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Who Are The Fans of Arashi Poll (for my statistics class) RESULTS!!!

....i've reached my limit....

uuughhh, i think i might just die T__T
And here I thought i'd only get about 60 volunteers...TUH! 

More than 900 took the survey!! 900!! (my brain explode from my flooded inbox!)

and some people can't answer all the questions, thus making some inaccurate number of participates to the questions actually answered >:(
Well, sorry for the long wait! But after hours of sorting, and mouse clicking, and graphing, and - okay, you get the point.
I've finished sorting out YOUR responses and put them in these lovely graphs!!
I'm posting before my project is due (so you guys give me a second opinion again!)
Let's get started!!
Poll 1 (969 participates)
Who Is Your Favorite Member?
Ohno and Sho were neck and neck with 24% :D
But Sho is the victor but 2 votes!
Nino is in the middle with 22.5% of votes
And poor Aiba and Jun came near the bottom with 13.6% and 15.8%
Apparaently, Aiba isn't getting the love he needs. :(
What comes to mind the most when you think Arashi?
Of course! Arashi started out as a boy band. 
Singing is their forte when they come together. It's their whole purpose.
A staggering 54.9% associate Arashi with singing.
Hosting came next with 27.3 %
Other talents can range to another of...being Arashi! XD 12.4 %
Dancing = 4.0%. Surprising, since they work so hard on their dances.
And sadly acting was the least thought of when thinking of Arashi. A measly 1.4% (tsk tsk)
What is your favorite Arashi variety show airing currently?

So close to each other! All their shows are equally good! Well done, Arashi! (claps)
The Leading Chap is VS Arashi with 39.4% votes
Second came Himitsu no Arashi at 36.3 % of votes
And third is Arashi ni Shiyagare with 24.4% of votes
Nothing wrong with third place! Considering the numbers, they're almost about equal!
What fanwork of Arashi do you enjoy the most?
This was a no brainer, especially for those overseas fans
Number 1 winner: Uploads by a towering 78.4%
Number 2: Fanfics (yeah!) 11.8%
Number3: Scans (gotta find something to look at until the next upload!) 3.7%
number 4: fanvids (woot!) 3.3%
5th: fanart at 2.7%
ouch! fanart people! you should try and step it up a notch! XDD
And now for the demographics of Arashi fans. ^^
Poll 2 (929 participates) 
How old are you?
I'm surprised that there are 41 and older fans! Good for you for representing!
Arashi is sure is lucky to have fans around their age. 51.1% are in their 20s
While 43.4% are in their teen years. Those are good target ages!
And then our middle aged group coming at 4.8%
And to that lone person who's 1-10 years of rock! :DD
Where are you from?
This question was sorted by continent. Asia includes fans from India, Russia, and Middle East. North America includes Central America, Canada, and Australia includes New Zealand as well.
As expected, majority of the fans live in Asia where they are closes too them (lucky bastards!) a total of 43.6%
There happens to be a lot of Northern American fans. 27.7%
Europe is close behind North America with 22.4%
Then South America, 3.2%
Australia with 2.8%
and Africa with 0.2%
Wow! Arashi! You have fans all over the world! Has your dream finally come true?!?! O__O
Male or Female?
.....need I say more? XDD
good job, boys! be proud of your fanboyism! :3
How long have you known Arashi?
The golden age were the fans just kept coming is between 2010-2007
Fans who have been with Arashi for more than 3 years results are 39.4%
More than 1 year = 35%
More than 5 years = 16.8%
Less than a year = 6.7%
Since they debut = 2.2% (you guys are hardcore!!)
Alas, we come to the third and final poll, the free response. This poll gave me the most trouble, but I managed to gather this data to the best of my abilities (nods)
Poll3 (695) participates
How did you find out about Arashi?
Majority of the fans converted to Arashism through their drama shows.
But there were plenty of fans finding Arashi through the media.
This generation is the age of the internet after all.
Here's a chart showing which drama show convince them to be fans. 
Hanadan wins by a land slide!
Get this! Majority are Jun's dramas. Hanadan, Gokusen, Kimi Wa Petto. Nearly 81% of fans were jun-baited, and yet he's the 4th favorite member? (jun fail!)

KEEP IN MIND! (pointed out by endah ) 81% of 342 (though drama) is about 277 votes, and 277 votes is about 39% of 695 total votes (drama plus other methods of finding arashi)
"Other Drama" were dramas that only got one vote. (not a lot of people picked Bambino, Yoiko no Mikata, or Kiazaru Cat's Eye. shrugs)
 Continues On (Post is "too large" says LJ -___-) >>

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