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I'm working! I'm working!! Important News for American Fans!

 my eyes are bleeding! Uggghh!

Nino: uhh. bitch, they don't care

well, i'm working hard on those answers from the polls i made a few days ago. your answers are most helpful.
there are some interesting facts i've learned by studying you! ;)

i've already finished the first two polls.

the real work is the third question. (the open answer ones)
those are taking some time, but at the pace i'm going, they'll be done ^^

i don't know if you guys here about the bill s978

Apparently, the congress are in the makings of write this bill, that "Makes unauthorized web streaming of copyrighted content a felony..."
this might not seem so much, but think about it!

If they pass this bill, we can no longer view any streaming videos of anything if we don't own copyright.
And i'm not just talking about dramacrazy or other websites to watch drama shows or anime. but LiveJournal too! No more uploading raw footage of any kind if you don't have the copyright!!

Granted, i understand the frustration of uploading music or movies or tv shows for free is harsh and should be a law, but they're making so that it's a felony for sure. 5 years in prison. no videos what so ever. so no more leaks of the next arashi songs.

How harsh is it? 
You can't even make a fanvid anymore. You can't do cover songs. You can't do a simple blog video with music playing in the background that's copyright owned.
I know!!
it's been going around especially for gamers. if you're a gamer click to this link to understand more for a gamer's prospective and about this bill >> (you don't have to watch it, just listen to what he has to say)
And this is the link to the bill if you want to read it for yourself >>
it's not passed yet. but if it does pass...i don't know.
what's your take on this?

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