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It's Not The Same Without Him

A/N: it's been such a long time (for me at least) to get back into fanfiction writing. lately, i've been losing interest in just...fanfiction! but i really want to get back into posting again. i've been searching (maybe a small journey of finding myself ><) inspirations to type again, but no luck. they say a good way to cure writers block is just type whatever comes to mind, even if it's brief. So with that, i'm gonna give it a try with drabbles again.
I'm just gonna post this on my LJ account and not my Vox account.

Title: It's Not The Same Without Him
By: arashiforyou
Pairing: All pairings with Ohno (ArashixOhno)
Rating: PG13
Genre: Angst
Summary: The greatest dancer and singer Johnny's ever gone.
Word Count: 1559 words (give or take)

Arashi's dream has finally come true. For so long they have waited for the day when Arashi was recognized all over the world, and not just as an amazing group, but as a successful group, as famous singers in every country, as super stars.  Everyone in the agency gave their congrats and wish good luck as Arashi prepare for their first tour.

The world wouldn't stop talking about them as everyone wanted a piece of them. Interviewers, reporters, fans, crew members, friends, and even colleagues wanted to know what they're thinking, eating, seeing, and anything in between. Arashi didn't mind the publicity. With years of experiences and training, they knew the expectations of being worldwide super idols.

The tour was planned perfectly. The cities were carefully selected by popularity. The stages were checked and re-checked before each rehearsals and on concert days. They were on schedule, and the final concert was at their home country - Japan.

It should have been flawless. It should have been the best concert, the finale of their tour.

Ohno did it at every city perfectly at every concert. The tour concerts ended with Arashi performing a stunt off of tall pillars. They were wired and harnessed and they were instructed to dive down and let the wires zip them up as if they were flying over the fans, with fireworks behind them. But when the time came for Japan to see the stunt, everything was wrong.

Everyone watched Ohno standing on the tall lift, waving at the fans. His wires and harness looked secured, but when he dived, he didn't soar up. Everyone watched Ohno falling...falling...and crash on the stage in a horrifying lump.

If only a staff member re-check the straps. If only Ohno re-checked his harness. If only Arashi performed at Japan first so the crew wouldn't be so tired. If only they listened to Sho that the stunt was too dangerous from the beginning.

Everyone was thinking of excuses and 'if only' situations, as if it was to make them feel better and Ohno Satoshi would come back.

Nino was the first to see Ohno, closely followed by the other members with their harness still strapped on. The fans watched in horror as the staff carefully carried Ohno on an emergency stretcher. Sakurai Sho was the first one to speak to the fans in a steady, trained voice.

"I'm so sorry for what you saw." He said. He hid his shaking hands behind him, away from the fans. "But Ohno is ok."

The audience clapped. They watched the remaining 4 members grasp hands and bowed. The moment the lights dimmed, Arashi raced backstage to find Ohno.

They didn't bother getting their things, or changing their costumes out. They hopped inside the ambulance with Ohno and they hurried to the hospital. Ohno's condition was bad. A massive crack from his head made the blood pour continuously over his face. His arm and leg was bend in the opposite direction and he was barely responding to his band mates calls.

Sakurai, Aiba, Ninomiya, and Matsumoto watched Ohno disappear away on a stretcher through the ER doors, where they couldn't go any further. They waited for hours, still sweaty and smelly from their concert. Sakurai had his back turn so his members couldn't see his worried face. Matsumoto was sitting on a bench, staring at the floor. Ninomiya kept rubbing his eyes, and Aiba continued to walk back and forth. No one was able to say a word.

Finally, a doctor arrived in blood stained scrubs. The 4 members stared at the doctor with anxious wide eyes. However, the doctor just gave them a sorrowful frown, and dropped his gaze.

That was all it took, and the tears finally poured out.

Nino sank to his knees and buried his face in his thick hands.

Aiba looked away and cried out loud.

Matsujun walked away a few feet before he punched the wall and also sank to his knees.

Sho was frozen, staring at his feet until his vision went blurry with tears.

What's going to happen to Arashi now?! It has always been 5 members and 5 members only.
*             *               *
The news covered everything possible about Ohno Satoshi's death. Rumors spread of conspiracy of his death, and jealously of a crew member. The remaining 4 members were questioned and interviewed numerous of times, as well as what will they do next now that their leader is gone.

"We don't have an immediate answer. We are still thinking about what we will do." Sho answered again at a conference.

Sakurai Sho was the one answering the most questions concerning about Ohno. Whenever Aiba was questioned by himself, he burst into tears in front of live television. Nino was doing his best to continue filming his new drama, but his mind was never in focus. A blogger posted that she saw Matsujun in Shibuya, and when someone approached him to ask about Ohno, he yelled at her and walked away.

"You guys, we gotta think of something." Sho spoke one day at Matsujun's apartment. "We can't continue like this."

"Like what?" Nino questioned in a rude tone. Sho glared at him.

"We're falling apart here in case you didn't notice." Sho grunted back. Nino  stared hard.

"And I guess that means you'll be the one to do it, huh." Nino sneered.

"Come on you guys." Aiba said softly, feeling the tension.

"Well, I see no one else is." Sho replied, ignoring Aiba.

"Oh?! So what are you? The next leader? Cause you were always the 'second' in charge." Nino barked. Sho got up to his feet, and so did Nino in defense.

"Stop it, you guys." Matsujun trying to bring peace.

"No!" Sho yelled. "I've had it with this jerk here." He pointed at Nino.

"You calling me a jerk?!" Nino yelled back.

"I'm trying to get us back on our feet, but you are still sulking and grieving for the past 4 months!"

"At least I have a heart! You are so busy trying to be number one! You've always wanted to over-shadow Ohno, and I bet now that he's gone, you wanted to take over."

"I never said that!" Sho yelled, going red.

"Oh, but I see it." Nino nodded angrily. " ' Oh look at me! I'm Sakurai Sho, and I'm so popular and famous. I'm a news reporter. I make rap lyircs. I'm 'Men of the Year; 5 years running. I'm gonna be the next Arashi leader.' "

In a flash. Nino was down on the floor. Matsujun and Aiba struggled to get Sho off Nino, but Sho was putting a good fight and left Nino with a black eye and cut lip. Sho shoved Aiba on the table, causing plates from their dinner to smash into pieces on the floor.

"Get off me!" Sho roared at Matsujun and shoved him away. Nino was laughing, almost mocking Sho.

"It's been awhile since I've seen you angry, Sho." Nino wiped his lip. "Since junior days?"

"Shut the fuck up!"

"Sho!" Matsujun yelled.

"Why didn't you guys listen to me!?" Sho yelled back at Matsujun.

"What are you talking about?" Nino demanded.

"I knew that stunt was too dangerous!" Sho spoke. "We should have never performed such a trick."

"You were just terrified for yourself! You didn't care about the others." Nino snapped back.

"It was an accident that time. It was meant to be a fun trick." Matsujun tried to calm Sho down.

"Yeah!? If you had never said that it'll be fun, Ohno would still be alive!" Sho yelled at Jun.

"Are you blame me for his death!?" Matsujun shouted.

"You know damn well none of us were at fault!" Nino yelled at Sho. "If the crew just checked-"

"If you say that is was Shiori-san's fault, I'll give you another black eye." Matsujun threaten.

"Oh, since when you were so defensive to Shiori-san? I thought you were all cozy and snogging with Mao-chan. Oh, wait! That's right! She dumped you after your stunt at Shibuya." Nino back talked.

"SHUT UP!!" Matsujun shouted, and made his way to Nino.

"STOP IT!!" Aiba yelled over the noise.

Silence. It was a long time until their heavy breathing softened. Finally Aiba stood up from the broken plates, carefully holding his bleeding hand. Everyone could hear his shaking voice as he tried to hold back tears again.

"Look at us." Aiba whispered. "Look what's happening to us...accusing one another."

No one replied.

"We have to get back together." Aiba pleaded. "Ohno would have wanted too."

Still, no one replied back for a long time.

"I'm leaving." Sho grunted and grabbed his coat.

As he tried to leave through the messy living room, he stepped on Matsujun's remote control, and the TV turned on. It was another program honoring Ohno Satoshi's death, even after 4 months. They were playing Arashi's tenth anniversary song 5x10. With the pictures and videos of only Ohno Satoshi.

No one could move as they watched the video played until Ohno's smiling face disappeared from the screen. The last footage was of the five young boys waving and smiling on the boat when they debuted.

"I'm sorry Aiba." Sho spoke when the video was over. "It's just not the same without him."

And with that, he left the room.

The next day, Sakurai Sho made an announcement that he was going solo from Arashi.


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FIN! ah! how was it! gosh, i was such in a depressed mood when writing this. how can i be so cruel to arashi!! T_T i don't know about you guys, but i want to continue this. what do you think? should I? and make the next one a more happy ending?

tell me what ya think!!

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