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Black Wolf Part 1/4

 Title: Black Wolf
By: arashiforyou
Beta By: hannah_arashi
Movie Based On: Black Swan
Rating: R for blood, language, and hallucination
Starring: Ohno Satoshi
Summary: A young and talented dancer auditioned to a popular stageplay and became the lead role. But the demanding part slowly took its toll, bringing the dancer in touch with his dark side and destroying his life.

A/N: for Freestyle forum's Movie Fic Challenge! (voting is already over, results already in, but couldn't wait for the admins to post put the reveal authors. I want to share this with you guys!!)

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Chapter 1 - Pack Leader

Ohno Satoshi, a professional dancer, was reading the post on the bulletin board from his dance company. Others peered over his shoulder to read the information. Ohno just stared at the announcement with determination written all over his face.

New Stage Play This Winter!

"Black Wolf"
Directed By: Matsumoto Jun

Auditioning Starts October 12!

Ohno looked down at the date; it was today. He has read the poster for the past two weeks. He knew the play by heart from watching videos and clips from previous performances. He's been waiting anxiously for his chance to shine and be acknowledged.

He went backstage, put on his dance shoes, and stretched in the hallway with the others.

The Black Wolf tells a story of young man who turns into a wolf, and he needs love to break the spell. However, the woman he loves falls for the wrong man, and the wolf killed himself. It's a tragic story where so many viewers demand it to be played at their theater.

And Ohno aimed for the lead role.

"I hear Matsumoto is only looking for one dancer for the main role," he heard his fellow actors gossiping.

"Only one lead?"

"The lead role has to play both the White and the Black Wolf."

"So much for the former Pack Leader. He lost his chance with this one, ne."

"Tuh! You can kiss Matsujun's feet and he'll call you 'Leader' as well."

"Kame, aren't you being too harsh on Sho?"

"You really think Sakurai Sho will be laid off?" Another whispered. "He played the Black Wolf before."

"Of course he's leaving! After so many fails last performance, it's time he high tail outta here."

"How sad," Ohno mumbled, but the guys heard him.

"What is?" One dancer frowned.

"Sho's such a beautiful dancer," Ohno commented honestly.

"So was my grandfather." someone retorted.

The others laughed, and Ohno felt awkward for saying anything. He usually kept to himself within the company, but he can't let their harsh criticism get to him; he had an important task today. Ohno needs to impress the director of this play.

"You guys, five minutes," someone informed them.

Ohno puts on his favorite loose sweater for work-out and tied his shoes properly once more. The rehearsal room was big—one of the largest dance studios in Tokyo. There were eight long ballet barres for them to balance as they waited for the director to show up. Everyone warmed up, stood on their toes, or stretched their muscles.

He was proud to be here. Hundreds would apply to be part of the dance company. It was this stage where they perform the best and prestigious plays in Japan. Actors and actresses are recognized and sometimes foreign directors want them to perform in their Broadway.

A dream come true.

Ohno was so ecstatic when he received his acceptance letter; he couldn't eat for three days until his roommate forced him too. He remembered clearly the first day he came and saw Sakurai Sho spinning constantly, elegantly, and gracefully. Ohno was so mesmerized how fast he was moving.

He wanted to be just like Sho who was now standing just a few feet away from him. He looked confident, manly, and a wise leader. In Ohno's eyes, he looked perfect.

"Hey, Ohno," he looked over his shoulder saw one of his colleagues.

Jet black hair with a pale face and black clothes, Ninomiya Kazunari.

"You might have a chance at this role."

Ohno felt his heart skip a beat. Sure it's his dream to play a lead role, and he was very serious about this. But on top of that, he barely knew Ninomiya who joined the company a few weeks ago. He doesn't know if he can trust Nino.

"How can you be so sure?" Ohno asked his voice so small and soft.

"One of two opinions, either you're a good dancer..." Then, Nino grinned wickedly, "or Jun will have the hots for you."

Ohno just faced forward.

"I'm kidding. I'm kidding," Nino teased.

"Alright, let's see some movement!" Someone yelled, clapping his hands for attention.

It was Matsumoto Jun.

Ohno gulped, feeling his heartbeat racing even faster. Jun was young, wearing stylish clothes and his hair was wavy and black. Ohno could tell this man had style and will get what he wants.

Ohno took off his sweater as many of the dancers readied themselves to show their muscles and movements better. He only had his white tank top and gray sweatpants. His hair was bleached to a lighter brown hair color than most of the dancers.

He wanted to stand out today.

Everyone started doing simple ballet movements.

"As you all know," Jun spoke as he walked around them, "the main role is a very difficult character to portray."

Ohno spotted Jun tapping a few of the dancer's shoulders. He waited for Jun to get closer.

"The company needs a fresh face this season," Jun said. "One that can embody both the White and the Black Wolf. Can one of you do that?

"The one who will play the White Wolf must be fragile and innocent." Jun tapped another shoulder. "He is shy and timid for a wolf. He does not know the cruelties of reality."

Jun was only a few dancers away from him! Ohno inhaled deeply, feeling sweat on his forehead as he tried even harder to impress.

"As for the Black Wolf," Jun continued, "the dancer must also understand to be sinister, cunning, and..." Jun stared at Ohno. "...seducing."

Ohno thought he was frozen in place. When Jun passed him, Ohno felt his heart sink.

'He didn't tap me?' Ohno thought. 'Am I not accepted?!'

Ohno felt his frown deepen in failure.

Jun clapped his hand twice, and they relaxed.

"Beautiful," Jun said. "There are real talents here. As expected of such a company. However, there are only a few that can take part in this play."

Ohno just wanted to go home. He lost hope already.

"For those whom I didn't touch...I'll see you back here to start rehearsal. I will then choose who will be my next Leader. That is all. Dismissed."

Ohno's mouth hung open with shock. He wasn't touched, which means he's accepted! He has a chance!

"Yatta! We did it!" Some dancers cheered while others looked disappointed.

One in particular, Sho.

Ohno saw Sho left the room first.

He headed back to the hallway to gather his things and change his shoes. As everyone packed their possessions away and left the theater, Ohno took one last trip to the make-up room. He thought he could use the extra wax for his shoes to reduce slipping.

As he approached the room, he noticed the door was slightly ajar. He could see the lights were still on.

A brush smashed against the mirror.

Ohno flinched and stayed outside. He heard someone yelling and screaming inside the make-up room. He knew that voice. Then, he saw a flash of Sho's anguished face. Ohno didn't know what to do until it was too late.

Sho swung the door open and stood face to face with Ohno. He was breathing heavily from the yelling and breaking things. Ohno could see traces of tears on his cheeks.

"What?" Sho glared at him. Ohno just shook his head, scared. "What are you looking at?!"

"I-I'm sorry! I promise I-I won't tell-"

But Sho roughly bumped Ohno's shoulder and left him alone. Sho's back looked hunched, and Ohno couldn't help but feel sorry. He opened the door slowly and looked around the deranged make-up room. There was no way he could clean this up by himself; maybe the janitors will do it for him.

Then, he spotted Sho's seat—or what's left of it. There were a few of his things left on the counter top: foundation, powder, cologne, a nail filer. Ohno looked at the cracked mirror.

His reflection was distorted and obscured. For a split second, he thought he saw a shadow run past the mirror.

No one was looking, and he took the cologne.

* * *

Rehearsals usually end late at night. They can last until past midnight if the director makes them stay. Ohno was used to walking down the streets alone. Where he lives, the alleyways are the fastest way to get to his apartment. Occasionally, others walk down these back alleys too.

He walked down a lonely side street. There was not a soul in sight, and the street lamps were spaced so far apart. Ohno looked up at the sky and saw the half-moon barely covered by the clouds. When he faced forward again, someone was walking towards his direction.

Ohno just kept walking, sometimes looked down at his feet, looking straight again, or off to the side. Anywhere expect looking at the other man's face.

But as they got closer, Ohno couldn't help but noticed the man had the same bag, the same jacket, same hair style...

Same face.

They passed each other.

Ohno did a double take, but the man kept walking. The stranger didn't have the same clothes or bag or hair style. It was a different person.

'But...he...!' Ohno thought. 'It can't be...'

Ohno tried to ignore what happened and hurried his way along the dark street. He climbed up the long stairway and unlocked the door to his apartment. He didn't switch the lights on until he entered the kitchen and dropped his bag on the counter top. He opened the refrigerator and closed it again when he realized he didn't felt hungry.

He turned off the lights and stopped out the doorway.

Something was bothering him.

He looked back at the dark kitchen. He couldn't see anything, so he turned the lights back on.

"You're back!"

"Wah!" Ohno jumped. "You scared me, Aiba."

"Sorry about that," Aiba grinned. "I was watching TV when I thought I heard someone come in."

Funny, Ohno didn't remember hearing the television on.

"Are you hungry? You must be exhausted," Aiba said, opening the cabinets to get the frying pans. Aiba suddenly gasped. "By the way, how did it go? The audition?"

Ohno just stood there, staring at Aiba's anxious face. Ohno just nodded his head. Aiba's face lit up.

"You did it? Alright, Ohno!" Aiba smiled, hugging his roommate. "But that's just the first audition right? You still haven't gotten your roles yet."

"Yeah," Ohno mumbled, sitting down. "Second audition is tomorrow afternoon."

"I'll be sure to wake you up," Aiba nodded, already cooking dinner. "I'll wake you up extra early so you can practice a little."


"Why don't you change and take a shower or something. I'll finish this soon," Aiba said, focusing on his cooking.

Ohno nodded and took his bag. Before he left, he looked back at Aiba.

He only met Aiba a few months ago—around the time he joined the dance company. Ohno was truly grateful to have such a caring roommate. He wouldn't know what to do without him.

He finished taking a shower and pulled on his favorite white pajamas pants. The bathroom mirror was foggy from the shower steam, and he wiped it with a spare towel. He turned around to hang the towel and saw something red on his shoulder blade.

Puzzled, he tried to turn as best as he could to get a better look.

It looked like a long old gash—like a scratch mark.

Ohno touched the red surface and felt his skin bumpy and hot.

"What is that?" Ohno mumbled, scratching a little. "Tss! Ahh...”

Then, Aiba knocked on the door.

"Is everything okay?" Aiba said.

"I'm fine," Ohno called back. He quickly pulled on his shirt and opened the door. Aiba was practically waiting for him, his eyes big and round with worry. Ohno tried to reassure him with a crooked smile.

"I'm fine."

"Hmm," Aiba mumbled. Then, as if changing personalities, he smiled again. "Dinner's ready!"

Ohno ate his dinner slowly and quietly, sometimes looking up at Aiba who was fixing Ohno's shoes for him. Ohno watched him work diligently like an expert.

"You're not hungry?" Ohno asked, breaking the silence.

"I already ate," Aiba said. "Finished. I soften your new shoes for you."

"...thanks," Ohno nodded. "You were once a dancer, weren't you?"

"A long time ago," Aiba waved his hand. "But that's in the past."

"You never really talked about your past," Ohno commented.

"Well, if you're so curious, I was a dancer until I had an accident and I couldn't dance anymore," Aiba explained. "I've been looking for a job since and a place to stay, and that's how I met you."

"Hmm, now that you mentioned it," Ohno narrowed his eyes, "there's something familiar about you. I think I might have seen you at a performance somewhere, but I can't remember."

"Ah, it was a long time ago," Aiba said, looking embarrassed. "My time as a dancer is over now. But you have a chance to shine. And I'll support you all the way."

Ohno smiled wholeheartedly.

"Thank you, Aiba."

* * *

"Elegant, like a sweet young pup," Jun said, as Ohno began his second audition for the White Wolf.

Ohno raised his arms, feeling elegant himself.

"The White Wolf yearns for affection, love and attention," Jun continued to comment. "Beautiful! Marvelous!"

'Yes!' Ohno grinned, landing gracefully.

"That was perfect! The best I've seen so far. But..."

"But?" Ohno frowned.

"I don't think I see potential as the Black Wolf," Jun sighed. "Unless you can show me-"

"I can!" Ohno said, determined. "Please...let me dance the Black Wolf."

The other dancers waiting on the side line whispered. Jun pouted and nodded at the pianist.

"Begin," Jun ordered, rubbing his chin.

Ohno took a deep breath and started to dance. He practiced so much for the past week as well as this morning. Aiba helped him watch out for key points with his foot work.

"Don't take too long on one spot!" Jun started shouting. "Don't be so controlled!"

Ohno tensed but continued dancing.

"Be vigorous!" Jun yelled, as Ohno leaped across the dance room. He was breathing hard, feeling anxious and unsure what Jun wanted.

'A little more,' Ohno thought, spinning as fast as he can.

"Seduce us!" Jun shouted over the music. "Not just the princess but the audience! The entire world!"

Ohno was spinning as fast as he could! Everything was a blur! But why couldn't he please the director?

"Attack it! Attack it! Come on!"

The door opened, and the noise distracted Ohno's spinning and he fell down. Jun sighed with frustration at Ohno, and then stared at the intruder.

"You're late," Jun grunted.

Nino, who just arrived, smirked like it was nothing. Ohno felt so frustrated and upset. This man dressed in black all the time ruined his concentration!

"Sorry," Nino shrugged, not sounding sorry at all. Jun just pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Okay, next?" Jun mumbled.

Ohno step forward. "Let me do it again!"

"No, I don't have time-"

"Please! Just where I stopped." He insisted.

"No!" Jun said, sternly. "You can't play a decent Black Wolf."

"W-what?" Ohno said, quiet as a mouse.

"Kamenashi over there has a better chance at dancing the Black Wolf," Jun pointed. Kame sat up straight at the mention of his name.

Ohno frowned.

"But...I was distracted!" Ohno pleaded.

"Enough. Leave," Jun ordered.

Ohno couldn't believe it. He was humiliated in front of all the other dancers. His fists were shaking until he finally grabbed his bag from the corner. Nino stared at him, shocked.

"Was it my fault?" He asked, but Ohno ignored him and walked out of the room.

What a disaster. He was so sure he got the Black Wolf perfectly at home. What was it that Jun wanted in his dancing? Was there something about the part he didn't understand? Ohno waited until the auditions were over. He watched the other dancers gather their things where they left in the hallways.

Then, Ohno spotted Jun walking with Kame.

They were both smiling as they walked into Jun's office. Ohno felt his heart sink a little, but he couldn't give up. He had his face washed and combed his hair perfectly, and he waited outside Jun's office. He watched Kame finally leave, took a few deep breaths, and knocked on the door.

"Matsumoto?" Ohno entered.

"Hmm? Ohno, what's wrong?" Jun said, calmer than he was in the dance room.

He realized that Jun was a lot taller than him. His eyes were piercing, and his hair was messy, but it was a good messiness that showed hard work and frustration. Somehow, Ohno thought it suited him. Jun obviously was a dancer previously.

"I was just wondering...that is...I was thinking...if, uh-"

"Spit it out already. I don't have all day."

"Did...did Kame get the part?" Ohno whispered.

"And why are you here?" Jun asked, barely changing the tone of his voice. Ohno didn't know why he felt scared.

"I was just wondering-"

"No, that's not what I asked?" Jun said, slamming his papers on his desk. He stood up and towered over Ohno. "Why are you here all dressed up nicely?"

"...because..." Ohno stared up at the director, "I want to be the Black Wolf. I came for the part."

Jun's eyebrow twitched. "You don't have what it takes to be the Black Wolf. You want to know why? I'll say it again."

Ohno just gulped.

"You are too much like the White Wolf," Jun said. "You're beautiful, fragile, and fearful. The ideal casting for the White Wolf. But to portray the Black Wolf's dark side...."

"I can dance it," Ohno said, his voice still small.

"Is that so?" Jun walked closer. Ohno instinctively backed away. "I've seen you danced before. You're so obsessed with getting the moves perfectly, but I never see you lose yourself. Not once! I want to see that discipline come through."

Ohno mumbles were barely audible. His eyes lowered. ""


"I just want to be perfect," Ohno repeated, looking up at Jun.

"Perfection is not everything. Letting go is also a key point of dancing. The audience will see that. Surprise yourself and surprise them. Only a few dancers can."

"I can do it."

"Show me."

"I...I will be the Black Wolf!" Ohno said, louder. "I will and I-"

Suddenly, Jun stole a kiss from him. Ohno was shocked as the taller man grabbed hold of his arms as if he was a fragile woman. Jun was strong and aggressive, and he wouldn't pull away. Ohno felt like he was trapped. So he bit down on Jun's lip.

"Aahh!" Jun cried. "You bit me?!"

Ohno quickly walked out of the room, his heart pounding like crazy.

"Son of a bitch, you bit me!" Jun yelled after him.

'That's it! I'm done for!' Ohno thought, feeling his throat tightening. 'I'll be kicked out of the company. My chance is ruined!'

He was walking so fast down the hallway, he didn't see who he bumped into.

"Hey! Ohno!" He heard Nino call him. He turned around. "I'm sorry about earlier, I just-"

Ohno ignored him and practically power-walked his way out. He thought he was humiliated at the dance room, but now he felt violated. He has never been kissed by a man before; it scared him beyond anything.

He now understood why Jun called Sakurai Sho his "Pack Leader" and why the other dancers loathed Sakurai.

'What does he want with me?!' Ohno panicked as he opened the door to his apartment.

"Ohno, you're back!" Aiba greeted him. "How did it go?"

Ohno just stared back at his roommate. At first, he thought he'll be alright just seeing Aiba's smile. However, Aiba was reading Ohno's face like a book, and his expression changed as well. Ohno tried holding back his tears, but he couldn't stop his lip pouting.

"Ohno," Aiba sighed. "It's okay."

Ohno ran up to his good friend and hugged him tightly—tears pouring out. Aiba held him and gently patted his head.

* * *

"Why is he staring at me?" Kame whispered.

"Maybe he likes you?"

"Shut up."

The next day, Ohno still came to the dance company and dressed for a rehearsal. Before they start, they will be given their parts. But Ohno knows now he'll not have the lead role—maybe not even a minor role. He stared at Kame for a long time, wondering how he could be both the Black and the White Wolf. Then, someone called down the hallway.

"The parts are posted!"

The dancers anxiously ran down the hall, but Ohno just took his time putting on his shoes. Finally, he stood up and saw Kame walking in his direction. He swallowed his pride and approached Kame.

"Umm," Ohno spoke.

Kame stopped and stared back. "Yeah?"

"...congratulations." Was all Ohno was able to say.

Kame smirked a little, looking at Ohno like he was crazy but knew what he meant. He hurried to see the post as well, but Ohno just stood where he was. Maybe he should just pack his things and leave. What's the point...?

"Hey!" He heard Kame again. He turned around and saw him glaring back. "Is that your way of some sick joke? Fuck you!"

Ohno was startled as Kame marched away. He stared down the hallway where everyone gathered around the bulletin board. As he got closer, the other dancers smiled at him and patted his back.

"Congratulations, Ohno!"

"You did it, Ohno-kun!"

"You deserved it!"

Ohno squeezed past them and stared at the post. He was in the stage play as the lead role—the Black Wolf/White Wolf.

"You're the new Pack Leader, Ohno!" Someone said.

"It suits you! Leader!"

"Yeah! Our new Riida!"
To Be Continued


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