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Whoa...I just had a dream of a future Ohno drama!

 i see you in my dreams, ohno...

it was only a 2 hour nap and it was the strangest and most...almost real like dream i had in a long time!

In it, Ohno was the lead role, and it was a drama about him adopting a child because he's lonely or something. 
So he filled out some kind of form to adopt a child in America for some reason. But he made a mistake in the forms and said he'll adopt a teenager and not a child, so instead, he adopts an Asian American teen.

and the drama, in my dream, was called "My American Daughter."

It's so weird!

It was like i was watching all the episodes non-stop! but now i can't remember it all, but I only recall a few minor moments.
There was this one part when they first met, she gets off the airport and totally ignores Ohno and yaps on her phone speaking, i don't know, American slang.
the girl who played the daughter was japanese, but her face didn't look like any of the female celebrites i've seen. so she looked like a regular girl.
anyways, there was this other part, where the girl was being bullied and and she tries to fight back, but gets beat up. She comes home and Ohno, playing the role of the father, tries to lecture her not to get into fights.
She tries to tell him it's the bullies' fault for making fun of her style, but he refuses to listen. At this point, the argument heats up to the point where she yells something like, "I want to go home. I hate Japan."
And then Ohno slapped her. Then, there was this part, in my dream, where his voice (monologue like) said something like, 'I've never hit someone before." Basically he was in shock.

The rest of the dream I can't remember, but it was a typically father-daughter complex and relations. The drama was about Ohno learning how to be father (kinda like My Girl) but more like, how to deal with rebellious teens. And I was enjoying it! Like it was a real drama!
I hope it becomes real! XDD
if not, this makes a great idea for a fanfic....

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