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Black Wolf Part 4/4

  Title: Black Wolf
By: arashiforyou
Beta By: hannah_arashi
Movie Based On: Black Swan
Rating: R for blood, language, and hallucination
Starring: Ohno Satoshi
Summary: A young and talented dancer auditioned to a popular stageplay and became the lead role. But the demanding part slowly took its toll, bringing the dancer in touch with his dark side and destroying his life.

A/N: Tis the final chapter! O0O Just a heads up, to those who have seen the movie...i'm adding a little something that makes it different from the movie (my little edit) XDD

Chapter 4 - The Black Wolf

He couldn't stand it anymore. The world was not the place he thought he knew. Everything was different. The people on the streets taunted him with looks.

The only person who could possibly understand his position was Sakurai Sho.

Ohno went to the hospital as fast as he could. The infirmary was dark and depressing as always. As he approached Sho's room, he noticed the door was slightly open.

"Sho?" Ohno uttered as he walked in.

Sho sat on a chair—his back facing him and slouching. A small flower vase was placed on the table next to him. For a moment, Ohno thought he was dead from the way Sho's head drooped over.

Ohno stood behind Sho and reach into his bag. One by one, he placed Sho's personal things from the dance company that he took all those months ago. The nail filer, the cologne, the foundation, a comb.

Sho was alive; his head moved to see the items on the table.

"What are you doing here?" Sho grumbled. His voice was so broken and lifeless.

Ohno could feel his throat tightening again.

"I'm so sorry," Ohno whispered. "I understand what you mean. I know now what you went through. I understand everything." Ohno felt the tears wielding up again. "He's trying to replace me. He's after me."

"You stole my things?" Sho asked, picking up the pointy nail filer.

"I...I just wanted to be perfect like you," Ohno said, his voice so small.

"Perfect?" Sho repeated. "I'm not perfect. Not anymore. I'm nothing."

Sho stabbed his face with the nail filer.

"Nothing! Nothing!" He cried.


Ohno panicked. He grabbed Sho's hand and tried to stop him from stabbing. Blood dripped down Sho's face and their hands. Ohno looked up at the damaged face.

It was his own face.

"Nothing! Nothing!" Ohno saw his own face crying, blood pouring, and stabbing himself.


Ohno ran from the room, still hearing Sho's anguish cry. He bumped into nurses as he dashed out of the hospital. He could hear his heart pounding against his ears.

As he ran down the streets, he saw his hands were still flaky with dry blood. He tried to rub it off, but his hands felt so sore and swollen.

His entire hands enlarged unnaturally.

'What is happening to me?!'

Ohno ran as fast as he could back to the theater. Surely, Jun will calm him down. He could also tell Jun what happened with Sho. He needed comfort. He needed Jun.

There was no one else he could turn to. Ohno felt completely alone in the world. He couldn't trust anyone or anything as real. Jun could make it all better. He has too.

It was quiet in the theater. Everyone already went home, but hopefully Jun was still in his office. Ohno made a detour through the stage, but found the place had lights on.

Somewhere backstage.

Ohno calmed his breathing so he wouldn't make a sound. He saw a shadow behind the large curtains, and he peeked around.

He saw two men. Jun and Nino.

Nino laid comfortably on the floor with his arms behind his head while looking up at the ceiling. Jun was on his hands and knees—naked—and his head in deep between Nino's legs.

Ohno's mouth hung open, unable to move.

Nino turned his head and stared at Ohno, unfazed.

Those eyes. Those unreadable luring eyes just stared back at Ohno. Wide and bewitching.

Ohno quickly turned around and sprinted away.

'This can't be...this can't be!'

Everything he knew was lost. He was hearing things as he ran down the streets. Voices groaning and the sounds of sucking. Haunting sounds that was breaking his heart.

Ohno ran as fast as he could back home. The sky was dark and cloudy. He just might never see the sun again. He swung the apartment door open and slammed it shut behind him.

"Aiba?...Aiba!" Ohno called throughout the apartment. "Aiba! Are you home?"

No answer.

"Aiba?" Ohno walked around the living. "Aiba!!"

He ran to Aiba's room. Instead what used to be a simple bedroom, there was nothing. There was no bed, no dresser, no clothes that belong to Aiba.

Instead, it was Ohno's art studio. All of his paintings hung on the wall. The same face, the same expression. Newspaper clips dangled from the ceiling, and the curtains were drawn. There was very little light.

Ohno walked closer to read the news clippings:

      "Young dancer struck by a car."
                 "Brilliant performer dies in a hit and run accident."            
               "Fatal Accident Kills Masaki"                                  
                                "Whereabouts of the hitter unknown."
                                                                                                                 "Car Found Empty"

"Anniversary for Aiba Masaki's Death."

Ohno was shaking from head to toe.

"No...this can't be...He can't be dead..."

Ohno looked at his paintings. They were Aiba. His face, his smile, his anguish look. Ohno grabbed his hair, tears leaking out and driving him to insanity.

He started to remember.

The night he decided to sell his car, he accidentally ran over Aiba. He ran away and ditched the car. He was shaken up for nights until he lost his mind completely. Seeing things. Hearing things. Believing that Aiba was still alive and well.

And it was that one line he said to him last night. 'You don't exist to me.'

He killed Aiba. Again.

"No! No! NOOO!"

The paintings came alive. They began moaning and calling out his name. Ohno screamed, ripping down his paintings. He knocked down the buckets of paint and brushes. He tore down the news clippings, shredding them from existence.

The paintings were still moaning and crying.

"PLEASE STOP!" Ohno ran out of the room and locked himself in the bathroom.

He stared at himself in the mirror. He was a mess. Blood on his hands, paint all over his shirt and pants, his face sweaty and tear-stained.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." Ohno sobbed. "I'm sorry, Aiba. Please come back..."

* * *

Ohno was sleeping. He felt comfortable in his bed.

He frowned.

He slowly opened his eyes, and he was indeed on his bed. The blankets were tucked in and someone was stroking his hair. Ohno furiously sat up and saw Aiba smiling at him.

"It's okay," Aiba said, almost saint-like. "I'm here."

Ohno jumped off his bed and wrapped his arms around Aiba. He was alive in his apartment. Aiba knows Ohno didn't mean to hit him ages ago. That's why Aiba is here to take care of him. Right?

Ohno noticed there were socks covering his hands. Ohno pulled away.

"You were scratching yourself in the bathroom again," Aiba explained. "I had to stop you."

"Stop me...?"

Aiba nodded. "Yes, you won't be going tonight."

Ohno looked around his room. "Where's my clock? What time is it?"

"Ohno, you need to rest," Aiba said, pushing him back down on the bed. "Stay here with me."

Aiba traced his finger along Ohno's cheek. He loomed over Ohno, his eyes lowering as his hands traveled down Ohno's chest towards his pants. He reached under Ohno's trunks, pulling him hard.

'He's not here to take care of me,' Ohno's eyes widen. 'He's here to take me down as well. Just like everyone else...'

"No! My show is tonight! I have to go!"

"You are not feeling well," Aiba said calmly. "You will lie down...with me."

Ohno shoved Aiba off of him, ripping the socks off his hands, and ran for the door. But the door handle was missing. He whirled around and saw Aiba giving a mean and terrifying look.

"Let me out!" Ohno pleaded.

"You're not leaving," Aiba said. "You're not feeling well, and I will make you feel better."

Ohno looked around his room, turning over clothes, shoes, and books.

"Where is it? Where's the handle?" Ohno cried.

"Stop it, Satoshi!" Aiba sobbed. "This role is destroying you! You have to stop!"

Ohno found it hidden underneath the bed.

"No!" Aiba grabbed Ohno's wrist, but Ohno shoved Aiba off with such strength he didn't know he had. Aiba laid there sprawled on the floor. Ohno breathed heavily.

"What happened to the Ohno I used to know?" Aiba whispered, slowly fading away.

Ohno glared down at him. Why did he called Aiba back? He's dead, and he's not real. It's time to live now!

"He's gone! And so are you!" Ohno shouted, and opened the door.

* * *

Ohno made it in time. Everyone was getting ready and putting on their make-up. A few were doing last minute practices, and Ohno made his way to his personal make-up room.

Nino was there with Jun. Ohno went stiff as he saw Nino putting on the make-up for the White Wolf.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Nino asked, frowning. "Someone called you in saying you were sick."

Jun, however, sighed in relief.

"Thank goodness you're here," Jun said.

"You're supposed to be sick," Nino repeated, sounding upset.

"Nino, go change," Jun dismissed him.

Nino glared at Ohno one last time before leaving. Ohno sat down in his chair, quickly putting on the white foundation.

"Are you okay?" Jun asked.

"Yes, I'm fine," Ohno said, talking fast.


He didn't reply.

"Ohno, I want you to know...there is no one standing in your way," Jun said. "I asked Nino because I thought you couldn't make it. But now...let yourself shine."

Ohno continued putting on his make-up as Jun left. He stared at himself in the mirror. He still felt the pangs in his heart from seeing those two together. But was it even real? He thought Aiba was alive. Was there anything real he could grasp on to? Ohno couldn't tell anymore.

* * *

Ohno leaped across the stage beautiful. The spotlight was on him and his partner. The fellow dancers around him, resembling the wolf pack, danced and leaped on cue.

His partner came running towards him. He lifted her off the ground, and they came together for an embrace. Finally, they chased each other around the stage, showing the White Wolf's yearning for love.

There was a complex twist and footwork required that Ohno practiced and practiced. Suddenly, Ohno's eyes darted to the side and saw Nino staring at him from the backstage.

Suddenly, he tripped.

The audience gasped, but Ohno quickly got back up.

'No...I failed!' Ohno did his best not to cry on stage.

Finally, the scene ended the curtains fell. The backup dancers whispered behind their hands as Jun came marching towards him.

"Can you tell me what the fuck happened?!" Jun yelled.

"She's got in my way-" Ohno complained.

"Enough! Go change!" Jun shouted. "What a fucking disaster!"

Ohno bowed his head and left the stage, feeling ashamed. So many things were running through his mind. Maybe he should leave, maybe he should quit while he was ahead. Maybe he'll be fired from the company.

Ohno entered his make-up room and found Nino sitting in his chair, smirking at him.

"That was quite the embarrassing fall back there," Nino chuckled.

"Get out of my room!"

"Now look here," Nino picked up the black make-up foundation. "I'm worried about the next act. I'm not sure you're feeling up to it."

"Please...stop," Ohno glared, his nails digging into his palms.

Nino stood up. He got up close to Ohno until they were less than an inch from their noses touching.

"How about I dance..." Nino leaned in, "...the Black Wolf."

Nino aggressively grasped Ohno's bulge.

Ohno snapped.

"Leave me alone!" Ohno pushed Nino against a standing mirror. It wobbled and Ohno gripped his hands around Nino's neck. Nino grabbed his neck as well.

He felt his insides burning with rage. Ohno wanted nothing more than for Nino to yield to him. No more will he be touched with corrupt hands. No more will he let this pale man take his part.

He heard himself growl and grunt his teeth. His back arched, and he dominated Nino. His nails were sinking into Nino's neck. Blood dripping down his fingers.

Nino suddenly looked scared.

Ohno pushed Nino hard and the mirror shattered. Nino slipped and fell on the glass. Ohno picked up a broken shard and raised it over his head.

"I'm the Pack Leader! It's my turn!" Ohno shouted, and stabbed Nino in the gut. "My turn! My turn! MY TURN!"

He stabbed repeatedly, blindly, aggressively. He continued stabbing, and he slowly felt joy. He was having fun piercing through soft flesh.

Finally, Ohno stopped and saw the damage he's done. Nino laid on the ground in his own blood, shards scattered around, and dead.

Ohno was terrified.

He had to hide the body somewhere. He locked the door and dragged Nino by his feet into the bathroom. He threw Nino's legs aside and shut the door behind him.

His breathing was fast and his heartbeat pounded heavily. He looked down at his hands and saw his nails turned into claws. He stared at himself in the makeup mirror.

His eyes were amber. His hair was completely gone, but new dark fur grew along his head, neck, arms, and back. His teeth became pointed and fang-like.

Someone knocked on the door.

"Ohno! Hurry up!" Someone shouted.

'What should I do?'

* * *

The curtains were pulled up, and Ohno made his grand entrance. His dark golden eyes glared at the audience, and he saw them back away in their seats.

How delightful.

He saw his partner shying away. But he ran after her, looking up and down at her with lust. She danced away, but he danced after her.

He grabbed her and they twirled. Already he had her under his spell, his mane, his menacing eyes. Everyone was looking at him, and he was enjoying it. It's time for him to shine.

He revealed his darker side. His true side that should have surfaced in years.

He was spinning and spinning. He could feel his black mane growing. His ears moved to the top of his head. His teeth grew sharper and deadlier. He spun so fast, he was sure he saw a furry tail behind him.

And yet despite his gruesome transformation, he was beautiful. He was elegant and dark like midnight.

He was the Black Wolf

The audience stood up on their feet and applauded. They whistled and called his name. Roses were thrown at him. He bowed and sneered too. Ohno went backstage, Jun was smiling ear to ear.

"They're calling you!" Jun ordered. Ohno just stepped closer. "Get back out there! Get back-"

Ohno shut him up with a kiss. He heard the other dancers gasped, and he felt their shocked stares, but he didn't care. He was the best and the alpha. The Pack Leader. Jun was startled as well. Ohno went backstage and took more bows.

* * *

Ohno was putting on his White Wolf make-up again. Suddenly, the rush and the excitement earlier faded away as if it was a dream. He was himself again. His hair was back, his skin was normal, and his hands were fine too.

But he looked at the bathroom door and noticed blood leaking out from underneath.


Ohno looked around the room and found a thick towel. He quickly grabbed it and laid it down beside the bathroom door. Nino was still inside bleeding. How long until someone finds out?

Someone knocked on his door and almost caused Ohno a heart attack.

Ohno opened the door.

Nino stood there—smiling and alive.

"Hey! You were amazing!" Nino grinned. "I know things between us are kinda messed up but...shit! You totally blew me away back there!"

Ohno couldn't speak; his mouth was slightly open. Nino giggled.

"Uh...umm, okay. That's it," Nino shrugged. "I'll see you back on stage. Uh...knock'm dead!"

And he left.

Ohno slowly closed the door.

'How is this possible?'

Ohno ran to the bathroom and pulled the towel away. There was no blood. He opened the door. There was no dead body. He stepped back, scared and confused. Then, a sharp pain overwhelmed him in his abdomen.

He looked down and saw a small red spot on his costume. He picked away the costume until he saw his flesh and a small shard of glass lounged inside.

He didn't stabbed Nino...he stabbed himself...

* * *

Ohno went on stage anyways. The final act was on and he danced with grace. But he felt faint and fleeting. It was as if nothing else on stage mattered, and he showed that on his face.

The pain was unbearable. After all the trouble, he lost everyone. Jun, Aiba, Sho. And Nino was still alive. Ohno only harmed himself. He dared to look down and saw the blood spot growing. This was his end.

In the end, he killed himself in his own despair.

Just like the White Wolf.

The music reached the climax. He dashed up the cliff edge and faced the audience. Did they enjoyed it? Did they loved him? Was he ever loved in the first place?

Maybe it was best to let go and fall....fall...fall...

Ohno landed on the mattress, and the curtains fell. He could hear the audience screaming with joy and applauding. The dancers surrounded him and clapped as well.

Jun was looking down at him.

"You were beautiful!" Jun smiled. "The best I've seen! Can you hear them? They love you!"

"I became it," Ohno whispered, feeling a smile spread across his face.

"What?" Jun looked down and saw the massive blood building up on his costume. "Shit! Someone get help!"

"I felt it," Ohno mumbled. A tear slid down his cheek.

He finally understood the White Wolf's pain.

"Satoshi! What did you do?" Jun lifted Ohno up, but Ohno saw everything was getting dark.

"It was perfect," Ohno whispered. "I was perfect."

I was perfect...

The End

i hope you all liked it!

as you can see, the one change i did is that aiba was a hallucination the entire time. ever since ohno joined the dance company, he's lost his mind already (OMG!) ahha!
i try to add that sense of panic into ohno, so i hope i made that effect on you guys ^^

so what do you think for my first suspense/R rated/horror fic. i mean, it's not really my idea since it's based on a movie, but still! hahaha!

yeah, i don't know when i'll make another fanfic again. probably not for a long time until i think up of a good story....
Oh wait! there is one! that dream i had! ;)

see you then! (waves)

take a bow, boys!

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