Nino summoned a wall of rock just in time to block Jun's jets of fire. Nino kicked down his wall, and it came tumbling down on Jun. But the Metal Vocal Wizard emerged from the debris unharmed.

'He's too powerful' Aiba watched. 'And Nino is getting weaker.'

Nino summoned another wall to protected him, but his back was hunched and looked extremely worn out. Aiba watched the other Elite members try to keep SIN away from Aiba, but there was too many reinforcements coming from Hogwarts.

'We're losing!' Aiba felt his heart sink.

"Shiori-san, get the boys out of here!" Sakurai ordered.

"Retreat!" An Elite member shouted through the chaos. "Everyone retreat!"

"NINO!" Ohno shouted.

"Don't let them escape!" Jun commanded.

Aiba felt Shiori-san grabbed his arm, but at the last minute, a SIN wizard fired a spell straight at Shiori's chest. She was thrown back and hit against the building brick wall. A batch of SIN wizards surrounded her, unable for the Elites to grab her.

"Aiba!" Sho grabbed him.

He saw Nino run away from Jun and grabbed hold of Tsukumo's sleeve who turned on the spot. Ohno held onto Choi Hong Man's large arm and they Disapparated. Sakurai-san had both his son and Aiba, and they too fled the scene.

But Aiba heard Jun's roar of anger before they left....

*         *          *

Aiba sat in the Sakurai Mansion's ballroom/headquarters of the Elites. Ohno, Sho, Nino, and Mao were just as exhausted as he was, watching the busy and older wizards run around and gathering information. Aiba was just too tired to even think, but he was glad to be reunite with his wand again.

Apparantly, Sho kept it for him after Aiba was kidnapped. Ogura-san was injured badly from the preemptive strike, but he managed to Apparate them to Sho's father where they gathered a rescue team.

Now, the Elites were as frantic as ever with Shiori-san held captive. Sakita Shiori, an Elite member now under SIN's guard and who will most likely be tortured and questioned by the Metal Vocal Wizard...

"Sho-niichan, what happened?" Mai appeared behind Sho, tugging at his dirty clothes. "Why are there so many wizards?"

"Mai, go back to your room," Sho moaned, still tired.

"But Shu is sleeping, and I have nothing to do."

"He'll play with you later, shortie," Nino said, his tone a bit rude. Mai pouted, glaring up at Nino.

"I'm not a little kid anymore," she snapped. "Ever since Papa assigned that pretty lady here, I've never been bored. She was a nice lady too."

"Mai-chan," Mao spoke, smiling calmly at her. "I can keep you company for a while."

"Really?" She grinned. "Come with me to the garden." She grabbed Mao's hand, and they walked away.

"Nice lady?" Ohno asked, his eyebrow raised at Sho.

"Shiori-san spent most of her time here at the headquarters as a Seer," Sho explained.

"And I thought you didn't like Divination," Nino pointed out.

"I don't, but she helped point out the next major activities before they happen. She's been useful most of the time," Sho admitted.

"Most of the time?" Aiba repeated.

"Her readings aren't always accurate," Sho continued. "She can only see the bare minimum. And she always goes on about how the future is very vague and can always change even after seeing a vision."

"But at least it's helping the Elites right?" Ohno nodded.

"She has been helpful, but now she knows too much," Sho said, sighing deeply. "She's seen future plans of SIN and knows a lot of inside information about the Elites."

"And now that she's captured..." Aiba mumbled. He couldn't even imagine what they might do.

"And we needed her too," Nino uttered, leaning on his knees and covering his mouth and nose. "Who else are we suppose to ask about finding our powers?"

"Is Shiori-san the only one captured?" Ohno brought up, curious. "I mean, not to be rude to her, but this seems a bit too much to worry for just one member."

"Shiori-san is a valuable member of the team," Tsukumo appeared behind them and squeezed himself between Ohno and Nino. "It's because she knows too much that everyone is antsy. Not too mention other Elties members were captured as well. But not as big as Shiori."

"Can't we sneak inside and take Shiori-san back?" Nino asked.

"All secret passageways leading in and out of Hogwarts are being watched by SIN," Tsukumo said. "Whether we enter by sky or underground, they know it all."

"So, what are the Elites planning to do?" Aiba asked.

"We're gathering as many members as we can around the world," Tsukumo explained. "Headamster Johnny is in Korea now and asking for help. Sakurai-san is also asking help with his connections in America. Once we've gathered enough troops, we'll invade Hogwarts head on and take it back."

"So then, why is it taking so long?" Ohno asked.

"Japan is not the only country suffering," Sho answered him. "Other countries around the world are facing their own dilemmas, and they also need their defenses at home. They can't send help when they also need help too."

"This is terrible," Nino groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. "No one anywhere in the world can make a single move except Jun."

"Tsukumo!" Sakurai-san called. "A moment please."

"Excuse me," Tsukumo got up and strode towards Sho's father.

The boys remained quiet, deep in their own thoughts. Aiba continued to watched the adults scrabble around the spacious room while he tapped his fingers together.

'We need a way to enter Hogwarts and get Shiori-san out,' Aiba thought. 'All the secret passageways are under surveillance by SIN. Jun made sure no one would surprise him. He would always know who's entering and leaving...' Aiba raised his head when Sakurai and Tsukumo approached the boys.

"Nino, how are your injuries?" Sakurai-san asked.

"They're fine...just a little numb. Why?" Nino frowned.

"We need Shiori-san with us now. We can't afford SIN to torture her even if she swore never to leak information. We can't let her die," Sakurai-san said. "Our mission now is to retrieve Shiori and the other kidnapped students that might be at Hogwarts. We need your earth powers to aid the invasion."

"What?! Now?" Nino stood up. Aiba and the others did too. "But I-I'm not ready yet! Jun nearly finished me last time!"

"I know it sounds risky, but we'll be with you along the way," Tsukumo said, his eyes looking serious. "We'll only ask for your help if Jun shows up again. Once we locate Shiori and the students, we'll retreat immediately. We won't be taking Hogwarts back just yet."

"Wait a minute," Ohno step forth. "Only Nino is going?"

"You boys stay here," Sakurai said sternly. "You'll be much safer here."


"Ohno," Nino cut him off. "It'll be alright. The Elites will protect me and I'll help them."

"Excuse us for one moment please," Sho spoke and dragged Nino towards a far away corner. Aiba and Ohno followed him. "Nino, are you crazy?! Jun might be expecting you to come. It could be a trap."

"And you can't face Jun alone again!" Ohno added. "He is too strong right now. We're no match."

"Then what am I suppose to do?" Nino hissed back.

"Maybe you don't need to storm in the castle as yourselves," Aiba mumbled. Sho, Ohno, and Nino stared at him.


"What I'm saying is...maybe you can disguise yourselves and enter Hogwarts!" Aiba said, his eyes wide and bright.

"Are you saying..." Nino mumbled, slowly smiling.

Aiba grinned. "Does your father have a stash of Polyjuice Potion, Sho-kun?"

*         *         *

***Naruse's POV***

The castle has changed the last time he's been here. He remembered the day Jun ordered his men to take over Hogwarts. The school looked so innocent and waited eagerly for the students return. Instead, they barged in the front doors and tore down the place. The teachers were outnumbered, and Headmaster Johnny ordered them to retreat.

Naruse didn't had to fight his old colleagues, but he did saw Headmaster Johnny one last time before the man Disapparated behind the school gates. The look in Johnny's eyes showed betrayal, hurt, and anger.

He didn't allow it to affect him.

After the siege of Hogwarts, SIN started to modify the castle into a grim fortress. Most of the stolen metal and mechanic parts were brought to the castle for molding and reshaping for the Metal Vocal Wizard's plans. The dungeons also held any new captives for the great plan.

The castle has transformed into a dark metal castle just like the Metal Vocal Wizard's main castle. The school ghosts vanished away, and the smell of oil and iron filled the corridors. And in the Great Hall, a large furnace burned where many wizards worked and became sweaty, large, and dangerous men.

Despite the environment inside the castle, Naruse never broke a sweat nor a smile. He remained calm, posed, and well dressed unlike his new subordinates.

Naruse has been appointed the Head Warden of the castle. His job was to make sure new metal components have been forged, molded, as well as train new members for SIN if the captives wished to serve. The metal that has been collected were made for armor.

A massive army in the making.

"Naruse-san," a wizard approached him. He saluted and then reported. "His Mightiness as arrived."

Naruse got up from his desk and walked down towards the main entrance. He saw Jun, a previous student but now an all powerful wizard, looking dirty and angry. A line of troops dragged a few new captives, but Naruse couldn't see their faces. He walked down the stairs and bowed his head to Jun.

"What brings you to Hogwarts, My Lord?"

"I nearly had him," Jun sneered, pounding his fists together. "I almost had him, but those pesky Elites got in the way."

"Do you mean Ninomiya?" Naruse twitched his eyebrow.

"First it was Aiba, then Nino came. I thought I had them both but-!" Jun shouted but slowly calmed down. "No matter. We have hostages that's equally valuable."

"Did we captured an Elite member, My Lord?"

Jun smirked.

"Yes we did. A few actually, and one that might interest you." His eyes staring back at him. "You should know her well, Naruse. I've ordered to take her to an empty cell for herself. She'll be having special treatment later."

Naruse could only frown, not sure whom Jun was talking about.

"Dont give me that look," Jun glared. "Sakita Shiori."

*         *          *

Naruse waited until nightfall. He knew that new victims had one night to heal before their questioning begins the next morning. He did his absolute best not to show any emotion when Jun told him Shiori-san was captured. He sat in his new office on the fourth floor, tapping his quill on his paperwork.

'The soldiers must be in their quarters by now,' he thought.

He got up, with his wand at hand, and strode down the dark corridors. He didn't need to use his wand light since he was so used to the dark, and he knew the castle so well. Even at the late hour, the Great Hall was still busy with the fire burning and the sound of hammers hitting on metal.

Naruse walked down into the dungeons where it was slightly colder and darker. The dungeons have gone through some renovations since the siege. Instead of classrooms, there were iron-cladded doors. Each cell had nothing inside. No windows, no beds, nothing. Just cold steel.

He found the door where Shiori-san was being held. He pointed his wand on the lock, and it slowly swung opened. She had her back facing him, hugging her knees, and her head down. The room was dark as usual but despite the darkness, her white dress gave the smallest light.

He walked in and closed the heavy door behind him. She slowly raised her head, but she didn't turn around to look.

"Are you here to question me?" She asked, her voice small and clear.

Naruse didn't reply.

"You can do your worst...but my lips are sealed," she said. "Even if you force me to drink a galleon of Veritaerum, I will tell you nothing."


He saw her stiffen. He could feel his forehead wrinkle as she slowly stood up and turned around. Her eyes were big as always, but her face was dirty from the battle. She looked tired, exhausted, and yet her eyes were still shining.

"N-naruse-san," she gasped.

'Why can't I look away?'

" really are with them?" She whispered. "You're under Matsumoto's command. You're with...SIN."

He opened his mouth to speak, but he couldn't speak. He tried to take a step forward, but he couldn't move. He couldn't keep his face straight or calm like he normally does. Instead, he felt his face make a guilty look.

"How could you?" She sobbed. "We trusted you....I trusted you."

He felt his throat tighten.

"Have you been laughing at us the entire time?" Shiori asked, her eyes looking angry. "Were you just...fooling around with me?!"

"No, I-"

"Then why are you here?" She demanded. "Are you here to start questioning me? Why are you here?!"

'Why am I here?'

"...I..." Naruse tried his best to pull himself together. "His Mightiness orders...I'm here to make sure you're not to weak for tomorrow's questioning."

She just stared back at him. One by one, she took a step closer. Her big eyes wouldn't leave him, looking so sad and hurt. Finally, she stood only a foot away from him.

"Why are you here?" She asked again. He could feel his heart beating faster.

"I...came to see if you were okay," he finally admitted.

Her eyes started getting watery.

"You shouldn't be here," he hissed. "Why did you come here? You should have known what SIN would do if they captured you."

"I did what I had to do," she said. "Aiba Masaki was in danger. When I heard the news, I came with the other Elites to save him."

"You didn't have to come," he repeated. "That boy is no longer any use to Matsumoto and he would let him go."

"No he wouldn't," she said. "I've seen images of what Matsumoto is planning. It terrifies me just thinking about it. One of my students...your student...has become a power-hungry ruler."

"He's no longer a student," he said, looking away.

Suddenly, he felt her hand touch his face. She turned his head to face him, her eyes staring deep into his. Somehow, he couldn't look away nor brush her hand away.

"You look so guilty," she observed. "It's not too late to join the Elites."


"You can still come back and join with us," she said, looking hopeful. "You can change! Help us stop Matsumoto of his reign and restore the world's balance-"

He grabbed hold of her hand, not roughly but firmly enough for her to stop speaking. She looked scared as he slowly drew her hand away from his face, his eyes staring down at her.

"I can't stop," he said, softly. "Not yet. There is still something I have to do. I told you it's taking me a long time...but I'm almost there."

"What is it you're doing then?" She asked. He let go of her hand.

"Just give me more time," he said. "It'll be over soon. I promise...just trust me."

Her tears slid down her face one by one nonstop. Just like before, he brushed away one teardrop with his thumb, her cheek was still warm despite the cold room. He turned around and opened the steel door. He looked over his shoulder one last time.

"I'll find a way for them to delay your questioning," he added and closed the door behind him.

He slowly took a few steps forward, but he felt his heart weighing heavier on his chest. He couldn't leave her in such a cold storage. He whirled around and reached for the doorknob. His hand was still on the handle, but he couldn't bring himself to open the door.

'What am I doing?' He closed his eyes, letting go of the handle.


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