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First Years at Hogwarts

Title: First Years at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Fantasy/ Drama/ Friendship
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a Gryffindor at Hogwarts, along with Ohno Satoshi. After a terrible flying lesson, Aiba Masaki of Hufflepuff is sent to the hospital wing. Ohno challenge Nino, the mastermind of Aiba's accident, to a race. But the Slytherin Head of House, Professor Naruse Ryo, stopped Ohno. What will be his punishment?

Chapter 3 - Professor Naruse Ryo

The flying class ended early since Professor Mizukawa never came back. Jun sat at the Great Hall for lunch all by himself and felt awkward with no one to talk too. He looked across the hall and saw Nino chatting lively with his friends, probably recalling the scene in class earlier. Jun remember Aiba being carried away and decided to pack some food for him.

It didn't took long for him to find the hospital wing. He walked in and found Aiba sitting up on a bed looking lively as ever, chatting with none other than Sakurai Sho.

"Oh! Matsujun, you came." Aiba looked up and waved to Jun.

"My name's Matsumoto, if you forgot," Jun replied, nodding kindly to Sho.

"Yeah, but Matsujun sounds better, ne?" Aiba smiled.

"I brought you some food." Jun placed his bag on Aiba's bedside table.

"Oh, thank you. Sho-chan brought me food too, but I'm still starving," Aiba smiled, pulling out bread and cheese.

"Sho-chan?" Jun said, noticing the friendly suffix.

"We've know each other since we were kids," Aiba nodded. Sho looked embarrassed. "We live in the same town."

"Yeah," Sho mumbled, trying to hide a smirk. Jun couldn't help but smirk too, realizing that Sho was alright even if he is a know-it-all. Aiba began to stuff his mouth with bread hungrily.

"You should take it easy, Aiba-chan," Sho butted in, looking worried. "After that accident and all. Madam Pomfrey said you need to take it easy for your wound to heal."

"Wound?" Jun looked up at Aiba, also concerned. Aiba looked away shyly before unbuttoning his shirt to reveal an red scar on his chest. "Was it that bad?" Jun asked, worried.

"The statue pierced right through me, but luckily it missed my vitals," Aiba explained, buttoning his shirt. "Madam Pomfrey said it was a good thing it didn't struck my heart, then it'd be worse. But the damage is severe. She said...I'll always have this scar."

Jun swallowed hard. It was lucky for Aiba to still be alive after that accident. And it's all because of Nino's hex...

"Damn it!" Jun slammed his fist on Aiba's table. "I saw Ninomiya hexing your broom. He did this too you...I should've raced him instead of Ohno."

"It wouldn't make any difference," Sho pointed out. Jun glared in annoyance. "Professor Naruse would have caught you instead."

"Heh? Professor Naruse Ryo? He came after I left?" Aiba looked up, surprised.

"Professor Naruse Ryo..." Jun mumbled. "He looks a lot like Ohno-kun."

"Well, yeah." Sho rolled his eyes at Jun. "Professor Naruse is Ohno's uncle."

Jun felt his mouth dropped once again. "His uncle?! But you said he's Head House of Slytherins. Ohno's a Gryffindor!" Jun said, but Sho just crossed his arms.

"Yeah, that's why rumors are going around about Ohno," Sho said.

"His family has a long history of Slytherins," Aiba added. "And now he turns out to be the only Gryffindor in his family, from what I've heard."

"You're kidding me," Jun sighed, staring out the window. "He never told me..."

Jun never suspected Ohno to be from a full wizard family of Slytherins. He only knew him for one day, but Jun knew Ohno was a kind and brave person. Knowing now that Ohno made a change in his family tradition, Jun added more respect to Ohno.

"I wonder what Professor Naruse will make Ohno do," Sho sighed, rubbing his chin in thought.

"Probably scrub the trophy room or something," Aiba shrugged.

"He shouldn't punish Ohno," Jun said, feeling angry again. "He should punish Ninomiya!"

"Yeah, right. Naruse favors his House. Even if Ninomiya grabbed Naruse and pinned him to a wall, he wouldn't do anything." Sho grunted before the afternoon bell chimed.

"Lunch hour is over. You guys should go to class," Aiba said. "Come and visit me sometime."

"I'm heading for Potions," Jun said, looking down at his schedule.

"Me too," Sho said. "Apparently a joint class with Slytherins. How lovely."

Sho and Jun left the hospital wing together and walked down towards the dungeons where the Potions class was held. Neither of them said a word to each other, but Jun stole a side glance and saw the look of concern on Sho's face.

'Sho and Aiba must be really good friends.' Jun thought.

"Sho, there you are." A boy with bright hair approached Sho. "You came from visiting Aiba?"

"Yeah, I did. Thanks for waiting Toma-kun." Sho said, and they sat with the other Ravenclaws.

Jun looked around the room and couldn't find Ohno anywhere, so he sat next to Nishikido Ryo who still had soot on his face from Charms in the morning.

"I heard Professor Naruse sent Ohno to clean the Owlery, which will be pointless since those birds always pooped every second," Ryo whispered to Jun.

Jun looked around the dark classroom. The Ravenclaws sat in the middle between the Gryffindors and Slytherins. Jun saw Nino sitting at the front of the class, looking eager to start. Jun realized that the Professor was nowhere to be seen.

"Who's the teacher for Potions?" Jun asked Nishikido.

"Naruse Ryo."

And at that moment, the door swung up. Professor Naruse Ryo walked pass the desks and placed his briefcase on his front table. Now that Jun was closer, he noticed that Naruse was amazingly handsome. His face was round like Ohno but darker. His hair was black and longer too. Jun felt intimidated...almost mesmerized.

The whole class was silent, waiting for his first words to being class. Jun watched Naruse raised his long fingers and lightly brushed his bangs to the side. Jun thought he heard a few girls giggled ever so shyly, but Naruse ignored them.

"Potions..." he began. Jun felt himself shiver. "A class not meant for foolishness and time-wasting wand wavers. I don't expect much from all of you. Only those few who understands the true nature of potion making can succeed in my that understood?" He said, barely raising his voice.

The class only nodded.

Naruse took this time to look at each individual's faces. His eyes wondered over the Slytherins until they stopped at Nino, who gazed back with admiration. Naruse smiled and a few girls gasped. Jun couldn't help but swallow.

'How old is he?! He looks too young to be a teacher!' Jun thought.

Then, he looked over the Ravenclaws. His expression was hard to read, but it looked genuine and kind. His eyes stopped a moment longer at Sho, who had a hard glare in his eyes. But Naruse just smiled as if it was nothing. He also took a few moments to stare at Ikuta Toma, and it wasn't a friendly face. Toma looked away from his gaze. Finally, his eyes wondered over to the Gryffindors until his eyes met Jun's.

Jun felt petrified by those dark eyes, but he kept a straight face. Naruse didn't smile at him either, and he turned his back to wave his wand towards the chalkboard.

"Your first task is to show how much you know about potion making. The instructions on the board is a potion for instant curing cold sores. Ingredients are found at the cabinets. You must add every drop into the potion. It should take you no more than thirty minutes. And don't try to test it yourself until I come to see it."

The class got busy and cauldrons were lit. Jun looked at the instructions and chopped his sea horses into tiny squares. He had a hard time since the sea horses were so slippery. He looked over at Sho and saw turquoise blue smoke coming from his cauldron, which was suppose to happen. Ryo, sitting next to Jun, also had smoke coming from his cauldron, but it was a dark purple shade.

After Jun finished adding his ingredients, the smoke turned dark blue. Jun continued to stir for five minutes until white puffs were suppose to come, but his puffs were gray. He looked over at the Ravenclaws and noticed all of them have the right shade of blue smoke and a few white puffs. He also noticed that Nino was making the right shades of smoke.

Naruse walked over to Nino's cauldron and nodded, smiling with his eyes. He glanced down at Sho's perfect cauldron and just walked pass him with no praise.


Nishikido's cauldron exploded with orange puffs, covering all of him and half of Jun's face with orange stains. Naruse glared down at the two boys.

"You obviously didn't listen to my instructions." Professor Naruse picked a single piece of ginger root with his long fingers, and he dropped it into Nishikido's simmering pot. The smoke changed to dark gray, but it still didn't change Naruse's hard face. "Ten point from Gryffindor for not paying attention." He turned to Jun. "And another ten points for causing such a mess in my class. Look how clean the Slytherins are."

Jun only thought Nino's table was clean, while the Ravenclaws was cleaner than everyone else.

"Fifteen points added to Slytherins."

"Professor?" Sho raised his hand. "I finished my potion way before anyone else."

"Yes, and good for you. So what do you want, a lollipop?" He replied, almost bored. "Ten points from Ravenclaw for being arrogant."

Sho was speechless, his mouth hanging open.

When class was finally over, Jun and the other Gryffindors ranted outside the classroom about Naruse. A few Ravenclaws joined them too, including Sho.

"It's official!" Jun said, angrier than before. "I hate Naruse."

"Same here! None of the Slytherins got it right expect Ninomiya, yet he gave them points for cleanliness?!" Sho yelled.

"How old is he anyway?" Jun added, getting more irritated just thinking of Naruse. "The girls were practically drooling over him."

"He's twenty-seven," Sho grunted.

"And he's a teacher?!"

"If Ohno was there, he would have done worse than Nishikido," Sho said.

"Speak of the devil, here comes Ohno now," Jun said, watching Ohno walking towards them. "Hey, Oh...eww! Yuck!"

"Ohno, you stink like shit!" Sho said, covering his nose.

"Bird shit to be exact," Ohno said, but he didn't look upset. In fact, he looked excited.

"Ohno? Did something came up?" Jun asked, wondering why Ohno was so happy to be covered in owl droppings.

"Jun, you won't believe this! I'm gonna be taking UtaMahou! I can take singing magic classes!"


wooo! you go professor naruse! haha! so, our potions teacher is a young, hot, dark, luring teacher. all together girls! SQUEALS.
i know this chapter wasn't as long as the last one, but i plan to keep the chapters at this length. chapter was long to show the other arashi characters.
tell me what ya think!! ^^

To Chapter 4 -

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