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My First FanArt!!

 So, I always wanted to share my style of drawing, but I never had a good painting program.
Then, a kind friend showed me SAI Paint tool.

I'm still learning, and this is what I made.
It's from HnA 93 where arashi dress as princes. and i liked this one!!

i feel like my rough sketch looked better -__-

i put blues eyes to represent ohno's color ^^

I don't know if i did something wrong. i know it looks kinda blurry/messy, and there are a lot of things that can be fixed. 
but i'm still learning! ><

if you guys know some tips on paint tool SAI, or just any painting program in general, i'll be forever grateful!
I do plan to make the other four princes ^^
but this one took me a long time because i' still trying to get use to it. plus i only have a mouse, and not tablet T__T

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