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It's Not The Same Without Him part 2

Title: It's Not The Same Without Him (part 2)
By: arashiforyou
Rating: PG13
Genre: Drama
Summary: The greatest dancer and singer Johnny's ever gone. After 4 months of Ohno's death, the members finally broke down and had a heated arguement, leading to Sho's withdraw from the group. Now, what will Arashi do...?
A/N: The first part was meant to be a one-shot, but this will be a 2 part story. the genre changed from angst to drama cuz the ending isn't so much angst. this story doesn't have a main pairing, but more like the bond between all of the members. ArashixArashi

Ohno's Death Fic Part 2

Nino glared at his TV watching Sho at his live press conference. It was 11am and Nino was about to leave for work when he had to check the morning news channel. He felt a surge of anger, hate, and disappointment just by looking at Sho's face on the screen.

"Why did you decide to leave Arashi?" A reporter questioned, followed by a few more flashes from the cameras.

"I will always believe that Arashi is 5 members. That can never change. I've been thinking for the past 4 months and I feel like I need to move on with my career." Sho answered with a steady voice.

"Always looking out for number one." Nino grunted, fighting back tears. He angrily turned his TV off before leaving his apartment, slamming the door.

*         *         *

"How do you feel leaving Arashi?" Another reporter asked. Matsumoto was watching with a deep frown, restlessly rubbing his hands.

"It's true that I am sad to leave, but I want to treasure Arashi as only a 5 member group." Sho replied.

"Sho, you idiot." Matsumoto moan, rubbing his tired eyes. He shed enough tears last night. Even if it was Jun's day off, he would not feel at ease today...

*         *         *

"What are your thoughts about Johnny replacing members?" Someone else asked.

"Johnny can replace whoever he likes, but as much as it disturbs me to think that someone will replace me and Ohno, I understand that Johnny would want to...just to keep Arashi afloat." Sho nodded.

Aiba felt his heart crumble inside him. How could Sho leave them? He's a fool to think he can run away from the situation after what happened that night at Matsujun's place. If anyone knew Sho better than Ohno, it'd be Aiba, and Aiba knew that Sho is tearing inside as well.

'There's gotta be someway to get everyone back together!' Aiba thought deeply.

Aiba got up from his couch and walked over to his bookshelf. He gazed at a familiar picture of all 5 of them smiling and drunk. Ohno had his eyes shut tight and a huge grin spread across his red face.

"Ohno...things are a mess without you." Aiba moaned.

*         *         *

The press started hunting for Nino, Matsujun, and Aiba for the past week after Sho's conference. However, none of them wanted to answer questions as they did their best to stay away from the paparazzi. Since they refuse to go back to their game shows and music recordings, Arashi was in completely hiatus. There was no new singles for weeks, or any latest update about them.

Nino's drama continued to be aired, but with poor ratings. Aiba would continue to appear in Shimura Zoo, but it would seem like he was a ghost. No one at work would push him though. Fans would report they saw Matsujun in night clubs, getting into unnecessary fights. And Sho continued his work at News ZERO, but he hasn't released any solo songs.

Arashi had become unpopular.

"Sho, can you go see Johnny-san?" Sho's manager asked.


"He's looking for you."

Without another word, Sho head towards the president's office. It has been a long 6 months since Ohno's death. Even though Sho announced that he's going solo from Arashi, he couldn't bring himself to sing. As if a motive inside him says that he can't sing under these difficult conditions. Wait until the clouds clear up, Sho would tell himself.

He entered the office, but only to find the room empty. He walked around the room and gazed at the numerous pictures of talented idols. From Shonentai to the now very popular NYC Boys. Finally, Sho paused at the pictures of his group: Arashi.

There were many pictures of them laughing and smiling. Many were concert photos, but Sho's eyes land on a picture of Ohno, his mouth open singing a note Sho will never hear again. Ohno was sweating, but his eyes showed a fierce passion.

Yet, Sho remembers only the kind and calm eyes of Ohno...

"You look tired" Ohno said, staring at Sho.

"I got a lot of work this past month." Sho grumbled.

" 'bout come fishing with me sometime?" Ohno smiled calmly.


"I want the pink one!" Nino complained as he and Sho fight over the box of small cakes a fan brought for them.

"But I got the pink one first." Sho stuck his tongue out, playfully.

"You know you're looking chubby, Sho." Nino said, poking Sho's cheek.

"You too!"

"Come on, you guys." Ohno raised his voice slightly. "Just cut it in half and share." He smiled.


"Ittai!" Aiba winced, sucking his thumb.

"What?" Sho asked, suddenly concerned. But Ohno was next to Aiba first.

"Just a paper cut. I have a bandage if you want." Ohno said, already searching in his bag for his first aid.


"What do you think, Sho?" Jun asked.

"I don't's against our agency rules." Sho pointed out.

"But it's Mao-chan. Surely, it's okay with the fans." Jun shrugged.

"If you love her go for it. I'm sure the fans would be happy with you two together." Ohno replied, nodding his head.


"Ohno..." Sho whispered, still gazing at his picture. "...what have I done?"

"A stupid move." A voice spoke behind him

He quickly turned around and found Ninomiya, Aiba, and Matsumoto all together. He didn't even hear them walk in the room. Sho quickly recover his surprised look and set a blank expression.

"Don't try to act cool around us." Nino glared. Sho just sighed and ignored his hostile glare.

"Look, if this is about trying to get me back to Arashi, forget it. I have-"

"We're not here for that." Aiba spoke. Sho looked up. "Johnny called us up here. To give us our new members."

Sho felt his heart skip a beat. This shouldn't bother him. He knew this was coming, and he understand that's how show business goes. So, why does his heart feel heavy?!

"Oh, so I guess I should leave then." Sho mumbled. He was about to walk out the door when Aiba called after him.

"How's your solo going?" Aiba asked. Sho stopped at the door with his hand about to touch the doorknob, yet he couldn't turn around and face his old friends.
"'s...going fairly well." Sho lied.

"I haven't heard anything from you." Nino pointed out.

"How's your singing?" Jun asked.

Sho didn't want to show his weakness in front of them, even though in the past he has done this many times. But now, he can't face them.

"I'm not doing so good..." Nino finally spoke, his voice gentle. Sho still had his back to them. "I can't play my games anymore. I can't play my guitar like I use to. I can't even sing."

"I feel like...I've lost my ability to host on variety shows." Aiba confessed. "Like my energy has drained away."

"I haven't been doing so good either." Matsujun said. "Like I can't tell from right or left."

"Sho...?" Nino said. "How's your solo?"

Finally, he turned to face his members. He was surprised at what he saw, for they weren't the members he remembered. Their faces were sad, lost, and forgotten. They had lost a sense of direction, just like how anyone would look witout a leader. Sho must realized that he must look the same way to them.

"I...can't sing." Sho said, trying his best not to let his voice choke. "I try to sing...but it sounds hollow. I can't even think straight when I stand infront of the mic."

A tear slid down Nino's blank face. His eyes grew red and puffy.

"Me too." Nino said.

Sho felt his heart throb painfully. How could he do such a stupid thing in leaving Arashi? They were like lost children without him. Sho crossed the room in two steps and hugged Nino tightly. Nino gave in and didn't bother hiding his crys, like a little boy finally reunited with his mother.

A group hug was formed, warm and together again.  Slowly their tears subsided and they managed to regain their voices.

"Let's start over." Sho said.

"You'll come back?" Jun asked, his voice a little high.

"I'm sorry I left. Will you forgive me?" Sho asked back.

"We need you, Sho." Aiba nodded.

"But...we're still one member short..." Sho moaned, gazing at Ohno's picture.

They stared at Ohno's passionate face. A picture can hold a thousand words, but it can never hold a single sound...

"Maybe...we're not a member short." Nino realized.

"What do you mean?" Sho asked.

"Ohno can live within us." Nino suggested. "We can carry a little bit of Ohno in each of us. Aiba can have Ohno's sense of humor. Matsujun can carry Ohno's image. Sho can have his leadership...I'll be his voice."

"You sure we can handle it?" Matsujun tilt his head.

"'s not the same without him," Nino gazed up at Ohno's picture, "but...we are Arashi."

"I like Nino's idea." Aiba said, pumping his fists. "Ohno's spirit will live within each of us."

"It'll seem weird to the fans seeing only four." Sho pointed out.

"For once...I don't care about what the fans see." Nino blurted out. "I need this."

A silent agreement was made. It didn't matter if the world will see them as only four. To them, they are five members even if the world doesn't think so. They will gain their status back, maybe take NYC Boys popularity, and together they will take this world by storm once again.

With Ohno by their side....

The End

yeah, that's the end. T_T
I believe that arashi is more than just 'guy on guy' action. their bond is much closer.
i got inspiration to do this second part from watching that Mago Mago Arashi special where they trained in rowing for a race. did you see it? ohno was busy with a stage play, and while he was gone, the members were crumbling (even tho i didn't know what they were saying, i could tell)
then ohno comes back, and everything is ok again! that's the power of riida!
thanks for reading!!

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