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Time - Power of Words (ao no michi contest)

Title: My Life is My Message
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sakumoto
Genre: AU/ Drama/ Romance
Word Count: 5228
Summary: The year is 2017. Sakurai Sho is a famous novel writer and singer, and the youthful college student Jun is his biggest fan and apprentice. One day Sho asked him one favor, "You must stop me from writing." Suddenly, Jun is sent back in time to the year 2007. Whatever could Sho mean?
Notes: In this AU world, Jun is 25 in the year 2017, and Sho is 35 years old. So when Jun goes back in time, he's mets a 25 year old Sho. Even though time traveling is mentioned, it's not a sci-fi story.
Warning: Ending is Angst.

When the opportunity is given to him, Jun will take it like a swan dive into deep water. He goes by this motto for a long time, and it was all thanks to Sakurai Sho—his idol, his mentor, his goal. It must have been that one summer when he was twenty when Jun first started to noticed Sho's work. Jun read all of Sho's novels and listened to all of Sho's compositions.

Sho's stories had a certain depth to them. Jun admired the hidden messages and the subtext of friendship and lost love between the characters. Then, there was Sho's music. No one would have guessed that a writer would become a songwriter and a singer. It happened right when Jun became a fan, and Jun immediately bought the single when it was release. He especially liked the main chorus line "Pass the mic, pass the pen."

Inspiration grabbed hold of Jun, and he went to college to get a higher degree in language. It was August—year 2016—and Jun was taking the summer session to graduate faster. It was also the season when Jun first met Sho. He was sitting outside of the campus eating lunch since it was such a nice day.

"Matsumoto Jun?" He heard someone call him.

He looked over his shoulder and saw his idol standing before him. Jun felt his heart leap to his throat, causing him to choke a little.

"S-sakurai-san?!" Jun coughed.

Sho smiled. The old wrinkles around his eyes crackled, and his front teeth shined brightly. His hands looked worn and sore from extensive writing, and his skin was tan. Perhaps he was out in the sun this past summer. Jun stood up and quickly wiped his hands across his jeans to shake hands. He felt his knees shaking with excitement.

"I'm...a huge fan!" Jun grinned. "I've read all your novels, and I bought all your CDs."

"Thank you," Sho nodded. "I know a lot about you as well."

"Eh? Really?!" Jun gasped. "H-how?"

"Your professor told me," Sho explained. "I used to go to Keio too, you know. And it seems our professor highly praised your work and contacted me."

Jun was speechless.

"He sent me a copy and I really admired it," Sho said. "Although your skills could use some work. So I came here to find you. How would you like to be my apprentice?"

And that was the day Jun's fate changed. It was Jun's dream to met Sho—let alone have at least a handshake—but to have Sho as his teacher, Jun couldn't pass up. For an entire year, Sho helped Jun with his schoolwork. Little by little, they became close friends. It was as if Sho had known Jun for a long time. Instead of asking what he wanted to eat for lunch, Sho already knew what Jun liked. There were even times when Jun thought Sho could read his mind.

There was one unusual fact Jun learned about Sho. He discovered that Sho hates America. When Jun asked Sho if he wanted to eat out at an American steakhouse, Sho resented with great anger, it scared Jun. Sho apologized and told Jun he never want anything to do that is American ever. He doesn't want to watch any American shows, eat at American restaurants, or watch the best Hollywood movies. In addition, he mentioned how much he will never go to America even if he has fans there waiting for him.

Since then, Jun learned not to say a word about America around Sho. For the past year since Jun became his apprentice, they've been like the best of friends.

But that all changed when Jun graduated in the spring of 2017. Suddenly, Sho became distant. Jun thought it was Sho's way of saying the teacher/student bond is over. But Jun still wanted to be close friends with his idol. When summer came, Sho became more depressed. Hours would go by and not a single word would spill out of his brilliant tongue. Jun was devastated. 

On Jun's birthday, Sho invited him to his apartment.

"Happy Birthday Jun!" Sho smiled, and showed a strawberry cake on the table.

"Whoa, thank you. You didn't have too," Jun said earnestly.

"I...felt like I had too," Sho nodded, almost sadly.

Jun watched Sho cut the cake slowly. He looked around Sho's living room and noticed it was a little messy. Hidden underneath the piles of rough drafts, Jun spotted a picture frame on the floor. It was a photo of Sho when he was younger with someone else, but he couldn't see since it was cover in scarp paper. Sho gave Jun a plate and sat down looking depressed again. Jun was tired of his behavior.

"Sho, are you gonna tell me what's wrong?" Jun finally asked.

Sho looked up, surprised. "What do you mean?"

"Don't act dumb. You've got this sorry look on your face for months, and you're not telling me anything."

"I just...wanted this day to be special for you," Sho sighed. Jun narrowed his eyes.

"Are you...going somewhere?" Jun asked. "Because you're starting to sound like you're leaving."

"I'm not the one who's leaving," Sho said with a hint of sourness.

"What's gotten into you?" Jun frowned. "Is it because I entered my draft to the Youth League Short Story Competition and lost?"

"No," Sho shook his head, and rubbed his face. "It's not that...I just...have one favor to ask you."

"Of course. Anything."

"Promise me that the next time we'll stop me from writing," Sho asked, seriously.

"W-what?!" Jun gawked, taken aback. "Why would I do that?! Sho, you're in the middle of working that new book!"

"Promise me!" Sho begged. Jun thought his heart stopped when he saw Sho's eyes getting teary. "Please!  You must stop me from writing!"

"I can't do that, Sho. You love writing."

"I'm begging you," Sho said, his voice low and serious. "Whatever happens, don't make me write!"

"I won't do it. If you do, then I won't be your apprentice anymore."

"I am asking you as a friend! Not as your mentor!" Sho yelled. "One day you will understand my desperation! Please do this for me! For you as well!"

Jun slammed his fork down, his slice of cake only halfway eaten.

"I don't know what has gotten into you," Jun said, "but I will not make that promise. Goodbye....Sakurai-san."

Jun got up and grabbed his bag. He was about to open the door when Sho grabbed his arm tightly. The wrinkles on Sho's forehead were itched deeply in a desperate look. Jun just stared back at the older man's pleading gaze. No words were exchange between them, but Jun could tell from the look in his eyes that he didn't want Jun to leave. Jun swallowed a small lump in his throat before he spoke.

"Please, have to let me go."

At long last, Jun felt Sho's hot and pressing hand leave his skin, like losing a friend. Jun lowered his gaze and left the apartment in a hurry. He didn't even noticed he bumped into the mail carrier on his way down the stairs. He got on his bike and rode in the rain, but Jun was thankful for the weather to hide his tears.

However, the rain poured furiously and made his vision extremely blurry. The sky was so dark, Jun thought it was nighttime. He was coming close to a sharp curve, but he continued to peddle. He didn't even see the headlights of the on-coming car, but when he saw the vehicle, he instantly stirred his bike off the side and crashed into the guardrail.

He was soaring in the air and plummeting head down the side cliff. Lightening struck, causing Jun temporarily blindness. The next thing he knew, the rain stopped and he landed on his back.

It was dry, and the sun was blazing down on him. Jun also felt someone squirming under him.

"Get off of me!" Someone yelled.

Jun gasped; his alertness was back. He quickly stood up and looked around. The sky was bright blue and cloudless when it shouldn't be. His clothes were still wet from the rain, and his bike was missing. Jun looked up and saw the cliff he fell off from, but there was no road.

"What the hell is your problem?!" The person from before yelled at him. 

Jun's mouth hung opened.

'S-s-sakurai-san!?!?" Jun blurted out. 

It was him! It was Sho! But he looked....younger, less wrinkled, and more handsome. His hair was fuller, and he was sporting a single earring like some pop idol. He was thinner, and his arms were more muscular. He looked around the same age as Jun.

"You know me?" Sho glared at him.

"Sho! W-where am I? What the hell happened?" Jun rambled.

"You fell from that cliff," Sho pointed above them. "I mean, are you trying to get to the shrine up there? Because there's a set of stairs over there, you know."

"But...there was a road," Jun mumbled, trying to think. "And it was raining. Why is it sunny all of a sudden?"

"Hey, maybe you hit your head too hard," Sho said, raising an eyebrow at him. "It's been sunny all week."

"And what happened to you?" Jun continued his rambles. "You look so young! How did you do that?"

Without asking, Jun reached up and touched Sho's face. He lightly squeezed and squished Sho's face until Sho smacked his hands out of the way.

"Stop that!" Sho yelled. "Who the hell are you anyway!?"

Then, Jun spotted the newspaper that was sticking out from Sho's bag. He immediately snatched it, ignoring Sho, and read the title as well as the year. The newspaper looked fresh and new; there was no mistake in the date.

"2007?" Jun stared down, wide-eyed. "I'm in the year 2007?!"

"Give me back my paper."

"I've gone back in time?!" Jun panicked. "How is that even possible?! How could this happen?! What should I do?!"

"For starters, give me back my paper."

Finally, Jun stared back at Sho properly. He has never seen Sho made this angry face before. It was like seeing a completely different kind of Sho. Jun took a deep breath and handed his paper back.

"Listen to me, I know this sound crazy, but I know you," Jun said. "I'm from the year 2017, and I'm your future apprentice."

Sho looked like he was about to laugh. "About what I said, you hitting your head too hard, I was're just crazy."

Sho started walking away, but Jun followed him.

"It's true! My name is Matsumoto Jun, and I don't know how or why, but I've been sent back to this year, on my birthday August 30th, and miraculously I found you." Jun reached for his bag and pulled out his phone. "Look! Look at my phone! It's the new Android 8GS! You guys don't have these yet."

Sho stared down at Jun's Android and glared back up at Jun.

"Look, I don't want anything to do with you, okay?" Sho said and walked away even faster.

"Please! You have to help me!" Jun insisted. "You must know something because you know me in the future. I mean, you knew everything about me like an old friend. And me too! I know a lot about you because I'm your biggest fan in the future."

"I don't know you!" Sho sneered at him, looking annoyed. "I don't know what your problem is, but just stay away from me!"

Sho walked away.

"I know you love to write!" Jun yelled. Sho stopped in his tracks, his back still facing Jun. "This year is 2007, right? You're working on your soon-to-be-best-selling novel 'Can't Let You Go' because I've read it thousands of times. You found me at Keio campus during the summer and took me as an apprentice."

Sho looked over his shoulder, staring at Jun with a mixture between suspicion and awe.

"And one time, you told me when you were fifteen, you fell for a Hungarian girl in your school who was part of a chorus group. You talked to her in Hungarian because you studied it hard the night before to ask her out, but she rejected you because you said 'will you ride on me' instead."

Sho's mouth hung open.

*           *           *

Sho asked many questions, and Jun did his best to answer them correctly. Sho slowly began to trust Jun and believed him when he explained how he fell into a time slip. What Jun didn't tell him was the promise old Sho mentioned before he left. 'You must stop me from writing.'

Jun never said anything of it since he thought he never had too. Sho had already developed his love for writing. Of course, his early works weren't his best. Even Jun spotted errors. Strangely enough, Jun started teaching Sho what he learned...from future Sho.

It hurt Jun's brain thinking about it.

He has been living in Sho's small and crummy apartment for the past month. Jun easily blended in since he remembered 2007 when he was only fifteen. The hard part was not running into his old self, but the situation never happened. Jun remembered when he was a teen, he never like hanging out in the city. He would just focus on going to school and going home. Therefore, it wasn't a problem to walk around with Sho.

Being with younger Sho was pleasant. After Jun broke through the ice, Sho was just like the old Sho he remembered back in his time. However, since they were the same age, it was more fun and carefree. There was no formal sense between them. Rather, it was just two young boys being silly together. Jun couldn't help but admire Sho's youthful smile and laughter. There were some moments Jun felt his stomach fluttering as if he had a crush on Sho.

He tried to dismiss this.

One day, Sho came back from his part-time job and carried a letter in his hands. A huge grin was stuck on his face, and his eyes were bright.

"I got the recognition!" Sho said, excitedly. "My novel is going to be published world-wide!"

They were jumping and squealing like little high school girls. This was the start of Sho's famous career, and Jun was witnessing it. In fact, he was being a part of Sho's life. They were still hugging until Sho calmed down, but he still had his hands on Jun's shoulders.

"They're going to be publishing in New York City," Sho grinned. "Will you come with me?"

Jun blinked.

"N-new York?"

"Yes! I get to meet the publishers, and they want me to write more for them!" Sho said, and released Jun. "We should get packing! I hear the food in America is so good!"

"But...but you hate...America," Jun mumbled under his breath, but Sho wasn't listening and dashed around the tiny space called a living room.

"We should see if we can get tickets to see a Broadway show too!" Sho called, grabbing a suitcase from his closet. "Oh! You need a suitcase too. Let's go shopping!"

Before Jun could protest, the excited and hyperactive Sho dragged him. Jun's brain rattled around his head, trying to piece what was happening. He remembered that future Sho hated America. Jun never knew why, but something must have made Sho resented America for the rest of his life. And yet here he was with past Sho being giddier than ever while shopping in the mall.

'Did something happen in New York?' Jun wondered.

"Jun? Hey! Jun, are you there?"


"You were in such a daze," Sho smirked. "Is there something on your mind?"

"Uhh...nothing," Jun quickly answered, but Jun still felt a frown on his face.

Suddenly, Sho grabbed his arm and pulled him into a photo booth. Sho inserted the money, and they waited for the camera to get ready. Jun was a little flabbergasted by Sho's sudden reaction, and he stared at Sho with a questioned look. Sho kept his eyes on the black screen in front of them.

"I've been meaning to tell you this," Sho started. "I was a little surprised to find you...or rather, you crashing on top of me but...I want to thank you."

"For what?" Jun asked, quietly.

"You've helped me write my book this past month," Sho said. "I couldn't have done it without you. And now my career is finally looking up. This means a lot to me."

Sho turned and stared back at Jun, his eyes looking warm and kind. 

"I'm glad I met you."

Jun thought his face would turn red if he stared any longer. Sho chuckled and wrapped his arm around Jun. They stared at the camera and smiled. When the picture came out, Jun recognized it immediately. It was the picture he saw in future Sho's living room, but it was half-covered at the time. Now, he saw it was Sho...and him together.

Tears started flowing out as Jun held his copy of the photo with trembling hands.

"Why..." Jun mumbled to himself, "why didn't you say anything before?"

"What do you mean?" Sho asked. "Jun? What's the matter?"

Jun quickly wiped his eyes dry, but he was still sniffling. He tried his best to smile.

"I'm just happy for you," Jun said. 

Sho looked like he was trying to hold back a smile but failed anyway. He lightly tapped Jun's shoulder with his fist before going back to shopping. Jun just watched him from afar while getting new clothes for the trip too. He recalled all the books and music he read and listened in the future. They all had the same connection of finding someone they loved, searching for the truth, or encouraging to look for the future.

Now, Jun finally understands it all. They were all messages to him, Jun, to find Sho in the future. Sho's famous phrase during his time was Jun's favorite: "My life is my message." As Jun watched Sho make his purchase at the register, Jun swallowed the large lump stuck in his throat. He realized he loved Sho, and that in the future, Sho loved him too.

'You must stop me from writing.' The words haunted Jun in the back of his thoughts.

"Whatever happens in New York...I'll protect you, Sho," Jun whispered.

When they got back to Sho's poor apartment, they started packing. While Sho was taking a bath, Jun took the opportunity to write a letter. The tears started flowing again as he expressed his deepest gratitude and feelings. Everything that he learned and everything he taught was thanks to Sho. Jun sealed the letter inside an envelope and wrote the address to Sho's future apartment.

Sho came out of the bathroom.

"Your turn," Sho said, rubbing his wet hair.

"Uh, I have to go somewhere real quick," Jun smiled. "I'll be right back."

Sho shrugged and turned on the TV. Jun walked out and went to the nearest post office. He hoped they would accept his request. He talked to the front desk, and they gladly accepted his letter. They told Jun post offices do these requests bunch of times.

When Jun returned, Sho was already sleeping on the floor completely worn out from being overexcited about the news. Jun chuckled, thinking Sho looked like a kid in just his sweatpants. Just then, the power went out, and they were in darkness. It was still hot for September, so Jun cracked open a window and lay down on the floor next to Sho. He watched his chest slowly raising and falling.

Jun reached out his arm and linked his little finger with Sho's, and he fell asleep.

*             *             *

They get to stay in New York for one week: one day for Sho meeting the publishers, another day for a press conference, and another day for signing. The rest of the week, Sho and Jun went sightseeing. New York was vast and cramped, almost like Tokyo, but Sho seemed to have the worst luck in New York.

He already lost his wallet, and Jun had to pay for their meals. One time while searching for a place to eat, someone dumped cold water over Sho from an apartment above. When they went to a laundry mat to wash Sho's wet clothes, his shirt and pants shrunk. Jun couldn't help but laugh. Perhaps Sho didn't like America because of his bad luck.

Only he was far off.

"Are you sure this is the way to the harbor?" Jun asked Sho.

"My English isn't that bad," Sho said, confidently. "The guy said...something to the right. So it must be this way."

They were trying to find the harbor and take pictures of the Statue of Liberty. Jun was positive they were lost. They wandered around a very shady looking neighborhood, and Jun was sure tourists were not allowed here. There was a gang hanging at a back alley and eyeing them with angry glares. Jun wished he was back in the main city or at least in Japan and around familiar faces.

"Maybe we should turn back," Jun tugged at Sho's sleeves. "I don't think we should be here."

Jun made the wrong mistake in making eye contact with one of the thugs.

"Yeah, okay," Sho whispered quietly, and they turned around.

The sky was looking gray, making Jun feel even more paranoid. He looked over his shoulder and saw the thugs following them. His heartbeat was racing and he kept close to Sho. When they turned a corner, Sho and Jun ran for it, but the thugs were already chasing after them.

Suddenly, another group blocked their path, and they were trapped. Sho grabbed hold Jun as if protecting him, and the gangsters laughed at them. Jun didn't know what they were saying. Their accent was so thick and full of slang words, he couldn't understand a thing. Someone pulled out a knife and came closer, threatening.

"Please just leave us alone," Sho said in Japanese before he said in English.

Someone grabbed hold of Sho's jacket, and Jun reflexively punched the offender in the jaw. They started ganging up on them, punching and kicking them everywhere. Sho and Jun tried to keep up a good fight. Then, Jun spotted Sho fall to the ground. A large man stood over him with the huge knife at hand. Jun saw an opportunity and dove.


Lightening flashed.

Sho's eyes were wide in shock. Jun stood before him like a shield. Sho felt a raindrop splash on his cheek, and he heard a police siren in the distances. It scared the thugs and they took off running, leaving him and Jun alone in the dark alley. Jun was trembling before he fell to his knees.

Sho feared the worst as he held onto Jun's shoulders. There was a massive bloody wound in Jun's chest, and it soaked into his clothes fast. The rain started pouring down.

"J-jun?" Sho spoke, his voice shaky. "Jun? Hey! Hang in there!"

"Sho," Jun moaned, his voice so very small. "Sho?"

"Someone!" Sho yelled out. "Anybody! Help!"

"Sho," Jun called again. "I'm sorry."

"Please don't speak," Sho said, his voice more panicky. "Save your strength."

"I'm sorry I didn't keep my promise," Jun said, closing his eyes. "I understand now...what you meant."

"What are you talking about?" Sho shook his head. "Please! Keep your eyes open!"

"I couldn't...make you stop writing," Jun said. "I couldn't. You loved writing, Sho. But now I know why you asked me to stop you. I know."

Sho didn't say anything. It took him awhile to figure out that Jun wasn't talking to him...but to the future him. Sho felt hot tears seeping out from the corner of his eyes as he listened closely.

"I'm glad I got to know you better, Sho," Jun sighed. "And I'm glad I could save you."

Sho couldn't stop his sobbing.

"Please live," Jun said. "Live...and keep writing. When you find me in the future, please...let me go."

Jun's breathing stopped. Sho was in a frenzy, trying to shake him awake. The police came, but he refused to let go of Jun's body. The blood covered his hands, and the rain continued to pour as if trying to sweep away evidence of Jun's existence. Sho hated the ones who killed Jun, he hated the publishers smiling at him for money, and he hated America for taking his friend away.

Sho went back to Japan alone. Jun's dead body remained in America—another reason Sho resented the country. When Sho was back home, he couldn't pick up his pen for weeks. Winter settled in, and Sho was alone in the playground at night. The Christmas lights were twinkling just to annoy Sho as he sat on the swing.

A cold breeze brushed up from behind him, and Sho huddled himself to keep warm. He got up and turned around to head back to his apartment. He saw someone walking through the park alone and quickly. But Sho thought he felt his heart leap to his throat.

It was him! It was Jun! But he looked....younger, skinnier, and with shorter hair. Sho immediately started running towards the young boy, but then he stopped. This wasn't the Jun he knows, at least not yet. This was Jun from this year. Sho followed the younger Jun until he found his house. Somewhere deep inside him, Sho felt hopeful. Jun was still alive.

Since then, Sho vowed to meet Jun again.

"My life is my message," Sho whispered in the cold night. " you who is waiting for me in the future."

*             *            *

Sho picked up his pen and felt a whole new wave of inspiration take hold of him. Jun gave his life to save him, and Sho was going to live his life to the fullest. Years went by and Sho became a hit. He hoped by now Jun noticed him. Every summer, he went to Keio's campus and spent all day trying to find Jun. He wished he asked Jun what year he attended, but Sho was so caught up in his own work, he never bothered to ask that question back then.

Then, he found him, Jun, just as he remembered. Sho felt the butterflies flutter inside him. He had to hold in all his willpower not to run up to him and hug him. When he approached Jun, Sho re-introduced himself. And Jun acted like a silly fan girl.

Of course, Jun didn't know what will happen to him, but Sho was going to stop that.

When Jun graduated, Sho knew the time was coming. He dreaded for Jun's birthday, but he couldn't stop time. Jun made a fuss over Sho's behavior. Sho wished he could tell Jun the truth, but then he remembered that rainy night in New York.

'I'm sorry I didn't keep my promise. I couldn't...make you stop writing.'

That's it! If Jun stops him from writing his best-selling novel, he wouldn't go to New York, and Jun wouldn't have to die!

"Promise me that the next time we'll stop me from writing," Sho asked, seriously.

"W-what?!" Jun gawked, taken aback. "Why would I do that?! Sho, you're in the middle of working that new book!"

"Promise me!" Sho begged, feeling his eyes tearing. "Please! You must stop me from writing!"

"I can't do that, Sho. You love writing."

"I'm begging you," Sho said. "Whatever happens, don't make me write!"

"I won't do it. If you do, then I won't be your apprentice anymore."

"I am asking you as a friend! Not as your mentor!" Sho yelled. "One day you will understand my desperation! Please do this for me! For you as well!"

Jun slammed his fork down, his slice of cake only halfway eaten.

"I don't know what has gotten into you," Jun said. "But I will not make that promise. Goodbye....Sakurai-san."

Since when had Jun called him as Sakurai-san? Sure when they reunited, Jun called him as a senpai, but eventually they became friends again. But to hear Jun call him that as if he was some stranger, he didn't want their friendship to end like this. Sho dashed forth before Jun left and held on his arm tightly. Their eyes met, and Jun gave him a sad look.

"Please, have to let me go."

Sho's heart sank.

'Live...and keep writing. When you find me in the future, please...let me go.'

Sho slowly released his grip and watched Jun leave—never to return again. This was the last time he'll see him. There is no future Jun anymore. The only one has left this world. As soon as he realized that, Sho swung the door open to chase after him...but a mailman stood there about to knock his door.

"Uh...a letter to you, sir," the mailman said.

Sho stared down at the yellow letter. It was mailed to his address under his name, but there was no sender.

"Who is this from?" Sho asked.

"Someone ten years ago gave it to the office and asked to send this letter at this day to this address," the mailman said. "It surprised us because back then, this apartment wasn't built so we thought it was a fake. But when it was build, we were speechless.

"Have a good day, sir."

Sho closed the door and ripped open the letter. His hands were already shaking when he recognized the handwriting.

"Dear Sho,

Are you okay? If you're reading this letter, then that means I've already gone back in time.
It's nice being back in 2007. Everything seems so carefree. But finding a younger you was more surprising.
You are quite the angry person! It's rather amusing. I'm having lots of fun. Being with you.

But Sho, I'm writing to you because I'm sorry.
I couldn't keep my promise. You just had the worst grammar errors ever! I couldn't leave you alone.
And yet your ideas are amazing. I couldn't stop you from writing.

You have a powerful way of expressing through words. And in time, they'll inspire me too.
I'm going to New York with you. I'm sure it'll be fun. You look so happy about going.
I don't know why you hate America, but I'm going to find out when we go.

But I can't forget your desperation that night, when you asked me that favor.
Whatever happens, please keep writing. Don't ever stop writing.
Even if the path seems foggy and unsure, never stop moving forward.

The past month spending time with a younger you was the best.
To the point that I've realized my true feelings.
I wanted to tell you, but I didn't want to worry you. So I wrote this letter.
When you told me you were glad you met me, I knew then what I felt.

I love you."


Sho sobbed and crumbled the letter in his hands, pressing it to his forehead. He sank to his knees and continued to cry his heart out. Sho wished he had noticed Jun's feelings sooner back then. He wished he cherished their time longer, but it'll never come again. After he calmed himself down, Sho spotted the old photo buried under his rough drafts. He picked up and wiped the glass, revealing Jun smiling back at him. He held the frame close to his chest.

"My life is my express my love for you."

The End.


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