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Black Wolf Part 3/4

  Title: Black Wolf
By: arashiforyou
Beta by: hannah_arashi
Movie Based On: Black Swan
Rating: R for blood, language, and hallucination
Starring: Ohno Satoshi
Summary: A young and talented dancer auditioned to a popular stageplay and became the lead role. But the demanding part slowly took its toll, bringing the dancer in touch with his dark side and destroying his life.

A/N: IMPORTANT!! Please Read First! for those who watched the movie, this is the chapter know what happens. BUT!! because i entered this in a fic challenge, the rules said we were not allowed to write anything in "details" so the fics can be read for a PG13/R audience and not NC17 audience (shrugs)

so, with that in mind, this chapter will still have intense moments....but not in extreme detail like a NC17. (it's only rated R for blood, language, and hallucinations)

Chapter 3 - The Hungry Wolf

Ohno has been feeling on edge lately. No matter how hard or how long he practiced, Jun always yelled at him about how he's doing it wrong. He wasn't executing the vision, the effect, the look that Jun wanted.

Ohno tried and tried but still didn't get it.

He's been scratching his head for the past few weeks, trying to figure out what he's missing. Ohno noticed his physique changed as well, but that was the least of his concerns now.

His nails became pointy and sharp. His teeth were still yellow and slightly pointy no matter how hard he brushed. His back felt sore and raw from scratching that same rash since the beginning.

There were some days where he couldn't sleep at all, and he’d find loads of hair on his pillow. But when he looked in the mirror, his hair was fine.

"Ohno...?" Aiba spoke one night.

Ohno didn't answer, solely focusing on breaking into his new dance shoes. It's the tenth shoes he bought since he started practicing for the Black Wolf.

"Ohno...has Jun tried anything on you?" Aiba asked honestly.

Ohno paused for a brief second but continued working.

"I heard he has a reputation," Aiba said. "I'm worried about you, Ohno. You've been staying late at the rehearsals, and you still practice when you come home. I hope Jun is not taking advantage over you."

"He's not," Ohno replied coldly, his eyes not looking up.

"...okay then. I just don't want you to make the same mistake I did," Aiba said, quietly.

"What mistake?" Ohno frowned, still not looking.

"I had to stop my dancing career so I could help you."

"I didn't ask for your help," Ohno snapped, glaring up.

"I am watching over you," Aiba defended himself, looking hurt. "You don't understand."

"Of course, I do," Ohno sighed. "You're just so..."



"What is it?"

"Nothing!" Ohno yelled.

Ohno didn't felt any regret after seeing the sour look on Aiba's face. There was a long awkward silence as Ohno looked back down at his shoes. Every sound was so loud to him as if something was going to break and make him panic like a scared animal.

"How's your skin?" Aiba asked shyly.

"It's fine," Ohno said calmer.

"You're not scratching, right?" Aiba asked, like a mother. "You're leaving it alone?"


"Let me see."

Ohno's hands stopped.

His eyebrows knitted together in suspicion as he looked up through his eyelashes at Aiba. Yes, he has been scratching, but he doesn't want Aiba to know since the worried roommate will go berserk. Ohno kept a steady expression and stared straight at his roommate.

"No," Ohno whispered.

Aiba put aside his magazine and sat up in his chair.

"Take off your shirt," Aiba ordered slowly as if threatening.

"No!" Ohno raised his voice again.

Aiba stood up as if he was about to attack. Ohno quickly got up on his feet as well, but then the doorbell rang. They stared at each with angry looks, but the tension washed away as Aiba left the room to answer the door.

Ohno waited in the living room, staring at the large mirrors he used for practice. He has never been so harsh on Aiba before. Why now?

Then, Aiba reappeared.

"Who was it?" Ohno asked. He didn't hear any voices.

"It was no one," Aiba mumbled.

"Did you even answer the door?"

"It's nothing!" Aiba said.

Ohno went to check for himself.

"Ohno, come back!" Aiba yelled after him.

Ohno peeked through the spy hole and saw no one. He opened the door and looked down the hall and saw someone waiting.

"Nino?" Ohno frowned, but startled nonetheless.

"Hey, I just came to apologize," Nino said. "I should have never spoken to Jun about you, like you said."

"Ohno?" He heard Aiba.

But Ohno was in no mood to talk with Aiba. He shut the door behind him and stared at Nino carefully.

"How did you know where I live?" Ohno asked.

Nino shrugged. "I have my ways."

Ohno felt more suspicious. Nino saw the look on his face and chuckled.

"Chill! I just got the information from the office. Johnny was kind enough to tell me," Nino said, matter-of-fact.

Ohno relaxed his tensed shoulders.

"Hey, I've been thinking. Since I feel pretty shitty about what I did, how about we go out for dinner?" Nino grinned.

"I don't think-"

"Okay, how about drinks?" Nino suggested.


Ohno heard Aiba calling him again.

"Hold on for a second," Ohno said, and quickly walked into his apartment.

Aiba waited for him inside.

"What are you doing?" Aiba asked, forcefully. Ohno briskly searched for a regular pair of shoes and his wallet.

"I'm going out," Ohno answered loudly.

"No!" Aiba yelled. "You have to rest!"

"You're not my mother!"

"Ohno! You're rehearsing on stage tomorrow!"

He opened the door again and slammed it as hard as he could.

"Did I hear you yelling in there?" Nino asked.

"My roommate," Ohno mumbled.

"You have a roommate?" Nino asked, curiously.

"Let's go," Ohno said, and walked down the stairs.

* * *

They headed for a night club/diner/bar. The hostess brought them to their table in the quiet part of the building. Ohno could still hear the pounding music downstairs. It was a dark restaurant, and somehow Nino fit right in.

"Jun visited Sho later today," Nino stared up the conversation. "I heard Sho woke up."

"That's great."

"The weird part was that Jun said he was going to see his little prince," Nino cocked his eyebrow.

"Sho is little prince."

"You know," Nino propped his elbows on the table, "I thought it was kind gross the way Jun called Sho."

"...I think it's just him being loyal," Ohno replied shyly.

"Little Prince?" Nino raised his eyebrow, smirking. "He could call any guy that."

"No, he only does for Sho."

"I'll bet he'll be calling you little prince too any day soon."

"I don't think so," Ohno sighed, depressingly.

"Sure he will," Nino leaned in closer. "You just gotta let him suck your dick."

Ohno frowned at him.

The waitress finally came with their food. She placed Ohno's veggie dinner for him and a large burger for Nino.

"Cheeseburger, extra bloody," she grinned.

"Oooh, nice," Nino said, his voice husky again.

"If it's not juicy enough for you let me know."

"I certainly will," Nino played along.

"You have enough cheese?" She asked kindly, simply doing her job.

"I have plenty if you want some," he stared at her, his eyes lowering.

She immediately blushed.

"Enjoy," she squeaked and bowed away.

Ohno just watched Nino eat his burger like it was no big deal. He had some nerve to harass a kind waitress like that. But Ohno distinctively remembered seeing the smile on the waitress' face. She actually enjoyed his tease.

Nino was a one hell of a player.

"How was she?" Nino asked. "Kinda packing, huh."

"Oh, I don't know," Ohno looked away, feeling embarrassed.

"Come on," Nino whined. "I'd say a cup size D. What'd you think?"

"I wouldn't know."

"Come on! I'd totally hit that."

"I don't know!" Ohno replied his voice a little louder.

"Oh, okay." Nino pouted.

They ate their dinner quietly and almost awkwardly because of the silence between them. Ohno wished he could go home. He just could not keep up with Nino and his wild behavior. It was unnatural to him.

Then, Nino reached in his pocket and pulled out a plastic bag with four white pills. He laid them on the table, offering them to Ohno.

"There's one for each of us," Nino said, "and I promise it's pure. I got it straight from the best source."

"W-what is it?"

Nino stared at him with large eyes.

"Are you kidding?" Nino smirked. "You've never rolled before?"

Ohno shook his head.

"Try it!" Nino whispered, pushing the bag closer. "It'll help you loosen up. And you can see the night sky."

"H-how long does it last?"

"A couple of hours at best," Nino shrugged, sounding like an expert.

"I don't know. We have a full rehearsal tomorrow."

"And you worked super hard for it," Nino said. "You can relax just a little, can't you?"

"No, it's okay," Ohno rejected.

Nino's eyes didn't even blink. "You really need to relax..." but Nino took the bag away.

"I...uh...I need to use the restroom," Ohno said and quickly left.

He could still feel Nino's gaze on his back again. He washed his face with the tap water and sighed heavily. He looked at his reflection—worried and scared like a lost child.

But he's a grown man. He can take care of himself.

He can be a leader too.

As Ohno left the bathroom, he spotted Nino at their table talking with two females, probably from the club downstairs. It amazed Ohno how easily Nino could attract woman without a problem.

Ohno stayed where he was and saw Nino break open the white pill and poured the powder contains into Ohno's drink.

'What is he doing?' Ohno frowned. 'He's trying to drug me?'

When the two females went to the bar area, Ohno approached Nino.

"Hey, you're back," Nino smiled. He grabbed Ohno's wrist and his drink, and he dragged him to the bar where the two ladies waited for them.

"This is Horikita, and this is Mesa," Nino introduced.

"Meisa," she corrected him.

She was really beautiful with sharp eyes and long, perfect, straight hair. Horikita was cute too with a heart-shaped face. Nino stared at her with hungry eyes.

"After this we should head down to the club," Nino offered Ohno his glass.

"I shouldn't..." Ohno fumbled his fingers. "We're rehearsing tomorrow."

"And what are you going to do?" Nino asked, sounding a little peeved. "Run home to your roommate? To your mommy roommate?"

Ohno frowned again.

"Live a little."

Live a little. Like what Jun said.

"A couple of hours?" Ohno asked.

Nino smiled. "At best!"

Ohno took the glass, sucking in his bottom lip before he drained down the entire glass.

* * *

"You haven't told me who you are?" Meisa asked Ohno.

"I'm a dancer."

"I meant your name," she smirked.

"I'm Ohno Satoshi."

"Are you two brothers?" Horikita asked.

"No," Ohno answered as Nino answered.


"We dance in the same company," Ohno corrected him.

"We're blood brothers," Nino grinned, curling Horikita's hair with his finger.

"You guys are dancers?" Horikita smiled. "That's sounds so romantic."

"Yeah, we're gay lovers," Nino spoke out loud.

"We are not," Ohno quickly replied.

"I like to amuse myself," Nino laughed. He took another sip.

"I've seen one of your performances, I think," Meisa commented.

Ohno sat up a little. "Oh really?"

"Ah, so you really are a chick," Nino teased again in the background.

"I find them kinda boring, some of them," she admitted. "Isn't it?"

"No, not at all," Ohno said proudly. "You should come sometime. I'll get tickets for you."

"Thanks," Meisa smiled, her eyes dazzling.

"Drink up, Ohno," Nino said. Ohno drank.

"So what are you working on now?" Meisa asked.

"Black Wolf," Ohno answered.

"I think I've heard of it," she nodded. "About the man who turned into a wolf and needed the princess to cure him."

"Yes," Ohno nodded, his eyes drooping and wondering over to Nino, sitting close with his new prey. "But the princess falls for the wrong one, and the wolf kills himself."

"Wow, what a happy ending," she said, sarcastically.


"It sounds like a beautiful story," she mumbled.

Everything started to get hazy and slow.

Ohno leaned in close and whispered into her ear.

"You're beautiful."

She chuckled.

Nino appeared next to him. Ohno felt so relaxed and carefree; he just laid his head on Nino's shoulder.

"Looks like someone's already rolled," Nino said, his voice low and luring.

Ohno breathed in Nino's scent: woody, citrus, almost musky smell. A girl could not resist a man's best cologne, or maybe it was Nino's natural smell. Ohno liked it too.

"It's time to dance," Nino pulled him up.

He couldn't collect his senses right. Everything around him was vague and blurred as if he spun for hours. But he wasn't getting sick. Instead, it was a good feeling.

He couldn't feel his body move as fast, but at the same time he felt people touching him. He felt a warm body close to him, arms around his neck, someone breathing on his chest.

Ohno had his eyes half closed majority of the time. The music was a loud thumbing in his eardrums. The lights were mere flashes, but they didn't make him feel dizzy, just ecstatic.

But Nino was always in his vision.

He saw Nino dancing to the beat or standing close to him. Ohno doesn't know if he's dancing with Meisa or a complete stranger. But he always saw Nino close by staring at him.

Ohno closed his eyes for a little bit and the noise dimmed down. The hot and sticky feeling at the dance floor cooled down. He only heard an echo.

Something sucking.

He felt his lips moving as well. Fingers combing through his hair.

He opened his eyes and saw Meisa, half-naked in the bathroom, making out with him.

He quickly pulled away.

"What?" She gasped, her hair messy and deranged.

He stared down at the floor and grabbed his T-shirt and pulled it on. He zipped up his pants as well.

"Where are you going?"

Ohno left her in the bathroom.

'Where's Nino? Where is he?'

Something deep inside him wasn't satisfied with just anyone. All throughout the time he was dancing, he only had his eyes on Nino who would stare back at him with small seducing eyes.

He wanted Nino.

"You're finished already?" Nino appeared behind him. "Not bad. I just did Maki-chan-"

"Let's go," Ohno said, his voice low and deep.

"What? Why?"

"To my apartment."

They walked out of the club and felt the cold night wind blowing at their faces. Ohno still felt thrilled and high. He flagged down a taxi, and they sat together in the back seat.

Ohno was in a fit of giggles.

"What a dumb bitch," Ohno slurred. "She's only a size B."

Nino didn't reply as Ohno side-glanced at Nino.

How long have they been staring at each other? How long has he been rolling? How long is Nino's length, he wondered. Ohno looked down at his pants and noticed he didn't fully zipped up.

Nino spotted this too. His hand slipped underneath Ohno's waistband and he squeezed.

Ohno closed his eyes and let the dark, mysterious man grasp him. His heartbeat pounded loudly. There was a surge of fluttering inside his stomach, and his was breathing faster.

The taxi finally pulled up to his apartment, and they climbed up the stairs.

"Where have you been?" Aiba demanded the moment Ohno stepped in.

Ohno let Nino in and closed the door—swaying on the spot.

"Do you have any idea what time it is?!"

"Eerrr...late?" Ohno giggled.

"I was worried sick about you! Where did you go?!"

"To the moon and back!" Ohno laughed.

"Have you been drinking?!" Aiba asked, furious.

"No duh, Aiba!" Ohno said, giving a stupid face.

Nino was just watching them from afar.

"What have you been doing?"

"Want to know the names?" Ohno smirked. "There was this hot chick name Meisa. Some other chick who tried to grab my junk, and this other chick who I humped her behind."


"And I fucked them all!" Ohno falsely proclaimed.

"Ohno, be quiet! The neighbors will hear you!" Aiba frowned, his eyes watery as if he was going to cry.


Ohno pushed past Aiba and grabbed Nino's wrist. They ran into his room, and Ohno locked the door. Aiba pounded on the door.

"Ohno! Please! You're not yourself! You need to sleep this off!"

"Leave me alone!"

"Satoshi! Open this door!"

"You're not my mother!" Ohno shouted. "You don't exist to me!"


Finally, Ohno turned around and stared at Nino who gazed back like a hungry dog.

Ohno took two steps, grabbed Nino's face, and pulled him in for a kiss.

So this is what it's like to taste a darker side of him. This is what it's like to feel alive. He doesn't care whether this was taboo or that others opposed these acts. He was possessed.

Possessed by this smaller, younger, paler man on top of him. They rolled, bit, clawed, pulled, sucked. They did every act he has never done before to even a woman. Sweat rolled down their faces and back. Their hot breaths and huffs engulfed their faces.

He was more dirty, more soiled, more tainted compared to when he was touched by Jun. Nino was a different level. It was exhilarating, orgasmic, and dangerous.

Nino made it so that Ohno could never satisfy his lust again. There can only be one to fill him with such pleasure, feeling, and sweet painful pressure.

Only one.

* * *

A pounding headache.

A sore back.

Stiff and rough blankets.

Ohno rolled to his side and rubbed his eyes. He could still smell sex on his fingers. It was morning, and he was naked and alone on his bed. He sat up and stared at the alarm clock.

His mind froze for a split second.


He was late.

Ohno didn't bother washing up. He pulled on his clothes as fast as he could and grabbed the necessary things. He thundered down the hall.

"Why didn't you wake me up?!" Ohno yelled, putting on his shoes.

He didn't have time to heard Aiba's response, and he ran out the door.

* * *

The performance was tomorrow, but they had time to do one last run rehearsal on stage. By the time he got there, he was extremely late, and they started without him.

The rehearsal was already in the Black Wolf act, and Nino was dancing his part.

Ohno watched in horror as Nino danced perfectly across the stage. Ohno waited on the sidelines, dressed for practice, and watched the dancers finished the act.

Nino spotted Ohno right away and jogged towards him.

"Hey, Jun just wanted someone to temporarily fill in until you came so he asked me," Nino explained quickly.

"...I overslept," Ohno mumbled, still shocked.

Nino chuckled. "At least you had a great time last night, right?"

"You put the drug in my drink last night?" Ohno wanted to confirm. Nino scratched the back of his head.

"Yeah, I did."

"And you left this morning?"


" slept over."

"No, I didn't," Nino frowned. "Unless your name is Maki-chan, then I totally banged you."

"But we..." Ohno didn't want to finish.

"We what?" Nino asked, titling his head. "What?"

Ohno felt his insides turned cold.

'He doesn't remember? Did it even happen?'

Nino slowly grew a big grin on his face.

"Did you had some wet gay dream about me last night?" Nino chuckled.

Ohno didn't reply back and looked away.

"No way! You totally did!" Nino laughed. "You fantasized about me!"

"Shut up!"

Ohno felt so ashamed for bringing it up, nor has he felt so angry at someone in his life. He quickly walked away, but Nino called after him.

"Was I good?"

How was this possible? Ohno was so sure what happened last night! He felt it, he knows that for sure! How can Nino not remember? Did he really dreamed it? But it felt so real.

What is happening to him?!

Ohno quickly changed into his White Wolf costume—make-up and all. This was their final rehearsal before the grand opening. They have to get it perfect.

They changed the settings again for the final act. Ohno felt anxious. Everyone was at their peak. Sweating, tired, and still giving their all to their dancing.

Jun yelled instructions over the loud music.

"The final act! The final dance! Come on!" Jun slapped his hands.

Ohno felt so sore.

"You're tasted love! You've seen it, only to have it taken from you!" Jun yelled at Ohno.

Somehow, Ohno remembered how humiliated he was with Nino. He could feel tears building up.

"Yes!" Jun snapped his fingers. "Yes! That's the face of lost! Your heart is bleeding! The final breath of the innocent wolf!"

Ohno swayed and gracefully danced his way to a raised platform to represent a cliff edge. The other dancers below him resemble his pack—begging him not to leave.

Ohno stood on the edge of the cliff.

"The Black Wolf stole your love! You want nothing but to end the pain!" Jun shouted. "Look at your princess! Your dark brother! The pack! And then..."

Ohno gazed at Jun.

"Yes! The audience! And then you jump!"

Ohno looked over his shoulder. A mattress waited for him to fall on. Still, Ohno stood on the edge, looking back at Jun scared.

"What are you waiting for? Jump!" Jun commanded.

'Was the White Wolf ever satisfied?' Ohno wondered

Ohno fell back and let the mattress soften his landing. He heard applause from his colleagues, and Jun came running up on stage.

"That was excellent!" Jun clapped. "We're ready! That's a wrap everyone."

Ohno breathed heavily from the excruciating dance moves and strained facial expressions. The sweat rolled down the side of his face, but thankfully his make-up was flawless.

As he got off the mattress, he noticed a small tear on the side of his costume. He'll need the costume designer to fix it for him. He washed up his face in the make-up room and changed to his regular clothes.

His colleagues patted his back, wishing him good luck for the grand opening. Others would just stare at him, but he has gotten used to their stares.

He entered the costume room and found Nino wearing his Black Wolf outfit.

"What is he doing here?" Ohno yelled to the designer. Nino stared at him with unreadable eyes.

"He made me your alternate," Nino answered as the designer fitted the costume for him. "Just in case."

'No! This can't be!'

Ohno stormed out.

He felt his heart racing with fear and anger. His blood was boiling. Ohno was terrified.

"Jun!" Ohno yelled across the hallway. Jun was chatting to the technicians. "Jun!"

"What? What is it?" Jun frowned, dismissing the workers.

"You made Nino my alternate?!" Ohno asked, panicking.

"There's always an alternate, Ohno," Jun shrugged. "In case something happens-"

"Don't! He wants my role. I can tell," Ohno stepped closer.

"Everyone dancer in the world wants your role-"

"No! This is different!" Ohno's voice cracked. "He's after me. He's trying to replace me!"

"No one is trying to replace you."

"Please believe me!" Ohno cried, grabbing Jun's jacket. "He's doing something to me that I don't know! You have to believe me!"

Jun gently pried Ohno's hands away. He stroke Ohno's hair and along his cheeks.

"It's okay," Jun whispered softy. "No one is after you. I know you're having a hard time, but just come to the performance and you'll do great. Go home and rest."

Ohno just shook his head; his tears and sweat mixed together. Jun walked away still looking back at him until he disappeared up to his office.

Is there no one he could trust?

His world is falling apart.

To Be Continued

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