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Fifth Year at Hogwarts

 Title: Fifth Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is the Metal Vocal Wizard. Aiba found himself in a completely different culture. The people treated to his injuries, but the next day Aiba was ignored! The custom was if he wanted to eat, he had to work. He in turn became the fastest runner in the village and eventually found his powers back. Now Ohno, Sho, and Aiba are together. Where is Nino?

a/n: just one more in the strange world!!

Chapter 9 - Other Worlds After Death

***Nino's POV***

NIno knew what he saw earlier. He saw Naruse pointing his wand at Jun and casting a spell that opened this portal he's stuck in. Naruse obviously had something planned. Something that Nino and his friends must find out. So he didn't resent the spinning vortex. Instead, he let it carry him through the yellow tunnel.

Whatever is waiting for him at the other end, he'll find answers...

He saw a light at the end of the tunnel. It was too bright that he had to shut his eyes. He stood on his feet and felt sand blowing around his ankles. He felt hot with the sun beating down on him. He opened his eyes slowly, blinked a couple of times to adjust his eyes to the light.

He was in the middle of a desert.

"Great," Nino frowned.

There were desert shrubs everywhere. In the distance, he saw rock mountains jutted out of the ground. Everywhere he looked was vast open fields of nothing but red rocks, sand, and dry vegetation.

He took his sweater off and tied it over his head to protect his face from the sun. He reached for his back pocket, but felt nothing. His wand was gone. He rolled his eyes in annoyance and started walking.

He was grateful for wearing boots. But as the hours went by, he felt sore, hot, and dying of thirst.

"There must an oasis somewhere," Nino wheezed, his throat feeling dry and scratchy.

He spotted a yellow desert tree and sat underneath the shade. The weather was just too hot for him. He could feel his skin burning at the touch. He untied his sweater and continued to pant like a dog. After a few minutes of rest, he untied his boots and dumped all the sand that leaked inside. His foot was red as a tomato, and there were huge blisters forming around the pads of his feet.

"Ahh," Nino winced, trying to massage his feet but it only hurt.

The wind blew quietly, but it only made Nino feel even more dry and sleepy. Everything was quiet and he felt light-headed. He could barely hear the rustling of the tree branches.

Then, he heard a loud rattling sound.

Nino's eyes suddenly flew wide open. He remained still and searched the scenery with his eyes. He heard the rattling noise again and saw movement in the shrubs nearby. Then, a black snake appeared, slithering and minding its own business. It obviously didn't spot Nino yet.

Nino stayed absolutely still. He was only a few feet away. He slowly drew his legs in close to stand up, but when he moved the snake stopped moving as well. Its body turned, and its eye fixed on Nino.


Nino didn't know how long he froze there. His eyes wouldn't leave its scaly head; for a moment he thought he was hypnotized by the snake. Then, the snake coiled itself and raised its tail, rattling furiously.

He slowly backed away as best as he could. The snake continued to rattle his tail and hiss its tongue out. The snake was in the position to strike. Nino thought he was at good distance, but then the snake stopped rattling and lifted its head up. Its eyes focused on something else. Nino watched the snake stay there for a few seconds before it turned around and slithered away.

"I must be lucky," Nino sighed.

He put on his boots and tied his sweater around his waist. Suddenly, a pack of small lizards scurried past his feet, totally ignoring him. Nino watched the lizards run by, but then he spotted other animals running away. Desert squirrels, gray foxes, jackals, more snakes, and insects all ran in the same direction.

Then, Nino felt the ground rumbling. He looked up and saw dust flying from the ground.

Something was coming.

He scrabbled himself up and ran with the animals. The animals didn't stop to look at him as they all zoomed past him. He looked behind him and saw the cloud of dust coming closer. The ground trembled more, and he could barely keep standing.

He felt something explode from the ground behind him, and he was thrown off his feet. He whirled in the air and saw a huge scaly head coming from the ground. He landed hard on his back and rolled down against jagged rocks. He winced in pain when he stopped rolling. He climbed up the rocks and peeked over the top.

A colossal cobra snake rose from the ground, hissing viciously. It saw Nino, or maybe it felt his vibrations. Nino hid behind the rocks and tried to maneuver his way around, but the huge snake smashed its head at the rocks, barely missing him. He tumbled down the rocks and landed on his back again.

The snake stared down at him with yellow slitted eyes and flicked its tongue.

'This is it,' Nino thought, too scared to move.

The cobra opened its enormous mouth, showing its large fangs dripping of saliva...or maybe venom.

'Forgive me, guys.' Nino closed his eyes.

He heard the cobra hissed loudly and felt the wind as the snake dove down on him. He expected sharp fangs, pain, or heavy weight. Instead, he felt sand blowing on him. There was no pain, no fangs, and no piercing of his flesh.

He squinted his eyes open, and the giant snake wasn't there. The wind was still blowing the sand, but in the distances Nino saw a man standing in the middle of the sandstorm. Finally, the wind died down, and the sand was out of his eyes. The man stood where the snake should have been, and Nino stood up quickly when he realized who it was.

His father.

"You..." Nino whispered, his brow furrowed and his eyes wide with shock.

"Hello, Kazunari," his father grinned. "You've grown so much."

Nino just kept gawking at him like he couldn't believe it. He didn't want to believe it. He know it's not it?

"W-who are you?" Nino asked just to make sure.

"You don't recognize me?" His father chuckled. "Oh, Kazu. I've missed you so much."

Nino swallowed hard, feeling his eyes getting wet.


His father opened his arms as if waiting for a hug. Nino took one hesitate step, slowly following another and another until he was jogging towards the man. How long has it been since he last saw him? Did he really miss him? Did he even wanted to see him again?

Nino stopped just a foot away, and his permanent frown was back on.

"What's wrong, Kazu?" His father asked, looking hurt. "Don't you miss me?"

"You're not him," Nino said. "You're someone else. Who are you?"

His father lowered his arms and looked disappointed. Then, he walked away for a few meters and walked behind a large cactus. Nino expected to see him reappear on the other side, but he didn't. Startled, Nino dashed up to the cactus and looked around.

No one was there.

"Nino!" He heard a familiar voice. He whirled around and felt his heart skip a beat.


Ohno came running out of no where and hugged Nino tightly.

"I'm so glad I found you!" Ohno laughed. "I've been looking everywhere for you! And you have no idea what I've been through! My gosh! There were these kangaroos chasing me and then these wild hyenas and-"

"Get away from me!" Nino shouted, shoving him away. "Don't try to fool me! You're not Ohno either!"

The Ohno impostor dropped the smiling act and changed to an angry look. Nino glared back at him wondering what will this thing say next. The fake Ohno just turned around and walked away. Nino watched him continued to walk and not disappear.

'Whoever that was...he's the only one out here,' Nino thought and started to run after him.

"Hey! Wait!" Nino called. "I need to ask you something!"

The figure was so far away, he couldn't even tell what face it took. Nino continued to run after the faraway shadow until he saw the figure walked into a batch of desert trees. Suddenly, the shadow was gone. Nino stumbled into the middle of high shrubs and bushes where he thought the mysterious shapeshifter was hiding.

"Did you know," a new voice spoke and Nino turned his head to see Aiba, "that snakes are more scared of you than you are to them?"

Aiba circled around an overgrown shrub and disappeared.

"What do you mean?" Nino said, keeping on the lookout.

"Humans are like that too," someone spoke behind him. Nino looked behind him and saw Sho.

"Quit playing games with me!" Nino yelled.

Sho laughed and walked behind another shrub.

"I'm sorry," someone spoke to the right. It was Yamapi. "It's game I like to play. A fun game indeed."

"Whoever you are, stop fooling around and show your true self!" Nino demanded. "Where the hell am I? How do I get out of here?"

"You don't," Yamapi shrugged.


"That is if you know where the exit is," he grinned like a cat. Yamapi walked around another desert tree and when he reappeared, he became Ohno again. "I can show it to you if you want."

"Alright," Nino nodded. "But first tell me who are you?"

Ohno smirked darkly. It reminded Nino of Naruse for some reason.

"You should know I have many names as I have many faces."

Nino's brilliant mind worked in a heartbeat. Many faces...

"You're the Earth Vocal Wizard...aren't you?" Nino uttered, suddenly feeling cold despite the heat.

"Why do you look so scared?" Ohno tilted his head. "I'm not going to bite."

Suddenly, Ohno dashed towards him. He jumped into the air and transformed back into the giant cobra Nino saw before. Nino fell back scared and stared up at the massive king cobra.

"Unless you want me too!"

"No! Please! I was just...s-startled!" Nino cried.

The giant serpent shrank and changed into Inoue Mao. She looked unusually more beautiful, and she sat rather close to him.

"I'm sorry I scared you twice now," she said. "I can make you feel comfortable."

Nino blushed and looked away.

"N-no, there's no need. Uhh-"

"Is this better?" Toda Erika appeared, laying on his chest.

Nino frantically got up and stared down at her.

"Stop that!" Nino yelled. "Please can you just change into the real you."

Toda stood up, pouting.

"Very well. But first..."

She suddenly slammed her palm into Nino's chest. His body started shaking violently, and Nino felt his stomach churning as if something alive was inside him. He started hacking and coughing badly while Toda's hand remained on his chest. Suddenly, a black ooze dripped from Nino's lips and pooled at his feet. The little black muck seem to have a voice of its own.

Toda removed her hand from Nino's chest and glared down at the black slime with disgust. Nino wiped the tears from his eyes as he tried to regain his breath back. He watched Toda clawed her fingers, and the black ooze sunk into the sand. Never to be seen again.

"W-what was that?! What is going on?" Nino coughed.

"A poison," Toda answered darkly. "But now I'll show you my true self."

Then, the earth rose from the ground and circled around Toda in a cylinder. Nino waited only a few seconds until the earth dropped back down and revealed...another Nino.

"W-what?" Nino gasped.

"This is more easier to talk to, right?" The other Nino smiled coolly. "I'm sorry, but I won't reveal my true form just yet. But I will introduce myself properly. I'm known as the Actor, the Prankster, and sometimes the Songwriter."

'Songwriter?' Nino thought.

"My name is Kiiro," the fake Nino bowed.

" can change your form?" Nino asked, curious. "Is that another talent the Earth Vocal Wizard can do?"

"Only in this world, I can," Kiiro corrected.

"In this world?" Nino frowned. "Where are we anyway?"

"We are nowhere and everywhere."

"...I'm not getting you."

"This is where all that is not real becomes reality," Kiiro explained. "Some call it Eden. Others call it Limbo or Purgatory. It is where all Truth is found. It's neither heaven nor hell."

"Am I dead?" Nino asked bluntly.

"No," Kiiro chuckled. "You're alive. You're just as alive as the insects crawling around us. This is the world that we Four dreamed to be in. We can create anything we want in this world that will suit us for our natural being.

"In short, welcome to Paradise," Kiiro opened his arms wide.

Nino looked around him.

"It looks like a desert. How is this a paradise?" Nino crossed his arms. "And what was that black thing you pulled out from me?"

Kiiro looked annoyed and beckoned with his finger to follow him. Nino walked behind Kiiro for a few more meters until they reached a dried oasis. Kiiro closed his eyes and touched his fingertips together. Suddenly, the ground stared to rumble. The sand shifted and grass started popping out underneath them. The dried oasis spouted a fountain of water and filled the pond in no time. Palm trees, fruit trees, pine trees, oak trees, and any other trees Nino couldn't remember started sprouting from the ground.

The surrounding started to change too. The distance red mountains and rocks zoomed farther away and were replaced with blue mountains. The sun wasn't as hot thanks to the shade of the treetops and white clouds drifted across the sky. In a matter of minutes, they were in the middle of a temperate forest and stood next to a peaceful stream.

"Paradise," Kiiro repeated. Nino's mouth was stuck open.


"It is our playground, so to speak," Kiiro explained, sitting by the bank and dipping his bare feet into the cool water. "After many experiments, we have come this far and found our harmony."

"Did you really...create an entire world just for you and the other Vocal Wizards?" Nino asked, sitting next to himself. Kiiro eyes smiled at him schemingly.

"Yes, we did," Kiiro nodded confidently.

"But why?" Nino asked. "Wasn't the real world enough?"

"Oh, it was," Kiiro nodded enthusiastically. "It was our birth place and where we learned so much. But you see, my brethrens find your world repulsive. There was something lacking in the magic the wizards used and we only wanted to help advance it.

"It is like the Muggle world," Kiiro continued. "They live without magic. Bless them. But they have ways of living through a magic they call technology. I'm sure you've seen it."

"Of course, I even change my Galleons to Muggle money to buy their gaming systems," Nino nodded.

"Muggle technology advances with time," Kiiro said. "Magic is something that is always permanent and define. Magic can be lost and then found again as if it was new, but it can never be changed. And the four of us hated that theory. We wanted something more and something greater. We believe that we can make something.

"So we thought, what was greater than controlling the four main elements that established the world itself? Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. After years of training and self-taught practice, we've mastered the elements. But it was not enough."

"You guys decided to create a life. Another element. Metal," Nino grunted, recalling the dark memories of Jun. Kiiro gently placed his small hand on his shoulder.

"It's not what you think," Kiiro said, looking sadden. "History have ways to distort the truth so many times. We are not what you think we are. We were good people seeking only for the better and the more grander things. We wanted to help the wizarding world."

"I...I don't understand," Nino frowned. "If you say you were good wizards, why did you commit a taboo? To create a life through dark magic? Why did you do it?"

Kiiro took a deep breath and stared back at the flowing stream.

"During our time, we were just wizard experimentalists. We were all-powerful beings like what your textbooks described. But we weren't evil. We helped others with our ideas. We helped improved the use of magic.

"But then the four of us noticed that it was always us that did the most work," Kiiro said, his tone turning dark. "We were the only contributers for showing new ways of magic. And the other wizards were stupid and mindless slobs.

"We were so angry with foolish young wizards that we did punish them. But never torture. Of course, others thought of us as monsters when we started. We didn't want to spread terror. We just want to discipline, but no one would listen to us. Soon they saw our elemental powers as unnatural. Using our voices to perform magic was blasphemy to them.

"We would have followers who worshiped our powers as well as protesters. Things got out of hand and the wizarding world wouldn't see us as one of them, but as Lords or Immortals. And what you call us now... Vocal Wizards.

"We have grown so used to our powers, we realized what a pitiful world we lived in. Everyone lived in a mind that everything is separate. They don't see how things are connected to one another."

"Connected?" Nino repeated questioningly. "Like in a community?"

"More than that," Kiiro's eyes lit up. "The world. Do you think you are any different from this forest or your friends? We are all living and breathing in the same world. We come from the same past even though others might not think so because they are so focus on the present. They don't notice that we all can be the same, but all they see is the difference of their skin color, background, or race.

"It is just like the elements. Water can change its form in so many ways. Fire is sometimes misunderstood as a destructive source. But the people back in your world forgets that fire can make a living too. Wind can change the course of your everyday lives when you least expect it."

"And earth?" Nino asked.

"Earth is always changing," Kiiro smiled, staring at something far away. "You may not feel it, but it changes underneath our very feet. You can't pinpoint it exactly, but it breathes too. It gives us all a home; a place to stay.

"In my time, my own people resented me. My brothers were also rejected because they were seen differently. We tried to show them no harm, but they couldn't see through our powers. When we try to protect a village from a natural disaster, they assumed it was our doing."

"I still don't understand," Nino shook his head. "If so many people resented your powers, why didn't you just stop? Why continued to do what you did?"

"Nino," Kiiro said, sounding older, "we were also very young. We could not stop when we know too much. We wanted to know what else was there to find."


"We know everything there was to know of our elements," Kiiro interrupted. "But there was one that we wanted to find out desperately."

"What was that?"


Nino stared back at Kiiro. Those unblinking yellow eyes.

"L-love?" Nino raised his eyebrow. " guys never knew what love was? But you're my...ancestor, right? Didn't you find a woman?"

"And many more too," Kiiro smirked. Nino whistled. "But it was not love, Nino. That was only lust."

"Isn't it the same thing?" Nino chuckled.

"It is not," Kiiro said, not laughing. "You are very lucky, Nino. You have parents looking after you. I, nor my companions, never knew ours."

"You never knew your parents?" Nino frowned.

"No. And we were never truly accepted. Our people rejected us. They didn't understand us. We only understood the four of us together. But we wanted to know what it was like to love and be loved."

"You gotta be kidding me," Nino looked away, thinking this was some bad joke. "Let me guess. Your desire to love someone made you create the fifth member. You guys failed time and time again until you figured out you had to put your soul into it and you finally got what you wanted, but your creation turned against you. Am I right?"

"In a nutshell...yes," Kiiro pouted.

Nino stood up and walked a few feet away, then started walking back and forth. He was shocked, confused, and then angry. Soon, he was so angry he wanted to pound Kiiro's face, but then it would be like punching his own face.

"You're telling me," Nino said calmly but still feeling angry, "that this whole thing was about love? That you and your pathetic 'brothers' don't even know what it means to love?!"

Kiiro stood up, his face was unreadable. Nino continued feeling more angry than he had ever been.

"You created a life just to love?!" Nino shouted. "You idiot! You just created an artificial love!! And look where it got us, your descendants! My friend is possessed by that thing you've created! And my home is living in fear and everything is failing apart!

"My father left me when I was young, but you don't see me being a big baby and try to create a fake father love!" Nino continued to yell. "Even I know what love is! I'm bisexual in case you didn't notice! I have fun with both parties!

"And I found someone I love," Nino grunted, feeling angry tears coming out. "I never forgot about him, and I couldn't be happier. I never gave up, but you did! You poor excuse of a person! No wonder you change your face so many times! You don't even have the courage to face the world that rejected you and runaway to your 'Paradise.' You are more spineless than me!"

Kiiro didn't say anything. Nino panted hard from yelling so much and so loud. He gulped, wondering if that was the end of him. But Kiiro sighed deeply. Before his very eyes, Nino watched Kiiro grow older and older. It was strange since Kiiro took Nino's face, so it was like watching himself grow in fast-forward mode. His clothes changed as well into jeans with a yellow shirt and boots.

Finally, Kiiro stopped aging to where he looked only about in his late twenties or thirties. Nino took a good look.

'Is this what I'll look like when I'm older?' Nino thought. '...I still look that same.'

"Nino," Kiiro sighed, rubbing his eyes.

'Whoa! Is that how I'll sound like too?'

Kiiro stared at Nino with a bored look. His pale skin looked unhealthy especially against his black wavy hair. Nino took mental note to be careful with his health in the future years. But then, Kiiro smirked.

"Well done," Kiiro clapped slowly.

"H-huh?" Nino croaked.

"I knew it. I didn't had to teach you anything," Kiiro grinned. "I told them so. But they didn't believe me."

"W-what are you talking about?"

"Nino, you and your friends were sent to our world for a purpose," Kiiro explained. "Not only were we going to give you our powers, but also teach an important value. But you didn't need to learn anything, you've got it all along."


"Yes!" Kiiro nodded, smiling. "The answer is always within you. It's just a matter of finding it. But you, are one smart little brat. As expected of someone related to me."

Nino's mouth was still hanging slightly open.

"The life that we created," Kiiro continued but more seriously, "was a selfish one. The black ooze I extracted from you was part of that evil manifestation. It shall remain here where it can't do any harm," Kiiro sighed and made a solemn face. "We had really hoped creating a fifth member would help us learn to love. I am truly sorry for the damage we have caused. It seems that our powers truly isn't meant to help anyone. We can only bring destruction and sadness after all."

Nino blinked.

"We were so overjoyed when our experiment finally worked," Kiiro continued. "When poor Metal opened his eyes, we were ecstatic. Akai was such an idiot and thinking we became gods, and then...well, the rest is history. And now Metal became a mind of his own and scoured your world for the perfect body to use and rule. He has a dark mind, Nino. You must be careful."

"Why don't you come with me?" Nino asked, his voice smaller from the yelling he did. "Why can't you help us?"

"I cannot leave this place," Kiiro shook his head. "If I leave, there will be in-balance and more chaos will come of your home. My place is here. I can only tell you what you must know."

"There must be more," Nino pleaded. "A way to stop Jun. Some way to get him back to normal."

"Metal has the powers of all four of us plus metal," Kiiro said. "He can control all the elements. If you steal his power to control one element, you've weakened him. Soon, he will lose his other powers as well. And you just might wake your friend up."

"But how do I do that?!"

"Maybe I take back the smart brat from earlier," Kiiro grunted. "You are the descendant of us, right? We were famous for our magical voice, right? Use UtaMahou."


"But what is a good UtaMahou to use?" Nino frowned.

"They don't call me the Songwriter for nothing," Kiiro grinned. He leaned in and whispered into Nino's ear.

Nino listened closely to the lyrics until Kiiro finished.

"I'll let you think up of the melody for it," he smiled.

Nino stared at him dumbfounded.

"There's one more thing I like to ask," Nino said. "Actually, two things."

"Only two."

"Shouldn't you be dead?" Nino asked, not caring if it came out rude. Kiiro laughed hard.

"Nino, did I not tell you that we hated people for thinking of things separately?" Kiiro wiped a tear. "Death is not the end. I cannot tell you what it's like. You will one day when the time comes, but I will say that there are other worlds waiting after death."

'Other worlds after death...?'

"And one last thing," Nino said, "where is the exit?"

"Ah! Right. I was suppose to show you," Kiiro nodded. "Well, your friends should be coming soon."

"My friends! Really!?"

Just then, a bright light ripped the air and a portal appeared. The real Ohno, Sho, and Aiba stumbled out and spotted Nino right away.

"Nino!" They shouted and formed a group hug.

"Ah, eww! You guys stink! What happened?" Nino shoved them away. Ohno looked darker and his arms were somewhat buffer. So was Aiba, and his attire changed that look suited for winter. Sho wore regular peasant robes from the Edo period covered in soot.

"How is it that you still look the same?" Sho noticed as well.

"I've missed you so much!" Ohno continued to hold hands with Nino. "Two weeks at sea is too long."

"T-two weeks?!" Nino gawked. "What are you talking about? It's only been a day!"

"What?!" Ohno, Sho, and Aiba roared.

The three other men behind him stared at Kiiro, who stared back with his arms crossed.

"Really? Two weeks?" Kiiro said towards the men. "You guys take way too long."

"Are you the other Vocal Wizards?" Nino asked. They stared at him. "You must be. You look just like my friends."

"They do?" Aiba asked, suddenly staring at the man with green eyes. "...Aahh! He does! Oh my gosh, I didn't notice."

Nino whacked Aiba's head hard with his hand. Sho and Ohno also looked surprised when they realized the Vocal Wizard really did look like them.

"Was I the only one that knew this?!" Nino said, shocked.

"So it appears that Kiiro's descendant is just as sharp," the man with a samurai sword grunted.

"Enough of this," the man with monk robes said. "You boys need to go back to your world and save your friend."

"Right. With these powers, we'll stop Jun," Sho said, determined.

The monk tapped the air and a portal opened again. "This will take you there."

"Aoi," Ohno said, looking up at the monk. "Thank you for all that you've done."

"Akai," Sho spoke to the samurai. "I will never forget you." They shook hands firmly.

Aiba hugged the man with green eyes. They were both crying like babies.

"I'll miss you, Midori-chan!" Aiba whimpered.

"I'll miss you even more!" Midori cried.

'Those two are alike,' Nino thought in amusement.

Then, Nino turned around and stared at Kiiro.

"Kiiro," Nino spoke. Kiiro didn't say anything. "Will we...will I see you again?"

Kiiro shook his head slowly. Nino thought so and drooped his shoulders.

"But you can look in the mirror after ten more years," Kiiro said. "You can see me then."

Nino chuckled.

"This is such a strange world," Nino sighed.

"It is," Kiiro said. "But I'll tell you something. Paradise was here before we came."

"It was? I thought you said you created it."

"There were other creators before us," Kiiro said, his eyes looking gentle. "Like I said...there are worlds after death."

Nino was still confused, and his eyes lazily looked over Kiiro's shoulder. There was a shadow on the far side of the stream. Nino thought it was just an animal. But when he squinted his eyes, he saw a man smiling sadly at him.

Nino thought his heart stopped.


"Nino, come on! Jun's waiting for us!" Sho shouted with his foot inside the portal.

Ohno grabbed Nino's hand and pulled him in.

"W-wait," Nino said, his voice small. "Wait a minute."

'It's him! It's really him! What is he doing here? Why is he here?!"

They walked into the portal, and Nino saw the edges closing around them. The four Vocal Wizards waved at them, but Nino's eyes were on the man in the back, smiling and also waving at him. Nino's tears wouldn't stop falling.


Everything went black. The last thing Nino heard was a single familiar voice.

"Take son."


Let's all cry together! TT_______________TT

oh, i hope i didn't hit below the belt with nino's dad and all! i didn't know what else to use for emotionally impact! T____T

WAHH! they're going back home! they all got there powers. and nino has a secret UtaMahou to use on jun!
as for the vocal wizards...the entire time, imagine them as the older version of arashi. or if you like, the current age of arashi. that's who the boys were talking too in appearance. but don't get confused that it was the future them. it's their ancestors, but they just look alot like them ><

i hope you like the 'new world' i explained. it was kinda abstract so i'll explain it bluntly. It's the fictional world I created where dead people go. But it's not entirely for the dead, live people can see this place too. that's why the boys can be there. but when kiiro said he can't leave, it's because he's dead. (so then the father nino saw meant he was....)

the vocal wizards didn't create Paradise from the beginning, but they can add more to it. that's that he meant with 'there are worlds after death.' meaning (fictionally) when you die you add on to the paradise world. there is no end. ^^

abstract stuff, i know! ask me if you're still confused and i'll try to explain better.

don't forget about naruse!!

EDIT: 2014. I've edited this chapter to fix a plot hole :3

To Chapter 10 -


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