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Nino, the ShapeShifter. PIC/GIF Story!

Inspired by this

let's get started!!
In the far future, actually make that an AU univserse, the cities are dark and gloomy.

Like this.

In this gloomy city, lived a man name Ninomiya Kazunari.

He looks like this.

He isn't like other citizens. He is, in fact, a shape shifter. One who can change ones appearance.

One day, he met someone who challenged him for no reason.

The challenger, name Jun, looks like this.

"I'll take your life!" Jun proclaimed.

But Nino was on a tight schedule, and this only annoyed him.

But Nino likes messing with people. Not by strength, but by mind.

A crowd pass by them. They're in the city after all.

At that moment, Nino changed into.

This guy.


Jun was puzzled, but fanboyism took the best of him.

"OMG! It's Sakurai Sho...wait...are you?"

"Of course, I am" Nino lied. "How dare you think I'm not!"

"No! I don't believe you!" Jun slapped the man.

When he turned around, he changed into....

"You made me bleed...."

Jun was shocked, and scared. So he tried to play it cool.
(He also shrank and became small)

"I'm so sorry sir. Here, let me help you."

Jun looked away and reached for his bag for a bandage.

When he looked back, he saw this man.

*chu* <3
*squint!* wink.

" going on?!"

"Behold! As the prophecy for told! The path of justice is before me!"
Meaning, Nino took this moment to run away.

But Jun raced after him, and caught hold of him.

"No!" He whined

"So it was you! You're a...a...a..."


" can change into anything?"

"What happened to the whole, I challenge you, or whatever crap?"

"I change my mind. If you can change into this, I'll forgive you."

Jun pulled out a photo of...

Nino laughed.

"I have a better idea."

They later rented a hotel.

They got into the outdoors bathtub.
And Nino changed again...

"Isn't this a lot better?" Nino smirked.

"Just shut up, and come here!"


The End! XDD


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