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Black Wolf Part 2/4

  Title: Black Wolf
By: arashiforyou
Beta By: hannah_arashi
Movie Based On: Black Swan
Rating: R for blood, language, and hallucination
Starring: Ohno Satoshi
Summary: A young and talented dancer auditioned to a popular stageplay and became the lead role. But the demanding part slowly took its toll, bringing the dancer in touch with his dark side and destroying his life.

A/N: things get a little more intense O__O

Chapter 2 - The Seducing Wolf

Ohno threw up again.

The shock of receiving the part excited Ohno so much, his stomach was churning. When he flushed the toilet, he still felt the butterflies in his stomach. He wanted to share the great news, so he flipped open his phone.


"Ohno? What's up?"

Ohno grinned ear to ear, unable to hold back his excitement.

"I did it!" Ohno squeaked. "He picked me! I'm the new Pack Leader!"

"R-really?" He could hear Aiba smiling. "I knew you would do it! Congratulations, Ohno! I'm so happy for you!"

"Thank you, Aiba," Ohno wiped a tear of happiness. "I'm...surprised he picked me."

"Why surprised? You impressed him, didn't you?"

"I think I did," Ohno mumbled, recalling back to the time he was alone with Jun. "I wonder if he picked me because of...that..."

"Well, don't think too much about how you got it. You got it! We'll celebrate when you get back."

"Okay. Thanks again."

"Anything for you. Talk to you later!" And Aiba hung up.

Ohno sighed. Why did Jun picked him instead of Kame or any of the other dancers? They all seemed to have a better chance at playing the Black Wolf than he did. Was it because of that...kiss?

Ohno gently touched his lips, feeling his face growing hot. The memory made him feel sick again, but he managed to stomach it and walked out the cubicle.

The mirror was smeared in giant letters of red lipstick.


His heart dropped to his stomach. Goosebumps crawled up his skin.

He didn't remember hearing anyone coming in.

He quickly got some paper towels and tried to wipe away the horrible message as fast as he could. Ohno felt paranoid.

Someone hates him...

* * *

"One, two, three. One, two, three."

Ohno caught the female dancer and gracefully lifted her off the ground. She arched in the air and landed perfectly. Ohno waited on cue and danced across the rehearsal room towards his partner.

"Long for her affection! You yearn for love! Attention!" Jun demanded.

Ohno just cleared his face, wanting just for Jun to notice his hard work instead.

"Yes! Elegant! Majestic! Innocent!"

As the music reached near the final note, the two dancers basked in each other’s arms. Ohno was breathing heavily from overexerting himself as always. Jun applauded as well as a few onlookers.

"Beautiful! You make the perfect White Wolf, Ohno," Jun nodded. "I knew you would. But the real work will be with your darker sibling. I know I saw a flash of it yesterday. So I want to see that bite."

Ohno gulped.

'So it was because of that...'

"That'll be enough for today," Jun said, speaking to everyone. "We have an important fundraiser party tonight to announce the stage play. Everyone, please come."

The dancers walked off to change. Ohno felt satisfied with work today. He really does resemble a white wolf, and he felt proud of it. When he entered the hallway, he noticed almost everyone was looking at him. He tried to ignore their gazes, but he couldn't tell if they were looking at him in awe...

Or envy.

Ohno quickly grabbed his things and decided to go home early. The fundraiser party won't be for another three hours, so he has time to celebrate with Aiba—and maybe practice some more.

He arrived home, but Aiba was nowhere to be found. Ohno entered his room and waited for Aiba's return. His room was decorated with posters of stage plays he's seen or played a part. One corner was his dresser with all of his necessary dancing garments and accessories, and the other corner was his mini art studio.

Ohno likes to paint. He kept his portraits in his room most of the time, or he would hang them around the apartment. He enjoys painting faces and facial expressions. He sometimes make model clay heads, but his forte is painting.

He propped a blank canvas and started to doodle whatever came to mind. He used red, white, yellow, gold, brown, and traces of gray. Before he knew it, he painted a self-portrait of himself dancing.

He was the White Wolf.

'...Why did I use red?'

"I'm home," he heard Aiba calling. Ohno found him in the kitchen with a large cake. "Surprise!"


"I thought I’d get something for you, so..." Aiba shrugged. Ohno chuckled, looking down at the cake.

"It's a bit-"

"What?" Aiba snapped. Ohno froze.

"'s a bit too much, isn't it?" Ohno titled his head. Aiba's smile was gone. It was as if the sun had disappeared. "I mean, I can't eat that much after all."

"Well, fine," Aiba said, grabbing the cake. "Then, it's useless."

Aiba walked over toward the trash bin.

"No!" Ohno stopped him before he dumped the poor cake. "I mean..."

Aiba stared back with wide eyes.

"...I'll have a slice?" Ohno grinned nervously. Aiba slowly relaxed and walked away from the trash bin.

"I'll have one too," Aiba smiled as if nothing had happened.

As Ohno ate his cake, he occasionally looked up at Aiba. The more he thought about it, the more he realized there was so much he didn't know about Aiba.

Ohno was about to eat his final spoonful of cake when he noticed his thumbnail was swollen and bruised. He quickly hid the thumb away from Aiba before finishing his cake.

"Thanks, Aiba," he said, putting the dishes away. "Uhh, I have to get ready for the party."

"I wish I could come, but there's this drama I really want to watch," Aiba complained.

"Go ahead and watch it," Ohno grinned. "The party would be boring anyway."

As soon as Aiba was out of sight, Ohno dashed towards the bathroom and locked the door. He pressed his thumbnail and winced at the pain. Then, he noticed his other hand also had the same swollen bruised nails.

How did he get these?

He tried to ignore them as he took a shower. When he finished, he rubbed his hair with a dry towel. He felt something was wrong as he rubbed his head, and he slowly drew away the towel.

There was a lot of hair on the towel.

Ohno stared at himself in the mirror. He looked fine, but his towel showed he shed a lot—almost unnaturally. He scratched his hair thoroughly in case anymore hair fell out.

"Aaahh!" Ohno cried.

His thumbnail came off.

"Ohno!" Aiba knocked on the door. "Are you alright?"

"Damn," Ohno whispered before yelling back, "I'm fine!"

The nail laid on the tiled floor, and blood covered his thumb. He tried to wipe it away and run his wound under the faucet. He pulled his thumb away...

His thumbnail was still there.

Frantic, he looked down at the floor. There was no nail or blood.

"Ohno?" Aiba called. "Are you sure everything you're okay?"

'What the hell happened?' Ohno thought. His breathing was unsteady.

* * *

Ohno waited on the second floor of the lobby. He was with Jun who dressed himself in a black and blue tuxedo. Ohno wore his favorite white suit with a silver vest inside. Jun gave him an artificial blue rose for his front pocket. When they stood next to each other, they looked like a bride and groom.

Ohno could hear the people downstairs chatting—waiting for the new "Leader" to appear. He kept taking deep breaths to calm his pounding heart. Jun leaned in and whispered.


"A little."

"Don’t be," Jun said his voice soothing. "This is your time to shine."

Ohno closed his eyes and nodded.

Together, they walked halfway down the staircase, and Jun tapped his wine glass to grab the audience's attention. Ohno could see his colleagues from his dance company whether they're in the play or not. There were families and friends and other famous directors and actors.

All eyes were on him.

"Thank you all for coming tonight," Jun spoke in a strong voice. "Tonight, we announce our new performance coming this December. Black Wolf."

The audience applauded.

"A few years ago, I directed this play with a wonderful dance crew. For those who remember, you all had the pleasure to be dazzled, entranced, and sometimes devastated by the artists of our dance company.

"He has been an inspiration to me for many years," Jun said, his eyes staring down at Sho. "A true role model for all dancers and we deeply appreciated seeing him on stage. Ladies and gentlemen, to Sakurai Sho."

Everything clapped or raised their glasses to Sho who was half-smiling and looking modest. Ohno smiled too. He had always admired Sho's work.

"It brings me displeasure to inform you that Sakurai Sho has decided to retire from our company."

A murmur started to grow.

"Even though there were many achievements as well as...obstacles in his past," Ohno saw Sho rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. A few people watched him leave, and the murmur grew louder.

Jun continued on.

"...he will surely be missed," Jun took a deep breath and smiled away the awkwardness. "But now I present to you our new Pack Leader of the stage play."

Ohno smiled brightly.

"He is a fine dancer, and one I know will bring a spectacular performance you don't want to miss. To you, Ohno Satoshi," Jun clapped, and the audience applauded as well. "I will be featuring him more this season as well as next year. Please look forward to it."

Ohno waved his hand, his heart still pounding and his mind spinning with many thought.

'Will they like me?'

'Will they hate me?'

'What if I fail like Sho?'

'What if I'm not what they expect me to be?'

As the party went on, Ohno enjoyed talking with his fellow dancers as well as a few directors and producers from other theaters. But he was still nervous to be around with so many people. When he raised his glass for a drink, he saw the skin around the base of his middle fingernail swollen and red.

A piece of skin was curling away.

Ohno excused himself and quickly went to the men's room. No one was there as he looked down at the skin just below the nail. It looked like another loose skin peeling off.

So he gently scratched it.

He scratched and scratched, but the skin gradually peeled away up his finger towards his knuckle.

Blood dripped on his finger as he held in his hand a long strip of skin. Desperate, and his face scrunched with grimace, he ran his finger under tap water. The blood swirled around in the sink.

He stared at the blood until he realized his hair was falling out. He looked up at the mirror and saw a large bald patch just above his forehead.

Ohno panicked.

He touched his bald spot and felt only bare skin. He combed his hair with his fingers, and a chunk of hair was in his hands.

"My god!" Ohno cried. He backed away and slammed against the cubicle door.

Someone came in the restroom.

"Hey!" Nino came in, grinning. "So you're here. I was wondering where you went."

Ohno paused. He stared back at the mirror.

His hair was back. There was no blood in the sink or on his finger. The faucet was still running.

"I don't think we really introduce ourselves," Nino said. "We've been so busy the last few weeks, so..."

Ohno could only side-glance at Nino who unbuttoned his shirt and loosened his tie until his collarbone showed. Ohno watched Nino untucked his shirt and unbuckled his belt. He turned off the faucet and sat on the bathroom countertop like it was nothing.

Nino smirked. There was a little playfulness gleam in his eyes. Ohno still had his back against the cubicle.

"Sorry, it's just so stifling out there," Nino said, rubbing his hair. "I can't stand these kinds of parties. Anyways, I'm Ninomiya Kazunari. Everyone calls me Nino. Tuh! As you already know, I bet. But I came because I'm replacing Sho's place in the company. Go figure, right?"

Ohno didn't like this guy. He was too confident and almost cocky.

"So," Nino leaned forward, staring straight at Ohno, "you're the new Pack Leader, huh."

"S-so it seems," Ohno tried to crack a smile but failed.

"The stress must be killing you," Nino giggled. "I'd be freaking out. Are you?"

"Uh, a-a-ah little," Ohno stuttered. "Will you excuse me?"

"No, come on!" Nino begged. "Keep me company."

But Ohno left the bathroom. Somehow, he could feel Nino's eyes penetrating his back.

He wanted to get out of here.

He wasn't feeling well. Maybe he was stressing out a bit like Nino said. Ohno walked down the large entrance where a water fountain welcomed the guests. Someone was also standing near the fountain, holding a wine glass and looking drunk.

Sakurai Sho.

Ohno felt his heart pounding again. The last time he was alone with Sho was when Ohno saw him smashing the make-up room. Sho looked disheveled. His face looked sweaty and red, and he was glaring right back at Ohno.

"So," Sho spoke first. Ohno stopped walking and watched Sho come closer. "You're the new Leader."

Ohno frowned. Sho looked so disgraceful. To think he once admired Sho's work.

"Congratulations," Sho said, his eyebrow raised. He didn't sound like he approved at all.

Still, Ohno kept a calm facade.

"Thank you," Ohno nodded his head. "I'm sorry to hear you're leaving the company."

Sho sneered menacingly at him. His eyes narrowed with hatred, and his face was still red.

"What did you do to get this role?" Sho said his voice so low and poisonous. "Jun always said you were just a standard dancer who goes by the books. What did you do to change his mind?"

Ohno's frown deepened. Sho smirked at the sudden change of expression as he swirled his wine glass.

"Did you suck his cock?"

"...not all of us has too."

Sho's eyes widen.

"You asshole," Sho growled. "You fucking little man-whore!"

"What's going on here?" Someone yelled across the lobby. Jun came marching towards them. Sho backed away.

"You're precious Leader is waiting for you," Sho said.

"Come on, Sho. Don't be like this," Jun sighed. "You will always have a special place in the company."

"Yeah right," Sho laughed, showing his drunken side. "As soon as something doesn't go right, you'll change dancers just like that! And he won't last long!"

"Let's go," Jun whispered, and hurried Ohno away.

Ohno still looked back at Sho.

"You can't handle the role, Satoshi!" Sho shouted. "What kind of 'leader' would you be anyway!?"

Ohno felt his heart breaking into two. He didn't know why it cut him so deep to the core. It was just what Sho said sounded so true. But Jun was there next to him with a comforting hand on his back, leading them up to his office.

"I'm sorry about Sho back there," Jun said, opening his cabinet and pulling out a bottle of red wine and two cups. "He wasn't always like this. Something changed him when he became the Pack Leader. I don't know."

Ohno sat down on the long couch, looking down at his fingers. Jun handed him a glass of whiskey.

"There was a border between Sho and me," Jun sat close to him.

The closeness made Ohno feel unsettling.

"Before I knew it, he wouldn't connect with me," Jun explained. Ohno looked at him, puzzled. "I don't want any boundaries between us."

'What does he mean?' Ohno's mind was racing. 'Does he feel sorry for that kiss?'

"Neither do I," Ohno said honestly.

"So," Jun relaxed more, "do you have a girlfriend?"

"No," Ohno chuckled.

"Ever had any in the past?"

"A few...but no one serious."

"You're not a virgin, are you?"

Ohno paused.

'What does he want from me?'

"Aahh," Ohno mumbled, feeling his nervousness get to him. "No."

Jun smiled warmly.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about it."

Ohno looked back at his hands.

"Do you enjoy making love?"

"Excuse me?"

"Come on, sex! Do you enjoy it?"

Ohno tried to laugh it off, but even he could hear his nervous voice shaking.

"We need to talk about these things," Jun said.

There was a long silence that was only making Ohno feel more out of place. Why does he have to disclose such personal information to Jun? To what purpose will it do for both of them? Ohno could not even grasped an idea what Jun wants from him.

"Satoshi, I have a little homework assignment for you," Jun said, putting down his glass. "Go home...and play with yourself."

Ohno stared at Jun, shocked.

"It's natural thing to do," Jun said, as if he was a teacher. "You obviously put too much time to practicing that you don't live a little. Maybe watch something to get you motivate."

"Uh, umm okay. U,." Ohno set his glass down and stood up. "I...have to go."

And he hurried out the office.

'What does he want from me?!'

* * *

"So how was the party?" Aiba asked.

"It was great," Ohno said bluntly.

Aiba pouted. "You don't sound great."

"I am," Ohno said his voice louder than it was earlier. "Jun...promised to feature me more this season."

"Of course he will. You're the best and most dedicated dancer to the company than anyone."

"I just hope that...I'll know what he wants from me," Ohno mumbled, trying to undo his tie.

Aiba came to his help and loosened the necktie. Ohno scratched his head feeling itchy—itchier than usually.

Suddenly, Aiba grabbed Ohno's wrist firmly. He stared down at his fingernails.

"Were you scratching again?" Aiba asked, his smile gone as quickly as it came.

Aiba forced Ohno to turn around, took his jacket, and practically ripped his shirt off to reveal his bare back.

"It's just a rash!" Ohno reacted.

"A rash?!" Aiba panicked.

"It was worse a few days ago," Ohno tried to reassure him. "But it's fine now."

Aiba dragged Ohno to the bathroom.


"It's all this pressure, isn't it? I knew it would be too much. I knew it!"

"Aiba, that's enough!"

"Sit down," Aiba demanded, pushing Ohno on the toilet seat. Aiba grabbed the closest thing he laid eyes on.

Hair shears.

"This always happens," Aiba said, holding Ohno's hand tightly and cutting his nails short. "Whenever you get a role, you put your life into it so much that you scratched your back and your head until you bleed."

"Aiba, I don't- Ow!" Ohno pulled away.

"Sorry, sorry," Aiba sighed. "It's just...I knew this would happen."

"I promise, Aiba, I won't do anything dramatic. Really," Ohno said.

"Okay...I just don't want to see you fall apart..."


* * *

Ohno opened his eyes wide open the moment he felt awake. He looked around his room, and nothing was different. His paintings, his clothes. Everything was fine, so he laid back on his bed.

Still, he felt incomplete.

'Go home...and play with yourself,' Ohno remembered.

Ohno looked under the covers and stared at himself. Slowly, he reached for his bulge and gently pulled. Yes, it was normal, but Ohno figured that Jun wanted him to do more than a playful squeeze.

He closed his eyes and grasped harder. His mind started to wander—thinking of indecent images. He rolled to his side and let his hand do the magic.

He heard a growl, but he was sure it came from him.

But he heard the deep rumble again. He quickly looked over his shoulder and saw Aiba standing in the middle of his room—his eyes unreadable.

Ohno gasped and fell off the bed. When he sat up, Aiba wasn't there. Still, Ohno dashed towards the door and saw no one down the hallway. He closed the door and pressed his back against it.

'Am I seeing things?' Ohno thought, ruffling his hair with his clean hand.

Aiba couldn't be here. He leaves in the morning for work, so Ohno was alone in the apartment. Whether Aiba saw him or not, Ohno still felt the embarrassment burned inside him. The way he almost delved into his own masturbation with pleasure...

The paintings on his wall stared back at him. Maybe he only imagined seeing Aiba and it was just his artwork. After shaking off the awkward feeling, Ohno went to take a shower to wash off the muck on his soiled hand and general area.

He likes to be in a quiet atmosphere, so he didn't turn on the TV or radio like his roommate does. He got ready and put on his dance shoes. He entered the living room where a large mirror was placed for him to practice.

He started to spin.

Faster and faster.

His mind focused on his technique. It was perfect, but he pushed himself more—trying to grasp what Jun was aiming for. But all he saw was a blur as he kept spinning and spinning and spinning-

He heard a small crack and felt a pop on his ankle


He fell on the wooden floor, wincing in pain. He quickly removed his shoes and saw his ankles red and bulging. He cursed and limped his way to the kitchen for an ice patch.

He couldn't quit. Not after a sprained ankle. It was minor thing. He'll be fine.

'I must dance,' Ohno nodded.

He managed to get dressed for another day of rehearsal and did his utmost not to show pain. His ankle still hurts. Today just doesn't seem to be his day already. When he walked down the streets, the sky looked a lot darker—fitting his mood.

He walked around a corner and was surprise to see the director.

"J-Jun?" Ohno stopped in his tracks. Jun looked up at him.

"Before we head to the studio, there's something you should know," Jun said, gravely.

"What? What's wrong?" Ohno asked, panicking again.

Is Jun cutting him off?

"It's Sakurai."

"What happened?"

"He walked into the street last night and got hit by a car," Jun said, straight-forward. "But you know...I'm almost certain he did it on purpose."

"What makes you say that?" Ohno mumbled.

"It's just something Sho does that comes from within," Jun explained as they walked towards the hospital. "A dark impulse. Really, it's what makes him so thrilling to watch. It's so dangerous and yet perfect sometimes. But it ends up destroying him."

"Was it because of me that he-?"

"No!" Jun cut him off. "What happened to him as nothing to do with you. Always remember, Ohno, this is your moment. Don't let it go."

They arrived at the hospital soon afterwards. The sky still gave a gray and dark mood, and inside the building the workers were looking grim. Ohno thought he would suffocate in the despair. They found the room for Sho, and they walked in.

There were already flowers and get well cards surrounding the room. But Ohno could not take his eyes off of Sho—lying on the bed asleep or unconscious.

The only light was the small light bulb over Sho's head, giving a dark shadow over his face. The bandages wrapped around his head and jaw. His face was bruised and dark. Ohno could barely recognize him. Jun laid a bouquet next to Sho's bedside table.

A doctor came in and started talking to Jun, but Ohno wasn't paying attention. His eyes followed the bandages down Sho's shoulder and down to his hand. His legs were covered with the blanket.

Jun was busy talking with the doctor.

Ohno slowly lift the blanket.

Sho's entire leg was covered in black bruises, gashes, and torn flesh. His leg will never dance again. Ohno quickly dropped the blanket, breathing fast.

"Ohno?" Jun called. Ohno turned his head sharply. "Let's go."

* * *

Since they arrived late, the dancers already started rehearsing without supervision. It was normal for the company to practice on their own if the director shows up late. Today, the backup dancers were to rehearse on stage for the first time.

Jun and Ohno entered the theater from the top entrance from the seats. The dancers below on stage couldn't see nor hear them enter, and Jun stood there looking down at his dancers. Ohno watched too.

He spotted Ninomiya.

"Look at him," Jun pointed at the pale man in black. "Look how he moves. Imprecise but effortless. He's not faking it."

Nino smirked like a sly fox as he danced with his partner. Ohno watched, with a deep frown, as the girl giggled as if she fell under Nino's spell. He looked completely relaxed and carefree.

"If you ever feel you still can't do the Black Wolf...I can make him your alternate," Jun spoke.

"I'll be fine," Ohno quickly answered. "I can dance the Black Wolf.

Ohno got ready and stretched. The rehearsal for the Black Wolf act was taken place in one of their larger studios. A pianist and violinist were there to provide the music, and his partners were ready as well.

Jun watched them dance. Ohno did everything he was taught to do. He copied everything he saw from studying. He arched his arms and back, raised his head, and widened his stance.

"Forget about control, Ohno!" Jun shouted. "I want to see passion!"

'Not again...'

"Come on! You're stiff! Like a dead corpse. Reach!

'I am, aren't I?'

"Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Come on!"

Finally, they ended their act. The dancers waited for the director's comment. Jun sighed heavily through his nose and rubbed his face before he spoke.

"Ryoko," Jun spoke to Ohno's partner.

"Yes?" She said, looking nervous.

"Tell me honestly..." Jun said. "Would you fuck with him?"

Ohno's mouth opened slightly—appalled. He couldn't look at her out of embarrassment. She was too.


"No, right!" Jun said his voice louder and angry. "No one would! Your dancing is frigid!"

Ohno frowned again.

"Everyone leave," Jun ordered. His partners looked like they weren't so sure. "Leave!"

The girls hurried out as well as the musicians. They were alone again.

Jun walked towards Ohno and looked down at him again.

"I'll play the princess," Jun said, his voice slower and deeper.

Ohno gulped nervously.

"Now, come on. Dance with me."

Jun pretended to play the female's role as Ohno held Jun's hand. There was no music but the sound of their footsteps. Jun knew his part well, but Ohno still felt awkward.

They came together again, and the part came where Ohno was supposed to lift his partner up. But he never did it.

He felt a hand sliding up his thigh and curving around his rear.

Ohno glared up at Jun.

"Just let it go," Jun said, his eyes half opened. "Respond to my touch."

"What if someone sees us?"

"No one's here."

"But...if they see two men-"

Jun leaned in to kiss Ohno, but he pushed Jun away just in time. Jun, however, was taller than Ohno. He grabbed hold of Ohno's arm and his other hand behind Ohno's head, pulling him in to a forceful kiss.

Why? Why is this happening?

He felt dirty, soiled, tainted. But then, somewhere in the back of his mind, Ohno felt intrigued as if he was actually enjoying it. Jun's hands were running everywhere up and down his body as if he were his possession. Ohno's mind screamed at him to fight back, but his body wouldn't let him. Ohno was under controlled—almost possessed by this taller and stronger man.

Finally, Jun released him, taking a step back or two. Ohno was still shocked, feeling his mouth sore and tired.

"That was me seducing you," Jun said. "It should be the other way around."

Jun turned to leave.

"W-wait..." Ohno said, but his voice was barely audible. Jun slammed the door shut behind him.

* * *

Ohno stayed in the rehearsal room alone, trying to suppress his tears. But he couldn't stop his quiet sobbing as he continued to stretch out his dance shoes.

Somewhere behind him, he heard a noise. He turned around, but he couldn't see since the lights were dimmed down.

Ohno sniffed and rubbed his face.

"Who's there?"

As if emerging from the shadows, Ninomiya stepped into the light, already changed to his regular clothes with a cigarette in his hand.

"Ohno? Are you okay?" Nino asked, concerned. Ohno looked away.

"You're not supposed to smoke here."

"Well, I won't tell if you won't," Nino teased.

Ohno remained silent. He didn't feel like talking with this man. Someone who was almost his complete opposite in his dancing. And Jun also mentioned he might consider Nino to be Ohno's alternate in the stage play. Ohno cannot and will not let this pale and yet dark man out shine him.

Nino sat down next to him. Not close like Jun does, but comforting close.

"The big day is coming closer and closer, huh," Nino said, conversationally. "I can't wait. I bet you'll be amazing."

His voice was husky. Ohno could tell he smokes a lot, but it made him sound mischievous and sly—to the point where he can be seducing. Ohno couldn't help but feel drawn into it.

"Want one?" Nino offered his smoke pack.

"No thanks."

Ohno was still affected by Jun's touch earlier, but he didn't want to show his weakness in front of Nino. Yet, he could feel Nino's eyes staring up and down at him as if reading his soul.

Ohno couldn't take it.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Nino asked, softly. Ohno choked up again, quickly wiping a runaway tear.

"I just had a hard day," Ohno answered.

"Jun gave you a rough time again?" Nino suspected. Ohno didn't reply. "Ohno, forget about him. He's just a sadist."

"He's brilliant," Ohno mumbled, remembering the strange feelings he experienced earlier.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean he's all cuddly and lovey-dovey."

"You don't know him," Ohno said. He couldn't hide his bitterness.

Nino blinked as if offended.

"Okay! Someone's hot for teacher," Nino smirked.

Ohno stood up.

"Oh come on! It's okay! I don't blame you. Jun is pretty fine."

"I should go home," Ohno uttered, not looking back.

"Ohno, I was just teasing! Relax," Nino called after him. "Ohno?"

But Ohno opened the door and left.

He doesn't know why, but he couldn't stand Nino. There's something about him that sets Ohno on edge more than he does with Jun—more than anyone. When he's with Jun, he knows he's just being taught a lesson, someone to guide him.

But with Nino...he doesn't know.

It's as if Nino was planning something to ruin him from the inside. Ohno would constantly have to look out for himself.

He just couldn't trust anyone...

* * *

The next day, Ohno danced the Black Wolf again but this time on the stage. His fellow dancers and partner were there as well. He practiced every morning and every possible second he had available for this moment.

Jun sat in the audience with the lights turned off, so Ohno couldn't see his face.

The others watched on from the sidelines as well. Ohno tried to ignore their eyes, but he just knew he could feel Nino's gaze piercing through him.

Still, he focused on his performance.

When they finished, Ohno waited for Jun's comment.

"...again." Jun said.

Ohno frowned.

When they finished again, Jun stood up and came closer to the stage.


Ohno felt discouraged. Instead of dancing on cue, he stopped dancing and the music stopped as well.

"Is there something I'm doing wrong?" Ohno asked outward.

"...Nino told me you were crying yesterday," Jun said.

Ohno snapped his head and glared at Nino.

"And that you were upset and that I should take it easy on you," Jun continued.

"I didn't tell him that," Ohno defended himself.

"Maybe you want to take a break. A day or two?"


"A week perhaps? How about a month?" Jun stepped on the stage, looking angry again.

"He shouldn't have say anything-"

" shouldn't be whining in the first place!" Jun yelled.

Ohno went stiff. "I...I didn't!"

"You are a brilliant dancer, but you are a coward!" Jun continued to shout. Ohno had never seen him this furious. "Kobayashi here is more interesting to look at than you! It shouldn't be! You are supposed to be the focus here!"

"I'm sorry-"

"Stop it!" Jun raged. "Stop being so fucking weak! Over and over! When will it sink in?"

Ohno just stood there, alone.


When they finally finished rehearsal—and still feeling unsatisfied—Ohno went to find Nino. He was sitting out in the hallway getting ready to leave. Nino saw Ohno approaching and stood up.

Ohno felt the wrinkles on his forehead knit together.

"You told Jun about last night?" Ohno demanded.

"Well...yeah. I ran into him this morning, and he just told me you two were having some trouble."

"He talks to you?" Ohno sneered. Nino frowned.

"Well, excuse me, Leader," Nino raised his eyebrow. "I just told him that you were working really hard and that you will be great."

"You shouldn't have said anything," Ohno said, angrily.

"Oooh...kay?" Nino said, rolling his eyes.

Ohno couldn't stand him! In the end, he just walked away.

Why is it that Jun liked Nino so much? He commented about the way Nino dances, but Ohno couldn't see what's so great. Granted that Nino is a talented dancer, but Ohno see flaws and imperfection.

What is it that Jun wants from him?!

To Be Continued


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I forgot to mention!
I entered this fic in part of the FreeStyle Hollywood Remix Challenge, and got second place!

yeaaahh! thank you! ^^
there was a tie for 1st place and, like, 3-way tie for second XDD
they were ALL great stories! i enjoyed them! (tears of joy!)


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