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Men of Truth - Part 1/3

Title: Men of Truth
Author: arashiforyou
Crossover: Arashi dramas and movie (Maou, Kazoku Game, Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri, Platina Data, Lucky Seven)
Disclaimer: I don't own the drama shows, the movie, the characters, or artwork. Just the story.
Type: AU/ Drama/ Crossover
Word Count: 22736
Characters/Pairings: Ohno/Sho/Nino (partnership), Sho/Nino, Jun/Aiba (partnership)
Rating: PG13 (with optional NC17 scene)
Warnings: Triggering/ slight OOC/ part 1 contains optional sex scene
Spoilers: Those who haven't watched Platina Data
Summary: In a world where everyone is connected. An AU wherein the split personality team (Naruse, Yoshimoto, Kagura) are in cahoots, and the ones sent to investigate are Shuntaro and Yoshitaro.
Author’s Notes:For the bigbang_je event. Based on this fanart from Tumblr, which I decided to write about (sorry it took me so long!). I know the dramas happened at different years, but I wrote this as an AU where it's all happening at the same time. But for the sake of curiosity, events are happening: during Maou, near the end of Kazoku Game, after MikeHolmes (the ending where Holmes left Yoshitaro), during Platina Data, and after Lucky Seven. (don't focus on that too much XDD) Also, thank you alienashi for creating a fanmix! :3

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The characters are as such (in case anyone gets confused):
Naruse (Maou - Ohno)
Yoshimoto (Kazoku Game - Sho)
Kagura (Platina Data - Nino)
Yoshitaro (Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri - Aiba)
Shuntaro (Lucky Seven - Jun)

Shuntaro grimaced down at the poorly snapped photos spread out on the coffee table. Despite the blurred edges, the man in the picture was distinguishable: dark hair, high cheekbones, slightly elongated front teeth. Shuntaro had gotten used to working as a detective, but he wasn't sure if he could take on a job without his co-workers around. He was left alone to his utter annoyance, and his luck became worse when he had to answer the door for another client. The team already had their hands full with another case, and it looks like it's turning out to be a big underground scandal. There's no way Lucky Agency has the time to accept more work.

"You said he was your home tutor?" Shuntaro asked anyway.

The client, Numata Shinichi, nodded. "And he has caused major havoc in our home. He has blackmailed us, threatened us, and tore our family apart."

"If he's becoming such a liability, why haven't you contacted the police?"

"I plan to, but there's something I want to know about him," Shinichi said. "I've done all the research I could, but I don't have a lot of resources to go on. Once I have some concrete evidence, I'll turn him in."

Shuntaro frowned. "Wait, that's it? You just want more background information on him?"

"His motive, his thought process, his reason for doing this to innocent families, anything!" The teen urged. "Please...will you help me?"

As if wanting to seem persuasive, Shinichi pulled out a thick slab of cash and placed it on top of the photos.  Clearly, this kid came from a wealthy family and desperately wanted his life to go back to normal. Shuntaro pursed his lips tightly and pondered on the subject. Gathering general information sounded a lot easier. Originally, Shuntaro thought the client wanted specific evidence of the tutor being abusive. However, if it's something as simple as snooping around, he can handle that by himself. Plus, the client was just a kid, and Shuntaro wasn't expecting anything serious. Maybe within a week he can break into the man's home, find what he can, and give the kid the information without his co-workers knowing.

He can do this job alone.

Shuntaro glanced up with a gleam in his eyes. "Alright, then. You've got yourself a deal. I'll help you find out the truth about Yoshimoto Kouya."

*         *         *

It was impossible. He couldn't think of a reasonable solution to solve this problem. His program should be flawless, and yet when he fed the suspect's hair DNA into the system, his face popped up on the monitor. He tried matching his personal file to the criminal's, hoping they just look-alike. But the chemical makeup showed as a perfect match.

"This can't be..."

Now, he's ducking behind alleyways in the pouring rain, trying to find shelter away from the police chasing him. Kagura knew he couldn't return to his own apartment where surely the police was raiding and searching through his property. He had nothing on him except for the DNA sample earlier, and he held the thin disk like a lifeline. He had to get away somehow and find out what was going on . There must be something flawed with the DNA, thus the system read it wrong. For now, he needs to find help.

But he has no one to turn too.

"I'm innocent," Kagura moaned to himself.

Just then, he heard a slurry of footsteps splashing on wet asphalt, and a blinding flashlight beamed at his shoulder.

"There he is!"

Kagura hurried to his feet and ran.

*         *         *

"This is no good," his partner heaved. "He's not here."

Yoshitaro was also out of breath from running around the neighborhood. The rain would not stop pouring, and he wanted nothing more than to head back home and sleep. Even as a trained cop, he still couldn't understand why their department had to help out the squadron to find one runaway scientist. Detective Asama came storming into their office and yelled that everyone must help find the culprit. Granted, there's a possibility this genius, Kagura Ryohei, might be a criminal, but it was ridiculous that they had to dispatch all units for one man.

Still, Yoshitaro wouldn't give up. An order was an order, but more importantly, he wanted to know the truth. He was aware of the advanced DNA analysis system that gripped the nation, and surely a scientist who worked so hard to build a system to help catch criminals wouldn't be a criminal himself. Yoshitaro wanted to believe in that. He wanted to find and talk to Kagura first.

"We can't quit just yet," Yoshitaro called out in the downpour. "For now, let's head back to the chief and think of a better plan."

"What about the rest of the search team?" Ishizu asked.

"Running around won't do us any good," Yoshitaro said, remembering advice from his old cat friend. "We need to think clearly about this. Come on!"

*         *         *

At last, Ikehata was dead. That no good, slandering, illicit, article pen pusher caused more damage than assist in Naruse's plans. By now, Yamano should have disposed any remains of Ikehata's belongings. Naruse wanted to move on to his next target, but there were piles of paperwork he had to do. He didn't mind though. So long as Serizawa was running around chasing a ghost, he can relax a bit.

No. He can never relax. Never...

As Naruse finished signing off another file, his door was rudely swung opened and slammed shut. A man in a soaked trench coat, drenched hair, and crooked glasses panted heavily and trembled from head to toe. Naruse wasn't fazed at the sudden intrusion, but he immediately recognized the man's face. He was Kagura Ryohei—the computer scientist who worked for the National Police Agency. Naruse had looked up his information if he ever wanted to use the research to aid his revenge. In the end, during his drafting phase, he dropped Kagura out of his plans. Naruse didn't had to worry about his DNA being found when he plotted others to do the dirty work. Still, he wondered why a notorious scientist was in his office looking frightened.

"Are you alright?" Naruse asked kindly, slowly standing up.

Kagura glanced around the small office space. His intelligent eyes studied the lawyer before him. "You're Naruse Ryo, right? The lawyer publicized on television. They say you're some kind of angel lawyer."

Naruse grinned. "The media gives me lots of names." He gestured his hand. "Please have a seat."

It wouldn't be the first time Naruse has met a shaken up client. Clearly, this man was nervous, and not even the soft lighting of Naruse's office could calm the man down. Despite his nervous appearance, Kagura managed to keep a steady voice.

"I must be insane coming here," Kagura mumbled. "This building is too close to another police station."

Naruse clasped his hands together. "Could it be you're on the run?"

"I...I don't know who else to turn to," Kagura confessed. "I'm being convicted of something that I haven't done, and yet there's concrete evidence that I did it."

The man continued to keep his left hand deep inside his pocket. Naruse wondered if Kagura held something valuable, but Naruse also speculated if he had the time to defend this man in court. Kagura might have nothing to do with Serizawa, but he'll be a good diversion tool. Naruse can still go unnoticed of his revenge plots. He might as well keep up with appearances. Plus, this was Kagura Ryohei—the genius scientist. There might be some use of him in the future.

"If you like, I can help you," Naruse spoke. "It might be difficult if you say there is solid evidence, but you can never be too sure. Sometimes, the truth is hidden underneath lies."

Kagura met his eyes. "I believe so too."

"Now, tell me everything that happened."

Just as Naruse suspected. Kagura's case had no personal link to Serizawa, and his issues did not hold up to the theme Naruse liked to use against Serizawa. There was no possible hint on self-defense of defiance—only fraud and confusion. If what Kagura said that his DNA system being absolute was true, even Naruse was slightly stomped. There was so much he didn't know.

"I understand your situation," Naruse said, after Kagura finished his story, "and there's a lot of information we don't know. What we can do is-"

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Naruse called.

A young man with dark hair, high cheekbones, and slightly elongated front teeth stepped into the office—leaving the creaky door wide open. The man smiled widely at Naruse, but his eyes grew round when he saw Kagura.

"Ryohei! There you are! I thought I'd find you here," the man said, rather loudly.

Kagura, however, looking more shocked and bewildered than enthusiastic. "No"

"May I help you?" Naruse spoke.

Yoshimoto bowed slightly and rested his hands on Kagura's chair. "Pardon my intrusion, my name is Yoshimoto Kouya. I'm a friend of Kagura since high school. We both used to be the top of our class, but we became separate as he continued his dreams as a scientist."

He shot his hand out over the desk. This one was a lot more energetic than Naruse's client. Yoshimoto's confident nature compare to his friend, who was clearly in distort, made Naruse feel suspicious. Still, he stood up and slowly shook hands. Somehow, Naruse couldn't keep his charm up and squinted slightly at the grinning man. Something was off about this man. Naruse could sense it like a viper tasting the air when a rat was nearby.

"How's the Serizawa revenge plan going?" Yoshimoto asked loudly.

The rat became a mongoose.

Naruse quickly walked around his desk and shut the door while Yoshimoto continued to smile at him. Now, there was no need to play the angelic lawyer. This man already knows. He's another Ikehata all over again, except this time it was worse. Naruse has no idea who he was or where he came from. Yoshimoto pouted at him.

"There's no need to make such a scary face," Yoshimoto said. "I really admire your work. Truly, I do! Don't be so bug-eyed at me. The letters, the tarot cards, and using that psychic to your demise is pure genius. I'm actually a big fan."

"Who are you?" Naruse's voice was low and menacing. "Are you working for Ikehata?"

Yoshimoto put his hands up in defense. "I have nothing to do with your revenge, and I think we should keep it that way. You carry on what you do best, and I'll take Kagura off your hands."

The smiling man turned around and knelt before his friend like talking to a child. He suddenly became serious and gentle, staring at Kagura. "Are you sure you're alright?"

"For now," Kagura moaned. Then, he eyed at his friend cautiously. "Why are you here...Yoshimoto?"

"I heard everything on the news this morning," Yoshimoto stood up as he explained. "When they showed your face on the screen, I just couldn't believe it. There was no way you could have done it."

"You believe in me?" Kagura's eyes brightened up.

"I knew you shouldn't have joined the police," Yoshimoto frowned. "I knew something like this would happen."

Kagura stood up abruptly. "I work jointly with the National Police Agency, not for them. I invested my life into that system with the intention to have better control of criminals everywhere. I built the program to cleanse this city. I have convinced the government to see my way of creating a DNA database."

Yoshimoto's voice dropped an octave. "And yet someone as talented as you will only be used by the government. Don't you understand what they're doing? There will always be someone to break systems and rules. And someone will always get hurt. The more control you give them, the more they'll take advantage of everything!"

"I know where you're going at," Kagura sighed. "It's sickening that there are even corrupted cops out there who will not atone for their deeds. I am not talking about your average rapists, murders, or petty thieves. This is why I envisioned the system to begin with, so even officials couldn't escape. The system was meant to capture all criminals alike."

"But they caught your DNA," Yoshimoto pointed out. "Framed you and treated you like a common murderer that you are...or are you not?"

Kagura remained silent—troubled by his own downfall. Naruse knew that look. The confused man wanted nothing more than the truth. Naruse once wore the same face in the pouring rain when he was a teenager.

"You agree with me then?" Yoshimoto urged.

"All I want to know is the truth behind my framing," Kagura said. "There must be some flaw in the system. There has to be, and if it means digging up the worse pile of scum out there, then so be it."

Naruse remained quiet while listening closely to Yoshimoto's rambles. He certainly was a passionate one. However, Naruse didn't recall any news report about a search for Kagura Ryohei. He always check the news in case there's any leak of Serizawa's cases. Clearly, Yoshimoto lied about that—which could only mean this man uses his own findings.

Just like what Naruse does.

"The only way we can save you, Kagura, is if we strike back," Yoshimoto fumed. "Don't you agree too, Naruse?"

Naruse snapped his eyes back at Yoshimoto.

"I know you're busy, but why not help us in our plan," Yoshimoto continued. "Let's uncover the truth of all those who serve under the law. The acclaimed protectors of the citizens when really they are rotten under the belly and stuff their ugly faces of their unjust rewards."

It was an enticing offer. Naruse could sense he was near finished with Serizawa. It's one thing to meddle with the mind of one man, but to fully unravel the truth of the entire police force was interesting. Naruse wondered if there are other victims like him who lost everything because of corrupt politicians, powerful elites, or governmental officials. Police officers were no different.

Then again, Naruse had no intention to hinder anyone except his personal enemy. This man before him with nothing but a shoulder bag, ragged clothes, and sneakers thinks he can overthrow an entire police agency was truly a naive one. Then, there's Kagura Ryohei. He was turning out to be more and more interesting.

Perhaps he can partner up with them. In the end, they both knew of Naruse's revenge plan. He'll end up killing them later anyway. Might as well use them to his advantage.

An inner darkness rose in Naruse once again and he smirked. "Very well. We should meet up some place to chat more."

"Happy to have another team member," Yoshimoto grinned back. "I'll take Kagura to my place where he'll be safe. In the meantime, I'll contact you where to meet."

The two strange allies left Naruse's office just when his cell phone went off. It turned out to be his sister—joking with him to know what day it was today. So much had happened, he hoped it wasn't something important that the real Naruse wouldn't forget.

"What was it again?" Naruse mumbled.

"You're birthday, silly!"

"Ah...I forgot."

*         *         *

Shuntaro stationed outside a justice department building. Two days ago while he was out helping his teammates on a case, he saw his other target walking briskly down the sidewalk in the area. Shuntaro never told his boss about taking a job by himself, but there was his target, Yoshimoto Kouya, with a shoulder bag and a brown coat entering a lawyer's building. When the day was over, he immediately headed for the same building. It was not far from another police station that Shuntaro was familiar with, and he thought of checking the place as well.

However, he thought against it and decided to wait outside until Yoshimoto appeared again. Finally, after two days, Yoshimoto appeared again. Shuntaro kept a trained eye on his rear-view mirror as he watched his target enter the building. After twenty minutes, Yoshimoto exited out with a new character. The man dressed in a fitting suit, had black hair, and was heavily tanned. He carried a brief case, and Shuntaro spotted a lawyer's badge on his suit collar.

It was a lead, but he'll have to follow the lawyer another day.

Shuntaro got out of his car and followed Yoshimoto on the other side of the street. The man walked fast and obnoxiously cheerful; it was easy to spot him even as he merged into thick crowds. Shuntaro kept a good distance, but the man walked rather aimlessly. Yoshimoto made no suspicious looks over his shoulder, and he didn't walk as if he had a secret. He was open, brute, and hearty.

Then, he round a corner. Shuntaro quickened his pace, but when he came around the corner as well, the man was gone. Shocked, Shuntaro hurried down the street wondering where he went. There were tons of alleyways he could have taken. Shuntaro searched but to no avail.

"Did he become a ghost?" Shuntaro sighed gruffly.

His only other option was work on his other lead, the lawyer. Shuntaro retraced his steps back to the justice department building. He was lucky to find a short stand of newspapers at the entrance. On the front cover was a photo of the lawyer and the name Naruse Ryo. This so called angel lawyer was apparently famous, but Shuntaro never paid much attention to court trials. He read the name plates and ascended to the correct floor level, but his office was empty.

"Excuse me, do you have an appointment?" A secretary called to him across the hall.

Shuntaro whirled around. His first instinct was to play the innocent civilian, but seeing as he was in a law building, he thought it was best to identity himself. It's easier to get information when one has proper authorization.

"Ah, no. I'm sorry. I'm a detective," he flashed out his badge. "I thought I'd speak to Naruse real quick, but I guess he's not in."

"He probably went out to the police station down the block," the old man said.

"Thank you. I'll go see him then," Shuntaro smiled.

The old man hopped slightly and waved his hands. "Wait, wait! You're a police officer, right? If you're going down to the station, could you bring this to them. I'm sorry. Normally, I would do this myself, but I'm chained to this desk."

"Ah...sure, no problem," Shuntaro nodded, taking the thick envelope. "I'll be off."

When he was downstairs, he opened the unsealed envelope to read its contents. It was just regular paperwork. Nothing linked to his target. He grunted and headed for the station to complete his useless errand. Shuntaro hardly goes to police stations. He was still new to being a detective, but working at his agency helped him learn a few ropes.

He found the floor he was supposed to give the files too, but he was suddenly bumped roughly on the shoulder.

"Hey! Watch it!" Shuntaro growled.

The man who bumped into him was as young as Shuntaro. He gripped tightly onto a red envelope as if his life depended on it. He had short dark hair, dark jeans, and a beige shirt rolled up to his elbows. A permanent frown itched on his forehead as if the man was suffering greatly.

"Sorry," the man moaned as if he was tired, and he continued to raced down the stairs.

Whatever his problem was, Shuntaro didn't care. He entered the office and spotted the chief of the room. He was talking to another detective wearing a thick blue and yellow plaid coat. Shuntaro could hear their argument from across the room.

"We can't take the search right now," the chief said.

"All departments in the city are looking for this man," the young one insisted. "We were given orders by Asama himself. We all must work together!"

A woman approached Shuntaro at the door. "Can I help you?"

"Ah," Shuntaro snapped his eyes back to her. "Delivering this from the justice department."

"Oh, thank you," she took the thick envelope.

"What's going on over there?" He asked, curiously.

"I really don't know," she sighed. "Frankly, we don't have the time for another search. The man won't leave."

Shuntaro slowly approached the two arguing men.

"Please reconsider," the young one with light brown hair said.

"Can't you see our hands are full with another case?!" The chief yelled back. "I don't care what Asama said. I won't send my men out to search someone who has his face already profiled while my case murderer has no face. You should be helping me instead!"

"But we have leads that Kagura Ryohei might be around this location!" The young detective said. "Your station is closest to the proximity where he was last spotted, and your help will be greatly appreciated."

Shuntaro leaned over and saw a photo on the table. It was a profile photo of a pale man with glasses. The six o'clock shadow painted thickly under the man's eyes, but Shuntaro drew his attention towards another photo. It was a blurry paparazzi-like photo, but Shuntaro clearly saw two figures. One was the said man, Kagura Ryohei, in a black coat and the other was a blurry figure. No one would be able to recognize the other man's face, but Shuntaro knew because he's seen that shoulder bag...

"I know this man!" Shuntaro spoke up.

"Who are you?" The chief snapped.

"Tokita Shuntaro. Detective from the Lucky Agency," he said. The young man next to him flashed him a smile.

"I'm Katayama Yoshitaro," he said, bowing his head slightly.

"You said you know this person?" The chief pointed at the Kagura profile photo.

"No, not him," Shuntaro said, pointing at the blurred picture. "The other one in this photo. I'm searching for him."

"Well, I smell a partnership," the chief concluded. "Why don't you two team up and get out of my office."

"Wait, hold on a second," Shuntaro frowned. "I work alone."

But this Yosihitaro character grabbed his hand. "I won't take no for an answer. I need all the help I can get. My old partner also abandoned the search along with my department. But I'm determined to find this man to know the truth. Please, Detective Shuntaro. Help me catch this criminal."

"Don't be so familiar with me!" Shuntaro wriggled his hand away. "How about you just tell me what I need to know, so I can move on with my case?"

"How about we talk this over lunch?" Yoshitaro grinned optimistically.

"How about you both get out of my office?!" The chief yelled.

Yoshitaro scrambled to get his photos and documents, and they exited the room. If Shuntaro was a new detective, Yoshitaro was even more naive looking. Just by watching him excuse himself out the office politely and awkwardly made Shuntaro cringe. Yoshitaro was more wet behind the ears than when Shuntaro started working at the Lucky Agency. Shuntaro can't stand weak-kneed people like Yoshitaro. He could already sense his weaknesses: probably never went out with a woman, probably can't handle a fist fight, and there was no way this man could solve anything by himself.

And yet, he has another clue to Shuntaro's target.

"Alright, who is Kagura Ryohei?" Shuntaro said, crossing his arms.

"You mean you haven't been informed?" Yoshitaro tilted his head. "Kagura Ryohei is a prime suspect for a number of murder cases that's been happening lately, and he's escaped somewhere. All the police force in the area are searching him."

"Why?" Shuntaro snickered. "For one man?"

"Kagura is a scientist. He helped launch the new DNA analysis system that identifies anyone without faulty mistakes," he scrunched his face. "To be honest, I'm not sure why we're ordered to do so, but I must find out the truth."

"So passionate," Shuntaro teased.

Yoshitaro raised his head as if trying to prove himself worthy. "And you? What do you know about this other man in the photo? What department are you from, anyway?"

Shuntaro avoided eye contact. "I work at the Lucky Agency."

" agency? A private investigator?" Yoshitaro made a face. "That's not really detective work, isn't it?"

Shuntaro clicked his tongue and grabbed a fist full of Yoshitaro's jacket. "What was that?" He threatened.

"Ah! L-lucky Agency! Yeah, now I remember!" Yoshitaro flattered, nervously. "They did excellent work before, right?"

He released the weak detective. "As I thought."

Shuntaro let his new partner recover a bit as he took the photo from Yoshitaro. He stared down at the blurry photo. "Why would a home tutor help out a runaway killer?"

"H-home tutor?" Yoshitaro managed to cough out.

"I'm looking for information on this man, Yoshimoto Kouya," Shuntaro explained. "My client said he uses abusive methods. I was asked to track him down and find some information on him, but it looks like I've gotten myself into something deeper."

"Did you just said...Yoshimoto Kouya?"

Shuntaro glanced back at his partner. Yoshitaro's eyes were wide with shocked and disbelief; it almost made Shuntaro feel uncomfortable. He handed back the photo as Yoshitaro examined it closely. "I did. Why?"

Yoshitaro glanced up at him again. This time he looked more frightened. "I know him."

"You do?! How? When?"

"During my first case as a police officer. I will never forget it," Yoshitmoto said. "It was so long ago, but it's impossible for Yoshimoto Kouya to be in this picture anyway. The Yoshimoto I know is in a coma."

*         *         *

Kagura truly appreciates Yoshimoto's help, but it was unsettling. So many years had passed since they graduated from high school, and he never saw his old classmate since then. His name wasn't even Yoshimoto. When Kagura saw him at Naruse's office, he felt shocked to see Tago again. However, Tago introduced himself with a different name. Kagura didn't know why, but he went along with it. Lately, Kagura never found a reason to trust anyone, even if it was his old friend Tago Yuudai. On the first night at Tago's apartment, Kagura immediately asked what happened to him after all these years and why he changed his name.

He only got one response.

"I'm Yoshimoto Kouya now," he said gravely. "That is who I am."

And he kept his mouth shut since then. Kagura hunkered down in Yoshimoto's damp and moldy apartment—wondering why they reunited now. After they left Naruse's office, Kagura didn't dare venture outside until the police patrolling have settled down. But being alone with an old peer, never knowing what happened to him or where he'd been this whole time, was even more nerve-wracking. In some ways, he still felt unsafe.

It has been three days since Kagura moved in, and they haven't said a word to each other. Yoshimoto always brought food instead of cooking for him. They slept on the smelly tatami floor, and by the next morning, Yoshimoto was gone without a word until he came back for dinner.

Tonight, he came back with expensive spicy ramen noodles that came with authentic ceramic bowls. A bit unusual from the cheap dinners the previous nights, but Kagura ate silently. The overhead light bulb buzzed every few minutes as they slurped their food. Kagura watched with hooded eyes as Yoshimoto ate festively. He remembered how much his old "friend" loved eating. But Kagura hated seeing people faking around him.

"Yoshimoto," Kagura spoke at last, setting his chopsticks over the bowl. "Are we going to meet Naruse any time soon or not?"

"Yes, very soon," Yoshimoto mumbled through stuffed cheeks. "I've just been busy."

"I can see that," Kagura groaned with annoyance. "You could at least brought me a cheap laptop so I can do some work here."

"Laptops are never cheap."

"Yet you bought these gorgeous bowls of food? You know what I mean, I am desperate here!" Kagura raised his voice. "For all I know, the crook who stole my DNA is out there about to make more killings, and I'm stuck in this rotten pit!"

"Apartments aren't cheap either."

Kagura clicked in his tongue and stood up. He was graciously given new set of clothes, and he stuffed his old ones into another bag Yoshimoto kept in the closet.

"What are you doing?" Yoshimoto asked innocently.

"I'm going back to the lab," Kagura said. "I can still access the building by night and somehow bypass the security guard. The main computer will detect me when I log into its database, but it's the only computer that I can analyze this data fast enough. I'm tired of sitting around doing nothing." He glanced over his shoulder. "I'm grateful for your help. But it's not enough."

As Kagura walked through the small dining area, his pathway got blocked off by Yoshimoto's arm slamming against the wall. Kagura snapped his head toward his host. Yoshimoto glared at him with dark menacing eyes.

"You're tired of waiting?" Yoshimoto said, his voice low and husked. "I've been waiting patiently for three days. It's time to let 'him' out."

Kagura's eyes widen—shock and confused. "H-how did you know about...never mind. Let me through."

He meant to walk around Yoshimoto, but he was suddenly shoved against the wall. Yoshimoto slammed his other arm on the wall—trapping Kagura.

"Let me speak to 'him' now."

"" he whispered.

Unexpectedly, Yoshimoto slapped him hard across the face. It stung, and he felt tears breaking out.

"What the hell, Tago-"

Yoshimoto threw Kagura to the floor. He grabbed the ceramic bowls and glared down at Kagura. The only light in the dining room shined behind his head—giving a sinister shadowing to Yoshimoto's face. Kagura was alone in the darkness as Yoshimoto held the bowl over his head.

"Then you leave me no choice." Yoshimoto groaned darkly.

He flung the bowl down, and it shattered to pieces next to Kagura's feet. He shrank back and felt his heart pounding. The sound of shattered pottery echoed in his head—growing louder and louder like a distant memory. He started to feel sick as images of a hanged man blurred before his eyes. Fear sank in just as his world faded out...

*         *          *

"Am I talking to 'him' now?" Yoshimoto yelled again, smashing the last bowl onto the floor.

The fear technique worked quickly. He could see it stirring in Kagura's frightened face. Yoshimoto had hoped that "he" would surface on "his" own. But three days had passed, and Kagura was still Kagura. Yoshimoto was forced to induce.

He reached down and wrenched off Kagura's glasses away. He quickly unfastened his belt and wrapped it around Kagura's throat. He pulled tightly enough to block any airway.

"Tell me! What is your name?" He shouted. "Answer me! What is your name?!"

At last, the man whimpered and tears slid down his cheek.


Yoshimoto loosened his grip, and Ryu remained gasping for breath. He whispered into Ryu's ear in a throaty voice. "Ii ne..."

He didn't release Ryu just yet, and he continued to sit on top of him—glaring down at his puppet. Ryu looked scared as he remembered what happened the past few nights ago. He was supposed to report back to Yoshimoto, but Ryu ran away and foolishly left behind a single hair strand at the crime scene. Yoshimoto was furious when he realized what happened. Ryu should be afraid.

"I'm sorry," Ryu sobbed. "I didn't...I don't-"

"You ran away from your work," Yoshimoto said bluntly. "And look at the mess you got into yourself."

Ryu nodded solemnly.

"Luckily, I got us some help," Yoshimoto grinned. "Naruse will assist us for now. But soon, we'll have him out of the picture too. That is if you listen to me from now on."

"Yes," Ryu said, sheepishly. "I will listen. I won't run away."

"Good," Yoshimoto reached into his pocket and pulled out two photos. "Because we have new targets. Tokita Shuntaro and Katayama Yoshitaro. Do not fail me."

"Yes," Ryu said, looking at the photos. "I...won't fail."

A small twitch curled on Yoshimoto's lips. "We'll need to go back to Kagura's lab to get some last minute details. I got the target's DNA samples by my own doing. Later tonight, you'll go as Kagura and get their profiling, but I am keeping that special DNA disk he carries so you won't runaway again."

"I understand," Ryu said.

He searched through his bag and found the disk. Yoshimoto quickly took it before Kagura would resurface again. He still needed Ryu to maintain a little longer.

"But I need my paints." Ryu moaned. "I...I need my paints."

"I know," Yoshimoto nodded. "If it'll keep you focus on your targets. However, I don't have your paints with me."

Yoshitaro tossed the photos aside. He stared down hard at Ryu. He could see it. The intelligent Kagura was fighting and struggling to resurface again, but he couldn't allow that to happen just yet. He made too much noise from smashing the pottery and shouting. The neighbors would no doubt begin to suspect if he made a fuss again. If he can't sustain Ryu long enough with fear, he'll have to do it by shaming.

"You think you're forgiven so easily?" Yoshitaro snarled at him. "Your punishment is at hand."

Ryu came back again, and all traces of Kagura buried deep inside to hide.

"You must accept punishment, Ryu."

"Yes," Ryu nodded. "...I accept my punishment."

A cool smile spread across the tutor's face. "Ii ne," he groaned again. Yoshimoto leaned back and Ryu slowly sat up. "Well, what are you waiting for?"

[Continue for Optional NC17 Scene]

Ryu's hand were trembling slightly, but he gathered his shirt and pulled it over his head. Yoshimoto continued to watch as Ryu got up to unfasten his pants and pulled them off as well. At last, Ryu stood naked in front of his master, veering his eyes away. Yoshimoto stood up and grasped Ryu's chin to face him. He stared deep into his eyes just to check.

Yes, Kagura was fast asleep and away from harm.

Yoshimoto smirked at his henchmen. His hand slid down until he grasped tightly onto Ryu. The pale man made a small whimper, and shut his eyes.

"Don't look away," Yoshimoto hissed. "You are to look at me and reflect on what you did."

Ryu glanced up with sad and timid eyes. Yoshimoto started pulling hard and a fast blush reached Ryu's cheeks. Yoshimoto could feel Ryu growing in his hands. He worked faster, and a cruel smile played on his lips while Ryu made soft groans and gasps. Yet, he still had the look of shame on him. Finally, Yoshimoto glanced down and saw Ryu releasing pre-cum on his hands. He gathered the mess and raised up to Ryu's lips.

"Lick it off," Yoshimoto ordered.

Ryu's face was burning red, but he tenderly held onto his hand. His tongue glazed over Yoshimoto's thick index finger, wiping away his own ejaculation. As the wetness of Ryu's tongue slick across to his middle finger, Yoshimoto felt his own hardness straining against his pants. He chuckled and quickly unzipped.

"You know what to do," Yoshimoto said.

Ryu sank to his knees and wrapped his fingers over Yoshimoto's waistband. He pulled them down and Yoshimoto's erection sprang out, hard and thick. Ryu's eyes were about to close, but Yoshimoto tapped his forehead, indicating to stare at him.

Without his eyes leaving his master, Ryu lowered his head and opened his mouth to Yoshimoto. His tongue slide down the underside of the shaft until he pulled slowly back up, his lips tightening around. Yoshimoto hissed, but continued to watched Ryu do his work. At first, Yoshimoto found it pleasing for the slow pressure, but then he remembered he needed to show punishment. Suddenly, Yoshimoto grabbed Ryu's head and started pumping himself deep into Ryu's throat at his pace. Ryu muffled and shut his eyes from such force. Yoshimoto could see the red humiliation on his face, but he pulled out and slapped Kagura hard across the face again.

"Don't close your eyes!" He yelled.

Struggling to fight back tears, Ryu whimpered and opened his eyes again. Yoshimoto held his head again and resume back to thrusting himself inside. Ryu's moans started to sound like choking cries, and white ooze spilled out from his mouth. Still, Yoshimoto did not stop even as Ryu coughed and strained to get a chance to breathe. Ryu tried to back away, but he held the pale man's jaw and tilted his forehead back so Yoshimoto could enter deeper into his throat.

He quickly became tired from doing all the work, but it wasn't enough. Finally after the long suffocating minutes of deep throating, Yoshimoto pushed him off. Ryu made a shuttered gasp and coughed. He vomited more white liquid onto the floor. His face was more red than before.

"" Ryu asked, still breathless.

"Not by a long shot," Yoshimoto groaned. "Now turn around and crouch down for me."

Ryu gulped, and the fear was really sticking with him. "Yes...for you, master."

Yoshimoto got on his knees and clawed at Ryu's backside. He inserted one finger, and Ryu gave out a small yelp. Yoshimoto worked around until he fitted a second finger. A wild idea came to him, and Yoshimoto inserted a third finger. Ryu was burning up, but he did not beg him to stop. Instead, Yoshimoto maneuvered his fingers around to create more room. It took several minutes before Yoshimoto was able to fit in four fingers, padding and shoving around inside. Ryu's responsive body pleased Yoshimoto, and he shaped his fingers into a cone, pushing his knuckles to enter inside. Ryu let out a short scream; his voice stuck between a breathe of air and sobbing.

"Please, Yoshimoto. Just hurry." Ryu moaned. "I'll do the work...I promise...So please...just finish it."

Yoshimoto grinned. "Ii ne."

He pulled his fist out and placed his hands on Ryu's hips. He fitted his tip at the widen hole and pushed inside slowly and his entirety. Ryu cried out louder the deeper he went. Yoshimoto pulled out and worked a rhythm, enjoying the sounds of Ryu's crying mix of shame and confused pleasure. Yoshimoto let a grunt escape his throat as he pumped faster. He reached forward and pushed Ryu's head down to the floor, allowing Ryu's rear to rise higher. Ryu's voice pitched higher with each sigh, and Yoshimoto was the only one truly enjoying it.

At last, Yoshimoto came once again inside as he let out one last groan. He stayed deep inside as Ryu's muscles tighten, relax, and tighten again. Finally, he pulled himself out slowly.

"Clean this off," Yoshimoto ordered.

Ryu fumbled a bit, but he turned around still on his elbows and knees and licked off the white wet mess from Yoshimoto's hard erection. Yoshimoto stroke Ryu's soft hair, gazing down at him. His pet.

"You are forgiven," Yoshimoto muttered.

*         *         *

Yoshitaro sipped his crazy straw beverage at a local bar. His new partner, Shuntaro, ordered a bottled beer looking manly and fierce. Yoshitaro was aware of his childish drink, but the bartender worked so hard to make his favorite blend. He appreciates hard work.

"So, are you going to tell me more about this Tago Yuudai now?" Shuntaro asked, sounding tired and uninterested.

Yoshitaro swallowed loudly, swirling around his plastic straw. "He used to be a teacher at a middle school. During my first job after I graduated from the police academy, a teacher named Yoshimoto Kouya was found unconscious at the foot of concrete stairs."

He felt his stomach churn slightly as he recalled his horrible memory. "It was the first time I ever saw so much blood. I fainted."

"And you call yourself a cop," Shuntaro muttered under his breath amusingly.

"It was raining that day!" Yoshitaro defended himself. "He was a bloody mess, and so was Tago Yuudai. He was sitting on the stairs looking utterly defeated. I tried asking him a few questions but all he told me was...'I should have helped him.' Over and over he repeated those words. I couldn't understand whom he wanted to help."

"So what happened to him? Tago Yuudai. Was he convicted?"

"It would seem he was a candidate," Yoshitaro nodded. "When I conducted investigation on the school, I heard terrible rumors about Tago. Some teachers told me that they believe Tago had a personal grudge against Yoshimoto, and they believed he pushed him down the stairs. But there was no evidence that Tago did it, even after Tago disappeared."

"That's a clear indication he did it, right?" Shuntaro said, staring down at his beer. "Criminals always run from their crimes."

"No," Yoshitaro said firmly. "I don't think Tago would push someone. The man I saw in the rain, looking so scared and so troubled, wasn't grieving because of Yoshimoto's accident. There was a look in his eyes that I knew he was a good man. He was a teacher, after all. I want to believe he didn't do it."

"Did it or not, that man is now with a runaway killer like you said," Shuntaro pointed out. "Tomorrow, we are going to follow that lawyer and see where he goes. He is our only target that can led us to the location of Tago and Kagura. It could mean something messy, so I hope you're up for it."

Yoshitaro snapped his head up and glared as hard as he could, but Shuntaro had more fiercer eyes. "I-I'm a senior over you! Technically, I'm the real detective here. You were never even informed of Kagura Ryohei's existence until I told you. You're just a hired stalker."

Shuntaro slammed his beer bottle hard on the bar table, narrowing his eyes at Yoshitaro. "You wanna run that by me again?"

But Yoshitaro stood his ground. If he learned anything from his friend Holmes, he knew he had to stand up for himself. "If Kagura Ryohei is the criminal, there is a likelihood he's carrying a gun. Have you ever held a gun before?"

Shuntaro's eyes shifted. "Maybe. I've unhanded thugs before. All I need is my speed and my wits."

"Do you know how dangerous our mission is?!" Yoshitaro frowned. "Do you realize how scary it is to have a gun pointed at you?! You could be meters away and never get near your target because you couldn't move or they'll shoot. So don't tell me to be ready for something messy. I've been there, and I think the right words should be prepared."

Yoshitaro would not back down from a staring standoff, even if his partner had a strong face. FInally, Shuntaro clicked his tongue and looked away. Yoshitaro stood up and paid for his drink. "See you tomorrow," and he walked out of the bar.

A part of Yoshitaro felt exhilarating for standing his ground, but he also felt slightly hypocritical. He hardly gets into gun showdowns either, let alone have to do hand-to-hand combat. Sometimes he wonder how he ever passed academy, but Yoshitaro was driven to find the culprits and uncover the truth.

But lately, he was driving himself into a hole. Yoshitaro arrived home, and he gazed up at his house. The lights were still on, so his brother and sister were still awake, probably helping each other write a scene for his brother's next mystery novel. Yoshitaro reached for the mailbox and pulled out a single envelope.

It was another foreclosure warning.

"Not again," Yoshitaro groaned.

Like the previous warnings, if they don't submit a certain amount of payment to the bank, their house will be reclaimed from them. Yoshitaro begged his chief to make him work more hours, but for some cruel twisted reason, his pay rate dropped. Something about the Chief of the National Police Agency investing their money to create the DNA analysis system. At first, Yoshitaro didn't mind until his brother wasn't making any money, and his sister was still in college.

He regretted it, but Yoshitaro felt pushed into a corner. He did what he had to do to save his family. Yoshitaro kept it a secret from everyone, and he continues to do so as he tucked the envelope inside his jacket.

Once again, he'll have to embezzle his police department funds.

*         *         *

Shuntaro sat at his desk as the Lucky Agency team focused on the white board. Another case solved, but to Shuntaro's bitterness, they were given yet another client. Ever since he learned about Kagura Ryohei and Yoshimoto Kouya, he meant to tell his teammates about the case he took upon himself without their consent.

He tried to brush it off, but after Yoshitaro's rant last night at the bar, Shuntaro was reconsidering about taking the case solo. As much as he hates to admit it, Yoshitaro was right. He never had proper police training. He knows basic combat skills, but he was never administered with a gun. If he wasn't careful, he could be in serious danger.

He just hates to think what his teammates would say to him when they find out.

Shuntaro stopped twirling his pen. "Uh, you guys-"

"They're done!" Asuka shrieked. "My diarrhea cupcakes! They look so delicious, don't they?"

"Why did you made these?" Nitta snickered as he picked up the pastry for closer inspection.

Asuka snatched it from him. "For a diversion for our mission. The guards will hurry away to take a shit, and we infiltrate the castle."

"You have a messed up mind," Junpei sighed. "No wonder you're still not married."

As Asuka threatened to stuff the cupcake down her senior's throat, their tech girl/secretary called out to them.

"Mail is here," Kayano said, monotonously. "One for for for Shuntaro."

"Huh? For me?" he said, slightly surprised.

Immediately, Nitta yelped with joy as he got his new moss plant. They were multiplying on his desk by the month. Asuka was also really loud and bragging about her foreign "lover" sending her a letter. Shuntaro quietly opened his thin envelope and pulled out a photo. He felt his heart stop for a split second. It was a snapshot of him entering a luxury hotel with a woman. However, this wasn't just any bimbo he had run into before. It was ancient history, but it was during the time when he was freeloading rich women. This one happened to be the daughter of the city's mayor.

He was sure no one would have spotted them. It was the dead of the night after all! Who took this photo?!

"What did you get Shuntaro?" Asuka asked, being nosy again.

Shuntaro quickly slip the photo back into the envelope. "Ah, it's a letter of my friend back in grade school...I need to step out for bit."

Without waiting for a response, Shuntaro turned tail and headed out the door. When he found a private area, he stared down at the photo with utter disbelief. The light from the window beside him shined through, and he noticed writing on the back. He turned it over and read the neat handwriting.

"Drop the case, or the mayor will see to it the end of your soft career."

Shuntaro shredding the photo into tiny bits and threw it into the trash bin with an angry fling. Someone has been tailing him way before he took on Yoshimoto's case. Before he even joined Lucky Agency. As soon as he realized this, an unsettling feeling was stirring up inside him.

"This career was never soft," Shuntaro muttered.

Just then, his cell phone started ringing. It was Yoshitaro.

"Shuntaro, you better come quickly."

*         *         *

Naruse looked at his watch before he sipped at his coffee. It was a nice cafe. Quiet, remote, and private. Of course, the coffee wasn't as good as Shiori's, but he can't afford to be going to that coffee shop with his guests. However, Yoshimoto and Kagura were taking a long time to get to their meeting destination. At first, he thought it was dangerous for them to meet so casually. Usually, Naruse likes the cover of darkness, at a park where no one will pass by two lonely benches. His partner in crime would sit with his back facing him, and Naruse would take the other bench.

But this? At a window seat no less.

Finally, he heard the shop's bell ring. He looked up and saw the home tutor and the scientist enter the shop.

"You're more punctual than me," Yoshimoto grinned as they approached the table.

Naruse set his coffee cup down. "You're more flamboyant than me," he replied. "I'm a little puzzled why you want to make it so obvious we're working together."

Kagura sat on the opposite of him while Yoshimoto took the third chair facing the window. He pulled out his cell phone, and Naruse noticed the video light turned on. When the waiter came, Yoshimoto waved him away saying they'll only need tea. Kagura partly covered his face as he pushed up his glasses. When their order arrived, Yoshimoto still had his phone recording. With his eyes, Naruse followed the line where Yoshimoto was pointing the camera too.

He spotted two heads peering over the side of a building just down the street. He didn't have to know who they were. Just the fact they were spying makes them the enemy.

"What are you doing?" Naruse hissed. "We've been spotted!"

"That's the whole point," Kagura spoke up. "We have our first two targets."


"Yoshimoto has been collecting data on those two across the street for the past three days. Well, actually a lot longer than that, I guess," Kagura chuckled.

Naruse raised his eyebrows, looking impressed. "And? Who are they?"

"Tokita Shuntaro and Katayama Yoshitaro," Yoshimoto said, still unmoving with his camera in hand. "It took some doing, but I got DNA samples of them."

"Last night, I sneaked inside my lab to uncover their full profiling," Kagura said.

"You did?" Naruse frowned. "Without the guards noticing? Were you able to find out who really framed you too?"

Kagura grimaced. "I couldn't. I...I lose the DNA sample somewhere. I can't remember where I put it. To be quite honest, I can't remember how I left the place either."

The silence only lasted for a few seconds.

"I didn't have much time at the lab," Kagura continued, as he pulled out a tablet. "I only gathered what I needed and that is for our mission. Tokita Shuntaro. Age 30, medium built, athletic, knows boxing and karate, 173 centimeters tall, 58 kilograms, Virgo and blood type A. Neurological analysis indicate he has a tendency to be brash and bull-headed. Likes to bully others when picked on. Quick both physically and mentally, however lacks logical reasoning until calmed down. Your typical act first, think later type of man. His crime: adultery with high class woman for personal gain."

Naruse tried not to act surprised, but he sat there speechless.

"Katayama Yoshitaro," Kagura carried on. "Age 31. Lean built, fit, but lacks basic martial arts. 176 centimeters tall and 56 kilograms, Capricorn, blood type AB. Originally faints at the sight of blood and used to be afraid of women, but neurological analysis calculated recent events has changed his brainwaves to be less active around his past fears. Likely to fall for a trap, but more than likely to believe in reasoning than our previous target. However, there has been a slight increase in blood pressure indicating he is undergoing stress. Despite his naive behavior, he has more experience in the police field and knows how to negotiate smoothly. His crime: embezzlement within his own police department."

Yoshimoto chuckled. "They make a good combination."

It has taken Naruse eleven years to fully profile his targets, and yet Kagura did his within one night. Still, Naruse didn't show his jealousy, rather he was more awestruck and horrified how easy it was for the scientist. If Kagura had more time, he could have easily looked up Naruse's background and find out all about him as well.

"Their crimes sound so petty," Naruse muttered. "Adultery and stealing. Neither of them are murderers."

"Petty?" Yoshimoto frowned. "What if I told you one of the women Shuntaro slept with was later confronted by her fiance? A good standing man who had no idea who Shuntaro was or where he came from. A good man who got his heart broken, then later went on a rampage and killed three girls at a park one night."

Naruse glared at him.

"It's a pity they had to die," Yoshimoto said, "because of one petty crime. But Shuntaro didn't stop there. He slept with more than a dozen officials just to keep extra cash. Did you think those women had happy lives after that? You have to find the source of it all if you really want to stop from murderers to take root."

"As for Yoshitaro," Kagura added, "his embezzlement only started, but it's bound to have the same domino effect as well. First time, it's only a few 10,000 yen. Next, it was 100,000 yen. Now, he's on the brink of stealing more than a million. There's more than just cops working at his department. Innocent secretaries, janitors, clerks working day and night at the lowest pay rate just to make ends meet, and they have their daily paychecks being cut because of mysterious unfortunate money lost. In some cases, people have to be fired. Then, what happens to them?"


"Well, hopefully they'll be the optimistic type and find another job," Kagura shrugged. "But grudge and bitterness cuts deep. The human mind is fascinating only because of their DNA. A criminal can be awaken if given the right circumstances. It's in their genome, guarantee. It what drove you to do your work, did it not?"

Naruse nodded slowly. "Finishing where it all started. I know that all too well."

"A criminal is born because a source came first. Our work is taking out that source," Yoshimoto said. "The hardest barrier to break is pride. No matter how much they want to seek for help, they know it means their previous actions must also come into light. They'll understand this and have no other choice but to accept their fate. That is why there is no point in hiding from them when they know their crimes."

Naruse smirked. At long last, he was seeing eye to eye with the home tutor. "I'm sorry I ever doubted you."

At this, Yoshimoto lowered his camera phone still brandishing his wicked smile. He waved his arm and the two detectives ducked away. "Aww, they're being shy."

Continue to Part 2 -


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