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First Years at Hogwarts

Title: First Years at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Beta : yamashitarie
Genre: Fantasy/ Drama/ Friendship
Summary: Matsumoto Jun arrives at Hogwarts as a first year.
Author Note: a total AU story, and my first multi chapter story too. some of your favorite Japanese actors/actress will also be at Hogwarts. it's NOT following the harry potter series. it's their own adventure at hogwarts. so no harry in here! also, chapters are short, but that might mean sooner updates!! ^^


More Author Notes!!- i know Hogwarts is in europe while our actors/actress are in japan. so shouldn't they be going to a japanese magic school?...hogwarts is just more memorable, plus the Houses are key too. Now, enjoying the story!!

Chapter 1 - Sorting

It was so beautiful under the starry night sky. Matsumoto Jun, riding on magical moving boats, gazed up at the enormous castle of Hogwarts. He was so excited when he got his letter, and his parents supported him even though they were Muggles. Jun had always thought he was special back at home. He knew there was magic in him that was waiting to burst, and now he can learn it here at this school of magic.

He and the other first years got off the boats and walked up to the castle doors. The new students walked up the stairs and waited in front of an old woman with a strict face. If Muggles knew what a witch's face looks like, they would definitely know she was one.

"Welcome to Hogwarts!" She called over the students. "My name is Professor Domyouji Kaede. In a moment, you will pass through these doors behind me and be sorted into your houses."

A murmur of excitement whispered among the students.

"There are four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Your house will be like your family. Your triumphs will earn you points. But any rule breaking, you'll lose points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the House Cup. Now, if you'll follow me," Professor Domyouji ordered.

The doors magically opened, and they walked down the Great Hall with the older students staring at the first years. At the end of the hall, the Sorting Hat sat on the stool. Professor Domyouji rolled out a list of names to call and she picked up the hat by the tip.

"When I call your name, you'll come forth, I'll place the Sorting Hat on your head... and you will be sorted," she simply explained. She looked at the top of the name list. "Sakurai Sho!"

"Oh no..." Jun heard the boy in front of him whispering. "Ok, relax."

"You can tell he's nuts." Another boy whispered in Jun's ear, and he nodded in agreement.

Sakurai Sho nervously walked up to the stool and sat down. Professor Domyouji placed the hat on his head and everyone waited. In Sho's head, he could hear the hat talking to him.

"Hmm, such a bright mind... hmmm, very bright!" Sho bit his lip in nervousness, but then... "RAVENCLAW!!"

The Ravenclaw table cheered and clapped as Sho took the hat off and ran to his table. He smiled and nodded to his new house mates. Professor Domyouji called another name.

"Ninomiya Kazunari!"

A skinny boy with bags under his eyes walked slowly towards the hat. He looked calm as he sat down. Professor Domyouji was about to place the hat on his head, but the hat shouted before even touching him.


The far table cheered as Ninomiya proudly strode to his table with a smirk. Jun heard stories that Slytherin are very ambitious and cunning. Ninomiya sat down with his new peers and smirked, saluting to them with two fingers in a bratty way. Jun will have to watch out with this Nino guy.

"Aiba Masaki!"

A boy with well-groomed brown hair approached the stool and sat with the hat on. Aiba heard the hat whisper in his ear.

"A good heart... very caring for friendship... let's see... HUFFLEPUFF!!"

A brilliant smile spread across Aiba's face as he dashed to his table.

"Ohno Satoshi!"

The boy who whispered to Jun slipped forward and waited for the hat to sort him as well.

"Such a leader," the hat mumbled in Ohno's head. "Not so much brain, but the courage is there... GRYFFINDOR!!"

The other far table roared the loudest as the first Gryffindor joined the group.

"Inoue Mao!"

Jun watched a cute girl walk up to the hat. She sat under the hat, fidgeting her hands in nervousness. She listened to the voice of the hat.

"Clever girl... brave, but very clever... RAVENCLAW!!"

She hopped out of the stool and joined with Sakurai Sho, who smiled earnestly.

"Toda Erika!"

An even more beautiful girl walked up to the stool, and she sat coolly on the stool. Her elegant dark curls neatly laid on her shoulders.


She smirked as well as she went to join Nino.

"Yamashita Tomohisa!"


"Horikita Maki!"


"Ikuta Toma!"


"Matsumoto Jun!"

Jun jumped. He almost forgot he was a first year too. He walked up to the stool, and let Professor Domyouji place the hat on his head, covering his eyes from the crowd. He heard the hat talking to him.

"Oh, a challenge! Let's see... very courageous, not afraid to go the call of duty... very friendly and loyal too... not a bad mind either, very smart... but also an ambition to prove yourself. So where to put you?"

Jun peeked under the hat and glanced at the staring students. He saw Ninomiya staring back with an unreadable smirk on his face. Jun immediately felt uneasy.

"...not Slytherin..." Jun whispered. "...not Slytherin."

"Not Slytherin? Why so? It's a wonderful house, and Slytherin can lead you to great things, absolutely... no? Well, if you ask so... I see...... GRYFFINDOR!!"

The Gryffindors cheered as Jun smiled and walked towards Ohno. He nodded and shook hands with those nearby him. He looked up at the teachers' table and saw the Headmaster, Professor Johnny, raising his cup to Jun.

A surge of pride filled him, and he sat down with his new friends...
End of part 1!!
what do you think? i wanted to make Ohno and Sho as older students, but i'm gonna make Arashi together in the same year. you like the other actors/actress i've added? there's more to their class, but for now, i'll just name those you've just read just to show. i promise more will appear either older or in the same year.

i don't know how many parts will take to finish this story, but i can promise you it's a lot. so enjoy a long multi-chapter story! ^^
also, it may seem like a Juntoshi pairing, but the others will come together...or will they? haha! (saying too much)

tell me what ya think!!
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