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Happy Birthday Sho!!

Here are a collection of drabbles in celebration to Sho's birthday

So to show my appreciation to Arashi's Mr.Fail, here's 28 sho-centric drabble collection!! ^^
Plus 4 more because I was on a roll!!

Genre: Varies
Pairing: ArashixSho
Disclaimer: THEY OWN US! XD
Rating: PG - PG-13

Copy Cat

Sho was smiling like a child, opening his bento box and giggled to see the delicious food waiting to be devoured. He snapped apart his chopsticks and rubbed them together.

"Itadakimasu," he mumbled and picked up a mini stuffed bun. "Ah, umai!~"

"Oui, stop copying me." Ohno pouted from across the table with his bento.

Not Good With Animals

"Sho, look! A stray cat." Aiba pointed down the alley. A poor kitten was pawing at garbage.

"Aww! Here, kitty, kitty!" Sho slowly approached, but the kitten claw-slapped his face. "ITTAI!~"

"Here, kitty." Aiba tried, and the kitten mewed and purred under Aiba's hand.

"Show off..." Sho mumbled, nursing red scratches.

Employed vs Umemployed

"It's gonna be tiring this month. I have to shoot for three dramas, two of them are back to back. Followed by News ZERO broadcasting. Then I have to make an appearance for the Olympics. And I've booked with 6 different interviews, followed by 12 different photoshoots." Sho stated, re-looking his jam-packed schedule.

Nino didn't looked up from his DS.

"Why does everything reminds Professor Layton of a puzzle?" Nino growled.

Little Brother

Another hot summer day in Japan, but only Sho and Jun had the day off while the other members had work. They were sitting outside on the roof of Jun's building, eating ice cream. Sho was licking his two scoop vanilla ice cream, while Jun had a single scoop because he was watching his diet.

Suddenly, Jun's entire scoop slopped over and spilled on concrete floor. Jun sighed, staring sadly at his lost ice cream.

Sho, feeling sorry, gently pushed his extra scoop on top of Jun's cone. Jun smiled back in thanks.

"No problem, lil bro."

Childhood Crushes

"When I was in 5th grade, I liked this girl name Sae-chan." Ohno smirked, as if embarrassed from remembering.

"I liked a foreigner named Gabrielle-chan from middle school." Sho said.

"Did you confessed?"

"No...did you?"

"No." Ohno replied.

The two eldest men of Arashi sighed, remembering their youthful memories.

"For Keeping Such A Messy Group Together..."

"...arigatou." Aiba cried, reading his message to Sho.

Sho was surprised. He never knew Aiba was so observate of him. Sure, Arashi gets a little cranky at times, but Sho didn't want his bandmates to fall apart. He just did what was best, and encourage his friends.

'Don't cry, don't cry!' Sho yelled in his head. But he bit his lip and lowered his head away from the camera. He secretly plan to hug Aiba later...

Secret Wink

Tension was raising to it's max as Arashi sang their final encore. Sho caught Nino staring at him and winked.

Sho supposed Nino was just signaling the concert's almost over and they can finally rest and eat ramen as promised earlier. But then, Sho caught Nino staring at him again. This time...a kiss followed by two winks?!

Leaving Sho with a confused face and a gaping mouth. What is Nino asking for?!

Who's Sexier?

"That'd be me, of course." Sho proudly said, standing up and stretching.

"Excuse me!" Jun smirked. "Don't get so cocky, Double Parka-san!"

"You getting chubby, Matsujun? Or is that just a face of jealousy?" Sho teased.

"What?! You're not so great." Jun barked back, his arms crossed in additude.

"Oh, yeah? Check out these abs!" Sho said, shoving AnAn's new magazine in Jun's face.

A long pause...

"I'm sorry," Jun said, bowing his head. "You are Arashi's new sexy man."

No One Is Looking

"Ugh, my lips are cracked again." Sho moaned in frustration. And they were about to go on set in 5 minutes.

"I have some lip balm if you want." Ohno offered.

"Really? Thank-" Sho turned around and found Ohno with his lips puckered. "Not this again!"

"No one is looking." Ohno pointed out, trying hard not to laugh.

Sho hesitated. Soon, he was standing less than inch from Ohno's lip balm lips. As if to make it even more awkward, Ohno had his eyes closed. Sho closed his eyes too...

Cooking Lessons

"What is this amazing machinary?" Sho gasped at the box with two plates and a handle.

"Are you serious, Sho-kun?" Aiba said, staring at Sho as if he was from another world.

"I see my mom use it." Sho nodded.

"How about I teach you. You're first cooking lesson. To start of...that's a waffle iron."


"How could you do this to me?!" Sho yelled.

"You were in my way I had no choice!" Nino shouted back.

"I thought we were a team. How could you just let me fall like that?!"

"Don't worry. You'll come back." Nino sighed. "See. There's your bubble."

"Oh! I'm back." Sho gasped, shaking the Wii remote up and down to release his Luigi character.

Hurt and Comfort

It was rare to Jun cry in real life. He always keep a cool and calm personality for everyone to see, and hardly show his sensitive side. Today, however, he wasn't holding back.

Sho just stumbled into the empty dressing room with Jun sobbing quietly and shoulders heaving. Sho didn't know what the situation was, but that can wait 'til later. Sho gently placed a hand on Jun's drooped shoulder.

"Everything will be fine." Sho whispered, and Jun placed his head on Sho's naturally drooped shoulder.

Who Would Win?

"Hey Ohno, I just thought of an AU situation." Sho said.

"What is it?" Ohno smiled.

"If Naruse Ryo appeared in The Quiz you think MC Kamiyama could break him first?" Sho asked, his eyebrow raisied. Ohno rubbed his chin.

"Well, if MC Kamiyama 'knows everything about him' then he should know Naruse is plotting something. But then Naruse would be plotting for Kamiyama's down fall." Ohno explained.

"But Kamiyama would know Naruse's plan." Sho replied.

"But Naruse is Maou. He can manipulate Kamiyama to his own defeat." Ohno pointed out.

The battle is on....

Movie Night

Sho and Aiba were sitting in Aiba's living room, watching Yatterman by Sho's demand. The lights were turned off and their bowls of popcorn was put aside, empty.

Aiba sat with his arms around this legs, and Sho was wrapped warmly in a blanket.

Then, the movie got awkward as the perverted robots make-out. Aiba was being self-concious and tried not to be embarrassed. Suddenly, Sho's arm lazily wrapped around Aiba, not taking his eyes off the screen.


"Sho, I need your help." Nino confessed.

It was a shock to Sho. Nino was always someone so independent and like to do things himself. Sho had the impression that Nino was strong willed and get the job done without any help.

For Nino to come and approach him out of all the other member, Sho was surprised.

"Sure, what's up?" Sho smiling, enjoying this friendship.

Being Drunk Reveals All

Jun invited Sho for a drink late at night. Sho didn't mind, but he avoided from drinking too much since he had work the next day. Jun, however, wasn't holding back and now could barely stand.

"Come on, Jun. We're almost to you're home." Sho said, half dragging, half steadying Jun to his apartment.

"Sho!" Jun breathed alcohol on Sho's face. "...Ai-aishteru!!"

Sho blushed, knowing Jun was drunk and probably won't remember this. "I'll take you to bed then."

Teach Me

"Did you catch anthing?" Sho called to Ohno on their rented boat.

"Nothing yet." He replied back. "I'm surprised you haven't caught anything yet. You always seem to pick up things quickly."

"That's not true. There's still a lot of things I can't do..." Sho mumbled near the end. "Like catching big fish, or beating Nino at Mass Effect, or doing backfilps..."

"Jaa, I can teach you." Ohno smiled. "You can depend on me."


"You want some?" Sho asked, handing Aiba a Reese candy.

"You ok with sharing?" Aiba asked, surprised Sho would give away his precious chocolate.

"Sharing is a kind gesture." Sho smiled, as Aiba took one. "Stupid...but kind."

Hold My Hand Again

Nino try not to ask Sho, 'why won't you hold my hand like before?' It would seem weird, like he wasn't satisfied with Ohno for company. Sure, he loves his Riida, but there was something about Sho's hands that's warm, big, and comforting.

He remembers the day Sho looked back at Nino and reached his hand to lead Nino to the backstage of their concert. Nino sighed with lonliness...

"Oui, Nino! Hurry up!" Sho called as he looked over his shoulder and offered his hand...

Jun Isn't Talking To Himself

"And that's all for News ZERO. Goodnight everyone." Sho nodded as the reporters smiled to the camera. Jun bowed his head.

"Thank you for your hard work." Jun said, talking to his TV again.

"Thank you, Matsujun." Sho smiled in the TV screen.



Sho did his best not to show, but he was jealous of Ohno and Matsujun's close relationship. He notices at work and on their spare time how incredibly close they've gotten.

'Why won't he look at me anymore?' Sho wondered, sadly.

He sipped his beer...


"How about next Friday?" Aiba suggested over the phone. Sho winced.

"I can't. I'm busy again...maybe next time." Sho said. He could hear Aiba's disappointed voice.

"I understand...ja." And he hang up. Sho slowly closed his cell phone feeling his heart stabbed with guilty.


Sho will never forget the day Nino punched him in the face. Over such a small thing too. Sho glanced over his newspaper and caught Nino's glare.


Sho hates to be the first one to look away at a glaring contest. The first one to look away loses. Sho easily won, because he knows damn well it wasn't his fault that he beated Nino's high score at Tetris.


Sho shouldn't have drank so much that night. He shouldn't have driven on the icy roads. He shouldn't have taken the highway. He shouldn't have taken Matsujun with him. He should have stayed the night at Aiba's house like the others did. He should be the one lying on the white bed.

"Not him...anyone but him..." Sho cried quietly.

He held Jun's hand, who was unconcious and wired to numerous machines like an alien.

You're Not Alone

"I can't do this." Sho moaned, resting his head on his hands. There was too much work...too much stress...everyone is counting on him...

Suddenly, he felt a warm hand on his back.

"It's gonna be ok." Ohno's soft voice said. Sho looked up with his face stained with dried tears, but Ohno smiled warmly. "I'll help you.

Sho sniffed, "Thank you...Leader."

Soccer vs Golf

"GOAL!!" Sho yelled in triumph. The one on one match with Aiba was an easy victory. Aiba was panting, obviously not used to so much running.

"Oh, yeah! I can beat you at golf!" Aiba smirked.

The next day, they play a 3 hole game of golf and the winner...was Sho.

"GOAL!!" Sho yelled over the quiet vast field, raising his golf club like a trophy.

"Mou!!" Aiba yelled in frustration, throwing his hat down. "Sho is unstoppable."

Borrowing Manga

"Hey, did I ever gave you your manga back?" Sho asked Nino.

"No, I don't think you did." Nino nodded. "Where is it?"

"I lost it." Sho admitted, rubbing his head. Nino's face went red.

"What?! That was a collection! I had all 30 volumes! Do you know how much money it cost to buy a manga?!" Nino yelled. "That's it! I won't lend you my mangas ever again."

Sho watched Nino stomp away, feeling crestfallen. He just broke another bond with Nino...

Romance Lessons

"After all, we were destined to be together." Domyouji whispered. Sho and Jun were watching Hanadan again. 

Sho sighed, "That's so romantic...I wish I can say it to someone."

"You can practice on me." Jun smirked, his eyes going all puppy eyed again. Sho stared into those soft brown eyes.

"After all...w-we were destined to be together." Sho finally said. There was a long pause, unable to stop staring at each other.

"This is the part you're suppose to rub my cheek and hug me." Jun instructed.

Plus 4 Extra


It was a long night, but Arashi was finally going back home to Japan after their concert in Asia. Everyone was sleeping on the private plane except Sho.

Sho was sitting next to Ohno, who was sleeping with his mouth wide open. Sho noticed that there was still gum on Ohno's tongue. Worried that Ohno might choke while sleeping, Sho tried to grab the gum with his fingers. But failed.

Only one way in...Sho leaned in sticking his tongue out...


"As expected, the cherry blossom is so pretty." Aiba commented, gazed at the pink trees in the distance. Sho was blushing.

"Oh, really?" He smiled. "Thanks."

"Oh, I didn't mean you 'Sakurai.' I meant the trees." Aiba pointed. 

"Oh." Sho said, pouting. AIba smirked, grabbed Sho's chin to face him.

"You're not pretty. Sho is sexy." 


Another concert, another day. Sho was singing, sweating, waving, smiling. When suddenly, he felt a light pinch on his butt cheek. He turned around and saw Nino walking away.

It's normal. Arashi touching each other's butt for good luck.

Ten minutes later, Arashi lined up in front of each other, and Sho felt someone...rubbing his butt?! He spun around, but Nino walked away into a V formation with the others, leaving Sho lost.

Thirty minutes later, Sho felt a wetness on his shoulder. He slowly turned and not surprised to see Nino grinning.


"Oh! This is really good!" Sho commented yet again on another variety show.

"This pasta really is good, ne?" Jun agreed.

The pasta was on one large plate, and the guest plus Arashi had there own forks to dig in. Sho and Jun took another bite, this time not wanting to bite down and slurp as much as they can. 

Suddenly, they noticed that their single noodle was connected to each other. But still not wanting to cut off, they slowly slurp the noodle. Their heads drawing closer and closer until they were only an inch away...

"Yabai! Don't show that!" Nino came and block the squealing audience's view with his cue card.


Happy Birthday Sho!!


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