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Whoa! J Soul Brothers! Meme Tagged! Harry Potter Trailer! A new Arashi Fanfic Coming!! 8DD


3 Non-Arashi related things

first. who would have thought i'm an exile fan! XDD

this is my kind of style!
i kinda wish arashi dance more like this T__T

and the second is a fun meme

Do It By 10's
Got tag by adeyakana

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with "Do it By 10's". At the end, choose 10-15 people to be tagged.

Be honest, you know your friends will comment and write something if they think you're lying.

1. Are you single – Yup!
2. Are you happy – Hell yeah!
3. Are you bored - Nah, i've got exciting news to share! 8D
4. Are you white - Nope
5. Are you Italian – No
6. Are you intelligent – I hope so! I don't my time wasted going to college! >:(
7. Are you honest – i always tell the truth...but i'm a good liar ;)
8. Are you nice – when the situation calls for it...
9. Are you Irish – No
10. Are you Asian – half!

1. Full Name – in this fandom, i go by arashiforyou
2. Nicknames - err... an ohnoaholic fan?! XD
3. Birth place – USA
4. Hair color - dark brown
5. Natural hair style – wavy
6. Currently living at – washington DC
7. Birthday – 3 months younger than sho, 6 days younger than nino, and 8 years younger than jun (have fun)^^
8. Mood – excited! :D
9. Favorite color – red
10. One Place you'd like to visit – Japan and Spain

1. Have you ever been in love - Yes
2. Do you believe in love at first sight - yeah ><
3. Do you currently have a crush? – no, but if i see the person, probably all over again for a week. haha!
4. Have you ever been hurt emotionally – yeah, but i bounce back quick
5. Have you ever broken someone's heart – i'm pretty sure i have, but at the time i probably didn't know i did
6. Have you ever had your heart broken – just a tear, but i dont get myself emotionally attached, so it's not so harsh
7. Have you ever liked someone but never told them – Yes. teehee!
8. Are you afraid of commitment - yes
9. Who was the last person you hugged – mom?
10. Who was the last person you said I love you to? – never. sad but true.

1. Love or lust – LUST! (gosh, i'm bad!) XDD
2. Hard liquor or beer – hmmm, probably liquor
3. Cats or dogs - cats! definitely!
4. A few best friends or any regular friends – best friends
5. Creamy or Crunchy - Creamy
6. Pencil or Pen - Pencil
7. Wild night out or romantic night in – Wild!
8. Money or Happiness - ....(sigh) in this cruel
9. Night or day - Day
10. IM or phone - IM

1. Been caught sneaking out – no
2. Seen a polar bear – on tv XDD
3. Done something you regret – who doesn't?!
4. Bungee jumped – hahahaha no
5. Eaten food that fell on the floor - eww, no!
6. Finished an entire jaw breaker – no way, that's impossible! i get tired
7. Been caught naked – haha! no! XD
8. Wanted an ex bf/gf back – no
9. Cried because you lost a pet - no, i knew their time has come, but that doesn't mean i miss them
10. Wanted to disappear- Sometimes

1. Smile or eye – Smile, no, eyes! argh! i don't know! ><
2. Light or dark hair - Dark hair
3. Hugs or kisses – hmmm, what kind of kisses? :3
4. Shorter or taller- Taller
5. Intelligence or attraction – err....intellitraction?! XDD
6. Hot Topic or Hollister – none. his own original style ^^
7. Funny or serious – funny, but knows when to be serious
8. Older or Younger – Older
9. Outgoing or quiet – Qutgoing, because i'm quiet. so we contrast
10. Sweet or Bad - i want a bad boy >:3

1. Ever performed in front of a large crowd - Yes, strings
2. Ever talked on the phone for longer than an hour – no, i'm actually not a phone talker
3. Ever tried walking on your hands – No
4. Ever been to a rock concert – No
5. Ever been on a cheerleading team? - No
6. Ever went skinny dipping? – No
7. Ever been on a blind date - No (gosh, i sound boring!)
8. Ever went ice skating- Yes, was wobbly at first, but got the hang of it
9. Ever owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer or Bentley? – no, but my parents have an excursion. does that count? (can't drive it tho)
10. Ever been in a circus? - No

1. Go bungy jumping or cliff diving? – cliff diving. seems fun
2. Watch a Horror Film or a Chic Flick? – i'm not good on horror, but i get bored watching chick flic ><
3. Go to Hawaii or Aspen? – hawaii
4. Play spin the bottle or truth or dare? – ....truth or dare :3
5. Cheat or be caught cheating? - ugh, i think i'd rather cheat than be caught. then i'll know what i did wrong and never do it again
6. Read or watch? - Watch
7. Text or Call? - Text
8. Sing a Rebecca Black Song or a Justin Bieber Song? - because i saw a funny arashi meme, i'll sing rebecca black friday ^^
9. Quiet and Happy or Loud but Hurting? - quiet and happy
10. Go to facebook or tumbler? I have both, but i'm still new to tumblr

The person I want to tag : arashi3723, sho4ever, stormy_rainbow, jullie1991, emodiva, ichi_toshimiya, hannah_arashi, londyna, diadjeng, yamashitarie

3rd thing!~
And i'm so psyched for the new harry potter deathly hallows part 2 movie!! yeaaaaahh! XDD

literally! i am soo exciter to see this movie!
being a big fan of harry potter and all
i made a freaking fanfiction crossover about it!!

i was like


i am so pumped right now!!~
i just wanna...

yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah!! XDD

okay, and the one thing that is arashi related to this post is..

drum roll

I've got a new fanfic to share!



and guess what...i've made a banner because i'm was in the mood to make one.

and that's all you're gonna get until i post it XD
actually, i've participated in an fic challenge, but the votes have ended
and honestly, i can't wait any longer!!
i don't care about the results if i win or not
i just want to share this with you guys :3

but dont you just love ohno's photo here?! the one in the mirror!? Kyaaa!!~~ 8D
seriously! look at the original!

soooo hot!! (from tumblr amatsukaze)
yeaaah! so hot! love the hair.
now is it just me, or does that hair look like cloud from FF7?

ne! just the back part i guess. not the bangs. and maybe if cloud was darker, or if ohno was lighter (shrugs)

wouldn't it be cool if arashi dressed like final fantasy characters?


the only real life final fantasy man is Gackt!

OKAY! that's it for my rambling hyperness!
i'll see you guys soon!! ^^

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