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First Years at Hogwarts

 Title: First Years at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Fantasy/ Friendship/ Drama
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Matsujun is a first year at Hogwarts. After a first intense Potion class, Ohno shares good news that he can take singing magic classes. What will the others think?

Authors Note: lots are asking what will be the pairings, so i'll say this now...i don't know? XD jk! there will be pairings, but i don't intend to stick with one single pairing, there will a good combination. ^^ notice the genre is friendship and not smut


Chapter 4 - UtaMahou

"Are you serious?!" Sho practically yelled at Ohno.

"Serious!" Ohno smiled excitedly.

"That's great, Ohno!" Jun smiled too. "But how? I thought you can only take UtaMahou class until we're second years. How did you get in?"

"It started at the Owlery," Ohno began. "Naruse told my punishment was to clean the Owlery so people won't have to step on tons of bird crap. When he left, I was so angry I screamed at the top of my lungs and the birds flew away, so I was all by myself. Which was good, so they can't poop while I cleaned.

"So I was cleaning with the mop Filch gave me, and...well, I just started humming a tune. And I got use to the smell of the Owlery so I just started singing regularly, you know. No magic voice, just normal singing. Then, Professor Johnny came in."

"The Headmaster himself?!" Sho gaped.

Ohno nodded. "Yeah! I was so embarrassed, but he said I have a good voice."

"And just like that he accepted you to take UtaMahou?!" Sho asked, looking outrage.

"Well, he said with practice I could be a good singing wizard...and he asked me if I want to take UtaMahou now," Ohno said, looking bashful and rubbing the back of his head.

"Unbelievable!" Sho roared and stomped away.

"What's with him?" Ohno asked, not ashamed.

"I guess he's just jealous,"Jun said, feeling a little jealous himself. "But that's great, Ohno. I didn't know you're good at singing." Again, Ohno looked bashful.

"You're taking UtaMahou?" A voice spoke behind them. Jun felt his blood boil as he turned around.

There stood Ninomiya alone, staring at Ohno with a rather hurt look on his face. Ohno looked shocked to see Nino, and he tried not to make eye contact.

"Professor Johnny is letting you take UtaMahou?" Nino asked again.

"....yeah," Ohno mumbled, finally looking at Nino.

"Yeah!" Jun interrupted, enjoying Nino's look of failure. "If it wasn't for you, Ohno would have never got in trouble, clean the Owlery, and run into Johnny. Thanks Ninomiya! You're a real pal!" He smiled, his voice heavy with sarcasm.

Nino's expression changed from disappointment to anger.

"Shut up, mudblood!" Nino yelled. "The only reason Satoshi even got the position is because he's a Slytherin at heart...and everyone knows Slytherins are the best singing wizards!"

"Satoshi?" Jun mumbled, watching Nino walk away. Ohno bit his lip. "Why he called you by your first name?"

Ohno was still watching Nino walking away until he disappeared around the dungeon. Jun was getting annoyed by Ohno's silence.

"What does he mean you have the heart of Slytherin? Sure you have a family of Slytherins, but you're a Gryffindor!" Jun said.

Ohno looked up at Jun; his eyes filled with sorrow and hurt.

"Nino...was my childhood friend," Ohno simply said.

"What?! You're kidding me?" Jun asked, laughing. "Why would you be friends with that brat?"

"It's complicated, okay!" Ohno yelled in frustration, and he walked away towards the Gryffindor Tower.


Jun didn't bother following Ohno to the common room. He was still in shock after what Ohno told him. Was is possible that Ohno grew up thinking he'd be a Slytherin, and that's why Nino said he's a Slytherin at heart? So why did the Sorting Hat made Ohno Gryffindor?

What does it mean to be a Slytherin? What does it mean to be a Gryffindor?

"Nemutta yokogao furueru kono mune, Lion Heart!" Jun heard singing down the hall. (Your sleeping face, my heart shivers, Lion Heart)

He suddenly felt transfixed on the spot, as if he couldn't think of anything else but the musical voices. It was such a soothing and calming sound.

Just their voices...

"Ushinatta mono wa minna minna umete ageru!" (I'll make everything, everything you lost.)

'So this is UtaMahou,' Jun thought.

He leaned against the wall and slid down slowly. It was as if cool water flowed through him, like a tranquil stream. All his stress, anger, hate, and sorrow washed away. That was the power of UtaMahou...

"Oops. Looks like someone was listening to us, guys," Kimura opened the door and laughed at Jun, who was still under the spell.

"Oh, Kimura-san!" Jun gasped.

Jun heard a new angry voice. "What is it? Another Gryffindor?" Another tall boy with a beanie peeked out the door and stared down at him.

"Y-you're a Slytherin?!" Jun pointed, shocked that the group wasn't all Gryffindors.

"So? What if I am?" He demanded.

"Nakai, be nice!" Kimura smirked.

"Why are we wasting time with this punk? We still need to practice our DansuMahou." Nakai disappeared into the empty classroom, but Jun could still hear him instructing his members. "And remember to show the root of your teeth, guys!"

"You're...SMAP, right?" Jun asked, shyly. Kimura Takuya sat next to Jun, smiling at his young house mate.

"Yeah," Kimura nodded.

"And you're a Gryffindor?" Jun asked, stupidly. Kimura chuckled.

"I'm the Head Boy, ne," Kimura smirked.

" come you're in a group with a Slytherin? I thought they're our rivals," Jun asked. Kimura sighed.

"That's what I thought when I first came to Hogwarts. Nakai and I got into a lot of fights when we were first years," Kimura said.


"And when we took DansuMahou, Professor Johnny group us together. I was sooo angry that we had to work with that idiot," Kimura nodded his head inside the room. Nakai was still yelling orders. "But...I'm glad he did."


"It's because he's a Slytherin, he gets the job done. As our leader, he has this determination and cunning lead that helps us through the toughest times. And now, he's one of my best friends, and he's pretty funny too.

"Goro over there," Kimura pointed inside, "him and Kusanagi are Hufflepuffs, those idiots. They always get into trouble, but Nakai always get them back in line with us. Shingo over there is a Ravenclaw, even though I think he's not best of mind, but you know he's a looker."

"'re all together as a group but from different houses." Jun stared in awe watching Nakai, the leader, demonstrate a new dance move.

"If we were all the same house, I think it'd be boring," Kimura laughed. "I always hated the way this school sorts us by our personality. I think that's why Professor Johnny started UtaMahou and DansuMahou, so that we can interact more."

"Hey! Pretty Head Boy!" Nakai shouted.

"Well, I gotta get back to rehearsal," Kimura stood up.

Jun wanted to continue watching them, but he figured it was best to leave them alone or he'll be hypnotized by their voice again. He wondered around the halls until he found himself at the hospital wing. He peeked inside to find Aiba and Sho chatting lively together.

"That's amazing! Ohno's taking UtaMahou!" Aiba smiled, but Sho pouted.

"I bet I can get into UtaMahou if I could," Sho sighed.

"Yeah, you always told me you want to study...what was it? Rap magic?" Aiba asked. "Why rap magic anyway?"

"Because it's a string of words mixed with incantations to perform a good UtaMahou," Sho explained.

Aiba whistled loudly. "Sounds hard," he smiled. "I remember you always talking about it when we were young."

They, too, are from different houses but they're best friends. Jun watched Sho smiled truthfully and laughed with Aiba, who looks better and can leave the hospital wing. Jun sighed and thought it was best to leave the two best friends and walked back to the common room.



"Hana Yori Dango." Jun mumbled and walked inside.

"Oh...Jun." Ohno looked up, surprised. "I was wondering where you went...uh, want to go down to see Aiba?"

"I think he left already," Jun said, his voice a little low.

"Oh," Ohno replied, looking away awkward. "Want to get some dinner?"

Jun knew he was trying to ignore what happened a few hours ago, so he nodded and they left the common room to the Great Hall. They were silently as they walked down the moving staircases, but Jun was dying to ask Ohno.

"Hey, Ohno-"

"Oh, wow! Look at those ghost!" Ohno interrupted, pointing at a parade of ghosts heading towards the Great Hall. "It's the Bloody Baron, and Headless Nick, and-"

"What were you thinking when you were sorted to Gryffindor?" Jun asked. He was really curious. He didn't want to be hostile to Ohno just because he grew up thinking he was a Slytherin.

Ohno was quiet for a long time, even as they sat at the Gryffindor table.

"When I put on the Sorting Hat," Ohno began. "It told me...I'd make a great leader. Which I thought was okay, maybe I'd be a leader in Slytherin. Then it said I was very brave...and then it shouted Gryffindor."

"Did you wanted to be in Slytherin?" Jun continued to ask, even more curious. Ohno looked up at Jun.

" entire family is Slytherin. I didn't mind, and I thought I would be a Slytherin too. I'm very close to my family, you know. But sometimes, I can't help but think that they think of themselves too much," Ohno said, gazing up at the teachers' table.

Professor Naruse Ryo was there eating with fine dinner manners. He was talking to a nearby professor that Jun suspected was the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

"Uncle Naruse is a good example. I don't know what's on his mind, but it's always not something good. Sometimes he may seem like an angel, but I know him. He would do whatever it takes to get what he wants," Ohno explained.

"So what about your history with Ninomiya? You two are childhood friends?" Jun asked softly, but Ohno looked uncomfortable again.

"I don't feel like talking about him," Ohno looked away while chewing on sashimi.

Jun let it slide. He will wait until Ohno was ready to tell his story with Nino. Jun glanced over at the Slytherin table and noticed Nino was just picking his food.

Why is he still upset that Ohno made it to UtaMahou?

"'Ello there!"

"WAH!" Jun screamed. Headless Nick popped out of the table in front of Jun. Ohno just stared wide eyed, obviously not scared by the sudden appearance of the ghost.

"So sorry! Didn't mean to frighten you," Nick chuckled. He turned around and hover over Ohno. "And here he is! The young boy made into UtaMahou. Congratulations lad!"

"You heard about that?" Ohno asked, being bashful again.

"My dear boy! The whole school knows about it!" Nick laughed out loud.

Jun looked down the table and noticed that a lot of students were staring and pointing at Ohno—even from the other tables. They had a curious look on their faces, but a few Slytherins glared back instead.

"Makes me wonder if the legend is true, ha HA!" Nick laughed again.

"Legend?" Jun asked before stopping himself.

"The Legend of the Five Vocal Wizards, of course!"

"I've never heard of it." Jun replied.

"Good heavens, lad! The Legend of the Vocal Wizards is a famous prophecy."

"What prophecy?" Jun questioned. Nick sighed annoyingly as if this boy doesn't know anything.

"The prophecy says...'And they will come once again. Five vocals of five different voices. Through truth and one love. Through blood and soul. They will take this world by storm.'"
YUP! stopping here. ><
this chapter wasn't so exciting, but it builds. you'll see! please don't mind if it seems like ohno is talking too much XD
how did you like SMAP? i actually did a little research on them and their personalities and tried to think of the best house that suits them. i had fun making nakai a slytherin, but the others were hard to pick. so i hope you don't mind the choices.
also, the song they sang was 'Lion Heart' in case for those who didn't know.

you can see where i'm going with this story. arashi are in different houses, besides jun and ohno, and if they have to be together, they have to work their difference to make it happen. thus, the genre is friendship and not smut!~ ^^

let's see what happens next!! next chapter might interest some maotsujun fans. ><
p.s. how do you like my prophecy? the fantasy genre is finally coming through ^^
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