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Fifth Year at Hogwarts

 Title: Fifth Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a fifth year at Hogwarts.

a/n: (wails!!) this is the FINAL Chapter!!! T____T

Chapter 13 - Arashi

***Jun's POV***

The last thing Jun heard was someone singing in such a heavenly voice.

'...for dream...'

And after that, there was nothing but darkness. Suddenly, Jun didn't feel anything. No pain, urge, hunger, despair, or sadness. At the same time, he couldn't feel warmth, softness, joy, or happiness. He felt nothing. He was nothing. He became nothing.

How long has he been staring at darkness? Will he ever see light again? Perhaps this is what it feels like to be dead. No wonder so many feared it. There really is nothing...

And then, he felt the softest breeze. He felt his hair brushing against his face, and he could smell the sea. He slowly opened his eyes and saw the orange sky with gentle pink and red clouds. He sat up and felt the sea breeze blowing stronger to his face.

He was at on a beach. The sand was soft and rolled down his clothes as he sat up straight. The sun was setting, and the waves were quietly washing the shore. A few seagulls flew across the sky. Such a peaceful scenery.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Someone spoke.

Jun looked up and saw a man standing next to him. Was he there the entire time? Jun couldn't see the man's face since the sun glare was in his eyes. The man walked closer to the waves and Jun stood up. The man turned around.

'Who is he? Why does he look so familiar?'

"This place is very special to me," the man said. "And for you too, I hope."

"F-for me?" Jun spoke. "Why?"

The man just tilted his head.

"W-who are you? And...where am I?" Jun asked, looking around. It looked very familiar.

"You've been to Hawaii before, haven't you?" The man asked. "But perhaps not at this part of the island."

"Hawaii?" Jun frowned. "How did I get here?"

The man stared at him as if amused.

"You really don't remember, do you?" He said. Jun stared at him, confused. "Here. Let me show you."

The man drew a circle in the sand with his foot. Jun stared down at the large circle and waited. Suddenly, the sand sunk inside the circle, and a light started glowing. His eyes grew wide with shock as he watched the circle become something similar to a Pensieve. Jun suddenly felt uncomfortable.

"Don't you want to see it?" The man said.

"W-what will I see?" Jun asked, but he looked in anyways.

He saw himself, but he looked different. He could barely recognize himself. His skin was so pale, and his eyes were sunken in with heavy bags under his eyes. He looked so deviant and dead, as if he was a ghost.

"Is that me?"Jun asked, appalled. The man didn't answer.

Then, Jun watched himself in the sand-mirror claw his hands like a monster. Metal spikes hovered over his head, and they pierced into an innocent man who was kneeling before him. The Jun in the mirror laughed like a lunatic while the real Jun gasped in horror.

"That's not me! I would never do that!" Jun shook his head.

Then, the mirror fogged and showed a new scene. It looked like Hogsmeade, only there was fire. And then he saw a familiar face who had his back against the fiery wall. There was sweat on his brow and fear in his eyes.


It was like watching a re-run of his forgotten memory. Was it really his memories?

"How shall we end this?"

"Jun! I know you're in there! Come back to us!"

"What are you talking about, Aiba? I am Jun! I am me! And at the same time, I am the Metal Vocal Wizard! Your desperate plea won't save you."

"No! That's not true!"

"Aiba, you idiot! Get out of there!" Jun shouted, but he knew it was no use. " can this happen?"

The scene changed again. It was Tokyo City, but it was chaotic. People were screaming and running for their lives. Jun couldn't see what they were running from, but then he saw the massive metal giants peering down at the civilians. They stamped on the poor souls, and tore down tall skyscrapers. It was horrible with vivid colors and images of blood red, cold steel, heavy rain, and his own self with a cruel smile and wide mad eyes.

"I did all this?" Jun sank to his knees.

Then, he saw his friends. Ohno, Sho, Aiba, and Nino glaring at his other self on a rooftop. The rain poured down on them and thunder clapped across the sky.

"We'll ask you one last time...give us back our Jun!"

"You really are dumb. I am Jun! I wanted this and I brought this."

"No! The real Jun would never do such a thing! He is a brave person."

"He cares for others and thinks of other!"

"He is a loyal friend!"

"And he loves his friends!"

"You guys..." Jun sighed.

He watched his friends fight against him. He was shocked to see them use their elemental powers again, but he was also shocked to watch himself move so fast and inhuman-like. The battle was heartbreaking to watch. It only made him hate himself even more.

"Please, stop! That's enough!" Jun shouted, staring up at the man. "Why did this happened? How did it come to this? What happened to me?!"

"You were controlled by a unnamed being," the man said, kneeling down with him. He placed a reassuring hand on Jun's shoulder. "You may not remember now, but you will soon. This was you."

Jun shook his head, not believing a word. The man gently touched the mirror with his fingertip, and the mirror swirled to a new scenery. Jun saw himself in an ancient ruin, probably an underground coliseum. He was grabbing onto his friend Nino, who was dangling over the edge.

A wave of nostalgia hit Jun with such a force and soon followed with the heavy feeling of remorse. He watched the reenactment with a deep pain in his chest.

"What are doing, Jun? Pull me up!"

"If I drop you, surely she wouldn't miss you."


"I saw you two.You were with Inoue Mao. My Mao-chan!"

"W-what are you talking about?! I never did anything!"

"Why should I rescue you? You have been nothing but a nuisance in my life! And what a joke it is to use me to forget your love for Ohno?! I will not be fooled around like that!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, okay! Please don't let go!"


"I'll finish the job your father couldn't."

"NO!" Jun shouted.

He watched his friend fall down and landed sickeningly on the sandstone floor below. The show wasn't over as he watched himself pick up a yellow spear and plunged it into Nino's chest.

"I did this," Jun whispered, unable to leave his eyes from the mirror. "All of this terror started because of me...I feel so lost..." Jun sobbed.

The man sat next to him and rubbed Jun's back to comfort him. It must have been ages just sitting there in the sand, crying his heart out, his head bowed, and his arms wrapped our his knees like a child. Finally, he calmed himself and lifted his head up, staring at the sunset.

"I'm dead...aren't I?" Jun asked. "For the things I did, they killed me."

"Your friends would never kill you," the man said, softly. "And you're not dead. If you were...I wouldn't be here."

Jun stared at the man, confused.

"The only thing that died was the creature that had control over you. It was that monster that did all this," the man said, pointing at the mirror. "It was your friends that saved you. No more will you be trapped in a dark corner. You are finally free."

Jun wiped his tears away.

"I am?" Jun said, his voice still shaky. "Then...w-where am I?"

"In Paradise," the man simply answered. "Only those on the verge of death can see a glimpse of this place." The man looked out into the sea.

Jun followed the man's gaze and saw a boat in the far distance drifting across the surface. It looked like a small cruise ship. He vaguely saw balloons attached to the boat, and a few people waving from the boat. Jun thought he spotted five people aboard, and he heard the faintest voices that sounded like '...for dream.'

"Here, time is an illusion," the man smiled at the boat. "And one can recreate past memories."

"...recreate?" Jun mumbled.

"Of course," the man said. "Why don't you try it?"

Not sure what to do, Jun sniffed away the last of his tears. He stared mindlessly at the beach, the palm trees, and the sunset. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw them. They looked foggy as if they were made of light, but he recognized them. Ohno, Sho, Aiba, and Nino. They ran around the beach and playing, laughing, and teasing one another.

He even saw more younger people. They were from his school. His housemates, his friends, his classmates, and he saw her. A beautiful girl in his eyes with shiny black hair. She smiled and laughed. Jun felt his heart flutter.

"As long as you have them in your heart, you will not die," the man sighed. "Trust me."

For a second, Jun thought the four most important friends glance back at him.

"If you lose faith in your friends, what can you achieve?" The man said. "They will always be there for you when you need them. Trust them, trust others, and you'll learn you're not alone."

Jun shallowed a lump in his throat and smiled truthfully.

"It's time for you to head home."

Suddenly, a bright light shined before them. A portal. Jun stood up knowing this was his way back home. He turned around and took one last look at the mysterious man.

"Please tell me," Jun said. "Who are you?"

The man just placed his hand on his hip, standing in a cool pose. His black wavy hair blew gently in the wind and his sharp eyes gazed back at him. Jun noticed...the man's thick eyebrows.

"I may seem young, but that's because I like to take on this form. My prime age," the man said. "I died at an old age and now my home is here."

Jun felt his eyes widen as he slowly began to realize who this man might be...

"Time is an illusion here," the man winked. "One will be in my spot recreating this memory."

Jun thought his heart stopped pounding. He had so many questions he wanted to ask, but then he couldn't see the beach anymore as he fell back into the portal.

*           *            *

He could feel soft blankets against his body. His eyelids felt heavy, but he still opened his eyes. His vision was blurry at first, but he could make out three people looking down on him. They stared at him with tears in their eyes.

"Jun!" He heard his mother.

He still couldn't comprehend what was happening as he heard scrapping of a chair and hurried footsteps. Someone held his face and planted his cheeks with kisses.

"Oh! Little boy! Thank heavens!"

His vision slowly became focused.

"Mom?" Jun croaked. He heard her whimper. "Dad?"

"You are something, Matsumoto," he heard another familiar voice.

"Tsukumo," Jun wheezed.

"I'll whip up a Recovery Potion right away," Tsukumo grinned.

When his mother released him from her tight hugs, Jun felt strength coming back to him. He slowly sat up and looked around. He was in a room with white furniture. The walls were painted white, and white sheets covered his bed. There was a tranquil atmosphere in the room. The windows were open and blew in a cool calming breeze. The white curtains fanned gently in the room.

Then, the door swung open and four boys stood there, panting.


They came running to his bed and jumped on top of him. He thought he was going to suffocate with their tight embraces. His ears might burst from their cry of joy. He saw Ohno smiling with glee and jumping on the bed. Sho ruffled Jun's hair to the point he thought it'll fall off. Jun wasn't sure if Aiba was laughing or crying. And Nino wouldn't let go of Jun with his arms wrapped around his neck.

"I'm...awake," Jun sighed, feeling exhausted.

"Yes! Yes, you are! You're finally awake," Nino nodded.

"How does it feel to be yourself again?" Sho smiled.

"Never better," Jun said. When they calmed down, Jun felt his heart sink again. Everyone smiled and looked so spirited, but Jun couldn't help but wonder what they were really thinking. He could see the small traces of cuts and bruises on their faces. He felt the sharp stab of guilt in his heart and bowed his head.

"Jun?" Ohno whispered.

He felt the tears forming in his eyes again. He grabbed his sheets tightly as his tears dropped onto his fists.

"I-I'm very sorry...for the terrible things I've done..." Jun sniffed, his voice barely a whisper.

And then, he felt soft hands touch his face. He lifted his head and gazed into the eyes of his one and only Inoue Mao. Her eyes were red and puffy as well, but she was smiling.

"D-don't be so full of yourself!" She said, and hugged him at long last. Jun buried his face in her hair and held her tightly.

Everything was finally back to normal

*          *          *

Jun was still bedridden since his legs were still weak. He would spend most of his days in bed but sometimes climb on a wheelchair to move around. The boys would spend every night chatting into the late hours until Ohno got drowsy. They told Jun everything they're gone through and their heroic tales. Jun listened to their incredible story of their time in Paradise, and Jun told his experience and what he thought he saw.

Tokyo was in the process of rebuilding after that fearful night. The word was that every Muggle in the city had to be casted by a Memory Charm so there would be no trouble. But it's taking the wizarding community a long time to knock door to door, hospital to hospital, to explain the catastrophe.

All the missing people around the world was suddenly reappearing unharmed as if they just left for a trip. The missing metal components were also reshaped to its original state and returned to their rightful areas. Jun thought the Muggles would question what happened to them in the first place, but they too were put under the Memory Charm. The only ones who will know the true story will be the wizards.

He later found out the truth about Naruse as well. He was so shocked when he learned that Naruse was actually trying to help them. News spread fast of Naruse's work, and Japan's Minister of Magic arranged to give the Magic Order of the Rising Sun for his civil duty to the people. According to Sho, it's the highest award anyone in the wizarding community could achieve.

Today, he read a book Nino found for him in the Sakurai library. 'How to Write UtaMahou.' Jun was about to finish a chapter when he heard a knock on his door.

"Hey," Ohno popped in. Jun put his book down.

"Ohno! You came back from Diagon Alley?"

"Yeah, and I bought myself a new wand," Ohno said, pulling out his new shiny wooden wand. "I lost my old one back at the battle. So, I got a new one."

"It looks great," Jun grinned. He squinted his eyes. "Is that a water drop on that base?"

Ohno chuckled.

"Yeah. How lucky the wand chose me. I just knew it was the one for me," Ohno pointed his wand at a glass of water next to Jun's bed. The water floated up and did a little flip before it splashed back into the cup. "Although I can't move water, I sure do miss the feeling."

Jun raised his eyebrow, amused.

"I'm sure you won't be too far from water," he said. "I get the feeling you'll be spending more time on a boat than any of us."

"Ha! And here I thought I had enough of being on a boat," Ohno laughed.

"Where are the others?"

"They're in the city helping out with the debris. It's as if every wizard and witch in Japan is helping out rebuild Tokyo. And Headmaster Johnny said in a few short weeks, school will open again."

Jun sighed peacefully, rubbing his forearm.

" you think they'll let me come back? Back to school?" Jun asked, feeling scared. Ohno sat on Jun's bed.

"Of course! Why wouldn't you?"

"I'm still having a hard time forgiving myself, that's all," Jun said, lowering his eyes.


"I remember everything I've done," Jun confessed, clutching his fists again. "Even though it wasn't entirely me, I remember watching it all through my own eyes."

Ohno didn't utter a word.

"The things I've done to them," Jun frowned, "to those poor students. I can never tell Mao-chan what I did. She would never forgive me...I would never forgive myself."

Jun tried his best not to shed anymore tears, but the painful memories were overflowing.

"Every night when I sleep, I see their faces. The ones I've killed, the ones I've tortured, the ones I've soiled their innocence. It will never go away....never..."

Ohno placed his hand on Jun's shoulder.

"It'll be alright," Ohno nodded.

Jun glanced back at his old friend.

"Things will turn out right. I know they will!" Ohno said, firmly. "Everyone will understand that you were possessed, the city and Hogwarts will be restored, and my uncle will receive an award from the Ministry of Magic." Ohno made a slight frown before he continued. "I may not know much of what it's like to be...raped, but I do know what's it like to be tortured."


"It may seem impossible now. But one day, these feelings will just be a memory," Ohno grinned.

Jun half-smiled.

"The only bad thing is that the last remaining villain would be that thick-headed idiot Nagase Tomoya," Ohno pouted.

"I've read the Daily Prophet this morning," Jun said, eager to gossip on something else. "Is it true that Headmaster Johnny is taking him under his wing?"

"He's actually thinking of using that Nagase as his new wizard performer for his new group Tokio," Ohno shook his head.

"No way!"

"Apparently, Nagase was singing UtaMahou to escape trials, but Johnny caught him and became interested. He promised full pardon if Nagase worked for him. And Nagase took the bait like a starved puppy."

" you think Johnny will be the next tyrant to rule the world?" Jun joked.

The boys laughed together. Jun loved how Ohno was so calm and collected through anything. He always say the right words to lift Jun up. Ohno is, after all, his first wizard friend. Jun would follow Ohno anywhere. He has a feeling that Ohno was meant to be a leader, even though he doesn't seem like one...

*          *          *

"How's your arm?" Jun asked Sho as they walked around the Sakurai courtyard.

"It's alright. The scar isn't as noticeable, but I kinda like it," Sho grinned.

Jun gained more strength as the days went by. Tsukumo said he should stretch his legs as much as he could. Jun was still weak and had to walk around with a cane. Every morning, he noticed the bags under his eyes slowly fading away, and his skin slowly came back to its normal color.

It was such a nice day, and Sho asked if Jun wanted to have a walk. Surprised at such an offer, Jun couldn't refuse. It was nice to have some time alone with just the two of them together.

"How was Naruse's award ceremony?" Jun asked.

"It went well," Sho said. "It was a shock to see him dressed in white though."

"Naruse was wearing white?!" Jun gawked.

"Surprised all of us," Sho nodded. "The officials sure liked him. He was the white knight they all wanted. He even smiled."

"Aahh, I wish I could've gone," Jun complained. "How often do you see Ohno's dark uncle dressed in white?"

"Probably not for long," Sho smirked.

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, there's this rumor going around that Naruse and Professor Shiori are getting married."

Jun gasped dramatically, totally shocked.


"It's just a rumor," Sho said. "Or so the Elites are gossiping."

Jun chuckled. "Good for him. It's about time they got together. I've spotted those two together back in Hogwarts so many times." Jun rolled his eyes.

"Hmmm," Sho hummed.

They arrived at the center of the courtyard where a large water fountain stood in the middle. The water was crystal clear, and flower petals drifted across the rippled surface. There were even little goldfishes swimming around in the pool. Jun sat down on the edge to relax his legs and dipped his hand into the cool water. The fishes flinched away, but some came back to his fingers.

"I wonder what it'll be like to marry someone," Jun suddenly brought up. "To find the one person you want to be with for the rest of your life. It seems like something out of a fairytale."

Sho didn't say anything.

"Well, maybe down the road Mao-chan will still be there," Jun smiled to himself.

"Jun," Sho muttered. His voice was incredibly quiet.

He looked up. "Hmm? What's wrong?"

"I'm...sorry," Sho frowned.

"For what?" Jun said, trying to laugh away the mood. "I'm the one that needs to apologize to the entire world. Why are you saying sorry to me?"

"I'm sorry that...I wasn't kind to your feelings back then," Sho said at last. Jun's eyebrows shot up, his heart racing.

"Sho...that was a long time ago and-"

"I should have been more considerate towards you," Sho continued, his face ridden with guilt. "And when we were fighting on top of Fuji TV Building...and when you stood over me like that...I couldn't help but think I deserved it."

"Don't be ridiculous!" Jun said, standing up while leaning on his cane. "Sho, you were never the cause of this! Don't ever blame yourself."

Sho looked speechless.

"I understand now that you and I are not meant to be," Jun said, calming down. "You and Aiba were meant to be together as I believe that Mao is for me. So don't burden yourself."

Sho blinked away his surprised look and rubbed his face. Finally, Sho looked relieved and smiled the one smile Jun remembered loving so long ago.

"I'm glad," Sho sighed. "I wonder...if I haven't met Aiba. What would become of us?"


"...A-ah ha! Nothing! Uhh, err, well. We better go back. Aiba said he was cooking. I better stop him before he burn my house," Sho said and turned around. Jun watched his old crush jog back to the mansion; his back was still muscular and V-shaped with sloped shoulders.

Jun enjoyed Sho's good nature, always thoughtful and making everyone feel safe and reassured. Perhaps, if Jun haven't met Inoue Mao and if Sho haven't met Aiba...what would become of them?

'Nah, Nino will just sit in the middle,' Jun rolled his eyes and walked back to the mansion.

*           *             *

"We'll be going back to school tomorrow!" Aiba announced.

"Really!" Jun gasped, sitting up straight from his winged chair.

Jun was in the Sakurai library by himself. Ohno and Nino were somewhere in the mansion doing who knows what (Jun suspects something private). Mao said she had to go back to her home since her parents were worried about her. Sho's sister dragged him to go shopping, and Jun was back to normal health. He had a new wand since he lost his old wand back at the battle of Tokyo, and he was practicing simple spells with books in the library.

"Headmaster Johnny said the school is restored. We can finally start our school year! We should celebrate!"

"Yeah! The others will be excited when they hear this," Jun said. "Where did you heard about this?"

"A birdie told me," Aiba answered.

Jun had to restart his brain after hearing that.

"A bird?" Jun raised his eyebrow.

"Yeah," Aiba nodded. "I have great connections with animals."

"Since when?!"

"Since I found out I was wizard," Aiba pouted proudly. "It's my special ability. I can talk to animals."

Jun slumped back down on his chair. "Come back when you have a more reliable source."

At that moment, an owl tapped on the windowpane. Jun got up and opened the window to let the owl in. It had a small note in its beck. Jun took the note and read it out-loud.

"Diagon Alley is packed. Hogwarts is reopening tomorrow. Let's celebrate when I get back. Sho," Jun read.

Aiba had a smug look on his face. "I told you so."

"That doesn't count," Jun smirked, his hand on his hip. Aiba lightly skipped around Jun's chair.

"If you want to call it even, then help me out on something?"

"What's up?"

Aiba stopped hopping around and settled down to a more humble gaze.

"Ever since Sho was merged with the Fire Talisman, I figured that there was a Metal Vocal Wizard with his own song," Aiba said.

Jun frowned, not sure why Aiba was bringing this up.

"But I never heard it, the Metal's UtaMahou...and it's probably best I shouldn't anyways," Aiba scratched the back of his head. "I mean, look what happened to Tokyo because of it."

"Where are you going with this?"

"...How about sing for us?" Aiba asked.

Jun's eyes widen, his mouth slightly opened.


"Sing us your UtaMahou," Aiba simply said. "Write your own UtaMahou lyrics. Because I've heard the others sing, but I wondered what would yours sound like."

Jun just shook his head and felt his face grow hot. "I can't write lyrics."

"That's no excuse," Aiba said. "Just say whatever is in your heart."

Jun sucked in his lower lip. He has been thinking about expressing his gratitude for them. There was something boiling inside him that he wanted to release. If Aiba asked him to sing, maybe that's his answer.

"You don't have to, of course," Aiba shrugged, making his way out the library. "If you're shy, that's fine. Your cracked puberty voice sounds awkward anyways."

Jun started chasing Aiba around the library, wanting to smack that pretty boy's face off. Aiba laughed and giggled like a happy monkey that even Jun couldn't help but laugh with him. Aiba is so optimistic. No matter the situation, Jun can count on Aiba to lighten the mood and bring a smile to his face.

He is a dear friend...

*           *            *

"Whatcha got there?" Nino rested his chin on Jun's shoulder. Jun quickly hid his parchment paper.

"N-nothing," Jun mumbled.

But Nino snatched the parchment from his hands before even asking. Jun waited quietly as Nino read to himself. They were packing their things for tomorrow. They've celebrated and a feast was held in the Sakurai's ballroom. The Elites were popping bottles of wine and Fire Whiskey, and Ohno wouldn't stopping singing his mesmerizing UtaMahou. It was a joyous night.

"Hmmm," Nino hummed amusingly. "You're making your own UtaMahou lyrics?"

Jun grabbed the parchment back.

"I'm...still working on it," Jun pouted, feeling embarrassed.

Nino stared at him, his eyes friendly and gentle.

"May I?" Nino offered his hand.

Jun sighed. He knew Nino was a brilliant songwriter. He handed his lyric sheet and let Nino study it for a while. He watched Nino rubbed his chin in deep thought. He pulled out a quill and quickly jot down a few lines.

"Here," Nino handed to him. "Use this as the chorus line."

Jun read the lyrics.

"Its...perfect," Jun grinned.

"You better sing it to us when we arrive at school," Nino winked. "Intoxicate me."

Nino walked across Jun's room and opened the door. He was about to leave when Jun called after him.



"There's...something I've been meaning to ask you," Jun said, being serious. Nino's face changed as well, noticing Jun's tone.

"What is it?"

"...I-it's about Mao," Jun said. "I'm pretty sure what really happened...but I just want to be sure..."

Nino didn't say anything. His unblinking eyes stared back at Jun.

"Did you had an relation with her before we went to the Angkor Wat temple?" Jun asked.

Nino relaxed his shoulders and blinked.

"I never did anything to her," Nino said straight-forward. "That day I spent majority of the time waiting outside Naruse's office for the Floo Powder. I never saw Inoue."

Jun closed his eyes with a sigh of relief.

"As I thought," Jun said. "I should have known."

"Known what?"

"At that time, I went looking for you, and then I saw you and Mao being really...close." Jun said. "Now I know it really wasn't you. The Vocal Wizards must have used UtaMahou to influence me."

Jun raised his hand to his face, ashamed at himself.

"And I was so enraged for such a silly thing," Jun mumbled. "If I had just stop and think, I would have never harmed you back then."

He lowered his hand, but his eyes were still staring listlessly on the floor.

"If only I controlled myself, none of this would have never happened," Jun said. "There are just so many things I wish I never done."

Nino walked up to Jun in a flash and kissed him on the cheek. Jun's face turned red.

"You should stop worrying already," Nino said, annoyed. "Don't make me give you a French kiss if your mind wonders off like that. Instead of seeking reassurance from me, go to Inoue. She's been waiting for you the longest. See to her when we get back to Hogwarts."

Jun was still speechless, his mouth hung open.

"...what? You want that French kiss?"

"N-no!" Jun shook his head, stepping back. "Go give it to Ohno or something."

Nino smirked, his eyebrow raised like the sly Slytherin he was. "I give him more than that."

"You didn't had to tell me..."

Nino laughed and headed the door again. His hand was still on the handle as if thinking in deep thought. He turned around one last time and smiled at Jun.

"Thank you," Nino said. "If it weren't for you, I probably would have never faced Ohno."

Jun snorted.

"Idiot. You don't need to thank me. You would've confessed to him sooner or later," Jun said. "You're not as weak as you think you are, Nino."

Jun saw Nino blushing before he walked out. Jun closed the lid of his thick trunk and looked out at the night sky. Nino was one wild brat. Jun had never met such a person, and he doesn't regret it. Sure he drives Jun crazy, but in the end it wouldn't be the same if Nino wasn't in the picture. Jun looked down at his UtaMahou he wrote.

The lyrics he wrote were his thoughts, his feelings, and his wishes. He hoped they'll like it...

*          *          *

Jun expected students would stare at him. He expected angry whispers behind their hands. And he expected a harsh year for him. Sure enough, the students spotted him walking down Platform Nine and Three Quarters. Majority of the girls glared at him with hatred and occasionally some would spit at his shoes.

"It's alright," Ohno said, behind him. "We'll get a compartment to ourselves."

Jun looked up at the great Hogwarts Express. He remembered with a heavy heart his order to take down the train. He saw the younger students gazing up at the train in fear. He didn't blame them, but it was harder not to blame himself.

He felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around.


"You guys don't mind I take him for the rest of the train ride, do you?" She asked his friends.

They exchanged glances.

"No problem," Nino answered.

Jun didn't even get to say a word before Mao took his hand and dragged him down the other direction of the platform. They aboard the train at the very last cart and took their seat at the very end compartment. They stacked their things on the shelves above, closed the door, and lowered the shades for privacy.

Jun felt his heart beat pounding. He couldn't remember the last time he was alone with Mao like this. Back when she stayed in the Sakurai Mansion, the guys were with them too. He felt at ease when they were all together. Now alone with her, he was nervous.

Jun gulped and sat down, resting his arm up. He looked up at her, not having to ask as she sat close to him with her head resting on his shoulder. He leaned his head on hers, breathing in her scent.

"Nino told me what happened," Mao spoke at last.

"Told you what?" Jun asked.

"What really happened back at the Dear Snow Dance," she said. "I thought you and Toda were..."

Jun made a small 'Oh' with his mouth. He couldn't believe how long ago that was.

"I'm sorry, Mao," he sighed, rubbing her forearm. "It wasn't what it looked like. I-"

"I know," Mao cut him off. "I was too stubborn to face you. And it was the last time I saw you."

Jun pulled her in closer. They heard a whistle and the train started to move.

"I thought I never see you again," she whispered. "I missed you."

"I'm here now," he said, his voice low and soft. "I will never leave you ever again."

She looked up at him, her eyes shining bright as well as her smile. He rested his forehead against hers, looking down at her lips. They felt so warm cuddling next to each other. He rubbed his thumb across her cheek and hugged her close to his chest. He never felt so complete. He didn't care if the other students hated him. He has his friends back and her as well. If he's with her, he'll be alright.

He tucked a lock of her long hair behind her ear and took a good look at her face. Such kind eyes and loving smile. He leaned in and kissed her softly, lips parting as they laid down on the seats. He gasped for breath as he looked down at her and saw her blushed cheeks. His hands slid up her waist as he started kissing along her jawline and neck. Her fingers combed through his hair.

The door opened.

"Anything off the- oh my!" The cart lady interrupted.

They quickly sat up. Jun tried fixing his hair while Mao straighten her shirt. They were both beet red. The cart lady laughed merrily.

"Do not worry, dears. You're not the first couple I've stumbled upon," she winked and closed the door.

Jun didn't realize he held his breath until the door closed. He glanced at Mao. At first, she chuckled and then they both started laughing.

"Perhaps, not here," Mao giggled. Jun pulled her close again but made no drastic moves.

"Perhaps not," he chuckled. He leaned in and whispered into her ear. "But I know a good place back at the castle."

She looked up at him.

"Ever heard of the Room of Requirements?" He asked.

*         *           *

They arrived at Hogwarts castle in no time. The castle was marvelous as it has for hundreds of years. It was as if the castle was never a fortress. The teachers lined up at the table in front of the Great Hall, and everyone took their respective seats in their House tables.

It felt so nostalgic to be back. Thousand of candles hovered over their heads and glowed magically. The enchanted ceiling showed a clear night sky outside with sparkling stars. The ghosts were back and zooming by casually. Even the talking paintings were lively to see them.

Jun felt everyone's eyes staring at them though. Curious, sympathy, suspicious, cautious, and angry eyes. Only Ohno was there to sit next to him. The first years arrived and sorted into their houses. Jun will try his utmost best to impress the first years who didn't know much of him.

Jun spotted Sho in the Ravenclaws table showing off his new scar. The girls were at awed and admired Sho's bravery. He seemed to be enjoying himself. Mao chatted with her friends as well, looking stunningly as always. Aiba sat in the Hufflepuff table, glaring at the girls surrounding Sho with jealousy. Nino laughed with his Slytherin friends Yamapi and Narimiya, totally ignoring a clingy Toda Erika.

Jun watched Yamapi whip out his wand and conjure a flying pink paper towards Horikita Maki at the Hufflepuff table. She caught the note and it changed into a glowing heart before evaporating away. She turned around and smiled at her boyfriend. Jun really hoped Yamapi will go easy on him this year. The first thing he'll do is apologize in private to every girl he laid hands on.

He turned his attention to the teacher's table and immediately spotted Naruse and Shiori sitting next to each other. They were obviously enjoying each other's company. Jun thought Naruse looked more handsome when he smiled. He still wore a black suit though.

"Nino told us you wrote a UtaMahou. Are we going to hear it tonight?" Ohno asked during dinner.

"Yeah, at the Quidditch field," Jun nodded.

"I'm really eager to hear it," Ohno said. "It's your first UtaMahou you sang alone, right?"

"Yeah. Nino helped a little with the lyrics."

"Do you want Mao to come with us?"

"No, it's alright," Jun said. "Maybe in the future I'll sing her a different song. But this is for just us guys."

"Alright," Ohno said, his mouth full with food.

That night, they waited until midnight. They creeped down their dormitory staircase and crawled out the portrait hole. It felt great being back at Hogwarts. Even though it was at night, Jun remembered the adventures they shared sneaking around the castle. The same suit of armor he hid behind from Naruse. The same set of corridors they strolled along. The same staircase they hurried down.

It felt like home.

"There they are," Ohno pointed.

They were outside and spotted three boys standing in the middle of the Quidditch field. They had their cloaks on for warmth since it was cold. Jun felt nervous again.

"We're all here," Aiba shivered.

Ohno took his place next to Nino, and the four boys bundled up to stay warm. They watched Jun, waiting for him to start. But Jun had a hard time finding his voice.

"Go ahead, Jun," Sho encouraged kindly.

"Hurry up. I'm freezing!" Nino grunted.

'What if it sucks?'

Ohno looked like he knew what Jun was thinking.

"Jun...sing from the heart," Ohno said. "With all your soul. Just let it go."

Jun stared at each and every one of his friends. These four went through so much just for him. These four boys he had known only for a few years, he has developed such a bond he never want to let go. He felt his heart soar just thinking of the memories they have together.

" me Matsujun," he grinned. They all smiled widely as well.

"Yeah, Matsujun!" Aiba cheered loudly.

Jun took a deep breath.

"Subete wa Hawaii de hajimari, A·RA·SHI A·RA·SHI for dream"
(It all started in Hawaii with Arashi Arashi for dream)

He suddenly got into the mood of his song. He always wanted to use RapMagic in a more gentle tone. He could see Sho enjoyed it. They swayed to an unheard beat feeling warm immediately. Jun knew he had them wrapped around his finger. He wrapped his arm around them as they formed a circle.

"Found a reason to be strong
You are the one
Always in my heart, my friend
Every time you call my name
I will be there
No matter how far, we are friends."

This is what's important. His friends were like his family. He would never want to part with them ever again. They belonged together, and that's what he wanted. They had their arms around each other, swaying back and forth. He closed his eyes with his hand pressed against his heart, using the last of his magic voice.

"Sono toki dare ga soba ni irudarou?
Kitto gonin de irundarou??
Mawari wo mireba ima datte
Anata ga iru minna ga iru

(That time who will be by my side?
Will it really be the five of us?
If I look around me now,
you are here, everyone is here)

Sono toki dare ga soba ni irudarou?
Kitto gonin de irundarou??
Mawari wo mireba ima datte
Sono negai omoi wo koko ni tsudzuru."

(That time who will be by my side?
Will it really be the five of us?
If I look around me you're there;
our wishes, our thoughts continue from here on.)
When he was done, Nino jumped on him and practically squeezed the breath out of him.

"That was beautiful!" Nino squealed. "Can I kiss you, Matsujun?"

"No," Jun said bluntly, trying to throw Nino off his back.

"Hey! I thought you loved me!" Ohno pouted. "Get off of Matsujun!"

"I think I'll change partners," Nino teased, giving Jun a peck on the cheek. Ohno went berserk.

"Matsujun! You can rap?!" Sho gawked, as Ohno chased after Nino.

"You were awesome, Matsujun!" Aiba cried. "I felt it! I did! Right here!"

"My new partner is SakuSho!" Nino claimed and wrapped his arms around Sho.

"W-what?!" Sho stumbled, but Nino also kissed his cheek.

"Hey! Hands off of him!" Aiba shouted.

Jun laughed as it turned into one playful rough-housing. Perhaps he should sing again. It's fun.

***Johnny's POV***

Far off in the distance, Johnny's office window was opened. He could hear laughter and a boy singing. UtaMahou without a doubt. Johnny was too far away to hear its effect, but the voice was pleasant and sincere. He looked out his window and easily spotted five shadows huddled together.

He chuckled to himself. He pulled out his famous list of names from his desk drawer. He writes down a list of boys for his new group he wants to work with. SMAP has been successful, and Tokio is in the making, but he felt these five boys have something stronger.

He picked them. Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari, and Matsumoto Jun. He started brainstorming of group names for them. He tapped his quill on the parchment, considering carefully.

"Professor," Tsukumo entered the room. "The Minister is here to see you. He says he wants to make a deal on a new agency faction. Something about changing the name of Johnny Elites to Associates."

"I'll be right down," Johnny nodded and stood up.

He left his list on his desk.




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