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Challenge #2 for soba_pair community!

 The moment I saw soba_pair doing an AU challenge, I jumped right on it!
But then I was in a dilemma...

The idea I had...I didn't had the right pictures!

I tried to ask a few of you, my "friends", to help me get the right pictures for sho and jun. but not alot helped at all
After all, sho and jun smile too much. It was hard finding the right expressions for these images I made.

So, with that out of the way.
Here is my graphic images of one of my favorite pairings - Sakumoto in Silent Hill
sorry, no fanfics this time 

WARNING: Some creepy (not so much) coloring and creepy tone. but not as creepy as jun's face from arashicrackaday . no worries

yeaaaaaahhhh..... X3

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