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Arashi After Hogwarts - The Perilous Hunt

Title: Arashi After Hogwarts - The Perilous Hunt
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Fantasy/ AU/ Drama
Pairing General
Rating PG13
Summary: A continuation from Arashi at Hogwarts series. Once Naruse explained what is happening, Sho and Ohno immediately voiced their opinons. They did not want any part of the hunt, whereas Jun and Aiba wanted to help, and Nino is worried about keeping their busy idol schedules intact. Suddenly, Ohno was attacked by an Imperfect. Will this change his mind?

Chapter 3 - First Capture

*Jun's POV*

Jun received an owl in the middle of the night. He had to blindly walk his way to the window to stop the owl from rattling at the glass. By the time his eyes adjusted to his wandlight and read the letter, he was wide awake. It was from Ohno, and that he encountered an Imperfect in his neighborhood. Without a second thought, Jun quickly put on his spare jeans and shoes, and he Apparated.

There were a few Aurors at the scene already. Jun spotted the dead Imperfect body lying headless on the floor. He covered his mouth in shock, realizing that Ohno had done this. But he wasn't prepared to find Ohno standing alone in the back with flickers of dried blood down his front. Jun approached him, wondering if he should call to him, but Arashi's leader didn't even need to look up to see who he was. Ohno's eyes were fixed on the second dead body.

"She was a fan," Ohno said, looking deeply solemn. "My fan...she was waiting to see our concert for so long."

Jun felt his heart drop to his stomach. He glanced down at the poor girl before he placed a hand on Ohno's shoulder.

"...I'm so sorry..."

Ohno's eyes looked extremely tired and slightly red. "I didn't even hear it coming. I didn't even see it. That thing just...appeared out of nowhere and-"

"It wasn't your fault," Jun lightly shook him. "It's alright."

"No, it's not," Ohno shrugged him off, finally meeting his gaze. "You were right, Jun. We can't just sit on the bench and do nothing. If I had been more aware and alert, I could have done something. I could have saved her!"

Jun saw the familiar fierce look in Ohno's eyes that he hasn't seen in a long time. They have concerts and music shows, and the determination was there, but it was never this strong. Not since the threat of life and death was hanging on a balance.

"I want to help," Ohno confessed. "I want to help you, Aiba, and Nino. I can't allow this to happen again."


Jun was in a mixed bowl of emotions. He was glad to hear Ohno agreeing to help him with the hunt, but it teared his heart to see Ohno like this. He can't remember the last time he saw Ohno with such a sorrowful look. Jun thought he would never see those sadden eyes ever again, but it seems like the past was always haunting them. Jun swallowed a tight lump in his throat before he rested both hands on Ohno's shoulder again, and with a tighter grip.

"We will find a way," Jun uttered.

Ohno just rubbing his face with his hands as Jun looked back at the scene. The Aurors looked like they were finished taking notes and three wizards stood around the dead Imperfect. They waved their wands in unison before they vanished with the body. Another trio of Aurors did the same formation with the poor woman, until there was only a few Aurors left. There was one female Auror who was surrounded by several owls, and her arms were full with scrolls of parchment, documenting everything. Ohno must have borrowed the owls from her.

Suddenly, Jun recognized one of the working Aurors. The same Auror spotted Jun, smiled, and walked towards him.

"I don't believe it," Jun said. "Mizushima Hiro?"

"It's been a long time," Hiro nodded. "I haven't seen my seniors since Hogwarts. How's Sakurai doing?"

"He's doing great."

Jun remembered Hiro being a lot shorter and pudgier. They were young after all. Now, Hiro was tall, lean, and incredible handsome. He cut his hair short and he bleached it into a blindly white blond color. Jun spotted a gold wedding ring on his left hand, as well as a badge on his chest, like Naruse, representing his work class.

"You're an Auror?" Jun said. "I thought you quit your EngiMahou career to be a writer."

"That was for Muggle appearance," Hiro explained. "Really, I changed careers to be an Auror. And then last year, I started working with Naruse Ryo and the hunts."

"We just started helping too," Jun said. "Well, we haven't really been given anything to do yet, but Naruse believes we can be of help."

"Because of your past connection with Paradise? I know," Hiro nodded without a beat. "Naruse has explained the concept to everyone at the department. We were kinda shocked to find out that Arashi would be apart of this in secret. A lot of us are fans, was a surprise. But we could really use your help."

Jun felt his heart made a little skip, "They...they really do want me to help?" Jun asked, his voice small and timid.

"Of course," Hiro nodded again. 

Somehow, Jun felt a lot lighter...

"As a matter of fact, I have a case I'm working on now," Hiro said. "It's a rather small one, but I've been running so many errands for Naruse, I barely have time to capture it. Let's talk inside."

"My apartment is not far," Ohno offered. 

Jun and Hiro followed Ohno to the building and climbed up the stairs. 

"You don't Apparate?" Hiro asked, as Ohno unlocked the door.

"Uh...I prefer the simple things in life," Ohno explained.

Ohno waved his wand and the lights lit up in his living room/kitchen. It was a little messy compare to Jun's apartment. There were still laundry lying on the floor, and a few empty beer bottle on the table.

"I'm sorry about the mess," Ohno said, clearing the table. "It gets like this when I have company."

"When you have company?" Jun questioned.

"Ohno, is that you? I forgot to-"

Just then Nino walked in from the hallway in his pajama shorts and a T-shirt. He paused right when he spotted Jun and Hiro, his face stuck in a mid-shock expression. There was a long awkward silence before he quietly turned around and walked away. When he returned, he was wearing pants.

"S-sorry about that," Nino said, embarrassed. "What's with the party?"

"You didn't get my owl?" Ohno asked.

"Ohno, it's freakin' three in the morning. I let the owl in but didn't bother to open it. Why? What happened?"

"Ohno exterminated an Imperfect," Hiro said, and Nino's snarky behavior vanished.

They all sat down around the table, and Hiro explained what happened to Ohno. Nino's eyes were wide with horror and followed by sorrow. They all had a moment of silence for the poor innocent souls that were lost. Ohno was the first to speak.

"The longer we wait, more people will be in danger," Ohno said. "That case you were talking about...what is it?"

"I've got a letter from a co-worker," Hiro said. "A poltergeist might be dining souls at a nearby town not far from the city." He waved his wand and a map of the Kanto region appeared. He pointed at the location. "Here."

"How do you know this poltergeist came from Paradise?" Nino asked.

"A regular poltergeist normally stays in one place to haunt. They usually just cause ruckus and they're just annoying to us," Hiro explained. "But this one had reports of vanishing and reappearing in different houses and stores. It doesn't stay because it's looking for another soul to eat. And this particular poltergeist attacks Muggles and wizards. So, we have to capture it before we lose it again."

"W-wait, we have to do this now?" Nino said.

"Tomorrow, if possible," Hiro replied.

"Tomorrow?" Ohno frowned. "But...we have work tomorrow."

"We do?" Jun asked.

"I know I do," Ohno said. "And I know Aiba won't be free either. We're both working together. Did you check your schedule?"

"I have the day off," Jun answered. "Nino?"

"I'm lucky. I have a free day too."

"So, it'll just be you two," Hiro nodded.

Jun snapped his eyes to Hiro, "What? By ourselves?"

"We've never been on a hunt before. Can't you come with us?" Nino pleaded.

"I've been asked by Naruse to go a hunt with him somewhere else," Hiro sighed. "This hunt cannot fail, but that does not mean yours isn't as important."

"Why is your hunt so special?" Nino raised an eyebrow at him. 

"I'm sorry. I cannot reveal any confidential information, even if you are helping us. Certain rules must be followed."

Jun heard Nino quietly click his tongue.

"So how do we capture it?" Jun asked.

Hiro nodded and pulled out the small glass orb that Naruse showed them before. And they started to work out a plan...

*        *        *

Jun had to turn off his cell phone to stop it from ringing with calls and buzzing with text messages. It always happens when his friends know he has the day off. But today was his first hunt for a Paradise soul, a poltergeist. Jun tried to get some sleep that night, but only his eyes were closed. His mind was still awake. It was as if he was recalling the plan in his head. He was nervous.

He slept on Ohno's couch since Nino was also staying at his place. It will be convenient to travel together from the start. By morning, Jun could hear Ohno moving around the apartment, getting ready for "regular" work. Jun slowly sat up.

"I'm sorry. Did I wake you?" Ohno asked.

"I couldn't sleep," Jun confessed.

"You know, we can ask more help from the Department," Ohno said, looking concerned. "Maybe you should bring back up. At least someone who's a professional."

Jun chuckled and smirked at Ohno. "We're not teenagers anymore, Ohno. Hiro was very thorough, so we should be fine. Besides, when have we ever done anything with supervision? Especially on dangerous missions."

Ohno frowned slightly just as Nino walked in, already dressed for the day. Knowing Nino, he must have heard the whole thing.

"Just go to work, Ohno," Nino said. "Tell Aiba and Sho where we are and no one else. Remember, we still have to keep this a secret from our other job. Our managers don't know about this either."

Jun nodded. "The fewer people who know about our Paradise scent, the better."

"Alright," Ohno sighed. " careful."

"We will."

Ohno lightly bit his lower lip before he put on his cap and walked out the door.

"We should get going," Nino spoke, his voice dry and bare. Jun could only nod.

They geared up according to Hiro's instructions. Jun had his pouch of supplies tied to his belt, and his wand tight in his hand. They were each given one glass orb to capture the poltergeist, in case the other should fail. Nino stood next to him and together they Apparated. When they landed, Jun immediately felt a temperature change. Ohno's room was warm, and smell like wine and laundry. Suddenly, they were in a world of cold foggy morning, and the air had a faint smell of wet wood. 

They were just outside an old cabin house. It seemed they were in the middle of the forest, but Jun spotted a road that most likely lead to the town. The cabin was pretty big. It was three floors, and it stood tall on a couple of wooden pillars until it reached the bottom floor. The deck was attached to the second floor, and the third floor looked more like a small attic. The windows were covered with crooked boards, as if someone was in a hurry to board up the place. All except the top window, which was pitch black and Jun couldn't see inside.

Wordlessly, they ascended their way towards the cabin. The door to the third floor was hanging off its hinges, and Nino lightly pushed it open. It made a small, very faint squeak. According to Hiro's notes, poltergeists register to noises of all kinds. The slightest creak can either send them running or make them attack. They had to be more careful. Once they were both inside, Jun turned around and wordlessly waved his wand at the entrance. It was a spell so none can leave the premises from this point of exit. But the poltergeist can still make an escape. They must try to cover all windows and doors.

The cabin was dirty. The wood was stained with a dark ooze that was dried up, but the smell was strong like sour milk. Majority of the furniture were overturned or wrecked to pieces. Clear signs of a poltergeist wreckage, but there was no living beings in sight.

Nino quietly searched the back rooms, while Jun reached into his pouch for a red chalk. It was specially made to entrap Paradise poltergeist. Jun drew a circle and etched the inside with a spiral like design, followed by a few hieroglyph markings he learned from Hiro. If the poltergeist tried running or flying around, the red mark acts like a trap, rendering them from moving outside the ring.

But he had to make more traps just in case.

Nino reappeared and shook his head. The poltergeist wasn't on the third floor. Jun took the first step up the wooden stairs. His boot made a very loud creak against the wood, and Jun reflexively lift his foot away. But they heard a soft bang from upstairs, followed by a small crackling laugh.

It knows they're here.

Jun glanced at Nino, who shrugged, and they climbed up the creaking stairs. Nino quickly drew another Poltergeist Trap before he followed Jun to the abandoned living room. The second floor was a lot bigger, but Jun quickly tapped Nino's shoulder. There was no need to search every bedroom, Jun heard the creature in the attic.

"Are you sure?" Nino mouthed.

"I'll go. You stay," Jun mouthed. "Mark the floor."

Nino nodded and got to work. Jun searched the hallways until he found the door that lead to the attic. He slowly climbed up the stairs with his wand in front of him. The poltergeist can still eat their soul, and once it knows their Paradise scent, it'll definitely put up a fight. Jun felt his heartbeat pounding loudly in his ears as his eyes reached the attic floor. The room was small and there were only a few chests and boxes, but It was practically empty.

Jun bravely stood out in the open, constantly turning around in cause something was behind him. But there was nothing. Had it escaped already? Jun walked towards the window, the only window that wasn't board up, and he looked down at the yard. The glass was incredible dirty from layers of dust and he tried to wipe it away. Jun looked out into the forest until he saw his reflection.

The poltergeist was smiling behind him.

"Protego!" Jun shouted.

There was a loud blast, and the poltergeist bounced off his shield charm. Jun gasped at the creature. It was a lot taller than Jun thought poltergeist would be. He remembered from Hogwarts they were small, like the size of a child. But this one was big, almost as tall as a man. But at the same time, it wasn't a man. There were distinct features on its face that looked like a human, but its teeth were sharp and gray. Its eyes didn't have any pupils as if it was a blind person. Large and round, pale gray eyes.

"Trixy wizzy comes to playzzies!?" The poltergeist babbled.

It suddenly disappeared, and Jun was staring at nothing. A chest came whirling at him, but he quickly ducked from harm. The chest shattered the window glass, but Jun heard a click at the attic door.

"No...damnit!" Jun quickly got up.

He dashed down the stairs but slammed into the door. It was locked.


But it was still locked. The poltergeist's magic was making the door immovable. Jun pounded his fist on the door.

"Nino!" Jun shouted. "NINO! HEY!"

He heard wood splattering and followed by a few thumps. Whatever is happening, the poltergeist was either wrecking things, or found Nino. Jun tried ramming his body against the door, but it was pointless. Jun ran back upstairs, hoping to find a bigger item, but his eyes gazed at the open window. He leaned over the edge and saw a small leverage for him to walk on. Having no other choice, he stepped out and grabbed the rooftop to tiptoe his way around the cabin.

He leaped from the ledge to the second floor roof. He tried to hold onto wooden logs, but his hand slipped and he slide down towards the deck. But Jun softened his landing with a roll before he stood up with sore legs. Through the gaps of the boarded windows, he spotted Nino fired hexes at all directions. The poltergeist was still invisible. Jun blasted a window open and raced inside. His nose was immediately hit with a strong sweet smell.

"Jun! I ran out of amethyst oil! Use yours!" Nino was suddenly thrown back and smashed against a weaving chair before disappeared in the dust.

He reached for the vial inside his pouch. Thanks to Hiro, amethyst flower oil can be used to detect poltergeist when they turn invisible. The hard part was throwing it at them and hitting its mark. 

"I'm...HUNGRY!" The poltergeist screeched.

Jun hurled the entire vial and the glass shattered in midair. The oil released it's aroma, and it stung the poltergeist. Jun spotted the creature again, still surprised to see it so tall and almost human-like. It was clawing at its scalp, where the oil spilled, as it shrieked and banged against table and chairs. Now that Jun can see it, he fired hexes to push it towards the traps.


Finally, the poltergeist fell into the trap. A silver light shined from the red markings like a cylinder, concealing the creature from escaping forever. Jun was panting hard, and he heard Nino getting up from the debris. He was suffering from more wounds and scratches.

"Are you okay?" Jun asked to make sure.

"Apart from that thing trying to eat my face?" Nino pouted. "I'm peachy."

Nino pulled out his glass orb, but Jun grabbed his arm.

"Wait. Hiro asked us to talk to it once we trapped it."

"Yeah, I know. But the guy is too fair deep. Look at him," Nino nodded to it. "It looks human, but it can't understand what we're saying."

Jun frowned in agreement. The poltergeist was just laughing like a lunatic. He wondered how many souls it already eaten to get into this state. Was it worth it...?

"What are you laughing at, ugly?" Nino glared at it.

"Trixy wizzies misses me own trapzies!" It chortled.

"A trap...for us?" Jun mumbled.

"He's just raving like a madman," Nino shook his head disgusted.

"Where are you from?" Jun tried talking to it. "Who let you here?"

"Trapzies for the wizzies!"

"Tell us! How did you get here?" Jun asked, desperately. "Who opened the portal to Paradise?!"

The poltergeist/man just laughed at Jun's face. This irritated the both of them, and Nino cracked open the orb. Suddenly, the poltergeist wasn't laughing. Jun watched as its entire entity was stretching across the room into a very thin white line and drain down into the glass orb. Jun thought his ears would burst from its high-pitched scream, but the glass orb finally clicked itself shut, and it was finally captured. The orb, once clear, was now white and full.

"Well," Nino sighed, joyfully. "That wasn't so bad."

"Yeah," Jun nodded, pocketing his wand. "But what trap did he meant?"

At that, they heard a loud moaning from above them. They looked up and saw the ceiling wood was breaking through...

*           *            *

*Aiba's POV*

He was reading a magazine from their interview a few weeks ago, wondering to himself if he really did said something that embarrassing or if the editor fixed it. Ohno was also in the green room with him, eating from his bento. Sho hasn't arrived yet, but they knew their next work wouldn't start in a few hours. In truth, Aiba was worried. Ohno had told him about Jun and Nino going on their first hunt, and he hoped they were safe. The magazine was just a distraction, but Aiba's eyes always looked up at the clock.

Suddenly, he heard two loud pops. Aiba looked up, but he immediately covered his nose.

"Ah! What the-?!"

Jun and Nino stood there looking extremely pissed and covered in dark ooze. Whatever that dark sludge was, it smell strong of ammonia and something horribly sour. Aiba had to control his early lunch from coming up before he spoke.

"Oh my gosh! What happened to you guys?!" 

"Did you do it?" Ohno stood up, also pinching his nose. "Did you get the poltergeist?"

Aiba stood up as Nino reached into his pocket and rolled out a white orb. The symbols craved on the ball were taking turns glowing. The soul was safely inside.

"You did it! You caught the poltergeist!" Aiba smiled. Jun and Nino still didn't look so happy. "H-how did it go?"

"Lovely," Nino laughed sarcastically. "The perfect hunt, if you ask me."

Aiba obviously saw the fake smile turn into an angry frown before Nino walked toward the showers.

"What really happened?" Aiba tried again with Jun.

"Apparently," Jun said. "Poltergeist from Paradise...can poop."

And Jun followed Nino, leaving a small trail of dark wet ooze.
End Chapter 3

To Chapter 4

a little light-hearted ending, ne XD

the traps and little tricks to capture a poltergeist was all made up. i've looked up harry potter's wiki on poltergeist, and i couldn't find any solid form of capturing them. so the red chalk trapping, the flower oil revealing, is all my idea :3

sorry for the long wait. i swear, LJ is being ridiculous sometimes. I try to open my blog to update, and it takes...forever! and i just quit loading! XD


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