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Fifth Year at Hogwarts

Title: Fifth Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is the Metal Vocal Wizard. The boys return to their real world only to be stuck in the middle of Jun's army! Luckily, they fend for themselves using their singing voices and saved the poor souls under Jun's spell. But they soon realize that something is about to happen in their home city! What is Jun planning? Will our heroes stop him?

a/n: contains 2 parts!!

Chapter 11 -  We Make Storm (Part 1)

***Sho's POV***

They flew through the cold night air as fast as Aiba would let them. He was so busy waving his arms to maintain the wind sphere supporting them, Sho didn't want to distract him. It must be a lot of work supporting four boys with nothing but air.

Sho kept his eyes peeled in case something or someone would come up and attack them. He didn't know much about wind as Aiba does, but he felt something terrible was about to happen. He sensed a presence waiting for them, and they were about to witness a horrible reality.

Sometimes, Sho thinks it's his fault this happened.

'If I wasn't so harsh on him when he confessed...' Sho thought sadly.

"We're almost there," Aiba shouted.

No one said a word.

It must have felt forever flying pass fields after fields and seeing nothing but nature. In a way, Sho hoped they wouldn't see Tokyo...

"There!" Ohno pointed.

Sure enough, the first sight of city lights were spotted shining in the distance. Sho felt his heart sink with fear.

"Aiba, takes us down a little," Nino said.

"The Muggles wouldn't be able to see us. We're just a gust of wind to them," Aiba said, confidently.

"I'm not worried about the Muggles. I'm worried about Jun seeing us."

"Oh, right."

Aiba slowly descended their sphere and landed on top of a building roof. Sho saw Tokyo Tower peeking around buildings from where they stood. Somehow, he couldn't take his eyes off it.

"We're in Minato? Why?" Sho asked.

"I'm not sure," Aiba said, looking down at the city. "I just felt something in the wind. It's unnatural."

"Unnatural?" Sho repeated.

"Usually it's normal to feel the wind currents flow like how we breath," Aiba explained. "But...I can barely feel any currents even though there are so many people."

"Actually," Nino spoke. "There's something wrong with the earth too. I'm not sure..."

Suddenly, Nino dashed out the roof door, and they followed after him. They thundered down the stairs until they exited out the building. The streets were packed as always, and there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary. Nino knelt down and pressed his palm against the concrete sidewalk.

"There's something wrong underground," Nino said. "Somewhere up ahead."

"Jun's army?" Ohno asked.

"Perhaps," Nino uttered, standing back up. "But whatever it is, there's a lot."

'But there's so many people!' Sho thought. 'What's going to happen to them?'

"Where is Jun? We've got to find him!" Ohno said.

Aiba closed his eyes and stood still for a long time. But his eyesbrows furrowed in defeat.

"There's too many people," Aiba sighed with frustration. "I can't tell where he is."

"What should we do?" Nino asked, scratching his head.

Sho thought hard. 'Fujiwara said to come to our home. Yeah...we're here. Now what?'

"We need to find help," Ohno said. "There should be a wizard office building nearby."

"But it's probably closed," Aiba pointed out.

"We have to try something. Now, come on," Ohno led them.

Sho felt awkward walking around in traditional Edo robes, but thankful no one paid much attention. City folk usually keep to themselves. Next to him, Aiba wore his strange foreign winter garments, and Ohno looked beat up at sea. For all these city people might know, they could be costume waiters at some strange cafe.

"There! The Magic Management Building," Ohno pointed. "My father comes here for his work."

"Ohno, the building is closed," Sho said, pointing out the lights turned off.

They walked up to the door nonetheless and tried to open it. But it was locked. Sho pulled out his wand as the boys covered him from Muggle eyes. He casted 'Alohamora,' but the door was still locked.

"Great," Ohno grunted.

"W-wait a minute," Aiba said, stepping forward.

They watched him closed his eyes again, concentrating hard. Suddenly, Aiba snapped his eyes open.

"I know this current!" Aiba gasped. "Naruse was here!"


"Yeah, he was here. Not too long ago," Aiba nodded.

Just then, thunder rumbled deeply in the sky. They looked up at the haunting sky and saw lightening flash. Then, the first drops of rain began to fall. The civilians started walking faster as the rain started coming down harder.

Then, they heard something.

A voice? A song? There were no words, just a sound. It was like an opera singer. It was slow and calming, but at the same time...chilling.


"Quick! Everyone get close to me!" Ohno shouted, pulling out his wand. "Nancho!"

Sho felt something like a cotton ball stuff into his ear. Once the effect faded away, he heard his surroundings again, but the spell will help them be immune to UtaMahou effect. Sho could still hear the singing...

"It's coming from that direction!" Aiba pointed. "Let's go!"

They started running as fast as they could. Aiba took the lead, but he would look back at them and waited for them to catch up. Sho knew what Aiba wanted to do.

"Just go ahead, Aiba. We'll catch up!" Sho said.

Aiba nodded and disappeared into his super speed mode. Ohno took the lead and followed the voice. As they ran pass streets and vendors, Sho noticed it was not only the sky singing, but the TV monitors in the stores created the same sound. The radios in the taxi cars also blared the same music.

'What's going on?'

The rain continued to pour down, and the thunder and lightening rumbled so loud, Sho thought the end of the world had come.

It's starting...


Ohno, Nino, and Sho stopped in their tracks. The ground shook tremendously. Nino kept a steady footing with his palms out, trying to maintain the earthquake. But Sho could see Nino breaking a sweat.

Suddenly, the ground burst open in the middle of the street and cars went flying. The metal soldiers from before emerged from the ground like underground moles. The civilians screamed and ran for their lives as the soldiers climbed out one by one from the massive hole. Cars were honking, people were running, lights were flickering, and the heavy rain continued to fall. Sho looked at the others. They couldn't hide anymore.

They charged towards the metal army and engaged battle. Sho engulfed his arms in flames and formed a wave of fire at the enemies, but the rain extinguished his flames before they even touch the metal soldiers.


"Sho! Stand back and let us deal with them!" Nino shouted.

Ohno used the rain water to create hundreds of water swords around him. He twirled around and the water struck hard on the zombie-like soldiers like a whip. Nino created a high wall of earth and blocked them to protect the civilians running away. It was just enough time for the people to escape. But the metal army punched through Nino's wall and got up unscathed from Ohno's swords.

"Do not stop the attack until every single being is dead!"

'Damn it, Jun!'

But then, the metal soldiers didn't headed towards them. Instead, they turned around and climbed up the tall skyscrapers. They watched the metal ants climb up until the soldiers covered entire building. Then, the building crumbled down in seconds, and the army absorbed the heap of metal felt behind.

Sho watched in horror as a giant soldier arose from the ground from the metal scraps it consumed. Soon enough, more buildings were taken down and more metal giants emerged. The sounds of metal scrapping together filled the air. People screamed in terror, and Jun's continued singing his echoing voice.

"Run!" Ohno shouted

A giant foot came down to crush them. Sho jumped and powered his foot thruster. He grabbed both Ohno's and Nino's arm and flew them out of harms way. Sho carried them away as far as he could, but the buildings were soon replaced with another emerging metal giant. Sho dodged buildings and giants alike, but-

"Watch out!" Nino shouted.

Sho felt a heavy hit thump him hard on his back like a ton of bricks. He dropped Ohno and Nino, and he crashed through a window of another edifice. He rolled across tables and chairs until he stopped. He tasted blood, and his entire body felt sore. He moaned as he tried to get back up. The office room was a mess with broken computers and toppled chairs and papers. His blood scattered everywhere around him.

He looked down at his arm.


A large gash ran up his forearm towards his shoulder. He touched the edges for the cut and winced at the pain. He heard the metal giants screeching outside, and the sound of rocks hitting on steel plates. He looked up and saw through the broken window a wave of water splashing on the giant's head, but it did nothing.

Sho reached for his back pocket but cursed again when he didn't felt his wand. He looked around him, but he couldn't find it anywhere. The blood dripped down his body and soaked his pants. Sho torn his long robes and tried to clean his wound as best as he could.

He was still bleeding.

"I can't fight like this," Sho grunted. With no first aid anywhere, and his wand missing...

There was only one option.

He looked down at his good hand and formed a ball of hot blue fire. He hovered the flame over his wound, feeling his heart beating faster and faster. The heat made him sweat even more. He was scared.

Sho grunted his teeth and shut his eyes tight as he pressed his flaming palm down on his wound. He screamed in agony but continued to sear the wound closed. He refused to lift his hand away from his wound, and he was determined to close it. The pain was excruciating beyond anything Sho had ever experienced. Tears and sweat rolled down his cheeks as he panted and cried in terrible pain.

At last his wound seared close. He collapsed with exhaustion. He hated his own smell of burnt flesh and blood. He opened his eyes and stared out the crashed window. The metal giants were still growing. Rocks and water continued attacking the giants, but it did no harm.

Sho stumbled up on his feet, feeling a little light-headed from the pain. He regained his focus and looked down the window. It was only a few feet down, and he easily hovered his way down with his foot thruster. When he landed, he looked down at his arm and his new scar.

He was angry.

The rain came down strong, but he was so infuriated, he could feel the fire flaring inside him. He spotted Ohno and Nino trying to defend themselves from a metal giant. Sho kicked on his flame propeller and zoomed towards the metal giant's head. He engulfed his entire body into a human torch and charged.

He pierced right through the giant's head and turned around. He caught it off guard and came back to strike again. He was so angry, he continued to punctured holes into the giant until it was barely able to stand on its own. Finally, the metal beast gave its finally cry and crumbled to the ground. Smoke rose from its liquid metal corpse.

Sho landed next to his friends.

"You did it, Sho!" Ohno patted his shoulder. "What happened to your arm?"

"What happened to your clothes?" Nino pointed out.

Sho looked down and noticed he burned his clothes off. He blushed and tried to cover himself.

"Lend me your sweater, Nino," Sho pleaded. But the bisexual Slytherin smirked coolly at him.

"Nah, let's wait until Aiba comes back," Nino teased.

Sho blushed even deeper and looked around. A nearby clothes store was broken in, so he quickly made his way towards the store and stole new jeans and a T-shirt. When he came back, Ohno and Nino were laughing hard.

"I saved your lives, just to remind you," Sho pointed angrily.

Nino wiped a tear. "Yeah, and gave us a show too," he chuckled. "I'll pay you back, I promise."

But the laughter ended shortly as more metal giants swallowed buildings. There were too many. Another giant came towards their way, and they braced their stance. But then, a jet of white light smashed into the giant's head and it stumbled.

Surprised, Sho saw wizards flying around the giant's head, firing spell after spell. Sho smiled.

"It's the Elites!"

Soon, more wizards swarmed around the sky, distracting and attacking the metal giants. Sho, Ohno, and Nino cheered as they watched more and more wizards come to their aid. The metal giants waved at the flying wizards as if they were annoying flies, but the giants were too slow.

They might just have a chance!

Suddenly, Aiba reappeared next to them, panting and sweating. Sho noticed he changed his clothes as well to regular jeans and a shirt.

"I found him," Aiba said. "He's at Odaiba!"

"Odaiba?!" Sho and Nino exclaimed.

"Take us there," Ohno said, calmly.

Aiba nodded and formed yet again another wind sphere. They floated up into the air and zoomed through the city. Aiba weaved in and out of buildings, Elites, metal giants, and the newly arrived SIN wizards.

"Why won't you fly higher?" Nino shouted through the wind. "We'll get caught in the crossfire!"

"Because Jun would spot us," Aiba yelled back. "We have to be careful."

"I hope you know what you're doing!"

It didn't take long before they arrive at Tokyo Bay. Sho saw the ferris wheel and Rainbow Bridge with its lights still on. The UtaMahou was stronger here. Aiba carried them behind a building and led them down a few alleyways. There weren't any metal giants here, but the people were still running away and screaming like maniacs.

"He's up there," Aiba said, peering around the corner.

Sho looked over Aiba's shoulder.

"Fuji TV Headquarters!?" Sho gasped.

On the very rooftop of the distinctive building, a small figure stood with his arms open as if he thought he was a god. Sho glared at the little figure and saw lightening flash across the sky. The rain continued to pour.

"What are we waiting for?" Ohno hissed. Nino grabbed his arm.

"Wait! I have a plan," Nino said. "Kiiro told me of a UtaMahou spell that might stop Jun."

"What is it?" Aiba asked.

They all leaned in and listened closely to Nino's lyrics. When he was done, Sho frowned.

"You think it'll work?" He asked. "What's the melody?"

"I'll start it off," Ohno said. "And you guys will have to follow my lead."

"Are you sure?" Nino asked.

"I'm one year ahead of you guys in UtaMahou. Trust me," Ohno nodded.

They stood up and faced the building. They walked out in the open with their eyes locked onto the boy standing on top of the building. The boy also looked down at them. Aiba grabbed hold of Nino while Sho linked arms with Ohno.

They jumped into the air as Sho and Aiba flew them towards the roof. Jun waited for them as they landed only a few feet away. His dark cape blew majestically in the wind. His hair spiked up, and his skin was so pale against his dark clothes. His eyes were sunken in as if he hasn't slept in days. Sho saw a tint of purple in his eyes.

"Look who has finally come," Jun smirked. "The heroes of Tokyo."

They didn't respond back.

"Not in the mood to talk are we?" Jun chuckled. "Fine. I like getting to the point."

"We'll ask you one last time," Ohno shouted through the rain. "Give us back our Jun!"

Jun narrowed his eyes at them.

"You really are dumb," he said. "I am Jun! I wanted this and I brought this."

"No!" Aiba yelled. "The real Jun would never do such a thing! He is a brave person."

"He cares for others and thinks of other!" Sho added.

"He is a loyal friend!" Ohno nodded.

"And he loves his friends!" Nino said.

Jun laughed.

"You are too late." Jun mocked them. "I have already begun my reign of terror. Look!"

Despite himself, Sho glanced to the side towards the city. Huge pillars of ash and smoke rose from the ground as the giants rampaged through the city. There must be dozens of them, growing and screeching. Sho could hear people screaming and the sound of ambulances. Lives were being killed, and the Elites continued to fend off the metal giants or duel with SIN. Sho's fists were shaking

"My army will gather the innocent lives of this wretched city and give me the strength I need," Jun said. "To open the gates of a new world!"

Sho felt his eyes widen.

"You're going to Paradise?!" Nino gasped.

"So you have been there," Jun raised his eyebrow. "That foolish professor really did betray me."

"Professor?" Sho repeated.

"You don't remember?" Jun titled his head. "I knew it was Naruse Ryo that got you into the Paradise."

Sho heard Ohno gasped.

"He opened the portal to the new world for you idiots. How he knew this is beyond me, but I'll kill him later," Jun rolled his eyes. "I have known about Paradise for centuries. Where my souls travel, I travel. And I learn more and more of the world beyond death.

"So I seek to find it; a way to enter it. And to do so, I will sacrifice countless lives to open the gates, so I can rule and conquer all!" Jun shouted as the thunder rumbled.

"We won't let you!" Nino shouted. "Paradise is not meant to be rule by one man!"

"Very well then," Jun said, pulling on a cord and his cape flew away into the sky. He lowered his head glared at them. "Come and stop me."

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