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Fifth Year at Hogwarts

 Title: Fifth Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is the Metal Vocal Wizard. With the help of the Polyjuice Potion, the boys disguises themselves and secretly infiltrates Hogwarts. They discovered horrifying secrets of Jun's plan to build a massive army. They were carelessly discovered and nearly faced the end, but someone stepped in to interfere causing a rift in space and a mysterious vortex sucking in our heroes. What will happen next?

a/n: have you guys ever heard of ahmirtv on youtube? (if you like r&b music). what would you say if i made a fanvid of their music with arashi pv clips? basically a mash up test (i did it once and the lip syncing was kinda awesome) totally off topic, i know ^^

Chapter 6 - Open Your Eyes

***Ohno's POV***

Ohno didn't know what happened. All he remembered was seeing a blue wormhole sucking him in and then he was knocked out. When he opened his eyes, he realized he was outside.

On a beach.

The sky was clear blue, and the blazing sun beated down on him. He felt dry and parched from the hot sun. He slowly got up and felt the white sand grains roll off his clothes. He looked around and noticed he was on an island. A very small island. There were only two palm trees and a long rowboat.

He was alone.

"Where am I?" He mumbled to himself.

He stood up and stared out at sea, but there was nothing. Not a ship or any land in sight. Not a single soul was out there except him.

"Hey!" He shouted out. "Is anyone out there?! Can anyone hear me?! HEY!!"


He walked over towards the rowboat and looked inside. There were two oars, a bundle of ropes, a big knife, a machete, a long wooden staff, a basket, and a large plastic sheet. He stared up at the palm trees and noticed there were large coconuts on one and a batch of bananas on the other.

"That's odd," Ohno said to himself. "Why are there two different trees on this island?"

Still, he felt his stomach rumbling. He reached for his back pocket and realized he didn't have his wand with him. Not sure what to do next, he took a deep breath and prepared to use his UtaMahou sonic boom.

"Ha!" He yelled.

But nothing happened.

Shocked, and his mouth still opened, he tried again. But he could not produce a single magical voice. Nothing would come out but his regular loud voice.

"What's going on?" Ohno rubbed his throat. "Why can't I use UtaMahou?"

Annoyed, he looked up at the bananas and coconuts just taunting him from above. He glared at them and pouted. He marched back towards the boat and got to work. With the knife, he cut some rope and tied the knife to the end of the wooden staff to create his own spear.

"Okay," he grinned, and walked back towards the banana tree.

The tree was not that tall, and some bananas were still green. He stood on his tippy toes and swung the spear to cut off some bananas. The batch came down and landed near his feet. He smiled to himself and peeled his reward.

"Ahh, it's so good!" He munched. When he looked up at the tree, his mouth hung open again.

Another batch of bananas appeared!

Startled, he finished his snack and swung his spear at the new batch again. He stared up at the tree and watched the tree magically grow another set of bananas.

"Wah!" He gasped. "I can have as many as I want?"

He turned his attention towards the coconuts. This tree was higher, but it was bent as if the wind pushed it at a forty degree angle. The tree trunk was very narrow, but if he could balance himself, he could reach the coconuts for water. With his spear at hand, he hopped onto the tree.

Slowly, he stepped one foot after the other in a straight line. He tried not to look down, but soft white sand covered the ground, so he had nothing to fear. Then, he was within reach and started sawing away with his trusty spear.

"I wonder if these reappear too," Ohno mumbled, and watched the coconuts fall into the sand.

Sure enough, small round orbs grew and grew until multiple coconuts regenerate in its place. He couldn't help but laugh with joy and cut down a few more coconuts. Finally, when he was satisfied, he climbed down and gathered his food together.

" do I open these?" He sighed heavily.

They looked hard and fresh. He whipped out his new machete and whacked as hard as he could on the coconuts. After a few hard slashes, the coconut cracked open but the water soaked into the sand.

"Ahhh!" Ohno complained. "Fine then."

He took out the plastic sheet and spread it out over the sand. He made small but strong cuts on the coconut so it wouldn't crack open entirely. He could feel his brow sweating, and his arm grew sore. Finally, he made a small hole at the top of the coconut. He drank deeply and laid down on his back.

"Amazing what hard effort can do," he sighed. But then he quickly sat up. "That's right! I have to find the others."

He cut down a few extra bananas and coconuts as many as his boat could fit. He gathered everything in his boat, and shoved it off into the sea. He sat down on the bench and secured the oars in their place. Facing the island, he rowed away and watched the two lonely trees become smaller and smaller until he couldn't see them at all.

The sky was still clear; there wasn't a cloud in the sky. He wished he had a hat or sunscreen to block off the sun. He looked around him, and there were barely any waves. He couldn't see any fish in the water either. After what felt like forever of rowing, there was still no sign of life out there. Ohno started to panic.

It was truly a blue world.

He gave up rowing and shouted to the sky.


*           *           *

Night fell, and suddenly the temperature got colder. The waves were still gentle, and there was no rain. All that was there was his food, tools, and the moon. He lay on his back and curled his legs up for comfort as he stared up at the wide sky.

"Strange...I've never seen stars like these," he whispered.

There were millions and millions of stars out and clear as a bell. A long stream of stars cluster together like a highway across the sky. The crescent moon was blue and reflected beautifully on the water. He was surrounded in different shades of blue; sometimes he couldn't tell where was the line between sea and sky.

Curious, he leaned over the edge and stared down at the water. He could clearly see his wavy reflection as if it was glass. He dipped his fingers into the water, and the ripples distorted his image in blue light. The water was cold as he brought it up to his face. It smelled fresh, but he didn't dare drink it.

When he looked back down at the water, his reflection was back. It was only his face and no one else's. There was no one with him, no one he could talk to, no one he could be with. He looked back up at the sky and felt more lonely than ever.

"Ahh...." he sighed, laying back down with his hands behind his head. "I wish the others could see this."

He rolled to his side and tried to get some sleep.

It felt like only a few minutes when he woke up again. But the sun rose, and his back felt extremely sore from poor sleeping posture. However, he heard a splash. He looked over the boat and gasped with happiness.

"Fish!" He squealed.

There must be a school of fish swimming just below his boat. He looked around his boat to see what would be the best fishing tool. But then he realized to his dismay that he couldn't build a fire to cook them. He stared down at the fishes, feeling his stomach growl again. He was tired of eating bananas and coconuts.

"I can eat it sashimi style," he shrugged.

He grabbed his spear and tied some rope to the other end of it. He posed himself on the edge ready to strike. He saw one fish drawing closer and he jabbed with his weapon, but he missed and the fish swam away.


He waited again for the next one and tried to plunge even deeper. But he missed again.

"Almost, almost."

The next one was gonna get it! A big fish came looming towards his boat. He held his breath as if he was an assassin and waited for the right time. He lunged his spear so deep, he fell overboard.

He kicked his feet and his head popped out of the water. Lucky for him, he knew a thing or two about basic swimming and crawled back up onto his boat. He coughed and gagged before he stood up again. He reeled in the rope and pulled his spear back in.

"Aahh!" He smiled.

A fish was stick to his spear blade.

"I did it! Yes!!"

The fish was still wiggling as he pulled it off his spear. He grabbed his machete and stared down at his meal. Its round unblinking eyes stared back at him, still wiggling its head and tail. He had never skinned a fish before. He never even speared a fish in his life for that matter.

Then, he spotted red orbs slowly popping out of the bloody wound. They were unborn eggs. This fish was about to lay her eggs and bring life. He killed a mother.

But he was starving, and she was just a fish. He butted the fish hard until it stopped moving. He didn't know if he was doing it right, but he managed to get all the scales off, and chopped the head and tail off as well. He tried his best to fillet, but he cut himself multiply times. He ignored it and sliced one piece of meat.

" goes," he sighed. He closed his eyes and chewed on the raw fish.

"...hmm...not bad, I guess."

When he opened his eyes, he noticed the sky gotten darker. It wasn't a major thing, just a few clouds that drifted over the sun. But the sudden absence of the sun's heat was noticeable. He continued cutting pieces of the fish until there was nothing but the bones, fins, organs, and majority of the head. He tossed those overboard.

"Ahh, I'm such a genius," he whistled, and easily cracked a coconut open to drink. "But I wonder how long I can last..."

He grabbed his machete and edged a tally marking on the side of his boat.

One day.

Three days.

One week.

Ten days.

Fifteen days.

There was nothing out here but his boat, worn out ropes, his tools, fish bones, and the dirty clothes on his back. All the bananas were gone. All the coconut was dried and the meat chewed up. His only food supply was two days of fish in his basket, but he could feel his stomach churning.

Thankfully, he found another school of fish swimming below his boat again. He caught within an hour enough fish to last him another week. He'd became an expert at fishing as well. He uncoiled the rope so thin, it became his new fishing line. He used his spit and urine to straighten it and tied a small piece of banana peel he save since day three.

The fish took the banana bait, and he yanked on the string. He didn't pause to think of chopping its head off and storing them in his bloody basket, and he continued on fishing.

After ten catches, he noticed the sky grew darker. He looked up and saw gray heavy clouds looming in from the distance. He was not scared at all. This means rain was coming.

And he can finally take a bath.

The first time it rained, he panicked and didn't know what to do. The waves were so choppy, and he rowed his boat as hard as he could to beat the waves crashing down on him. He lost a good amount of supplies that time too. But this time, he wouldn't allow himself to be beaten.

He grabbed the ropes and tied down everything he could spare. He slipped the machete into his belt, and held his spear in his hand. He wouldn't have to row since fighting against a storm is pointless. He wrapped the remaining ropes around his torso and hoped for the best.

The waves started to grow bigger, and they drew him in closer to the storm waiting for him. He saw flashes of lightening within the clouds, and rain started pouring down.

The sun was gone. Everything was dark, and he could barely see through the downpour. He braced himself as the first wave came over his head. He bowed low and let the water poured down and rocked his boat violently.

Thunder clapped and the wind blew hard. He squinted his eyes open and thought he saw something move in the water. He frowned and leaned over his boat. The water was too dark to see, but he knew he saw something swimming to the surface.

The boat rode over an oncoming wave just in time so he wouldn't have to suffer. But the rain thrashed on him like a thousand needles as he came down fast on the other side of the wave. When he rode over another wave, he saw it again.

It was large and scaly circling dangerously around his rowboat. Like a snake.

"Shit," Ohno grunted.

Suddenly, the head popped out of the water. A massive sea serpent from hell rose from the sea, and it glared down at him with large slit yellow eyes. It roared a high-pitched screech that was as loud as thunder itself. Its razor sharp teeth nearly filled its jaws, and its side head fins flickered and flared open like an angry reptile.

Ohno grabbed his spear and pointed at the serpent.

"Come on!" Ohno yelled at it.

The serpent drew closer. But thanks to the hard training of fishing, Ohno's arms had gotten stronger and he jabbed his spear as hard as he could. He barely scratched the nose of the serpent, but it was irritated nonetheless.

It opened its mouth and dove straight at him.

Ohno had no other choice but jump overboard.

He became a better swimmer too. Underwater, he opened his eyes and watched the serpent sink down with his ruined rowboat in its jaws. He felt defeated as the snake dove deeper and deeper with his boat, but then Ohno realized a single line of rope still tied down to the boat...

...and connected to his ankle.

Then, he felt the tug and started sinking down as well. He lost hold of his spear and his machete was long gone as well. He tried to fumbled with the complicated knot, but he couldn't see well because of the water rushing to his face as the serpent continued to pull him down. He cursed himself for doing this to himself. He only tied himself to the boat so he wouldn't get lost with his only vessel. Now it'll be his grave.

He continued struggling. He began feeling ligth-headed with lack of oxygen. Finally, he slipped his foot away from the tangled rope and swam his way up. The surface was so far away, he couldn't even see the wave ripples. For all he knew, he could be swimming sideways. It was too dark, and he couldn't hear anything.

He wanted to breath!

'Is this it?' His mind slowly began to wonder. 'Am I going to die?'

What would it be like to die? He has been trying to survive for more than two weeks, and nothing came to help him. Why did he try so hard to live? There is nothing out here. No one to save him.

He stopped kicking his legs and drifted in the water, staring up at what he thought was the surface.

'All that I've ever worked for...' he closed his eyes, '...was all for nothing. There is nothing I can do.'

'My friends...nothing.'

"It is not the end."


"You have so much to give to this world. You can't give up just because everything seems futile."

Ohno still had his eyes closed, but he saw vague memories of Nino, Sho, Aiba, and Jun laughing together.

"There may come a time where everything is falling apart, but you can't give up. Not yet. Not when so many people believe in you and trust you with all their heart. Your friends are waiting for you. They need you.

"Have faith in yourself. You can still fight! Open your eyes!"

His friends turned their heads to look at him. They were all smiling and Nino offered his hand. Ohno reached out...

Suddenly, his eyes were wide open and he felt as if he was super charging towards the surface. He could see sunlight and his entire body burst out of the water, and he felt the warmth of the sun. He coughed and gasped for air as he took a good look around him. He was no longer in the ocean but in a beautiful meadow.

He touched earth for the first time in fifteen days, and he breathed in the smell of hundreds of flowers around him. He thought he'd never be so happy to feel steady ground, nor so confused as to how he got here.

He got up and saw a man standing just a few meters away from him. The man looked middle-aged with partially gray hair. His eyes looked so familiar, and he had a round pudgy face. His hair was long and tied up nicely like a royal prince. His clothes were white like a monk, and he looked Japanese enough.

But his eyes were a striking blue color.

"W-who are you?" Ohno asked, his voice was hoarse from the lack of use.

"I think you already know that," the man smiled. His voice so clear and mesmerizing.

Ohno's eyes widen and his mouth was slightly open.

'A Vocal Wizard?'

"W-what's your name?" Ohno simply asked. The man tilted his head and brought his hands behind him.

"I have many names," he said, slowly walking towards a batch of flowers. "The Singer. The Dancer. The Leader. The Uncle."

He knelt down in front of blue flowers.

"You can call me...Aoi," he grinned, closing his eyes and enjoying the scent of the flowers.

Ohno stared at him.

"Was it you who brought me here?" Ohno asked. "One minute I was attacked by this giant monster, and I was about to die. But then I heard a voice...your voice."

The man looked up at him with a gentle smile.

"You saved me," Ohno summed up.

"No," Aoi stood up. "I just gave you a little was you who opened your eyes."

Ohno gawked at him.

"That's it?" Ohno frowned. "All this time, I had to 'open' my eyes and I was out of that hell hole?"

Aoi stared down at his bouquet of flowers, smiling without a care. Ohno was furious.

"I was stuck out at sea for two weeks! I did some nasty things just to survive and I was wide awake with my eyes 'open' for sure!" Ohno shouted. "You just want to make fun of me, don't you?!"

"I do not," Aoi said calmly. "But I was watching you."

"Why did you leave me out there, then?!"

"Satoshi," Aoi sighed. Ohno stiffen at his first name. "Don't you remember the reason why you truly opened your eyes in that time span?"

"The reason?"

"Have you finally realized what was important to you?"

Ohno stared down at the flowers, thinking hard. He remembered seeing visions of his friends being together again. They were enjoying themselves and he wanted to be a part of it.

"My friends..."

"Exactly," Aoi clapped. "Did you know, Satoshi, that Water is very sensitive?"

Suddenly, a pond appeared right next to Aoi, startling Ohno. It was crystal clear and glowing ever so slightly in its heavenly blue light. There were water lilies of different colors, and Aoi hovered his hand over the water.

"S-sensitive?" Ohno mumbled, watching Aoi float an orb of water in midair.

"Wherever there is water, there is life. And wherever there is life, there is emotion," Aoi explained, juggling the water back and forth with his hand. "When you understand what you're feeling, you can see things more clearly. Sometimes, humans tend to ignore something that happened and they lose track of what is really important. Like the people around them.

"But if you accept who you are and what you've done, there's nothing that can stop you," Aoi smiled. "You are never alone, Satoshi. Never feel like you are useless. Never doubt yourself. You can achieve great things...and you can become the man you always wanted to be."

Then, Aoi tossed the floating water sphere towards him. Ohno remain rooted to the spot, watching the water ball come closer and closer. He was familiar with water for too long, and he will not let this tiny splash wet him again.

Ohno opened his palm and caught the water as if it was a baseball. He felt his heartbeat pounding with happiness as he easily controlled the water between his fingers and around his hand. He had fun juggling the water over his head.

"I did it!" Ohno smiled widely. "I can control water again!"

Ohno waved his hand and let the water reunited back into the pond. He stared back at Aoi with a smile. He bowed his head.

"Thank you, Aoi," he said. "I think it's about time I find my friends."

"I think so too," the white monk nodded.

"There is one thing I like to ask," Ohno brought up. " you have someone important to you?"

Aoi smiled, his teeth perfect and white like an idol. "Of course...more than one."

Aoi tapped something in the air and a magical portal opened. It was blue just like the vortex Ohno remembered seeing fifteen days ago. This time, he walked inside with Aoi by his side.

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uhhhh....surprise?! O__O

ok, so it's not much of the arashi rabu you want (sorry) but hey! there's an important lesson that's being taught here!!

gosh, i don't know how else to explain this chapter...uhh...well, the main thing is that ohno got his powers back with the help of his ancestor ^^
so that's basically what it's gonna be like for sho, aiba, and nino. they took a trip somewhere in this strange world, and we'll know little by little about the vocal wizards and stuff ><

by the way, for those who listen to music while reading my story, during the intense scenes, try listening to Inception's Dream is Collapsing. it's totally thrilling! XDD

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