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My American Daughter

Title My American Daughter

By: arashiforyou
Rating: PG
Characters: Ohno Satoshi and Kawashima Umika
Genre: Family/ Drama
Summary: Ohno decides to adopt a child as a promise for his deceased wife. He filled out the forms to adopt a Japanese child from America, only to realize he adopted a 17 year old and not a 7 year old!

a/n: i'm surprise quite a few readers have accepted the story so far. now that we've established some characters, later on in the story, we'll switch different prespectives. (just like a drama show!) therefore, this chapter will focus a bit more on umika's POV. well, onwards to the drama :DD

Chapter 2 - Trust Me

Today was Umika's first day in school. Ohno woke up extra early to make her bento. First, he burnt the bread. Then, he mixed the sugar with salt. After that, he accidentally cut himself and had to change the rice.

But finally, after a few extra hours, he finished making a simple bento lunch. Umika came downstairs, dressed in her uniform and backpack.

"Good morning," Ohno smiled. "Here's your bento."

"What's in it?" She asked.

"Rice, hotdogs, and some vegetables," Ohno said. She opened her bento and gasped.

"Oh, wow. That's a lot," She said. "I didn't know you would make this much."

Ohno turned back to the kitchen to hide his blush.

"So, when is the bus coming?" She asked, eating her breakfast. Ohno frowned.


"Is the bus going to pick me up in front of the house?"

"There is no bus," Ohno answered. "What bus are you talking about?"

"The school bus," she said, lifting her head. "And what do you mean there is no bus?"

"You can walk to school," Ohno said. Umika frowned in shock.

"You mean there are no buses that pick up students?" She looked irritated. "I have to walk?! I thought when I took the entrance exam I had to walk because the school year hasn't started. But you're telling me I have to walk all year?!"

"Yes. Everyone does," Ohno said, a little shocked by her reaction. "Unless you mean the public bus, but you don't need to ride that unless you live farther away. The school is nearby, you'll be fine."

"But in America, there's always school buses to pick students up even if their house is 20 minutes away. What if I get mugged? Or what if someone kidnaps me?"

"Do they do that a lot in America?"


"Well, I promise you no one will kidnap you," Ohno said. "The people here in Japan are nice to our citizens. We look out for each other because we are the same."

"So if a foreigner came, they'll be treated differently?"

"No, that's not what I meant-"

"Forget it. I'll walk," she grunted, and grabbed her bag.

"Another thing, don't you think that bag is too big?" Ohno asked as she swung up up on her shoulders.

"No. The textbooks will be heavy. This is the best kind," she said.

"Not a lot of students use those kinds of backpacks unless they're handicapped."

"You're kidding me," she said, placing her hand on her hip.

"Well, for today, you can use it. But I can buy you a simple shoulder bag. And the textbooks are not that heavy."

"Why? Are they smaller in Japan too?" She snorted in amusement. "Okay, I'm leaving."

"Have a safe trip," he followed her out the door. "I hope she'll be alright."

*           *           *

It rained the night before, so the pavemenets were a little wet but Umika didn't mind. Although, she wished the school uniforms gave her some pants instead of skirts. She even asked if they gave out pants to girls, but apparently they don't.

She didn't like walking to school either. Compare to how she lived in America, she never walked this far to school. By the time she arrived at the gate, she felt a little tried. She was glad she was Japanese since no one paid much attention to her. A few students were already grouping together and catching up on each other.

She, however, walked by herself to the teacher's office. She was told to go there and receive her classroom number and locker.

"Excuse me," she knocked on the door.

"Yes?" A lady with a white jacket approached her. Umika assumed she was the school nurse.

"I'm the new transfer student."

"Ah, yes. Kawashima Umika, right?"


The nurse kindly gave her a few papers and a key. "This is your new classroom and schedule. This is your key to your locker, and if you have any questions please ask. I'm the school nurse, Inoue Mao. If you feel a little sick just come to my office."

"Okay. Thank you," she bowed and walked out of the office.

The bell rang, and students started dashing to their classrooms. Umika found her locker and change her shoes. It was such a weird custom to her. In America, she never had to change her shoes unless it was for gym class.

As she climbed up the stairs, she tried to find her classroom, but the numbering was weird to her. Apparently, she had to find her year and class letter instead of a room number. She was in year 3 class B, but as she looked around, she realized she was in year 2 hallway.

"Why can't they just put room numbers?" She hissed.

Finally, about ten minutes after the bell rang, she found the right room. She took a deep breath and knocked twice before entering.

"Ah, you must be Kawashima," a male teacher smiled at her. "Class, this is our new transfer student from America. Kawashima Umika."

The teacher wrote her name on the board, but in Japanese letters. She didn't know he was writing her name. She never wrote her name in kanji before.

"Nice to meet you," she shyly bowed her head.

"Please take a seat."

There was only one seat available. It was in the back next to the window. A boy sat next to her looking aloof, and a girl sat in front of her looking very punctual. As she made her way to her seat, she could hear a few whispers.

"What is up with that bag?"

"Is she on a hiking trip?"

"So even in America they use bigger bags."

Umika felt her face turn red with embarrassment. Ohno was right, this backpack is too big. But it was completely fine where she came from. She noticed everyone all had the same shoulder bag that reminded her of an office suitcase.

'Everything is different in Japan.'

"Okay, let's start class. My name is Sakurai Sho, and I'll be your homeroom teacher-"

'Well, things seem pretty normal so far,' Umika thought.

She dug inside her pencil pouch only to realized she forgot the most important thing...a pencil.

"Umm, hey," she whispered to the boy next to her.

He coolly side-glanced at her.

"Uhh, do you have an extra pencil?" She smiled. "Sorry."

At first, he didn't made any sudden move to offer her anything. For a moment, Umika thought she was ignored. Feeling defeated, she looked away. But then, he dropped a mechanical pencil on her desk. She smiled at him even though he was facing forward.

"Thank you," she whispered.

Japanese schools were completely different from American. When homeroom class was over, she looked at her schedule and went to find her next class, only to realized that it was the same students. Later on, she found out that everyone from her homeroom all have the same schedule. That's why they call themselves Class B.

They're all in this together.

When lunch came, Umika thought they would all leave for the cafeteria. But she was surprised to see students eating in the classroom. She even heard a few students talking about meeting at the rooftop. In America, you're almost never allowed to go on the rooftop!

Umika just sat at her desk and was about to eat her bento in the classroom. Then, a few girls approached her and sat next to her. One had her hair tied to the side, looking cute. Another had long black hair and fair skin. The third dressed her uniform kinda sloppy as if she was trying to look sexy.

"You're from America, right?" The girl with the side ponytail asked.

"Yes," Umika nodded.

"Ne, we were thinking of going to the rooftop. Do you want to come with us?" She asked.

"Umm, sure," Umika smiled.

"Great! My name is Kiritani Mirei," she smiled sweetly.

"This is Shida Mirai."

"Nice to meet you," the girl with the black hair nodded.

"And this is Kojima Haruna."


"Hi," Umika said, shyly.

"Let's go."

Umika grabbed her bento and walked with them. She noticed the girl that sat in front of her from before stared back at her looking worried. When they got to the rooftop, they were all alone.

"Ahhh, this feels good!" Kiritani squealed. "And perfect. No one is here."

"Yeah," Umika mumbled. "So, why are we up here?"

The three girls turned to look at her. Suddenly, their kind friendly smiles vanish. Shida Mirai walked around her and shoved her hard.


"Who do you think you are? Talking to Sato-kun like that," Kiritani said, hostile.


"Sato Takeru! The hottest boy in school that sits next to you!" She yelled. "No one talks to my Sato-kun. No one! Do you hear me?"

"What is this?" Haruna picked up Umika's bento.

"Hey! Give that back!"

"A bento?" Haruna laughed. "But you're from America. You should be eating hamburgers and fries, you fatty."

"Shut up! Give it back!" Umika lunged for her bento. Suddenly, it was a game of keep away.

"What's in it?" Kiritani opened it. "Ah. So you do eat regular food. But you don't need it. You need to lose weight. Everyone knows that Americans are fat."

Kiritani dump the entire bento. The rice, hotdogs, and vegetables felt flat on the concrete. Umika tighten her fists and glared up at the bullies.

"Don't mess with me," Umika threatened.

"Shut it."

"You think you're so hot because you're from America."

"I never said-!"

"You are such an eyesore. Why would anyone would want to be friends with you? Filithy American!"

One of them kicked her from behind. Umika fell hard and skinned her elbows. The food smeared on her clothes and face. They started stooping hard on her back and kicking her stomach. Then, one of them pulled her hair.

"You better stay away from Sato-kun, or else," Kiritani said, menacingly.

With one last shove to the ground, they left her sprawled on the ground. Umika coughed and tasted blood. Slowly, she sat up and stared down at her ruined lunch. The food fell from her face and clothes, but she wouldn't allow herself to cry. She had a feeling this would happen.


"This sucks," she moaned, trying to fight back tears.

"What are you doing up here?" Someone asked.

Umika looked around. It was that boy who sat next to her. Sato Takeru.

"You're covered in dirt and food," he said, looking down on her. "What happened?"

She looked away, embarrassed.

"Nothing," she said. She tried her best to wipe her clothes.

"It doesn't seem like nothing."

"Please...leave me alone," she mumbled. She quickly got up and walked past him.

*             *              *

"Already on your first day, and you got hurt," Inoue smiled, as she bandaged Umika's wounds. "Would you mind telling me how you got hurt?"

"I tripped and fell," Umika lied.

"Really?" Inoue said, her eyebrows raised. "Umika, please feel free to tell me anything."

"It's alright. I'm fine," Umika said. "Thank you."

"...okay then. But I must let you know, if you come here again with more injuries, it's my job to inform your father."

"Really?" Umika frowned. Inoue nodded.

The last time Umika wanted was her adoptive father to get involved. It's not that she doesn't like him, she doesn't feel the need to inform him. She has accepted him for taking care of her. She understands that much. Despite the fact they've started living together, Umika still can't get pass that they're father and daughter.

Umika made her way to class and sat down at her desk. The girl that sat in front of her turned around.

"Are you okay?" She asked. Umika frowned.

"Y-yeah. Why?"

"I was worried. Those girls are no good. You should stay away from them."

"Thanks. I'll remember that," Umika said, sarcastically.

"Umm, my name is Kutsuna Shiori. Nice to meet you," she greeted herself.

"...Kawashima Umika."

"Also, you shouldn't talk to the boy that sit nexts to you. Sato Takeru," she said. "He's, like, Kiritani's boyfriend."


"Or so she says. But she's just very clingy to him."

"I see."

Just then, Sato entered the room. Umika took the time to look at him properly. He does have a cold look, but he was indeed handsome. Suddenly, Sato came walking towards her.

"You forgot this," he said, placing her broken bento on her desk.

"O-oh. Thank you," she nodded.

She looked past him and saw the three girls glaring at her with hatred. She gasped and quickly looked away. Throughout the rest of the day, Umika did her best to stay away from the three bullies. When school was over, she dashed out of the gates.

"Wait up!" Kutsuna called.

"Oh, it's just you."

"We walk home the same way. Please let me walk with you. I don't want those mean girls after me."

"They were bullying you too?" Umika frowned as they walked together.

"Yes, many times," Kutsuna said. "I was always scared walking home by myself."

"Why would they hurt you?"

"Because Sato also walks this way. And they accused me of walking together with him, which is not true. He always walks ahead of me. See?" she pointed.

Off in the distance, Umika could see the back of Takeru's head.

"Are you friends with Sato?" Umika asked.

"No, no. Well, we've gone to the same school since elementary, but we were never friends. Just peers, you know."

"You never talked to him?"

"Well, only once. He helped me find my lost textbook," Kutsuna mumbled. "But then those mean girls took my shoes and hidden them. And they later dumped water on me."

"Those bitches. I swear I'll get back at them."

"Oh, no you musn't. They are very rich and can harm you even more."

"I don't care. They're not the boss of me."

"You shouldn't talk about them. Kiritani's father is a politician, and she can fire your parents if she wants too."

"So basically, she can't do anything without daddy, huh?" Umika smirked. "Fine. I still don't care. The next time I see her, I'm gonna knock every last teeth off her stupid pretty face."

"No! You'll get into a lot of trouble. She'll-"

"What's that you were saying about my face?" Someone spoke behind them. It was the three goony girls.

"Oh, no!" Kutsuna shrinked behind Umika.

"Shiori-chan, are you being friends with this American?" Haruna laughed. "You've got to kidding me."

"The two biggest losers are friends," Kiritani giggled, until she glared with evil eyes. "How lame."

They started to circle around them. Umika could feel Kutsuna shivering behind her.

"Hey!" Someone yelled. Umika looked behind her. It was their homeroom teacher, Sakurai Sho. "What's going on here?" He asked.

"Nothing," Kiritani said, looking innocent. Sho frowned.

"Go on, then."

The three girls glared at Umika one last time before leaving.

"Is everything alright, Kawashima?" Sho asked.

"....yes. Everything is fine," she mumbled.

Sho sighed. "Please know that fighting is not allowed. Whether you're on school grounds or not."

"Yes, I'll remember."

"Alright then. Take care," he said.

They walked away, but Sho looked back over his shoulder. He did noticed Umika's uniform was a little dirty. He figured there was bullying, but students always hide things. Sho headed back to the school.

When Sho was far away, Kutsuna sighed with relief.

"Thank heavens Sakurai-sensei came," she said.

"I sorta wished he didn't," Umika said. "Then, I could beat those three idiots to a pulp."

"Well, you're gutsy."

"Sato-san," Kutsuna gasped.

Sato Takeru smiled at them.

"I saw the whole thing," he stared at Umika. "You should have said something. I would have come to help."

"It's alright, really," Umika mumbled, feeling shy.

"No. I agree with you," Sato said. "Those girls don't deserve to be here. Frankly, I'm sick of Kiritani. If you need help getting back at them, count me in."

Umika and Kutsuna smiled.

*          *            *

Sho sat at his desk in the teachers' office. He still had paperwork to finish even if it's the first day of school. Just as he was about to finish up work, someone tapped his shoulder.

"Sakurai-san, do you have a moment?" Inoue said.

"Inoue-san. What is it?" He asked.

"One of your students visited me today. Kawashima Umika."


"Yes," she nodded. "Her elbows were skinned and bruised. I also noticed her uniform was dirty as if she fell on wet food."

"Hmm," Sho rubbed his chin.

"The first signs of bullying," she said. "I think you should call her father."

"Yes, I should. But I should know who is doing the bullying first."

"Any ideas?" Inoue tilted her head.

"I might," he said, thinking back to the three girls earlier. "But I can't make bias decisions. Perhaps we should wait it out a bit. If things get worse, I'll be sure to call."

"Alright then. Take care, Sakurai-san," Inoue said, and left the teacher's office.

'A new father like Ohno-san would panic if he finds out his daughter was being bullied,' Sho thought.

*          *           *

Ohno waited at home and watched TV. He finished work early and watched cooking channels, and he thought of making dinner. When he heard the door open, he waited for Umika to enter the living room.

"Welcome bac-...what happened?!" Ohno gasped, seeing her deranged uniform. "Umika, you're a mess!"

"It's nothing," she said, almost happily and skipped pass him.

He stood there dumbfound by her strange change of behavior. She seemed almost dorky and cute.


"Oh, I just fell..." she giggled as if she had an inside joke and retreated upstairs.

Ohno was about to call after her, but she was gone. Ohno felt totally left out, but he was relieved she was happy. A bit too happy, he thought.

The next few days, it's been the same. He makes breakfast, she goes to school, she comes home and doesn't say a word but have a goofy grin on her face

As if...she was in love.

Ohno started to worry. What if she was in love? What if she found a boyfriend so fast that they're already dating?! He even started thinking the possiblity that they might....!

Ohno couldn't take it anymore.

"Aiba, please help me!" Ohno begged, one day at work.

"You want to me to what?!" Aiba asked

"I'm worried about Umika. Can you help me stalk her after school today?"

"You're crazy! Ask Nino to help you."

"Please! You're a father! You understand what it's like," Ohno complained. "What if she has a boyfriend already! I can't be a grandfather so soon!"

"You really think they've gone that far?"

"Will you help me or not?"

Aiba sighed through his nose.

"....okay. But only because I understand as a fellow father."

"Thank you, Aiba!" Ohno hugged his good friend.

"I still think Nino is a better stalking buddy."

*            *              *

"Do you see them yet?" Aiba asked, peeking behind a tree.

"Nope. I don't see her yet," Ohno said.

They both had dark sunglasses and wore long trench coats with face masks. They waited just outside the school behind a tree and a large shrub. School was over and the students walked out the gates.

"Don't you think we look suspicious like this?" Aiba asked, sounding uncomfortable. "I mean, we're grown men following a high school girl."

"Shh!" Ohno hissed.

"Koharu-chan would think I'm a freak," Aiba moaned.

"There!" Ohno whispered. Aiba looked around their hiding place.

Umika was walking with two friends: a boy and a girl. The girl looked very smart and kind as well as shy. The boy was very handsome and laughed along with them as they headed towards town.

"Let's go," Ohno said.

They followed the high school kids throughout the city. At first, it seemed normal. They would go to the arcade and play games while Ohno and Aiba peeked around the coin machines. The teenagers would eat at a nearby ramen shop as Ohno and Aiba sat not to far from them—also eating ramen.

The day grew darker and the city lights came on. Ohno felt like a detective following them, but so far they weren't doing anything suspicious.

"Ohno, let's quit. They're just friends hanging out," Aiba said.

"I don't like this kid," Ohno mumbled, glaring at the handsome boy. "What if he has some nasty plans later on?"

"Ohno, they won't do any...thing..." Aiba drift off.

They watched the three high school kids headed towards the red light district. Ohno and Aiba were slient as they stared at each other.

Ohno quickly dashed after them and kept close to the edges. Ohno couldn't believe it! They're walking around adult areas like it's no problem. Aiba kept quiet as if he finally believed in Ohno's suspicion. Then, Ohno saw the handsome boy lead the two girls...into a love hotel.

"That bastard!" Ohno yelled, standing up from his hiding spot.

"Whoa! Wait a minute," Aiba grabbed his arm. "You'll blow our cover."

"Who cares! Did you see where he took them?" Ohno said, his blood boiling. "He's going to have a threesome!"

"You don't know that. Wait!"

Ohno shrugged the trenchcoat off and threw the sunglasses and face mask away. He marched towards the love hotel and burst through the door. He saw the manager greeting him, but he looked passed her.

"Excuse me, sir-"

He ran up the stairs and thought he heard voices.

"Here, Umika. Hold this," a boy said.

"It's hot!" Ohno heard Umika's voice.

"That's okay, Hold it tight," the boy said.

"Oh wow, look at it!" Another girl squealed.

"You sick bastard!" Ohno sneered, and opened the door.

It was a normal bedroom. The TV was on, and there was table in the middle with a hot pot simmering. Umika held the lid up with a table cloth, and they sat around the table eating dinner.

"Ah..." Ohno spoke.

"W-what are you doing here?" Umika frowned.

"Who's he?" The boy asked.

"My adoptive father," Umika answered.

" were just eating hot pot," Ohno mumbled, feeling awkward.

"Were...were you following me?" Umika said, looking angry.


"Um, do you want some nabe, Kawashima-san?" The boy asked kindly.

"...It's Ohno, actually."

"Oh...well, I'm Sato Takeru. Nice to meet you," he said, standing up and shaking hands with him. "Please have a seat."

"Oh, thank yo- Wait a minute!" Ohno glared. "What are you doing in a place like this?"

"This is my home," Sato said. "I mean, my parents run this hotel. And I live here."

"What?! Umika we're leaving," Ohno said, grabbing her wrist and forcing her up.

"Did I say something wrong?" Sato asked.

"Wait! I didn't eat the nabe!" Umika said.

"Doesn't matter. We're going home," Ohno said, and dragged her away.

"Wait a minute! Wait!"

But Ohno pulled her back downstairs, and they walked down the streets. Ohno saw Aiba staring at them a little worried, but Ohno didn't stop until they were out of the red light district.

Finally, Umika pulled herself from his grasp.

"Will you stop it!" She yelled. Ohno panted from walking too fast.

"What were you thinking?" Ohno said. "You were at that kind of place."

"I've always been going to Sato's place. We never did anything!" She said. "What did you think we were doing?"

"Oh, I don't know," Ohno said, getting frustrated again. "The fact that he 'lives' in a love hotel makes him the perfect candidate to have a free pass!"

"You're wrong! We never do that. He's my friend!" She defended. "His parents just runs a unique hotel."

"I don't want you to go there anymore," Ohno demanded.


"You can be friends. But don't go to his place anymore!" He said.

"That's so unfair! He's really nice. He's probably the only nice guy in school that talks to me!" She yelled. "No one talks to me expect those two. They're the only ones that accepted me for me and not because I'm someone from America. They trust me.

"You're suppose to be my father. So why can't you do the same?!" She said, and pushed past him.


He quietly followed her around the city until she gave up and turned to face him. They were in a more quiet area. There were blue lights covering the city trees as if they were in a winter wonderland at night. She crossed her arms and waited.

"It's not that I don't trust you because you're American," he said. "I was worried, okay."

She just frowned.

"I see you every morning and come home late at night," he continued. "You looked happy, so I thought you were making friends. I was happy. And I admit, I was wrong for following you, I know that. But I was a little hurt too."

"...why?" She asked.

"You introduce me to you adoptive father," he said.

" are."

"Yes, but...I was also hurt that Sato called me Kawashima," he admitted. "I never forced you to change your name. We both agreed on it. And I know we've only been together for a month, but I still care. I worry because you're my only daughter!" Ohno confessed.

Umika gasped silently. She felt her heartbeat thud against her chest. It was just them together on a quiet park with blue lights. Somehow, Umika thought less of him as a stranger and more of someone familiar and comforting. Someone who can keep her safe and protect her. Someone who will care for her.

Maybe she also needed to trust him too.

She slowly walked up to him, looking down and embarrassed.

"I'm sorry I worried you...let's go home...Dad," she said.

Ohno felt his stomach leap. This was the first time she called him "Dad". He felt a surge of pride in him and smiled. He held out his hand and she reached for it.

"Of course."

And they walked home hand in hand.

end of chapter!

To Chapter 3 -

i hope you liked it!
i added new characters too for umika's school!
it was hard finding the right actors and actress that were near her age.
i based them for the roles they played in the dramas (bias!!) because they fit so well.
here's a recap of the characters.

the three bullies
kiritani mirei >>
shida mirai >>
koijima haruna >>

the friends
kutsuna shiori >>
sato takeru (you know him right!) >>
and inoue mao! you know her!


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